Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 235

September 6th, 2018


Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Interim Senate Secretary, Mackenzie Johnson.

Roll Call: All senators present.


Approval of Minutes:

Halstad: Move to approve (seconded)

            Minutes approved.


Public Comment

Ryen Dalvit, student: Submitted her application for the college of arts and architecture and will observe the meeting.



Allison Hupp, MSU Alumni Foundation:

Brief update on alumni advocate network and funding students presence at the capitol defending romney hall. Alumni foundation does not have state funding so they are their voice on their own for these issues. Explains their advocacy program and fundraising efforts. Training in September to discuss goals and orient advocates. If you want a 6-mill levy, pick one up at the Alumni Foundation.


Admin Reports

Blossom, President:

Get your yellow sheets back. Make decisions on value based criteria when picking committees. I nominated the same person as I did last spring, and I put him back up while hearing your concerns in mind with voting him down last time.


Thompson, Vice President: (Absent for event)


Marianne Brough, Director of Operations:

Week two! Thank you to President Cruzado for the pizza. Pool party tonight and service saturday on saturday. If you have logistical issues come see me. Lizzie is hosting the event and will not be here tonight.


Andy Turner, Business Manager:

Working out excel kinks from the spring. This is a stipend review year. If you have questions, let me know.


Karl Swenson, Senate Speaker:

We have busy meetings coming up. Get your office hours to me. Recites a great joke.


Ambika Murali, Senate Speaker Pro-Tempore:

Consider being on finance or funding board. KGLT is doing a vinyl sale this week. Leadership Institute is working on the national conference for undergraduate research.


Senate Reports

Killian: Introduce a resolution to discontinue disposable coffee cups in the office. Don't be afraid to talk, even if it messes up robert's rules. Wants to start a bill tracking committee that goes through state legislature bills and find ones that affect higher education.


New Business


Finance Board (3 Senators to be elected): Branch, Hall, Johnson, and Pelkie were nominated. All nominees were asked a series of one minute opening, three questions determined by the body, and one minute closing. Senators discussed points made by each nominee. Branch, Hall, and Johnson were elected.


Registered Student Organization Funding Board (3 Senators to be elected): Schmitz, Killian, and Horton were nominated and elected.


Club Sports Funding Board (1 Senator to be elected): Lyon was nominated and elected.


Senate Judiciary Committee (3 Senators to be elected): Murali, Pelkie, and Halstad were nominated and elected.


Budget Oversight Committee (3 Senators to be elected): Killian, Abbot, and Gilbertson were nominated and elected.


Special Committee on the Student Memorial (5 Senators): Elias, Swenson, Halstad, Hall, and Jurovich were nominated and elected.



First reading: 2018-R-12 supporting the passing of the 6-Mill Levy


First reading: 2018-R-13 Cats Usurping Problematic Scraps



Chief Justice: Mac Gwinner nominated by President Blossom. Answered three questions predetermined by the senate. Senate discussed points made by the nominee and reasons for renomination. Mac Gwinner was elected and sworn in as Chief Justice for ASMSU.


Senate Announcements

Branch: 5pm senate photos next thursday

Murali: I’ll be sending out a doodle poll for funding board member meeting times

Blossom: Announcement about a cool opportunity for senators


Meeting adjourned by Senator Johnson at 8:02 pm.