Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Ballroom 235

October 22, 2018


Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Acting Secretary, Mackenzie Johnson.

Roll Call:Abbot, Branch, Dalvit, Elias, Gilbertson (E), Grimsrud, Hall (E), Halstad, Horton, Johnson, Jurovich, Killian, Kothe, Lyon (E), Mulvaney, Murali, Pelkie, Reiman, Reinhardt, Schmitz

Approval of the Minutes

            Minutes Approved.

Public Comment

Richard, Political Action Director:Talk briefly about event coming up, Walk the Votes, which helps students find out what is on their ballot. SUB 223 Nov 2nd 11am - 1pm.

Wyatt Brown, ASMSU Legal Intern:Talk briefly about Law School mixer coming up November 7th at 5:30.

Admin Reports

President, Taylor Blossom:Election Day is coming up soon. Would like to knock on residence hall doors to remind them to vote. Phone banking for 6-mill levy possibility. Regents meeting 15th and 16th. Hiring for a Lobbyist soon. Don’t have a chair for elections committee.

Vice-President, Lizzie Thompson:Monday protect our winters event Conrad Banker will advocate importance of voting, major madness on Monday as well, Wednesday halloween themed trivia night and costume contest. Considering the annual spring event, will bring proposal to senate. Program director and senate mingle event coming up. Exec team evaluations coming out soon.

Business Manager, Andy Turner:Program director meetings this week.

Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson:Says joke. Appoint people to committees tonight. Student memorial feedback session coming up Thursday at 4. Budget oversight had first meeting of the semester. Toured turf field, grand opening in the spring.

Senate Speaker Pro-Temp, Ambika Murali:Shortest funding board meeting ever. Thanks for being awesome. Think about Crash Pad resolution.

Senate Reports

Johnson: Ag expo coming up. $150,000 economic impact to Bozeman.

Mulvaney: Office of Sustainability is encouraging walking, biking, and transportation through a video and need volunteers.

Killian: CSAC met talked about strategic master plan. Leed status on Norm being announced soon.

Halstad: Student/faculty relationships committee met to narrow down topics and will bring to senate. Need feedback.

Pelke: Facilities planning board met and thought about outdoor seating.

Dalvit: Msu won bid for national architecture conference, need someone to speak about native american culture.

Unfinished Business

            Second reading of 2018-R-18

            Blossom:  There is no chair for this committee yet, we should establish that.

            Mulvaney: amendment to wording.

                        Passed 17-0.

            Second reading of 2018-R-19

            Murali: two committee members are set.

                        Passed 17-0.

New Business

            First reading 2018-B-12 Budget Reallocation

Jurovich: Add 2018-R-20 to agenda for first reading.


            First reading of 2018-R-20 Ballot Collection Measure

Murali: Add appointment of three CrashPad committee members.

Senators appointed: Murali, Reinhart, and Elias.

Branch: Move to add appointment of election advisory committee.

            Senators appointed: Schmitz, Branch, and Mulveney.

Senate Announcements

Branch: Talking with people about submitting things including pros and cons and post it in the sub. This increases transparency.

Jurovich: Get a flu shot from nursing students.

Thompson: Can The Griz starts second week of november and we need volunteers. WE LOST LAST YEAR AND THAT’S ANNOYING.

Blossom: Senior diversity administrator was hired - Ariel Donahue. MAS is talking about solving financial issues by establishing a mass fee like 10 cents per student to fund efforts each year.

Adjourned by Murali at 7:24 pm