Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 235

September 20th, 2018


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call:

All Attending; Horton late (excused)


Approval of Minutes:

Senator Johnson Motioned, Seconded

All Approved


Public Comment

Student Engagement Video on MSU DEBUT.

Jamie, Student Director, presentation on homecoming changes. 2016 part of homecoming court, this experience moved Jamie to want to improve our, MSU, traditions to benefit the students. 


Kyle Voightlander, motion mentioned for homecoming king/queen, feels the student body and school donors are unaware of this motion and that it should be in a campus survey. Thinks we should go over it in the course of the year and get the student body’s input.


Terry Bradley, last year senate motioned to move from king/queen to royalty. Terry’s belief is to have students who best represent campus as royalty. Want this motion supported by all.


Wyatt Murdoch, thinks it is an opportunity to create a tradition of respect and acceptance, should be based on who is most qualified and has the most merit who should be voted on. In support of homecoming changes.


Micah McFeely, in favor of changes made of homecoming. Helped in the process and is homecoming candidate. Instead of recognizing two, recognize three for their leadership, service, and involvement.






President Waded Cruzado, Update

125th anniversary has been devoted throughout the whole year. They are showcasing Sept-College of Education, Oct - College of Nursing, Nov - College of Agriculture, Dec - Honors College. Wants participation in finalist in V.P. of agriculture. Will be announcing the Senior Diversity Officer in next few weeks, position created to develop MSU diversity.


Katherine Budeski, with Crashpad

Addressing crisis housing, co-found Connor Hoffman. They attended Hatch, where they created their first plan (gym housing) which was later altered and promoted. There is no low income or crisis housing in Bozeman for students, thus the idea was created. Crashpad is emergency housing that provides a safe place for students to sleep at night. The Dean of Students’ Office is taking on the management of the Crashpad. During hours a screening process can be completed for immediate placement, after hours students can be placed into temporary hotels until screening can be done. They will also be providing other resources for students to find more long term housing situations. Currently, they have a two bedroom, four bed apartment which has laundry, private/shared rooms, food stocked by Bounty of Bridgers, and is ADA accessible. Serves students with more than 7 credits/semester, in need, that meet grad/family housing restrictions, and is for two weeks max. They are working to have hotel housing for other individual cases. 


Maria Abbot, Hezekiah Austin, Streamline Late Night

The buses are facing new issues since Bozeman has expanded such as the routes haven’t been updated in five years and new sensors have been placed in stoplights allowing the buses to run faster at night. They want to retime the routes, proposing the upstream route be broken into two new routes that will meet in downtown (at Main and Rouse). Westside expands to cottonwood and Northside route expands to 27th to Oak. The Downtown route will be adjusted for time and adding two new stops. The changes will run an extra $200 for the school year, plus the cost of new booklets. They would also like to request advertisement for the change in routes. The program will hopefully take effect in January, working to shorten rides, cover more area, and lower the number of DUIs. Some future matters they will face include the need for new signs and proper sign placement at the correct locations.


Katelyn Gaffri, Homecoming Update

To clarify there is no current vote, in 2016 royalties were proposed and approved in 2017. They took blind score applications, submitted from various groups. The top 16 moved to the interview round and most were excited about the new changes. They are looking to include service, leadership, and involvement, adding inclusivity. The top 8 candidates for 2018 include one male and seven females. The top 3 royalties will be voted on by the student body, one candidate for each category.



Madi Kuehn, Health and Wellness Update

Health and wellness is working to provide students with education, programming, and policy that will benefit their health. Upcoming events include the Apollo Assignment 10/4 - fraternity and sorority life preventative workshop, Trivia night TBA- prizes, promoting physical, mental and sexual health, The Summit in late Jan/early Feb - mental health student forum, Diversity Symposium in Feb - bringing diverse perspective on mental health, and the Health and Wellness Fair in late March.


Event Funding: Emerging health and technologies $400 is going to Trivia night, the Summit’s $815 is coming from Bozeman’s Healthy Bike Tour.


Medical Amnesty: Health and Wellness is working to get a medical amnesty policy, this prevents students from getting an MIP if medical assistance is needed due to over consumption. According to the plan advertisement and resources, as what to do and who to contact, will be getting placed out on campus and in some bar restrooms. 


Crashpad Budget: Last year $8000 was awarded to the launch of the project due to predicted costs. The budget will now only spend an estimated cost of $6000 for the year, $2250 for this fall semester and $3750 for this spring semester. Crashpad was also granted an additional $2000 from Hatch donors to get out the information out and to further improve the inside of the house(s). They currently have potential contributors for servicing the rooms.


Crashpad Special Advisory Committee: This is a temporary pilot committee to keep senators up to date and provide connection among the governing bodies.



Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Updates: Tues @ 7pm There is a Speaker from the Columbine Shooting, Tuesday and Thursday we are partnering to register voters. Justice confirmation, on working to make a smooth transition for incoming candidates.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

Keeps a journal of the year, next week is when things fall apart, so prepare in advance. Next two weeks are the most stressful of the semester. Remember to be kind.


Vice President - Lizzy Thompson

Need volunteers for voters registration, Sept 25 and 27, open times to come and go. Involvement of Study Abroad Fair needs volunteers to mainly help set up and take down, in one hour shifts.


Chief Justice - Mac Gwinner

Justices are moving forward, have their Justice appointment tonight. Mackenzie is running for Associate Justice.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Using iClickers to vote is against the bylaws as they are stated to hold a ballot vote, meaning votes need to be handwritten. Recommends Mackenzie Johnson for Associate Justice and Tiga Ward for Senate Secretary. Both will be voted in later.


Senate Speaker Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Last week they appointed Senator Horton.


Senate Reports

Senator Killian, is entirely confident with the committees process.


Senator Horton, gave reason for stepping down, is due to meeting over 5 hours a week and couldn't afford to sacrifice more time.


Senator Halstad, is collecting thoughts from students and would like one on one opinions or thoughts.


Unfinished Business


2018-R-14 2020-2021 calendars

Motion to approve: Halstad, Seconded, No Discussion. 18-0 Approved


2018-R-15 Supporting Streamline Latenight Route
Motioned to approve: Branch, Seconded, 18-0 Approved

Killian Moves to add Sunshine Ross to the resolved segment. All in favor of amendment.


Johnson and Killian say they showed more information and cleared up many questions. Killian suggests we send our approval to Sunshine Ross (HRDC). Also supports the $200 if approved. Lyon is supportive of their route changes and supports the $200.





2018-B-10 Campaign Finance Update

Motioned to Approve: None

Moved to Postpone Indefinitely: Branch, Seconded, passed



Branch would like a bill to include the senate candidates, not just executive. Kothe, suggests ASMSU can help provide free advertisement such as on screens. Blossom, urges that the bill gets completed this fall semester. Branch, wants to postpone to gather later and write a bill that is more thought out and put together. Killian supports Branch’s notion if they are to meet next week to improve the bill. Others followed suit and came to the agreement to meet later and further improve the bill.

New Business


Associate of Justice - Mackenzie Johnson

Senator Hall Moves to vote, Seconded by Killian, All in favor

Ballot Vote 18-1

Senate Secretary - Tiga Ward

Ballot Vote 16-1



2018-B-11 Constitutional Update

First Reading


Appointment 3rd Member of Funding Board, All Approved

Nominated Senator Hall, Seconded.

Schmitz moves to confirm, Seconded. All approved.

Ballot Vote 17-1


Senate Announcements

Lyon has changed the group senate facebook photo.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Grimsrud.