Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Conference Room 325 September 21, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson(unexcused), Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Eastes, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones(excused), Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie(excused), Lei, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Killian: Move to add my name to the roll call (seconded) Killian added to roll call.

Public Comment:

Austin: QSA representative, first year this position has been created. Also serve on Klifton’sadvisory board, plan on being at every Senate meeting. Feel free to come and talk to me.


Chosen Name Project

Wold: Wanted to talk about update on the chosen name. Last January presented and proposed a pilot project that would allow students to use a name other than their given name. Began pilot project and have had it implemented. Basis of project, students will apply, database is updated to show chosen name in systems such as D2L and class rosters: takes about 2 days for the students name to be put into account. Name is changed as well as student email. We know that we cannot change this on all accounts, but as many as we can we try to do. We do not have a universal view of where students names are sent across campus, so we use our pilot student in order to get a better feel about this. In Stage 2, administration component under way. My info portion under way, this environment is going to change in the next few years. As we move into the next my info environment there will be the ability to store pronouns, chosen name, pronouns. Want to bridge this gap. Provide a service today, preparing for the future.

Killian: Does Catcard support this as well?
Wold: When a student agrees to participate, receives a document that


Killian: Anything we can do to help?

Shaffer: Not a definitive thing. As we move into the MyInfo chapter, little software things that we can install. Want to deliver student profile first. Want to take this beyond the pilot. The issuing of checks and direct deposits is providing to be an issue. Prioritization of applications. One way to support us, putting some weight behind us, making this a top priority.

Student Voice at MSU. Include gender identity in diversity statement,. This movement is very. Feedback gotten back from student participants has been awesome. The more feedback we getback from you, the better. Things like this are very helpful because we don’t use the systems hesame way that you do. If you have any ideas, shoot us an email or stop by our office.

Blossom: Have there been any difficulties with transferring data outside? Grad School?

Shaffer: Has to do with inter-MSU, and other colleges. We have a way where we can send a legal name in certain instances, transcripts. Within our 4 campus system, name dob, shared info. Registration, grade information, not shared. Name information is there today. Not same support systems, intercampus. Pilot program is only on Bozeman campus.

Wold: Doing this pilot program, really helping with inter and outer campus activities. What happens when your legal name shows up on a jury duty form shows up to the residence halls and everyone knows you by your chosen name. We need to think about this logistically. What happens when a parent calls asking why their student is going by a name not given to them? Have had really great students in the past two months

Wold: Focus is really on students that need a name. Know that there are individuals that would like to use an abbreviated name or professional name. There is a larger audience that this can apply to as well. Wanted to begin where there is need.

Blossom: Do you plan on collaborating with other schools?

Wold: As we build this out, this conversation is going to extend to the other 3 campuses. Pushing the dial. Kandi working on pushing this to the state.

Kandi: We are not blazing trails, but for Montana we are far ahead of the game. Nationally we are just coming online.

Shaffer: The 5th university that I have worked on and this is the first campus that I have been on that has implemented this type of program. Thinking critically, supporting students that want to go by a chosen name: but how does this work. How can we partner up to help students? Little moments like paying to change the Catcard, not really a lot of money. Building a community, showing students that we are here to support them.

Wold: We have a representative group here, partners around the institution, Catcard and auxiliary services office have been great partners. Came in and asked how they can help. While we are 4, there is a much larger group here.

Kandi: Partnering with students. Are you developing resources to assist in students that would legally like to change their name? Currently have been counseling students that would like to go through this process. Forming a relationship with legal services as a professional liaison. Going to meet with a judge in order to take the next step forward and make some constants

Audience Member: Are student fees paying for the false names on the Catcard?

Kandi: Chosen name isn’t a false name. Might be a transgender student, might be a studentvictim of domestic violence, change their religious practices, protected opportunity to see who will. Our office is covering this cost. Not worrying about one fee as such is nice when students are putting themselves out there.

Lei: As someone who’s legal name is Steven but has been called Alex since birth, I believe this would be an excellent program at MSU.

Bike Task Force - Bicycle/Pedestrian

Cramner: I want to bring a bike share to campus. A bike share is a bike rental company, where you can pick up bikes at different stations. Like redbox for bikes. Doing a lot of research, Zagster best option for MSU. I think a bike share would improve the quality of student life. Nice for people that want an easy introduction for bikes. 50,000 year to them. They pay for everything else. Zagster has experience with a bunch of other universities. Have been reaching out to us for the past 2 years. Did a survey at Catapalooza, 46% said they would want to use a bike share on campus. 52% car or foot was the. Pretty sure that people that already own a bike would be the ones that 25-75k$, want to partner with downtown and help expand. My office wants to donate 15k. I am asking the support of ASMSU senate. 2 resolution. 50,000$ of parking to go to this bike share and streamline and to write a resolution to add

Rehal: Who is liable if there is a bike theft?
Cramner: Zagster is liable. Every bike has a GPS
Rehal: How many bikes?
Cramner: 30-50. With quarterly analysis.
Orr: Cost associated with this?
Cramner: Price negotiation with Zagster. Guest passes, raffles.

Marsh: Can we go dormant during winter time?

Cramner: Do offer hibernation program. Might put half the bikes away.

Krone: Have you spoken with any downtown businesses?

Cramner: Talked to guy that put down all of the bike racks downtown very interested.

Grover: Looking to raise remaining cost from student fees or ASMSU?

Cramner: I don’t really know Want to talk about this with you. Could be incentives on baskets or app used to

Krone: How soon this could be implemented. Cramner: 4 weeks after funding is covered. Driscoll: Hibernation period knock cost off. Cramner: No, it does not.

Admin Reports:

Klifton: Study abroad fair, passing around a volunteer sheet. Will count towards one of your events. Homecoming next week, our office runs it. Passing around that sign-up sheet again.Program directors will be working a lot next week. “Not in our house” task force PSA. Different time slots, they want all of ASMSU to be in it. As many of us there as possible in order to show our support. Funding board applications, appointees need to be appointed by Senate. Two freshman applied, that I appointed. Passing out applications so that you can read. Please confirm them. Two senators to the club sports and one to the club funding board.

Brough: Service Saturday, happened last week, more students than ever, 220 students. Legal services got a thank you plaque. Potential, may have a legislative session to talk about funding, expect a potential 7% cut. Will be some adjustments at the state level. People may come to us for help with this. May be called to special meeting with governor’s office. Really excited about food bank, etc. Please look at the email I sent you, 4 ways to improve your strategic thinking. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know.

McFeely: A lot of email coming out for rocking the M being moved to next Thursday. Exit Gallery event, “Shhh” reception. Please go look at the exhibit. Another exhibit in the Renee Library. Art and Exhibit working on gallery space in the Community Café.

Murray: All have your liaisons now, if they have any questions on expenses. If interested can send you budgeting program. Homecoming is coming up. Lot of fun, football game. Right now on track as far as budget goes. Things are starting to pick up, look forward to some numbers.

Johnson: Finance board does not need Senate approval, Funding board does not- Bylaws state. Council meeting next Tuesday. One bill going through. Should get to know last judicial seat applicants. Going to send official notice, Montana Law Mixer, put on by ASMSU legal services. Judicial council meeting on the 3rd, doing our usual thing. Information on law school.

Juel: Is this available to nonstudents?
Klifton: Yes, but there is a fee. Geared towards MSU students.

Grover: Sent out an email on grammar and additional edit. Parly pro, Roberts rules say that you can only speak twice on the same question. I will rule you out of order if you do so.

Killian: Finance board, Tuesday at 5:15pm. Three reserve requests, adding to new business.

Senate Reports:

Swenson: Student memorial committee met for the first time.

Juel: Maddie and I part of advisory council for student food bank. Opening doors for the second week of October. Wanted you to be aware that this is happening now.

Killian: Recognize Senator Abbot.

Wheeler: Working on Major Madness, students can go meet people from different colleges, if you want to volunteer, let me know.

Driscoll: What would be involved in volunteering?
Wheeler: Can help with giving away prizes or represent you college.

Grover: When you say point of clarification or personal privilege that does not count towards your two speaking sessions.

Unfinished Business:

Grover: Second Reading of 2017-R-13, DACA Resolution Killian: Motion to approve(seconded)

Abbot: I do support this, and I have a letter of support from Senator Leckie. *reads letter*

I encourage you all to vote yes.

Killian: I move to amend the document to “deferred action for childhood arrival” “ associated students of Montana State University” including all of the grammatical changed recommended by Senate President and adopt by unanimous consent (seconded)

Marsh: I do not believe that MSU need to take a stance on this. I don’t feel comfortable puttingour support behind this.

Lei: A political issue that we are dealing with. The intent to address students that are affected by DACA. Support some sort of official residency for these people that are affected by DACA. Really a program that makes sure people are upstanding people of the United States.

Killian: Last year tried to pass a resolution about the pipeline, has a similar discussion. We are elected to represent our students. Totally fine to represent students either way, but it is to represent our students.

Kuehn: ASMSU has had many resolutions regarding political issues.

Krone: We have students directly affected by DACA, therefore we should vote on this.

Rehal: Less than 10 students that will be affected by this repeal.

Lei: Motion to line16 “nearly if not double or more,” and adding in resolve “adding inWhyte.”(seconded)

Amendment passes
: Line15 “ proportion”(seconded)

Amendment passes
16-1 Resolution 2017-R-13 adopted

New Business:

Grover: 2017-B-18 first reading
Grover: 2017-B-19 first reading
Killian: Move to add confirmation to appeal reserve request, new director salary reserve and ...

Killian: Move to approve funding board nominees (seconded) Kuehn: How many were there total?
Klifton: 12-14 students total, 6 positions

Funding Board Nominees approved
Orr: Move to approve Apparel Reserve Request (seconded)

Killian: Ended up changing 63 to 69 people. Changed the numbers to add at large representatives.

17-0, Reserve Request Approves
Lei: Move to approve new director salary request(seconded)
Klifton: Size email from Heidi, please respond.
Kuehn: Funding for these positions to carry out projects. Student Health offered, Klifton: Funding was specifically for programming.


Juel: Move to approve Thrive Sponsorship reserve request(seconded)

Orr: Impacts a lot of girls in a positive manner. Support this.

Lei: What does it do?

Kuehn: Cat mentoring, working with kids in 4 areas each year. Girls, running program with younger girls, one of programming option. Give back to community as well as MSU.

Juel: Important to get girls involved because these girls will eventually go to college. With this affecting their lives in a positive manner, they might want to give back to us.

Krone: What will we be doing?
Klifton: ASMSU has been sponsoring this for 10 years or so.

17-0 Request Approved

Senate Announcements:

Lei: Monday Students Against Sexual Assault, fundraising event at Bridger Brewing.

Killian: Next week is Homecoming. Friday, light up the M. Interested in getting money for bike share, lets graduate. Peace Corps prep that MSU does do, but Missoula does. Meetings set up with honors college.

Marsh: October 7th, Alpha Gamma Rho, Testicle Festival, fundraising event for FFA. Baird: Drag Show October 7th, ballroom A. Tickets are $8 now.

Kuehn: Thrive, be a cat mentor. We can give back to community not just the university. Awesome resume builder. Super easy application.

Motion to adjourn by Senator Krone at 7:39pm.