Sustainability Handbook

MSU's Sustainability Handbook serves as a guide to green living on the MSU campus, and as an educational tool to learn more about MSU's sustainability initiatives and ongoing efforts. Check out the handbook here


Why We Care

Our Why We Care campaign showcases students and faculty as they describe their sustainability-related interests and projects. Through this project we hope to share and discover more reasons to care--whether they’re economically, environmentally, or socially inclined--as well as opportunities to get involved in the broad field of sustainability.


Outreach Events

The MSU Office of Sustainability works with members of the community to educate and promote sustainability to a broad range of audiences. Additionally, we engage with diverse groups to learn and further develop our own understanding of sustainability. Some of the ways we engage with our community are:

  • Classroom presentations to all ages and skill levels
  • Bicycle safety trainings and bike route orientations
  • Co-sponsoring Sustainabilibash (our campus Earth Week celebration) and other Earth Week events
  • Professional and employee trainings


Climate in My Backyard (CLIMB)                                                                                                      

Climate in My Backyard (CLIMB) is an educational outreach program serving K-12 schools and informal educators. These dynamic educational modules are designed to engage and inspire students by connecting them with climate science researchers in Montana and the Rocky Mountain West. Through hands-on experiments and personal interactions with scientists and university students, young people will learn STEM skills such as collecting and sharing data; developing models and making predictions; and communicating and collaborating with other classrooms. Climate In My Backyard was developed by Montana NSF EPSCoR (the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research), which advances Montana's science and engineering capabilities for discovery, innovation and overall knowledge-based prosperity.