Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Ballroom 325

September 13, 2018


Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson


Roll Call: Abbot, Branch, Elias Gilbertson, Grimsrud, Hall, Halstad, Horton (unexcused), Johnson, Jurovich, Killian, Kothe, Lyon, Mulvaney, Murali, Pelkie, Reiman, Reinhardt, Schmitz



Approval of the Minutes:


            Minutes Approved


Public Comment:


Richard, College of Letters & Science: In support of 6 Mill Levy, have signs if you would like.


Michel, QSA Representative: Here to be gay and take notes.




Proposed 2020/2021 Calendar


Campeau: Here to explain 2020 and 2021 goes back to normal. Lengthen 2020 Christmas break, shorten 2020 summer and then go back to normal pattern.


Branch: Summer Session schedule?


Campeau: Currently reviewing, expecting to follow the same pattern.



Sustained Dialogue


McFeely: Program coordinator for Sustained Dialogue, building relationships between different relationship groups. Facilitation training weekend of October 6th/7th.


New Business:




Arts and Architecture Senator


Killian: One minute into, three questions and one minute conclusion.


Question 1: How will you represent the diverse students within your college?



Murali: Q2: Why do you feel qualified for this position?



Schmitz: What are your main goals for Senate this year?



Rutuji Joshi:


Opening: Architecture major, Senior. Working with City of Bozeman to help current issues within city. President of International Indian Student Association Promote STEM within college and university.


Q1: President of the International Indian Student Association. Promoting Art showing within the college.


Q2: All of the programs that I am involved in speak to this.


Q3: Assist with helping people understand what architecture students truly do on campus.


Closing: Show how important Architecture is within the college and to the rest of the university.


Ryen Dalvit:


Opening: Double major Architecture and CET. Never been an architectural representative. Want to develop connections between college and the university. Create a different diverse group of individuals.


Q1: Currently we are lacking communications. Advertising in a way, taking polls as for the interest of students.


Q2: I run my own property management business. In charge of a lot of clubs before and have managed a band before.


Q3: Open new ways of thought for the Arts and Architecture. Focus on communications. Help change how different resources are allocated. Ongoing issues that we need to start fixing.


Closing: Great way of uniting arts and architecture and improve communication.






Mulvaney: Reason Ryen couldn’t attend tonight?


Thompson: Field trip to Seattle.


Johnson: Dalvit stressed inclusivity for both arts and architectural.


Halstad: Ryen know how to facilitate what she wants to do with all of her previous experience.


Gilbertson: Is Dalvit taking on too many commitments?


Killian: Caution you to judge someone based on their commitments. Dalvit did a very good job encompassing cohesion.


Schmitz: Impressive that she came last week and introduced herself.


Elias: Having an international student would increase the diversity of the student Senate.


VOTE: Dalvit:14, Joshi: 3



Administrative Reports:


Blossom: In Billings, this week with Board of Regents. Next Regents meeting in Missoula. Next week meet at Cathead in Stadium, student group of the game. Think about value-based decisions when continuing appointments.


Brough: Co-curricular engagement activity. Sophomore students interested in experience, come see me.


Thompson: American Indian Heritage Day, September 27th luncheon 11:30am -1:30pm. SUB Ballroom B&C. Just had a PACE meeting.


Turner: Qualified candidates for Finance Board. Working with program directors and coordinating meetings. 


Swenson: Where do you take a dog without a tail? A re-tail store.

Need office hours for new Senates. Email with edits from Judiciary council. Will have to you sooner next time. Robert’s Rules notes: raise placard to be on list. Only speak 2 times per question/motion.


Murali: Working with leadership institute, bringing in Scott Kelly. Finalizing other speakers. Formally indorse Noah Leckie, senator and on finance board last year. Currently a grad student in the college on business, offers a different perspective.

Senate Reports:


Kothe: Possibly switching to i-clickers for ballot voting?


Johnson: Speak twice on a motion but with an amendment to the motion, you can speak twice on the “new” amendment.



Unfinished Business:


2018- R-12 | Supporting the Passing of the 6-Mill Levy


Mulvaney: Tuition increases off the board or instate vs. out of state?

            Across the board.


Branch: Add Branch as a cosponsor.


Murali: Line 19, strike the word “and.” Add the word “and” on Line 31.


Lyon: What percentage do taxes go down if it is not passed?

            12 cents for every 1000$ of property tax.


VOTE: 16 - 2, Approved



2018-R-13 | C.U.P.S. Resolution


Murali: Add a comma on last line after ASMSU President.



Schmitz: Love the amendment. Harder to come into office if we don’t have this amenity.


Hall: Notice that a lot of students already have their own coffee mug.


Elias: How will the cups get cleaned?

            Brough: Buss bin, then taken care of.


Jurovich: Front desk people do a lot of the welcoming.


Killian: Resolution decreasing a lot of single-use items that we consume. Thinking about moving coffee in order to talk to us.


VOTE: 16 – 2, Approved




New Business:


  1. Appointments (cont.):


  1. Finance Board At-Large


Killian: Leckie, currently not paying the University Student Activity Fee.


Mulvaney: Stipulation that if he were to be appointed, that fee must be paid.


Hall: Motion to move to club sports funding board at-large now and then finance.



  1. Club Sports Funding Board At-Large


Motion to table “i” and “ii” until Mac gets here.


Hall: Amendment to motion, table just “i” until Mac gets here.


                        Lyon: One minute intro, three questions, and one minute conclusion.


                        Killian: Like to hear what people that showed up have to say.



                        Murali: Q1: Why is it important to fund student organizations?


                        Kothe: Q2: What perspective can you bring to the Club Finding Board?


                        Killian: Q3: How do you plan to avoid conflicts of interest?


                        Samantha Garcia:


Opening: Been at MSU since 2012, grad assistant and highly involved in rec sports.


Q1: Don’t know how much funding that these teams do on their own.


Q2: Not on any club sports, perspective seen mostly as students.


Q3: Part of what I do as a grad assistant. Rules and stipulations for the club in laws for board.


Closing: Important to be a voting member of this board, been involved as an advisor. Gives more of a voice in making bigger decision.


Branch: Considering all applicants?

            Yes, all that applied to be considered.


Lyon: Spent a lot of time around club funding board, good fit for the job.


VOTE: Barnhart: 0 Garcia: 18


  • Student Organization Funding Board At-Large


Johnson: Move to 3 minutes to look over applications and then proceed with the discussion.



Killian: Like to see the application deadline extended.


Murali: Willing to extend deadline for RSO board, but need to appoint finance board.


Branch: If we have a risk of running out of quorum. I don’t think we will get better applications in the 48-hour extension. Move forward with what we have.


Murali: Courtney seems like a good choice, we need two students.


Jurovich: I say we wait.


Killian: Important that these decisions get made, but I don’t feel comfortable giving power to these students that may not necessarily want to be here. Motion to extend the deadline one week.


Reinhart: Like to brainstorm better advertising.


Murali: Don’t feel comfortable only considering these applications.


Hall: In support of extension, give them time to talk.


Schmitz: Echo Branch.


Reinhart: Amend to two Tuesdays from now. Tuesday 25th would be the new deadline.


Killian: Like this better than original motion.

            Amendment passes

            Motion passes, deadline extended two weeks


  1. Finance Board At-Large (continued)


Murali: Move to 3 minutes intro and 3 predetermined questions and one minute conclusion.


Hall: Two predetermined question. Up to three minutes.



            Hall Q1: What is the most important aspect of Student Activity Fees?


            Pelkie: Q2: What criteria will you use to allocate student fees?


            Murali: Amend… efficiently?


            Killian: Against amendment.


            Pelkie: Echo Killian.

                        Amendment fails

                        Motion Passes


            Noah Leckie:


Opening: Sat on finance board, study under Killian. Want to provide guidance for other board members. Sat on HOA board. Accounting major focused on auditing. Developed a questioning approach. Values important with the decision-making process but we have to make decisions on student consensus. Want to represent the graduate students.


Q1: Depends. Econ, can figure out what benefits the most students quantitatively. But then qualitative reasoning come in. The balance is key.


Q2: Numbers aspect. But trying to reach out to more students.


Closing: Love Finance Board. Woo.



Tom Loving:


Opening: Trying to get involved with ASMSU. Want to make sure that a lot of students are touched by this funding.


Q1: Making sure that student programs and activities are funded. Want to make sure that it is very important that we are paying them.


Q2: Make sure that the option that does the most good for the most students for the longest amount of time.


Closing: I want to do the most good for the most students for the longest amount of time.


Micah McFeely:


Opening: Studying economics and community health. Through all roles like to believe have gained a large scope of student perspective. Managed 11 student programming directors. Intrigued because this is such a powerful, dynamic position.


Q1: Being intentional. Make sure that fees are spent responsibly.


Q2: Being a good listener and other skills learned would benefit the decision-making process with integrity.


Closing: Love to continue involvement with ASMSU.




            Hall: Feels McFeely has a good grasp on how these funding request affects students.


            Schmitz: Endorse Todd Lackmann


            Johnson: Lackmann currently at welcome back BBQ, good listener with thorough eye.


            Killian: Endorse Leckie, McFeely and Lackmann


            Gilbertson: Supporting Lackmann


            Murali: Supporting Leckie, McFeely and Lackmann


            Abbot: Support McFeely and Leckie


VOTE: Lackmann: 14, Leckie:14, Loving: 1, McFeely: 16, Nells:0, Stutheit: 1, Wheeler: 4


Lackmann, Leckie and McFeely appointed



  1. Resolutions:


2018-R-14 | 2020-2021 Academic Calendars


Swenson: First Reading


2018-R-15 | Support of the Streamline Late-night Route Updates


Swenson: First Reading



  1. Bills:


2018-B-10 | Campaign Finance Updates


Swenson: First Reading



Senate Announcement:


Mulvaney: Quote


Killian: Bill to get ASMSU committee to track bills that state legislature is going over. Thursdays 9 -5pm, couches on the mall. Congratulations Karl.

Abbot: Karl’s birthday on Wednesday. Sing him T-swizzle.


Motion to adjourn by Senator Johnson at 8:49 pm.