Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Alumni Lounge

October 4th, 2018


Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call:

All Attending; Excused Halstad, Jurovich, Killian; Late Gilbertson


Approval of Minutes:

Motioned, Seconded

All Approved


Public Comment

Chace Shugart (RHA Vice President), College of Agriculture. Is working on their region award, catslights, fall fest on Saturday (depends on weather), hall improvements, and trying to develop better communication.


Mitchel Myer, L&S, QSA, next week is coming out week. There will be a closet in the mall, Thursday is national coming out day, and the 20th is the drag show.



Dr. Chris Fastnow; MSU Strategic Plan

Introduced the strategic plan yesterday with the council and have posted and presented the recent draft. They are developing a plan that defines us, who we are, and our impact. They have been listening to as many people as possible and making, revising, and representing new drafts. Four drafts have been posted for comment, showing all the altercations. The planning committee has been inviting students to the meetings to try to best meet all points of view.

The plan starts with a mission statement and a vision statement. It includes six values and three areas of intentional focus. They have specific goals for each focus, as well as how to achieve the goals. The plan will last until 2024-25. Things in the plan are more intentional and need more focus, in order to progress. Next steps include getting the university council’s input and feedback for newest draft. They want the senate and students to participate and are making changes to add stewardship and to include a way to improve environmental health as well as lessen our campus’s carbon footprint. There is an explicit metric around sustainability in the newest draft as well as diversity, but they need people to participate to bring sustainability and diversity forward.



Steve Erickson, Taylor Blossom; Outdoor Recreation Building Naming

Some want to rename the building after Michael Cavaness, due to his long-time commitment. Has been the Director of Outdoor Recreation for 33 years and hosted the first ICOR (now AORE) at MSU. He set standards for outdoor recreation on campus and in Bozeman. Many note how devoted he was. Testimonials were given by: Peggy Paticini-Eggen, Shannon Chicoine, Kerri Keller Clement, Natasza Lorentz, and Karsten Lorentz. They have an action plan, currently in the process of step 2 and 3, and is a 9-step plan. Needs to get senate’s support in the process and to get student feedback without overly publicizing it as it might not go through.


Dr. Matt Caires, Candace Mastel, Karl Swenson; MSU Student Memorial

Dr. Matt Caires: The memorial was created in 1990, by student senate. Most students don’t see the memorial as it was initially meant to be a serious place on campus. Now they want students to know it exists. When the weather is nice, students want to be outside and this can be a gathering place for students. This gets more students there and to remember those who have passed. Student senate did a survey to see if students knew what it was and to get comments for improvements. Karl resumed the chair for the group last year. Student senate came forward with money as well as a donation from a mom who lost her daughter. Will meet student senate halfway to create this masterpiece and hopes we see it as a potential legacy project.


Karl: It has been a two-year process, first year they gathered opinions, last year they developed a planning action, and are now working on designs. Still open to other options or make a hybrid design.


Candace: Columns have names behind the wall and some names had to be redone. Wants to modify the area surrounding the memorial to change the experience and bring it new purpose. Presenting 3 options. O1: is an open landscape to see down into memorial with a built in amphitheater surrounding with terracing. Bottom is a nice plaza area that faces the memorial. O2: similar idea but adds more of a wavy design. Adding stairs and a wheelchair access on the sides as well as rock seating, using native resources. O3: hides the handicap access by integrating it into the terracing. Doesn’t separate handicap people and brings more people to the space. Still plan to have native resources. Will bid out for contractors in spring to build in the summer. Need ideas to get more attention and while still being respectful, it currently has a small plaque but no signage.


Dr. Matt Caires, Dr. Steve Swinford; MSU Values Statement

This is a guiding document to have an orientation when alcohol and drugs are dealt with on campus. Originally the document was overly complicated and needs to be more simplistic for first year students to better understand MSU’s approach to the matter. Need to reference the medical amnesty policy so students know they won't be in trouble for getting help. It upholds for any location of the students, on and off campus.  Some want the “adult decision” to be reworded. Need comments and suggestions, open to emails and will take feedback for the next three weeks. The values will be on their webpage for MSU and want to see it in the senate's office. Opens students to search Medical Amnesty on MSU website.



A few senators echo for the “adult decision making”, are thinking of synonyms. Senator Hall thinks the conclusion is unsuiting. One senator opposes echoes as we are adults, suggests “mature”. Echoes on adding the medical amnesty.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Resolution on Native American student senator, resolves, change to “student building fees”. Meeting for revenue, $20,000 to put towards a project and will be reaching out to groups for ideas. Next Monday is indigenous people’s day, encourages participation, 10/11, ribbon cutting for climbing wall updates at 4pm. Two finance board requests were approved. Senior diversity inclusion officers interviews are next week.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

Number might be revised, $20000 left from the bobcat beer project. The climbing wall is on 10/11 at 4pm, is an important event and wants us to attend. Meeting on the 10/18 at 10:30am to cover the bus route changes and costs. Turf field tour on 10/18 at 4pm. Portfolio pod on high impulse practices, 10/16, includes dinner. Thanks for stepping up in Heidi's absence. Next week is homecoming with tons of events, lighting of the M, 10/10 at 6:30. On Wednesday we wear pink for the month of October to recognize breast cancer awareness. Will be decorating office and need ideas.


Vice President - Lizzy Thompson

OSC have a giant poster of homecoming events, please attend. Priority registration sign up, last four of GID. Wants to add pronouns to our intro on ASMSU website.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

ASMSU has the homecoming events. Career fair today, is more than happy to check out resumes. Next week will have an idea where we are fiscally.


Chief Justice - Mac Gwinner

Thanks for support and changes. Will cover more on request when we get to the financial board.




Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Echo lighting of the M. We need to be there to support. Constitution update that passed is now on the homecoming ballot. Reach out to constituents and get student input. Table in office has been a mess, please pick up for oneself.


Senate Speaker Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Leadership summit coming up.


Senate Reports

Senator Johnson, how to direct vote? All voting is online and will need D2L login. An all campus email will be sent. Tues - Thursday for voting.


Unfinished Business


2018-R-16 - NACC Resolution

Senator Elias motion to approve, seconded


Senator Elias moves to amend line 16-17 to read “Student Building Fees” and line 19-20 to read “VP of University Communications”. Seconded.

All in Favor. Amendment Passed.



Building will have a museum and classroom space as well as 3-4 classrooms, 80, 50, 20-30 cap, and outdoor education space. Space for performance or speakers and a place for support staff.


Roll-Call Vote: 15-1-1 Approved.

New Business


Stipend Review Committee (3 Senators)

Just reviewing and actual hours worked. Small time commitment.


Nominated: Senator Hall, Mulvaney, Reinhardt

Branch, moves to vote. Seconded All in favor


Ballot Vote: Hall-14, Mulvaney-15, Reinhardt-15, All voted in



2018-R-17 Students Advocating for a Viable Earth

Blossom: Point of Order, Absence of Killian, Needed for reading?


Funding Request

2018-Request-10 Dean Speaker Sponsorship


Murali, Anderson talk, went well. Approved $1000 request. Voting yes

Hall, will be voting yes as it is expected of us.

Pelkie where's it come from? - From Supplemental fund.


Roll-Call Vote: 17-0


2018-Request-11 MAS Dues


First request $3000 but was adjusted due to an amount preallocated by last year’s board.


Roll-Call Vote: 17-0


2018-Request-12 Food for Judicial Council Meetings


Pelkie, why? Meetings are late at night and don’t break. Is an incentive but also to take pride in.

Hall, could increase public comment at their meetings.

Schmitz, need to be consistent with all clubs.

Murali, keep in mind it is a submental request. In favor.

Reinhardt wants clarification on subsegmental fund.


Schmitz Motions to amend amount to $100 to keep consistency. Seconded.


Branch, requires a ⅔ vote to overturn recommendation.

Murali acknowledges Chief Justice, Mac, is unaware of the set $100. Requested more to meet more dietary need to be more inclusive.

Amending in favor, 12-5, amendment passed.


Roll-Call Vote: 17-0



Murali, wants to add appointment for budget committee nominee.

Nominations: Reiman

Murali motions to vote. Seconded. All in favor.


Ballot Vote: Reiman - 14, Voted in.


Senate Announcements

Murali, crashpad advisory committee want senators to get involved.

Horton, will photos get changed? Were on backorder.

Dalvit, on sustainability, way to recycle, start to recycle art supplies.

Blossom, please reach out to liaisons.

Thompson, wants people to sign up for the lighting of the M.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Grimsrud.