Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Conference Room 325 September 28, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Eastes, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie Lei, Orr(excused), Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler

Approval of the Minutes:

Minutes adopted

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Proposed Academic Calendar 2019/20

Campeau: Looking for feedback on next years calendar. Explored the option of dead week; needing to start early or later to accommodate for non-instructional days. Look at calendar and build academic year around it. 2019 fairly constant, 2020 there is change. March 26/27th hosting research.

Killian: What happened with the non-instructional dead week days?

Campeau: Levi with a small group of other students looked at how this could accurately be implemented. Withdrew effort because the practical application of it didn’t really workout. Would rather keep semesters as compact as they are. Fall is particularly challenging, not really much room. Could add a few non-instructional days before Easter.

Leckie: Will the amount of Holiday time stay the same?

Campeau: Yes

Baird: Does this effect summer sessions at all?

Campeau: Proposal to change summer sessions. 2 six week sessions now moving into 3 4 week sessions. Is anyone willing to move to support the concept of this calendar.

Leckie: I move to change.

Killian: Could write a resolution or add it to new business.
Campeau: By the second week of October, we need to have this solidified.

ASMSU Legal Services

Cromwell and Cromwell: Program has been around as a contact service since 2014 15. Provide services to students from topics such as civil, landlord and family issues. Nature of how we deal with it, limited scope representation. Students for the most part handles their case with us in the wings, help them strategize but they call the prosecutor and negotiate for themselves. Resource based. Serve a lot and do a lot without the full representation. Sometimes, if there is a serious legal issue, sometimes we interject.

Charlie- business and tenant. Audrey- family issues. Both other miscellaneous issues.

Last year UofM law student came to work with us. Special application to law school to work with student, turned out awesome. Have undergrads. Tuesday October 3rd @ 5:30pm, Cocktail hour. Dean of Law school a couple of professors, director of admissions, younger attorneys in town. Will get a fee application form UofM available. Law Day in April or May. Host the Supreme Court Justice. Last year we have a WetLab that we did, police officers doses alcohol, take field sobriety tests and breathalyzers, awareness of limits. What does the law feel like? Projects this Semester: Diversity Initiative/ Diversity Inclusion Office, putting together some name change form, want to make sure name and gender changes are confidential and comfortable, website with preventative law landlord/tenant, MIP. Clinical Program- Dylan Hascal and Intern Program- Alison Bebe.Had intended to be here at the beginning of the year, however we weren’t in the country.

Admin Reports:

Clifton: This summer I got to take a look into all of the policies that the campus police have to offer. Thanks for help with homecoming this week. October 16th -18th accreditation timeline. Presentation coming up. Senate hosted dinner from College of Arts and Architecture. Justice seats, 2 interviews out of 3. Designer of turf field found. 4.5 million student fee project. Should have met with program liaisons by now. Please give updates on what you are doing with them and go to their meetings. Next week Sunday Monday Tuesday, Alumni meeting.

Brough: Week 5 of Senate, theme 5 dysfunctions of a team. Heidi is on a fixed term- someone I can pick a person and bless them into that job without the HR process. Now we areinterviewing for Heidi’s job with two other candidates. Maria accounting position open,hoping one of the candidates for Heidi’s position will be appointed for this position. Steven has done a great job stepping into the void. Around the office we haven’t droppedthe ball on everything, but it hasn’t been easy. Today people are painting the M. Hike the

M at 7:30pm to light up the M. Saturday is the Homecoming parade and game. October 3 is the law school mixer. 100 people came last year.

Johnson: Last meeting we voted on 2017-B018/19 with no conflicts. Kylar outlines, our interviews are underway. I will instruct nominee to be in office during your office hours. Hammer home that law day! Justice meeting after mixer.

Juel: Available to non-MSU students?

Johnson: Audrey id that you could bring them by.

Murray: Homecoming, finances haven’t come all the way through yet but the ones that have doubled revenue versus what we planned for.

Grover: Budget oversight committee, meet sometime next week to go over September.

Killian: Campus Sustainability Advisory Council, change how students apply for funding. Adding more student support and allocation of funds for student sustainability project. Met to talk about Pace Corps prep, honors college applied and looking to apply again this year. ASMSU resolution to apply for this. Emailed Walt for student building fee, going to start writing a bill for that.

Senate Reports:

DuBeau: Service Saturday liaison, Community Outreach liaison, want to improve ASMSU and Senate involvement. Upcoming Service Saturday October 7th, 9:30am. Want to make sure senators are more involved with the community.

Kuehn: Working with Marcy Torres, to get stickers put in residence hall bathrooms that give information about alcohol poisoning. Meeting with coordinators of major within EHHD to create website to give information about internship opportunities of different majors. Can call police for alcohol poisoning without getting an MIP.

Jones: Move to recognize Senator Abbot

Unfinished Business:

Grover: Second Reading of 2017-B-18 Senate Leadership ByLaws Discrepancy Bill Blossom: Move to approve (seconded)
Swenson: Just an update because of a discrepancy between the constitution and the bylaws
Jones: Line 25 Move to capitalize P in “Pro-Tempore”(seconded)

Amendment Passes

Move to correct “winner” to “appointment” Line 11(seconded) Amendment Passes

Vote: 19-0, Bill Passes

Grover: Second Reading of 2017-B-19 Senate Judiciary Committee
Swenson: Move to approve(seconded)
Kuehn: Point of Personal Privilege
Blossom: How the bylaws were written previously, Judiciary committee wasn’t really defined.Heinrich: Yield to Johnson

Johnson: Separate from Judiciary Committee, Happens prior to first reading Vote: 18-0, Bill Passes

New Business:

Production Golf Cart Reserve Request Jones Move to approve(seconded)

Killian: Finance Board Met and said that they didn’t have enough information, parked outsideRec sports center, more beneficial parked under the sub, further information determined this was not as smart.

Clifton: PACE board, borrowed golf cart form Rec sports and there have been issues with this, got a deal on a new one for half off in Billings. Used for all PACE events.

Lei: If we were to go in with Rec sports buying a golf cart, would it be now? Clifton: It wouldn’t be until next year.
Jones: Move to table motion to give Senators a chance to read the email(seconded). Jones: Move to add first reading 2017-R-14 to new business

Killian: Did you have this calendar when you wrote this resolution? Would like to look into dead week with no classes.

Blossom: Are we voting on this, this week?

Grover: Adding it to the agenda Motion Passes

Grover: First Reading of 2017-R014 Support for the 2019-2020 Academic Calendar

Move to pick up from Golf Cart Reserve Request(seconded) Motion Passes

Johnson: Recommendation from Finance Board takes a 2/3 vote from Senate to override decisions.

DuBeau: Reasoning behind finance bard decision?

Killian: 6 total: 4 for, 2 against. Weren’t convinced of the need for one, hence votes against.

Leckie; Process for voting no, opportunity cost thought. Can also borrow from Sports and Rec.

Lei: If we were to go in next year with Rec/Sports, price difference?

Clifton: Would be paying 5,000 for half a cart versus 5000 for our own. Gas powered golf cart. Horsepower, carrying around heavy sound equipment and will last all day.

Heinrich: PACE liaison. Sounds like a lot of money and that they don’t really need it but they do.Things would move faster and a lot more efficiently. Wouldn’t be asking for this if they didn’tneed it.

DuBeau: Coming into winter, how practical would golf cart be during the winter?

Jones: RSAF receive their money from us. Students buying 2 golf carts. If we have access to one,I don’t see why this would be an issue. If we really needed it one, rentals 80$ a day from a local shop. Don’t know for certain if we are buying another one.

Lei: Gas powered golf cart more power than electric, more effective?

Clifton: MSU Debut a lot of work, 20+ events within the first few weeks. Constantly trying to trade back and forth between because others have events as well.

Killian: Feel like this is not something we do not need to invest in at this point. Would prefer electric, environmentally. Make new ones that have 30-40 mile ranges.

Leckie: Does Food service or catering have one? Option to borrow from another department.

Clifton: Not really available.
Baird: process of borrowing from Rec/Sports? Process from local place? Clifton: Rec/Sports really accommodation,
Kuehn: Renting would come in as an additional supplemental request. Klifton: Yes
Vote: 2-17 Decision of Finance Board Sustained

Senate Announcements:

Killian: Marching in marching band on Saturday, at Volleyball game afterwards. Bozeman symphony

Eastes: Vinyl sale in the SUB Ballroom B/C, tomorrow 3-9pm. Jones: 2019 calendar to include reading days, resolution?

Juel: Advisory council for food bank: October 29th. Greek life penny war. Container for every Greek house, bills are against the house. All money going to student food bank. Popup in the WIC house every Saturday into the foreseeable future.

Heinrich: October 6th 10-4pm, Pie a PiPhi, raise money for childrens literacy. Rehal: Stickers raised over 7200$
Baird: Drag Show October 7
th. $10 at the door.
Wheeler: October 9
th, major madness!

Motion to adjourn by Senator Krone at 7:25pm.