MSU Recycling is a student-funded program of the Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) with additional support from MSU Administration.  It was created in 2008 by student leaders responding to the need for an integrated recycling program at MSU and the desire to reduce the University’s environmental footprint.

Since the recycling program began, MSU has diverted nearly 5,500,000 lbs. of material from our local landfill.

What We Do and Don't RecycleMSU Recyling Signage. Paper sign describing how you can recycle office paper, newspaper, and magazines/catalogs.

E-waste with Safety Risk and Management recycles batteries, light bulbs, electronics, computers, printer cartridges and printers for MSU faculty and staff.  Please contact Shay at 994-5678 or

Collection Services

Recycling Stations: Cans, Plastic, Paper and Cardboard are collected by student employees on a weekly basis from recycling stations located in most campus buildings and residence halls. The pick-up schedule generally changes each semester to accommodate student employee class schedules. Current Pick Up Schedule

Recycling Dumpsters: Several large well-marked dumpsters for Office Paper and Cardboard are provided for "self serve" use in convenient outdoor locations around campus. MSU Office of Sustainability owns these receptacles and contracts with Full Circle Recycling to service them. Cardboard is picked up multiple times per week, office paper is picked up about once every 3 weeks.

Paper Shredding: Need to shred paper? There is not a place on campus to shred large amounts of paper, but Tear It Up LLC is a local company that can do that for you. If you shred your own paper, please bag it (preferably with a clear bag).

Events: The MSU Office of Sustainability is happy to provide recycling bins at any event, helping to make it a Green Event. Please email this Green Event Form, completely filled out, to our recycling coordinator Logun Norris at at least two weeks ahead of the event. 

Football Games: The Office of Sustainability has partnered with Bobcat Athletics and the City of Bozeman since 2013 to provide recycling at home football games. Single stream bins are placed throughout the tailgate areas/stadium and recycling is collected from the bleachers after each game. The City of Bozeman Solid Waste Division provides over 100 recycling bins and the servicing of those bins throughout the season. To date over 50,000 pounds of material has been recycled from home football games.

Dining Halls: Recycling and Food Waste is collected from the dining halls and food service operations on campus.

Special Pick-ups: If you are planning an office clean-out or have other large volume recycling needs, please use the nearest recycling dumpster or contact our office to arrange an extra pick up. Please do not use the indoor recycling stations for large volume deposits, as this may lead to an overflow between scheduled pickups.

Batteries: The MSU Office of Sustainability is now collecting used batteries to be recycled. Bring your batteries to the room 284 in the Strand Union Building. Batteries can also be recycled in some businesses around town.  

                                                                                   In the past year, MSU has composted over 150,000 lbs of food waste


MSU began its composting pilot program in January of 2015, collecting pre-consumer food waste from Miller Dining Commons. In 2017 MSU expanded its composting program to include coffee grounds from several coffee shops on campus, including the SRO and Brewed Awakening, as well as post-consumer waste from Miller Dining Commons. Since its establishment in 2015, MSU has diverted 300,000 lbs. of waste from the landfill and into compost! The MSU Office of Sustainability, in conjunction with MSU Facilities Services, is currently researching different pathways for scaling up of our composting program.

Move In - Move Out

Make move in and move out easier by renting, rather than bringing, your bed loft,  mini-fridge, and microwave from MSU Residence Life.

Bed Lofts: The MSU Residence Life Office offers metal loft beds that are available for rent for the academic year on a first come first serve basis. The loft is specifically designed to utilize the University’s existing bed frame and mattress. The loft meets all the University specifications for safety and size. You can order directly from the MSU Residence Life Office and the loft will be setup in your room before you arrive for move-in. 

Mini-fridges & Microwaves: Residence Life has partnered with Collegiate Concepts, Inc. (CCI) to offer students the opportunity to rent mini-fridges for the entire academic year that are delivered and installed in their room prior to arrival. More information about this option is available online, here

Waste Reduction: You can also help reduce waste by bringing unwanted items to local thrift shops throughout the year, or partaking in the swaptables in the dorms at the end of the year.