Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 235

September 27th, 2018


Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call:

All Attending; Excused Hall, Halstad; Late Mulvaney


Approval of Minutes:

Motioned, Seconded

All Approved


Public Comment

Matthew Bain, not a student, program coordinator. Wants to cover the importance of sustainability and lack of communication. Previous goals include greenhouse gas (GHG)  and waste divergent. The new goal is to add sustainability to the strategic plan. They had a lot of concerns about sustainability and diversity in the plan. Students in the committee are worried there's not enough support to change the strategic plan.  They want to promote other opportunities that support ongoing efforts and student voices that need to be heard.


Mia Peeror, letters and science, attending the meeting and voted for the addition of sustainability. She feels communications has been disrespectful toward students’ input and wants the strategic plan to add sustainability and for us to carry it through.


Josh Brown, engineering, states that Bozeman is a town of outdoor lovers and would only make sense that we would be pro sustainability.


Thomas Mcgrath, letter and science, used to be college of agriculture. The bureau of farming statistics will lose over 2500 jobs due to climate change in the near future. He wants sustainability on the strategic plan to prevent the loss of our biggest contributor to our state.


Matthew Yeager, letter and science, financial sustainability is also important and can include getting solar panels, this would save in the long run and is predicted to save yellowstone $1300 a year.


Elijah, university studies, supports the addition of sustainability in the strategic plan.


“Student”, states that our waste could be repurposed to make money and save our lands, such as garage sells. Fully supports sustainability being added to the strategic plan.


Marinade Kane, letters and science, wants sustainability to be added to the plan and for us to listen to the people who showed up to support sustainability.


Klide Showline, letter and science, feels that sustainability should be included in the strategic plan.


Sierra, engineering, thinks it is important to include sustainability to the strategic plan, because sustainability helps to improve our health and puts us at the forefront of the future.


Ally Welch, engineering, supports sustainability in the strategic plan as she choose MSU due to its current sustainability efforts.


Alva Shiell, letter and science, supports the addition of sustainability in the strategic plan.


Riley Watkins, university studies, supports the addition of sustainability in the strategic plan.


Erica Lemkey, supports the addition of sustainability in the strategic plan.


Bethine Steam, arts and architecture, supports the addition of sustainability in the strategic plan and loves the idea of our campus being more sustainable.


Kylie, health and human development, has seen the amount of waste due to residents and believes there is a great opportunity for change. States thats adding sustainability to the strategic plan is a great way to make that change.


Jack Pierson, letters and science, supports the addition of sustainability in the strategic plan.


Espen, International Student, was shocked that it wasn't in plan and supports he addition of sustainability in the strategic plan.


Hailey Smith, letters and science, feels sustainability needs to be the top priority everywhere and supports the addition of sustainability in the strategic plan.


Erica fox, letter and science, supports the addition of  sustainability in the strategic plan.


George Brock, International Student, supports sustainability in the strategic plan.


Zoe, arts and architecture, supports sustainability in the strategic plan.


Uma Gram, honors, wants sustainability to be added and to add something about plant based diets as it cuts down on GHG.


Mitchel Myer, letter and science, is prioritizing sustainability.


Dan Prapela, ex-exchange, states that with bozeman growth our demand for water will exceed the demand, so water sustainability needs to be a priority. Supports sustainability in the plan.



Candace Mastel - Biking on Campus

Candace is a campus planner, works with EJ Hooks on bikes. Is a bike commuter herself and is working to make bikes the key transportation on campus. Part of their current planning is creating the Transportation Master Plan, also to have the Bicycle Master Plan of 2018. They want to increase bike use by 20%, have additional bike fixit stations, and more signage to promote. They have been enforcing regulations and been tagging bikes as a courtesy as well as adding signs for alternative parking locations. Soon they will be adding slow your roll signs and are hoping to get bike partners for campus and around town. Future plans include long term and night time parking for bikes. She would like input from all and is planning a transportation workshop to better plan.


EJ Hook - Biking on Campus

He is now the director of facility services. The need is to have enough parking and the want is at the front door, so students hook their bikes up to trees and poles. They are going to restrict parking locations, similar to how cars are restricted. They are working to maximize spaces and to have an organized/clean area. All parking should all be managed and maintained the same. They work to maintain areas in the off hours to make it most efficient. Winter maintenance is where it is needed and wanted the most, as bikers are fewer. Last year, they started chopping bike locks, day one had 50 bike locks, this year day one had 10. Now there is only one or two a day, so it is improving, and tagging is prominent. The goal is to have covered parking and a fit-it station to help encourage students to park off the mall strip. EJ is working to set up a beta test for the covered parking.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Richard and him presented at the alumni foundation. Resolution sent out earlier in the day, has some time restraints.


Vice President - Lizzy Thompson

Wants to appreciate tonight. During homecoming week 10/8-13, Wednesday is the lighting of the M. She will need some volunteers, it lights at 8 and volunteers need to be there about an hour early. Director of films project is to provide substance free program, 1-3 friday of the month.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Sent out an updated liaison list before meeting, constitution update is mostly grammar errors, big change will need 2/3rds vote and will go onto the homecoming ballot for the students vote. During office hours, remember to be respectful. Next week we will be meeting in the Alumni Lounge in the SUB, signs will be posted and on agenda. The strategic plan is every 7 years, next week will have a presentation on the plan.


Senate Speaker Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Is working with Madi to form a special advisory committee for Crashpad.


Senate Reports

Killian, Klide talked to him about how students who are cpr trained or first responder trained could volunteer to be able to attend events where clubs might want a first responder. He wants to write a resolution about students not/supporting sustainability.


Mulvaney, the college of letters and science had 10, college of engineering 3, and college of arts and architecture had 3 students showing support for the addition of sustainability on the strategic plan.


Unfinished Business


2018-B-11 Constitutional Update


Johnson, moves to capitalizestwo words on the last page of the constitution to keep consistency.  Seconded. All approved, Amendment passed.



Branch, acknowledge Taylor, line 87 was suggested to change wording on “tie breaker” to

“ASMSU senate speaker should vote only when their vote would affect the outcome”.

Murali, Moves to strike line 87 to read “ASMSU senate speaker should vote only when their vote would affect the outcome”. Seconded.


Branch, feels that the set language is fitting and the strike is more ambiguous. Will vote to leave as is. Killian agrees with Branch.


Murali, line 87 reads “to make or break ties” wants to remove the word “make”. Branch, disagrees due to the need for the word “make”.

Johnson is a strong supporter of the current language as it already fits the need.

Kothe, moves to vote on previous question. Seconded.

Two opposed, Rest in favor

None In favor of amendment, All Opposed


In vote of 18-0

2018-B-11 Approved

New Business


Registered Student Organization Funding Board At-Large (2 students needed)

Grimsrud moves to one minute intro and 3 questions. All approved



Killian, #1 Why do you want to be on the funding board?

All in favor

Murali #2, In your opinion, why is it important to fund student organizations?

All in favor

Killian #3, In the case we do not agree with goal of a student organization, what would you do?

All in favor


Candidate Response


Intro: Sophomore in business and finance, wants to support clubs, wants to put in an input and has been involved in other clubs and wants to get involved on MSU campus. Has been on the financial end of things and knows how challenging it can be.

#1: It is an important part, as financing is needed. Wants to be involved and to support clubs.

#2: Clubs are part of the reason you go to college, meet new people, develop new skills, gets students involved

#3: Would try to approach as objectively as possible and feels it is important to have a different opinion.



Intro: Junior in chemical engineering, is passionate about students on campus, liked finance board last year and would like to be on the funding board as it is new and will promote clubs and students on campus more directly.

#1: It is different than the finance board and involves clubs. Seen clubs ideas and wants to help direct their vision

#2: Feels it’s important, as they have students in them. Want to support the students’ vision.

#3: States it is not her decision to make and is here to represent the students.



Branch, why others couldn’t be here? Karl, never heard back from them.

Lyon, says something since the no-shows are not present and it was their second run.


Killian, likes Sam’s response to question #3.

Schmitz, supports both candidates.


Ballot Vote

Samuel Rehbein 18-0

Courtney Stutheit 18-0



Elias moves to add new resolution 2018-R-16 to the agenda. Seconded.

All in Favor





Senate Announcements

Business Manager, Turner, been meeting with program directors.


Killian, marching band has a performance on 10/6. 10/14 jazz band will be performing in the sub.


Jurovich, talked about diversity on campus.


Kothe, want suggestions to get opinions from her college. Responses: Email college dean and have them send out email or try tabling. Reach out to clubs, active students.


Dalvit, art competition for new engineering building, murals for $7000 scholarship, open to all students. Wants to get word out.


Muali, Marianne is looking for helpers to decorate for homecoming


Branch, leadership summit 10/19-20, only $15. Gives new techniques and gives ideas to changes. Sign up is 10/6.


Lyon, for students who are new or are unsure, 10/22 event allows students to get opinions on majors and careers.


Blossom, senior diversity officer meeting, have identified finalist. 10/8-10, 9-10a,11a-12p.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Murali.