Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 325

September 29, 2016


Minutes called to order at 6:00 pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call:: Benson, Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton, Creed (excused),  DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger, Hurst, Jensen, Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian (excused), O’Leary (excused), Roback(excused), Swenson, Walker, Windham

Campbell: Move to approve minutes (seconded)

Minutes Approved


Public Comment:

Charlie Cromwell: Student legal services team, Look forward to meeting everyone. On campus everyday running program. Program involve legal services for students, began in 2014, assisted over 500 students with legal issues. For $10, make an appointment for 30 minutes and discuss legal issue. If problem not solved in that amount of time, additional help will be given based on funding. Hold hand throughout the process. Larger special project budget as far as preventative law. Students can focus on school versus going to court (ie. with landlord situations.)

Undergraduate Intern Emily: senior in Political science.

Audrey: One project this spring working with U of M and law school, practice as a lawyer while still being a student. $5000 per semester for a great attorney

*October 11th, an event cocktail hour, what it looks like to apply to law school, faculty and local services, free fee application waiver if wishing to apply to U of M law school*


Linda McCulloch- What is going on in elections around the state? State wide election, candidate died in a car crash, already printed a ballots. Five days to appoint new candidate. Took two days for the appointment of the new candidate. 500,000 to print new ballots paid for by county. Military ballots go out Friday. Moving quickly to send PDF of ballots out to military. Received ballots from soldiers in 65 different countries.  Going in and preparing for voting after 26thamendment just passed. Walked into voting booth, and thought that I could change the world. First legislative race was 46 vote. Military oversea citizens, October 11thvoter registrations closes. Next day begins late voter registration. October 14thday absentee ballots go out. November 8this the general election.


Leach: Do you have any advice for students to run for public office in the future?

McCulloch: Have had young legislators.  20 years of age. Young people or old people. Have both. Age does not matter. As long as you have the drive.

Windham: Do we have term limits inn legislature?

McCulloch: 2, 4 year terms state wide. Along my career, beat two incumbents.

Campbell: Max out term limit? Can run for something else?

McCulloch: Can be in house and senate. 8 years in house, 8 year in senate and s forth.

Leach: Mostly freshmen residents. Want to vote in home states. In order to expand precinct, need high turnout. Any suggestions on how to do so?

McCulloch: Coaxed students register and vote. On campus.

Cronk: What was your reason for running for legislature?

McCulloch: Always been interested in politics. When younger, silk screen yard signs. Made an appointment to interview candidate wanting signs in order to determine whether or not believed in candidate. Interviewed him for an hour and a half. Ended up making him sign and he won the election. From there, “I was hooked” Volunteered in state senators campaign in college. Was called up and we said we want you to run for house. Come and visit and listen to meetings.

Leach: Biggest accomplishment from time in public office?

McCulloch: State superintendent, passed full time kindergarten. One of main things, intentionally, made the  office transparent. 

Tom Stump:

Kaminetzky:  Move to suspend the rules and allow 20 minutes(seconded)

Stump: Thank you for support of the SUB chiller. Turn over to Sam to discuss new dining hall. Situated on the north side of campus near the CBB. Ceremonial ground breaking October 28th. Get stated with real construction in November. Begin with foundation and steel, along with excavation. Walls and roof in March. January of 18 install equipment. Students can begin eating this next fall semester. Underground steam tunnels extended and finished. Pavilion type of style for the new dining hall. Primary elements coincide with the rest of campus. Core 10 product. Many programming sessions with users.  3 prominent corners with glass. Dining hall have mezzanine seating arrangement. Keeping main mall sidewalk as main connection. Meets ADA standards. Bike parking between dining hall and CBB.

Mike: Interior, very large main entrance. Will be a retail coffee shop similar to SRO. Wide open seating arrangement. Burgers fries milkshakes 50s style. Morning will be breakfast. Local food operation(smoked meats). Montana local food area. Have a breakfast bar with peanut butter machine. Have a 6 burner stove with pasta. Have a wok area. 3 large wok (Korean, Indian, Thai) Two separate setups. Quiet section with no TVs. Have an upstairs with mezzanine area. Have an area with soft furniture and fireplace. Have a soup and salad bar. Smoothies and vegan options. Pressing own tortilla grill. Made to order burritos. Elevator sitting right in front of the dish rooms.

Sam: Northwest corner and mezzanine, students saying we like Hannon. What was comforting about it? Attempting to bring loved elements into new structure.  Brick glass and core 10 for the outside of the building. Putting stairs in main corner on Harrison to keep level. Beacon corner. Architects, “stair step”, tall-tall Leon Johnson, semi CBB, shorter dining hall. Designers attempting to make each “eating location” unique. Should be able to see Bridgers’ from mezzanine.

Bertolino: How much additional seating versus Hannon?

Stump: 750 seats. Less about number of seats and more about meals. 60,000 meals.

Campbell: Name is TBD?

Stump: Yes

Campbell: Retail area independent of student meal plans?

Stump: Yes, not part of meal plan.

DeRudder: How planning to manage lines in high traffic areas most efficiently?

Stump: Meals eventually even out. Miller peaks at noon. Once this dining hall is in place will take the stress of of Miller at lunchtime. Lines will start to manage itself.

Mike: Miller was a renovation. This is an entirely new building. Key components within design consideration. Queuing lanes

Hurst: Just to clarify, retail areas not connected to rest of the eatery?

Stump: Yes.

Falls Down: How many parking spots displaced?

Stump: This displaces 32 parking spots.

Jensen: How will CBB be affected in the back by chem. storage?

Stump: Delivery times completely different.

Windham: Any to-go time options? Possibility?

Mike: Looked at some different options. Not really settled what we want to do with this looking at it.

Kaminetzky: Johnstone large freezer with different types of ice cream.

Mike: Will have large freezers for ice cream, similar to Johnstone.

Campbell: Move to add 10 more minutes to time (seconded)

Motion Passes

Stump: With Miller replaced 98% of mechanical system. Miller cost 50 million to renovate. See on upper floors only 3 million of it. A lot of it was mechanical and electrical infrastructure. Originally went to board wanting to renovate Harrison and Hannon. Amount of money spending disproportional to what we will be getting out of it. What to do with old dining halls when built this new dining hall? Add culinary school in Harrison dining hall space. Administration taking over Hannon in fall of 2018 for culinary arts to begin teaching students. Pull out of Harrison in fall of 2018. Turn Harrison into offices for culinary arts. This year decided to cut down dinner for this year in Hannon. Get used to only having Miller and Harrison early. Students in Hannon, A third of students went to each dining hall.

Bertolino: Time clarification of the closing of Hannon?

Stump: Hannon closing at the end of this academic year.

Agreed to meet again in November and if have enough student help. We may open Hannon for dinner for last hurrah? Agreed if student help is sufficient.

Hollinger: For nonstudent staff for Hannon? Keep jobs?

Stump: Nobody will be laid off.

Campbell: Clarification; Hannon new culinary kitchen for 2 years. Then once dining hall is built transition over to Harrison.

Stump: Yes

Campbell: What happens with Hannon space with the move?

Mike: Allergen kitchen, Moving salads of Bakery to there. Move Catering into this space

Kaminetzky: Will there still be special dinners?

Mike: Yes with table cloths.

Stump: Even if we were to reopen Hannon, upgrades will be made. Hannon has very good seating just not efficient

Bertolino: Yield to Marianne

Marianne: As Senate, we can clubs on campus need to make money for campus. Clubs will be paid for bussing tables and work, equivalent to student wages. OSE will match funding. Need people who will work for dining halls. Give them more people. Encourage people and clubs. All info on digital boards on campus. Help Miller and Hannon.

Hetherington: Projected cost?

Stump: 18 million

Windham: How is employment looking for Miller?

Stump: Students trickling in. Getting to be 4thor 5thweek.

Falls Down: Personal Privilege


Admin Reports:

Cronk: New appointments of funding board really eager. Exciting news, associated VP of MSU. Transfer over some of reserve into separate account. Make more money off of interest over 5% annual return when investing money. Still leaves us with over 100,000 in cash.

Hetherington: Currently still accepting applications. Received 4 or 5.

Jones: Next week Cruisado. Next week joint meeting with city commissioners Brought up affordable housing. Good time to talk about good neighbor committee. Tomorrow final version.

Leach: Presentation of the law and justice center, affordable student housing, Bozeman thinking about sales tax, county wide(effect on students), Walk this way program ( city and MSU officials 11 to 2am, talking to intoxicated college students about not peeing in peoples yards and such), mayor – how do you experience the city of Bozeman, CEO of alumni foundation- should Chris come in and give a general presentation on how the foundation operates.

Campbell: As much as we appreciate them, believe we received an adequate presentation  previously.

Marianne: Can turn it more into a Q and A? Can also be done via email.

Campbell: Most ideal for spring semester, interesting to have a presentation regarding history of MSU.

Leach: In the past ASMSU has not even had a relationship with them. Currently student to sit on their board? Voted to have ASMSU present to be a nonvoting member on this board.

Hollinger: Meeting is when?

Leach: October 13th

Leach: Content for meeting might take an hour or two. A very productive meetings altogether. Hot springs party tonight.

Windham: Any progress on lobbyist position?

Leach: No. Very difficult to find a person to fill position. Student political activist will that transitions into lobbyist position. Same individual.

Hurst: With Romney renovations, clubs will lose space in gym. Adding a space in the gym with renovation; however community members are not allowed in the gym.

Leach: Plans for Romney in programming stage. This is to determine what goes where. Rough ideas.

Leach: Love to sit down with each Senator in order to discuss goal for the semester. Hopefully during office hours.

Zoltek: (read by Leach) Makeup pictures Monday October 3rdCulbertson Hall Room 423 5pm. Diversity Office leading training session October 7th. Get in touch with program directors. National coming out day October 11th. Campus entertainment looking at getting a comedian. Pizza with the President with Senator Kaminetzky.

Marianne: When I can be here, I will be here. Personally invested in Senators. Goals, scholarships, we can help you open doors, only need to communicate with us. Committees, have front desk search all committees with (when they meet who they are, phone numbers and such.) Encourage voters to go look for answers regarding polling location(there is an app now), 282 medical marijuana bill, help people with finding information. OSE open house pretty awesome. Work load on other side of office went up. People have been working in 222, have done close to 70% more work. Stepped up. Thank them for throwing ¾ parties a week. Give them kudos for all of their hard work and effort. Senate is a place for issues. Don’t take it personally. Job is to decide on things that are not easy to decide on. Broad view on what is good for MSU as a whole. What is my job in having these high risk difficult conversations?

Campbell:*tells joke* Finance board meeting. Justification on why board voted the way it did. Help Senate better make decisions regarding funding board decisions. Be taking minutes on finance board. Steam tunnel tour? Paper issue. Looked into it, vote to suspend the rules, will allow Brad to not have to print  and be able to use digital devices for Senate purpose. List will go around, Brad will print packets only for those who put their names on the sheet.

Senate Reports:

Windham: Everyone got to see who the lawyers are today. Work really hard. Really want to help us out. Personally working on my own graduate programs, don’t want to leave MSU. Talking with department heads.

Falls Down: American Indian Council. Selected leadership as of Monday. First ever meeting, Diversity and Inclusivity, representing groups that have a gap between them and the institution. Giant forum and focus group, regarding what needs to change and what does not need to change.

Walker: College of AG event, great turnout. Substance abuse council, looking at football games where substances are present. Looking on students that are willing to focus on environment at the football game. General feel, is alcohol disrupting? Experiencing as it is lived. Have 9 students. Needs student voices.

DeRudder: Exit Gallery, current B-sides art exhibit. Indigenous peoples day exhibit, beginning this next Thursday. Go check out the exit gallery.


Unfinished Business:

*Creed left meeting 7:48pm (excused)

Jones:  2016-R-12(second reading)

Falls Down: Motion to approve (seconded)


Hollinger: Move to strike the “s” on honor in line 2

Walker: Line 9 concern among various parents clarification?

Kaminetzky: Essentially parents of differing viewpoints on what a memorial is supposed to look like (open and spacious versus closed off)

Campbell: Filling committee today?

Falls Down: Yes.

Jones: 5 blank, could leave as is and will be appointed,

Seeing no objections 5 blanks will be created to be filled at this meeting. Can be filled before or after passing resolution.

Campbell: Nominate Senator Falls Down.

Windham: Nominate Mathew Campbell.

Walker: Senator Kaminetzky.

Hurst: Senator Johnson.

Campbell: Senator Swenson.

Jones:  Falls Down, Campbell, Kaminetzky, Johnson, and Swenson will be used to fill the blanks.

Roll Call Vote: 16-0


Jones: 2016-R-13(second reading)

DeRudder picks up sponsorship for the Resolution

Kaminetzky: Move to approve

Campbell: Will be voting no on the bill. Last year supported 2018 calendar and this did not happen. Not a malicious no.

Leach: A lot of work. Coordinate with registrar’s office, all of elementary middle and high schools of Bozeman , and so on.

Campbell: More than happy to help. Not going in alone.

Grover: Soonest happen 2020. When they can restructure the calendar.

Swenson: Fall 2018, Spring 2019.

Windham: Heard from students, would like this to be a thing. Lots of work. Bozeman makes sure calendars work together for parents and staff. Say, :we support the investigation of reading days” Not feasible in this time.

12-2 roll call vote, 2 abstains


New Business:

Campbell: Move to confirm senate secretary (seconded)

Ballot Vote for Senate Secretary:

16-0 confirmed (*Thank you everyone*)


Jones: 2016-R-14 (first reading)


Jones: Supplemental Request- Motion to approve?

Campbell: Move to approve (seconded)

Bertolino: Move to move to next meeting due to Zen at the hot springs event

Campbell: If move another week, might have to amend the amount will increase

Bertolino: Zen would like to discuss bigger issues in person involving lodging. 125$ in a wash when looking at bigger issue.

Cronk: National Association for Campus Activities

Walker: Supports.

Windham: If no one opposes we can save money, we can save the money.

Campbell: For constituent.

Move to move this issue

Campbell: Move to suspend the rules to allow Jones to only print paper for those who fill out a sheet and move to suspend the rules to only allow computers for senate business during appropriate times

Windham: Silly way of going about this. Create more work for Brad and others. Will have to repeat this every week.

Campbell: 1. Agreed to help transition for Jones. 2. Yes, reapproved, if all agree no more than 2 minutes. 3. Long term a bill is much better than suspending the rules. Temporary to see how it works

Johnson: Bite the bullet and deal with it every time.

Falls Down: Already started a bill with rules for senate.

Hollinger: Using projector a good idea in order for Senators in order to not have everyone staring at a screen and not each other.

Windham: Will use technology whenever I feel need to. Do not appreciate the allocation of technology time

Walker: Move to previous question(seconded)

Motion Passes


Senate Announcements:

Campbell: Think of what we are doing now hard work to benefit future of the senate. Reduce paper long term

Hollinger: Student approached discussing turf field and student fees. Working on a bill for bi-monthly or monthly forum regarding what they want to see for MSU.

Bertolino: Working with Geneva for food bank on campus. Contact if wish to join


Johnson: Working with SNOW club for renewable energy. Any co-sponsors?


Move to adjourn by senator Windham at 8:34pm.