Vanpools allow commuters to relax during their long-distance commute while saving money on fuel and maintenance costs for their vehicle. The meeting location and destinations as well as the commute times are set by the vanpool members to meet their needs.

The Bozeman Commuter Project is organizing a free pilot vanpool for MSU employees who commute from Three Forks, Manhattan, and Livingston. During the pilot program, the costs for the vanpool will be paid for by the Bozeman Commuter Project. At the end of the pilot period, vanpool members interested in continuing will then share the monthly cost of the vanpool. Each vanpool will need to have at least one member to serve as vanpool coordinator. That person, and anyone else that wants to, can be registered as drivers for the vanpool. Rideshare by Enterprise will provide the vanpool services for this pilot program. This program includes:

  • A late-model, fully-equipped vanpool vehicle;
  • Vehicle insurance and fuel;
  • Full vehicle maintenance and roadside assistance.
  • Access to a guaranteed ride home

If you are interested in signing up for the vanpool pilot program or in receiving more information about vanpools at MSU please contact Taylor Lonsdale at or (406) 994-7031.