Name: Madison Bohling

Major/Minor: Financial Engineering / Mathematics & Economics

Term abroad: Fall 2018

Year in school that you studied abroad (sophomore, junior, etc.): Sophomore

Country that you studied in: New Zealand

University that you attended abroad: University of Caterbury

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How did you prepare yourself to study abroad?

I prepared myself by doing some research and getting help from current exchange students from my University. They helped me find a house, and clubs that I was interested in.

What was one of the biggest challenges about studying abroad?

Packing is the most difficult part. It almost felt like I was choosing what exactly I wanted to do through my clothes, but once I got there, all the stress melted off.

What was your favorite place(s) that you visited?

Milford sound on the South Island of New Zealand. It took my breath away for the whole three days I spent there.

Tell us about some of your friends

I made a group of friends that called ourselves "Team America". There were five of us, all from different schools across the United States. We went everywhere together, had a car together, and had a blast. Now we stay in touch, and visit each other in the states! 

What are some of the biggest impacts that your time abroad had on you?

I am more open, social and flexible. Before I left for New Zealand I honestly felt like I needed control over everything! lt was weird when I didn't have it. While abroad, you don't have control over everything. Losing that control made me realize that I liked going with the flow.

How did studying abroad work with your major?

To be 100% honest, Financial Engineering is not very suitable for going abroad later in the degree. It's just too specific. But not impossible, it can be done.

Favorite memory while abroad

I truly can't pick just one. But if had to, I'd say living out of a van for the last month with my best friend, Otto. It was such a lovely way to see the country.

How did your time abroad affect your career or life plan?

Honestly, my time abroad made me want to work harder, so that I can eventually go back to New Zealand.

What did you miss most about MSU / Bozeman while you were gone?

Skiing on actual snow. Snow in New Zealand wasn't exactly 'cold smoke'.