Montana State University
Associated Students of MSU Senate
SUB 235
October 11th, 2018


Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call:

All Attending; Excused Horton


Approval of Minutes:

Motioned Grimsrud, Seconded

All Approved


Public Comment

Madi, Health Director, first reading for crashpad is tonight. Is calling for a temporary committee, as Crashpad is only in pilot stage. Her office hours are 10-1pm tomorrow (Friday), next week office hours 1:15-2:15.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Voting on constitutional update is complete. Resolution on the strategic plan and want us to postpone. A homecoming candidate was banned from campaigning today due to rule violation. Hope to hirer Diversity position soon.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

Ellen is retiring, please say thank you and appreciate her. Her goodbye party is going to be a real party. Portfolio pod is soon and food will be provided.


Vice President - Lizzy Thompson

Tonight from 6-9 is the homecoming carnival, there is free food. Thank you to those who participated in the lighting the M. There is a UofM senator who would like to build some bridges, interested in voting policy/procedure and sustainability as well as student health care. Saturday is the parade before the football game.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Numbers are as of October 1st, fiscal year starts at the end of the year. We would like to be less than 27% in funding, higher percentages are due to later funding in the year. Andy has zero concerns and can give individual breakdowns for all budgeting categories. We are good at keeping track of all our spending and budgets. Most costs are front loaded and will lessen throughout the year.  Some of the reserve replenishment fund is for our spring event later. Meet with admin council and talked about a committee from Caires that is looking to develop an off-campus housing office.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Attended the ribbon cutting today, was great to see the climbing wall come to completion. Budget oversight members need to stay after meeting to set a time.


Senate Speaker Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Leadership submit, is a great event and is free for ASMSU. Senator that has been on top of things and getting students involved is Senator Branch, senator of the month. Student employee of the month is Mariah.


Senate Reports

Hall, is the health and wellbeing liaison, the crashpad was stocked with paper towels and such. Trivia night in November.


Killian, liaison for arts and exhibits, mentions were stipends and how much we want to pay. Last week, had some family matters and apologizes for missing last meeting.


Gilbertson, university studies, has an event coming.


Reinhardt, has meeting this week and accepting nomination for faculty or staff member. C-grant applications open next week to faculty or staff members.


Blossom, needs a third person for classroom committee. Is the committee that decides which ones get updated. Wednesday 3-4 pm. Lyon is interested.


Murali, thanks Madi for crashpad.


Unfinished Business


2018-R-17 Students Advocating for a Viable Earth (S.A.V.E)


Killian, what is the negative of passing. Blossom, as ASMSU we have influences and since the change is currently in there we should wait to avoid burning bridges. Suggest tabling it until it is closer to be approved or until it is after it is approved.


Jurovich, suggests a rewording of the resolution. Blossom, suggest writing a new resolution stating we approve the strategic plan if sustainability is added.


Mulvaney, we support the students and should include that the students want sustainability added.


Pelkie, this resolution is unsuiting now that the strategic plan has been adjusted.


Branch moves to postpone till Nov 8, 2018. Seconded. Want to postpone so we still have it to use if sustainability is not added.


Elias, can we change it if voted on? Branch, no once it is adopted it is set.


Abbot, thinks it’s good to have in back pocket and allows Blossom to do what he needs to, before pulling this out.


Murali, agrees with Branch and once the final plan has the verbage we want we can kill this resolution.


Reinhardt, is November 8 to late? Blossom, sits on university council and can request an extension. See it unlikely they’ll make a change without giving us the opportunity to respond.


Murali, Blossom could you report back to us about what is going on. Blossom, yes.


Killian, is leaning towards postponing. Feels by pushing this down we are ignoring students.

Dalvit, they have changed and was originally designed when there was no changes.

Blossom, has been in contact with students who came to speak and all have been stratified by the current change.


Kothe, should write a new one about supporting it.


Mulvaney, agrees with all said and echoes Killian. Wants students to know they’ve been heard and we delivered. Is in favor of postponing this resolution.


Murali, most important is that senators pushed for changes and those changes have happened. We all worked together to make those changes. Dalvit, agrees with Murali, thinks we could change opposes to supports to better fit.


Motion to postpone till Nov 8,2018. Is postponed.

New Business


2018-R-18 Maintenance of the Problematic Policy on Elections (M.P.P.E)


2018-R-19 Special Advisory Committee for the Pilot of Crashpad


Senate Announcements

Mulvaney, wants to highlight how to show support to those who come to talk during presentations. When we have presentations, it shows respect to close screens and shows commitment to them. Karl, would like to echo and add eye contact.


Dalvit, committee for arts and architecture. Wants to open it to various students to get more rounded and cover more topics.


Murali, toured the Norm and it is amazing.


Killian, have ten minutes to show support for the constitutional change. Jazz band on 3pm on Sunday. Lots of homecoming events this weekend.


Blossom, will stay till 7:15 to see if the constitutional change has passed.


Lyon, thanks again for hiking the M to everyone that came out.


Jurovich, wants to invite people to come watch the volleyball game.


Abbot, wants to invite people to join her at the block party.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Grimsrud.