Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 325

September 8th, 2016


Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Bartkoske, Benson, Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton, Creed, DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hurst(excused), Jensen(excused), Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian, O’Leary, Roback, Swenson, Walker, Windham, Jones, Leach(excused), Zoltek, Cronk(excused)



 Tom Stump ~ Auxiliary Services

  • Construction of SUB chiller, seeking authority of senate
  • SUB chiller: a large piece of equipment, running coolant through it, provides air conditioning for entire unit, running currently 30/40% capability currently
  • Can also be used to preheat water (ex: heating dishes)
  • 2 mill, 31 year payback
  • To fund, Butch putting up $625,000 - money set aside on an annual basis, money also used to work on areas of SUB building
  • Requesting $625,000
  • Fall 2003, implemented SUB student fee, $4.65 per credit hour, students paying toward renovation money mainly went towards fitness center
  • Black box built to move theatre students out of SUB
  • ASMSU contributed $17.5 million
  • Students passed SFEP where FYE2006 was 10527 and today 13550, contributes to money in account. If student enrollment changes, wants a buffer
  • Not asking for additional funding, already in place. Approval

Killian: New chiller, energy efficient how?

Stump: Costing more to run old “refrigerator”(metaphor) than to just purchase a new one.

*Bertolino enters*

28 year payback when factoring in the preheating element. Current cooler requires a lot of maintenance

Bart what will construction look like?

Stump: Most work to be done next March/April. Put double door in where current cooler is. Take out in pieces. Be done before it gets too hot.

Falls Down: if doesn’t pass, will the chiller still be built?

Stump: Yes. Will be done, but will have to borrow money, cutting into savings.



Windham: move to approve (seconded)

Minutes Approved


Public Comment

Dean of Students: Congratulations. Welcome. Aware of student memorial on campus? Beginning of centennial mall, discrete. History- 1990, first and only major tragic slaying, Langford student murdered 2 students, next year student government built memorial. Come to realize not a lot of students realize we have a memorial. Meeting tomorrow about a student memorial upgrade. Invitation to participate. MSU annual passing away of students 3-8 students, one- car accidents, two-suicide. Recognize students and families of those that do pass


Admin Reports

Vice President Zoltek:

Reports from President Leach, Business Manager Cronk and herself

            Leach Report:

  • Currently at scholarship business dinner.
  • Tonight voting to expand student fees, supports the expenditure; believe this is necessary.
  • SELF (substance abuse prevention) identify football games. If senators want to assist with project, may take on a few, let Leach know if interested in assisting.
  • Access to early registration with ASMSU
  • Bozeman public library, Bozeman reads banned books, event have featured readers, Cruisado, Police chief, senators volunteer to read(?), September 26, email if interested. Asked Pro Tempore Campbell to serve on committee for construction, with President Cruisado.

            Zoltek Report:

  • Main job to oversee program directors, office hours attempting to figure out, all will be a liaison to one of these, passes out calendar (general idea of what is coming up).
  • MSU debut events this weekend, Saturday service Saturday event – need help, run community service opportunity, need volunteers to help students check in, pass around sign in sheet, 8am to 9:15am: opportunity to be student leader on these events, will email link, MSU debut tailgate, preview of how a tailgate is run: Retreat on Sunday, 8:45am, mandatory,

Campbell: can have card registered to get into sub 24/7

  • Next Saturday, hosting own tailgate, outreach to students, games food: Weekend after homecoming

Bertolino: Montana food handling certificate needed?

Zoltek: Yes

  • 28thSUB Pub, promote healthy drinking environment with those of age and those not
  • 29thBozeman hot springs event 7:30pm
  • All of program directors hired except student political active directors, spring moves to Helena to lobby.

Cronk Report:Working in FY17 budget manuals for program directors, finance board recruiting process, getting ready for spring budgeting.


Chief Justice Hetherington:

Hetherington: Not yet had a judicial meeting.

Campbell: Status of new justice?

Hetherington: In process – application, must advertise for 10 days then begin selection process.


Senate Speaker Jones:

Jones: Thank you for getting all office hours in, cover liaisons and different rules for senate later.


Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Campbell:


  • Working on ways reduce paper use at senate meetings.
  • Weird issue with ASMSU mails, getting fixed.
  • Finance board meeting time confirmed, at large finance board seat application 21stdeadline, funding board going well, need 2 at large spots filled, one hopefully filled tonight, the next at the next meeting.
  • Mackenzie is on our case about bios, need a bio to put on website with bio(paragraph) done by the end of this week.
  • Chosen to serve on board that hears and deals with improvements on campus regarding what buildings are built, feels like has a lot of experience.
  • Playing in ensemble/found solution. Make up from time at UFPUB with time on Thursday during Senate meeting, approval of senate to be up to 25 minutes late, will be present during major events and that of times where Speaker cannot be present/ vote at the end of meetings.


Senate and Committee Reports

Jones: 12-1 Mondays Judiciary committees / determine discrepancies with by laws

Windham: Really important to have relationship with dean of college; have open communication, encouraged, if feel comfortable.

Bartkoske: point of personal privilege.

O’Leary: Met with IT council expo next week Wed 11am -3pm,


New Business

Appointing At Large applicant to the funding board~

Campbell: Move to approve the appointment of Kaleb for funding board.(seconded)

Walker: When does funding board meet?

Campbell: Wednesday @6pm, Kaleb already attended orientation, already up to speed

Ballot vote:

18-0, Biladeau now a member of the funding board.



  • 2016-R-10

Jones: *Reads aloud* Support of chiller maintenance

Campbell: Move to suspend rules to wave second reading (seconded)

Motion passes, rules suspended

Campbell: Move to approve

Falls Down: FFEP funds passed in 2005, sitting generating revenue, funds can only be used to maintenance or repair of sub, fitness center, or black box

Creed: move to correct, “15” to “31 years” (seconded)

Falls Down: Start to see savings in 15 years

Windham: presentation said 31 years

Bertolino: recommend put in 31 years, cover all bases

Motion passes: “15 will read 31 in line 9”

Windham: Do we know outstanding balance of the account?

Falls Down: No

Killian: Hot SUB building might affect new student’s perspective of MSU

Walker: Move to amend resolution “add Zoltek, ASMSU Vice President” (seconded)

Amendment passes, ASMSU Vice President added

Bartkoske: Will funds also be used for the memorial?

Jones: different departments

Falls Down: Not maxing out Butch’s budget, but mall things for SUB will not get done

DeRudder: strong proponent of energy efficiency, great option

Roll Call Vote: 18-0 (unanimous


  • 2016-R-11

Jones: *reads aloud* Affirmation of Support for the New Mission Statement and Vision of the Office of Student Engagement (OSE)

First reading, vote held next week

Campbell: move to hold vote on previous discussed topic (seconded)

O’Leary: fully supported, good way to fill both requirements

Bartkoske: Very glad that other senators were brought into the equation with seeking approval for decision

Jones: clarify “no more than 25 minutes”

Campbell: Or I will be held accountable accordingly.

Request granted 16-2


Senate Announcements

Campbell: thank you, if have any concerns about performance, please come see me in my office hours

Windham: encourage everyone to be at every meeting

Killian: possibly doing an ASMSU Snapchat, Go Cats GO!

Falls Down: for next week in the process of writing up support of protest of pipeline in South Dakota.

Bartkoske: Feeling anxious about new year and the more he thought about it time was being spread in too many directions, attempting to keep up with all of commitments, because of this, sad to say that I will not be a part of ASMSU this year. Resigning position.  Thank you. Windham: Thank you for talking with the Senate, respect your decision.

Campbell: Echo senator Windham, thank you for in the manner you resigned.

DeRudder: Extend support, wouldn’t hold anything against you.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Windham at 7:33pm.