Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Room 235

September 05, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Sheridan Johnson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Reinhardt


Approval of Minutes

18 April 2019

Motioned, Approved


Public Comment

Chris Pruden, OSE Advisor, here to introduce and observe the process.



John Howe, Campus Planning, Design, and Construction

On Monday, got an architect hired based out of Missoula. Will be here next Wednesday and Thursday. Would like to meet to start process as to what students expect and want to see. 23rdwill be first full day. Let them know if there is anything we would like to see, or students would like to see. Just wants to make sure they are involved and keeping us in the process. Design process will start next week. Wants us to dream big and appreciate student input.


Teasdale, How long will the window be where you will take input?

-Earlier on the better, probably first 3-6 months. Will be a continual process.


President Cruzado

Welcome. Its incredible to think in January it has been 10 years and knows this experience will be rewarding. This is going to be a great year. We have several events planned. Just today had a meeting about a great symposium coming up is October. The next day will be followed by workshops. Have a lot of construction going on, on campus. Have the new dorms, American Indian Hall, the gyms, and Romney Hall. Realizes that this puts a burden on the community and new students but will be wonderful once complete. Thanks, us and everyone for their patience. Gold Rush is coming up and student section sold out in 2 hours.


Roeder, thanks for coming out and we are all looking forward to working with you and your offices this school year.


John Howe and Candace Mastel, PMD Policy

This encompasses all personal mobile devices. Initialing looking for feedback and trying to increase student safety. Please reach out if you have concerns or feedback. This policy is one that they have been developing over the last few months. Been getting together with other entities to make this work with other members of our communities. This will replace the current bicycle regulations. Did research to make a policy that makes sense with the real world. This is not a how-to but is looking at an exclusion zone. Wants to also include a dismount or walking zone. The purpose of the policy is meant to create a multi-modal transportation environment that is safe for everyone, including pedestrians. Have clarified some enforcement statements. Have also tried to provide future technology usability. ADA devices are excluded. There are currently nine sections. The core piece are the actual regulations (300) and registration (400). Everyone is a pedestrian when walking their device, non-motorized is man powered, and motorized. Working on an exclusion zone and parking location for motorized transportation. There will be an open period where we can go to comment on the policy before it is finalized, www.montana.edy/legalcounsel/proposed


Davis, what are the plans for punishment?

-Its about changing the culture vs punishing. Part of it is educating as well as enforcement. We don’t want to hurt people before giving a warning.


Cummings, Where is the no riding zones?

-Still being set as working on the policy but looking to be the mall walk during set times of the day.


Brown, does the exclusion zone exclude just e-scooters or motorized bikes?

-Is a current question and working on it. There are all sorts of grey areas in this. The main concern is that people are riding on sidewalks and is less concerned about bikes as they tend to ride off sidewalks where scooters tend to stick to sidewalks. Looking for input to make the best policy. Another thing we can do is to encourage our community leaders to provide better and safer bike lanes.


Ryan, did you discuss time restrictions?

-Yes, at ASU is like 9-4 but need to look at our congested times to find what best fits us. Trying to make the middle ground, probably 9-4 and working with congested areas as well.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

First off, welcome. Tomorrow at 3pm is the ground-breaking ceremony for Romney. Will be a good opportunity to see this project get off the ground. Will be gone next week for the Regents meeting. There will be another regents meeting in November, so something to look for. A lot of tonight will be committee appointments and who you appoint will shape what this senate does. So, when making these decisions, lead with your bounds.


Director of Operations – Scotty Killian

Have had some complaints about parking on campus. Reached out about setting a round table to address questions and concerns. Times to meet: Monday 10-11, 1-2, 2-3, Tues 11-12, 1-2, 2-3, Wednesday 2-3. Will be Monday 2-3pm, Sept 9th. Student involvement fair is on the 26th, passing around sheet for volunteers. Got $12,000 for substance abuse awareness and how it should be sent, was raised during 125thcelebration. CatConnect website it great and an easy way to stay connected on campus.


Vice President – Sophia Elias

Is excited to see us all here and encourages us to stay engaged. MSU debut events, have comedy night going on tonight, this Saturday have convocation Saturday, on sept 11 have glow Zumba. Congratulate and get to know new staff. Will be assigned liaisons soon so be diligent on reaching out to your campus partners. 


Business Manager – Julie Tripp

Excited to be taking on this role. Will be overseeing the budget and will be getting monthly spending reports. Will be here as a resource about budgeting and will also be sending out a copy of the budget. Each have discretionary funds of $50 and can come in if you want to spend it.


Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

Moving forward if you want to know how things run office hours will be posted on website shortly. First couple of months will be a little late so please excuse for unprofessional clothing.


Senate Speaker – Sheridan Johnson

Needs office hours from those that haven’t gotten them in yet. Committees and Liaisons have been compiled, will be sending out tomorrow. If they don’t work, please let her know as soon as possible. If confused about parliamentary procedure feel free to ask, will take time to learn.


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Finance and funding boards. These are both important and recommends stepping out and has a list of people that are interested. Should all work together and take initiative, if you can step up.


Senate Reports


Unfinished Business


New Business


Registered Student Organization Funding Board

Murali, nominates Senator Brown, Morrison, Davies

Schmidt, moves to vote. Seconded.



Roeder, feels we should hear a little about them and reasons. Will be voting against.


Murali, agrees. Feels we should hear from them.

Vote: Fails


Murali, moves to have one question for each of the nominees. Seconded.

Vote: Passes


Murali, Moves to question, “Why do you want to be on the funding board?” Seconded. 


Fountain, can we ask about bias?


Teasdale, how would we add that question?


Cummings, moves to amend the question to read, “why do you want to be on funding board and how will you handle bias being from the same college?” Seconded.

Amend Vote: Passes

Vote: Passes


Brown Question

Like to be on as it’s a good way to directly interact with students on campus. Can set aside bias by being diligent and using it for its true purpose. Being apart of funding boards, see himself having an impact on student’s passion and making campus a better place.


Morrison Question

Was National VP of a student org and has seen money spent well and bad. Understands how far a dollar can go for student organizations. Would like to see this money going into students lives, and to push them toward success.


Davies Question

Would like to be on board as she’s been a part of a lot of student organizations and thinks it’s a great way to give back to students and campus. Would like to help students have more funding for the things they like to do. In life tries to be neutral in making decisions and has been in a potion where needed to look for students’ best interest.


Ballot Vote:17-0, Brown, Morrison, Davies are all members of funding board


Club Sports Funding Board

Murali, Nominates Senator Tucker



Schroeer, motions to ask, “why they want to be on club sports funding board?”


O’Neil, Should include bias?

Teasdale, wants to expand out of bias and ask what would affect you doing this job?


Cummings, moves to amend the motion by striking out one question instead be two. Second questions should be, “what has your experience been in club sports in the past and how that will effect your roll on the board? Seconded.

Amend vote: Passes

Vote: Passes


Tucker Question

  • Is the reason for running in the first place. Wanted to make sure that club sports had a voice with the new gym. They used to have a chairman and are going through a transition. The club sport rep from senate will help make the transition goes smoothly. Thinks that since he helped create their new funding board wants to see that transition go smoothly.
  • Spent the last 4 years as their chairmen. Felt one person should not be making the decisions so made a council. Feels he would be a strong representative as he could see things are being done correctly.


Ballot Vote: 17-0, Tucker is Club Sports


Finance Board

Murali, Nominates Senator Parker, Roeder, Ryan, Cummings, Antelope



Murali, moves to have two questions,” why are you best fit to be on finance board?”. Seconded

Davies moves that second be, “What are your values in this role and how do you plan on making decisions?”. Seconded.


Blossom, since this is competitive might be nice to give them a minute to introduce themselves.


Schroeer, moves to amend to change order add second question first. Seconded.


Davies, feels it might be more effective to give them an intro.


Murali, agrees.

Teasdale, feels if we add intro should chose only on question.


Schroeer, question?


Teasdale, think it should be the question about values.


Davies, feels we should ask the straight forward question as to why and then the values.


Brown, feels the two questions is good with the intro.

Amend Vote: Fails


Schmidt, moves to add a one minute into before questions. Seconded.

Amend Vote: Passes

Vote: Passes



Intro: Animal Science, minor in chemistry and involved in honors college. Served as an at large senator last semester, 3rdgeneration bobcat. Thinks its important to look at current students but also future students.

Q1: The decision is for us. Feels that having family members come before and knowing the history sets him apart from others.

Q2: Plans on making decision, looking back at this spring semester and we had the opportunity to stretch the boundaries. Would be looking at the past and what should be changed to bring ideas forward.



Intro: In letters science, a premed student, Hispanic studies, in FFA, thrive and other involvement. Thinks she has the leadership experience to bring forth.

Qq1: Experience on the FFA officer team, as a freshman juggled running one of the largest organizations in the state as well as school. Is excited for the challenge of taking a step up.

Q2: Honesty is really important, if a student comes up and asks questions it is important that we are transparent with them. Want to make finance board transparent and make them approachable to students.



Intro: From Browning, junior studying sustainable studies, minor in native American studies.

Q1: Feels fit as she is diverse, and has students reaching out about voices that aren’t heard

Q2: Quality and Sustainability. Going with goals and values, is to be fair and open minded but to also speak up for those that are not heard.



Intro: Cells and Biochemistry Student.

Q1: Feels is best fit believes that behind the scene work is what really makes the school tick. Wants to fight for and protect the student’s dollars. Student lives are made easier from these experiences and need to protect these experiences. Feels she has the skills and makes sure students voices are heard and represented.

Q2: Values would be centered toward the voices of students are advocated for. Not to mention the programs we provided that are campus wise and to make sure ones that make student lives easier and contribute to the community are advocated for. Can make this happen by being her best and bring out the best in other. Using heart, passion, and commitment to making this campus better.



Intro: Education and Human Development, is really excited to get involved and to meet everyone.

Q1: Feels that in terms of human health and development applies to every position on campus and looks to the good in everyone. Feels its important to know where to allocate funds and to make sure everyone gets enough while being fair.

Q2: Values are making sure everyone gets heard and how to help the majority of students on campus as well as minority groups. There are parts of campus that get over looked and make sure they get attention. Not a biased person and would have a just position as well as be open minded.


Schmidt, likes Cummings and feels having her perspective would be invaluable.


O’Neil, agrees with that and also feels that Roeder has the motivation as well as experience.


Reiman, Feels Antelope would bring a diverse voice to the board and she wants to make sure under representative voices are heard. Will also be voting for Parker.


Murali, likes what Reiman and O’Neil said. Also, would like to say heard the passion in Parker’s speech and feels she would do a good job. Will vote for Parker, Antelope, and Roeder.


Ballot Vote: Roeder 13, Cummings 11, Parker 12, Antelope 10, Ryan 3

Finance Board Members are Roeder, Cummings, Parker


Senate Judiciary Committee

Schmidt, Nominates O’Neil

Murali, Nominates self

O’Neil, Nominates Schmidt



Davies, moves to vote. Second.

Vote: Passes

Ballot Vote: 17-0, Schmidt, Murali, O’Neil are members of Committee


Budget Oversight Committee

Schroeer, Nominates self

Fountain, Nominates self

Cummings, Nominates Senator Ryan



Schmidt, moves to vote. Seconded.

Vote: Passes

Ballot Votes: 17-0, Schroeer, Fountain, Ryan on board


Senate Announcements

Murali, wants to hang out, posted on Facebook.


Davies, when do we find out about committees?



Tucker, on Sept 11 at 9am will have a memorial service at flag pole. Posted an update about fitness center and will try to keep us up to date.


Davies, if you want to join her intermural frisbee team. Wednesday 4:30


Teasdale, on a different team. Contact if you want to join. Tomorrow night sports rec is having a cornhole event.


Johnson, Fork and Spoon needs volunteers.


Murali, if a senate could volunteer for a service Saturday.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Murali.