LEED Buildings

LEED certified buildings at MSU: Gold: Cooley lab, Jabs Hall, Yellowstone Hall; Silver: Gaines Hall

As part of the State of Montana High Performance Building Standard Goals, all State projects with a project budget of greater than $5,000,000 must achieve a LEED Certification of a minimum Silver level. MSU has completed five new buildings since the passing of these standards, four of which are LEED Gold certified, and one of which is LEED Silver certified, with several new projects to be completed within the coming years that will also adhere to this standard and continue to improve sustainability and efficiency on MSU’s campus and in the State. More information on the Montana High Performance Building Standard Goals can be found at:



Platinum Rating

Norm Asbjornson Hall

  • Low-flow indoor fixtures resulting in water usereduction of 41%
  • Diversion of 96% of construction waste from landfill
  •  Passive solar wall for heating and cooling 
 norm asbjornson hall

Gold Rating  

Cooley Lab

  •  Highly durable materials
  • Advanced, heat reflecting roof
  • Efficient water use systems
  • Laboratory CFC-free refrigerant systems
Cooley Lab
Jabs Hall
  •  Advanced stormwater management system   installed on roof 
  •  Passive solar wall for heating and cooling         
  • Water use reduction systems reducing   consumption by 31%
  • Energy performance optimization systems

Jabs Solar Wall

Jabs Passive Solar Wall

Gallatin Hall
  •  Solar panels used in building hot water   generation
  •  94% of construction waste recycled
  • Water efficiency systems reduced consumption   by 34%
  • Energy performance optimization system

Gallatin Hall solar water heating units

Gallatin Hall solar water heating units

Yellowstone Hall
  • Maximized open space and community connectivity
  • Regional building materials
  • Water efficiency systems reduced consumption by 40%
  • Energy performance optimization system
Yellowstone Hall
Silver Rating  
Gaines Hall
  • 30% water use reduction
  • Redeveloped Brownfield site
  • Sustainable and highly durable materials
Gaines Hall



MSU has undertaken numerous energy efficiency projects that both reduce its environmental footprint and save money. Projects include:

  • Campus wide t-12 to t-8 lighting retrofit
  • North Hedges Residence Hall heat recovery ventilator
  • Variable frequency drives on motors
  • Leon Johnson Hall energy retrofit
  • North and South gym lighting retrofits


Low flow water faucets installed in 2016

Low flow water faucets installed in 2016. 

In 2016, MSU began a large scale water savings project in the Roskie, North, and South Hedges Residence Halls. This project included replacing faucets and shower heads in all three residence halls. As a result of these changes, on average a total of 12 gallons per person per day (gppd) is saved across all three residence halls. The next stage in this project will be to replace toilets and urinals, followed by appliances such as washing machines.