Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Conference Room 235 September 14, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Eastes, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone, Kuehn, Leckie Lei, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler


Swenson: Motion to correct the spelling of President Cruzado’s name. Grover: Updated minutes have the corrections

Minutes Approved


CPDC Director: Here to request you endorsement on class instructional aides and improvements. Came to the community last year and asked for 1 million for the process of updating labs in Linfield Gaines and Cobleigh. President is requesting us to continue to improve these classrooms and labs, 1 million for classrooms and labs. Rooms in Reid, Roberts, Wilson, Traphagen, and Cheever. One million may not cover all of these classrooms but hopefully most. Another million to continue the works previously on the labs. By MSU policy, anything over 250,000$ requires the endorsement of ASMSU.

Brough: Where are the funds coming from?

CPCD: Source of the funds are out of state student building fee fund. Finishing improvements, light conversion of the class from front to back teaching formats to a layout such as a field classrooms (adaptable setup).

Orr: Increasing capacity of the classrooms?

CPDC: Standards of how many students per square feet standards. Attempting to increase the square feet per student. Registrar is trying to maintain these capacities. Trying to stay at our classroom capacity. I some cases we might lose one or two seats per classroom.

Leckie: What were the requests for last years Senate? Including this years plan, what are the plans for the upcoming years?

CPDC: Attempting to modernize classrooms that have not been update since the 1960s. Hoping to get to a point where we can update to be modernize what we are working with In order to get to a point where only maintenance is requires

Krone: What are general maintenance prices?

CPDC: Usually carpet and paint and lighting. Do not have a projection at this point.

Baird: Is the out of state student building fees usually used for renovations?

Only used for academic buildings. Because the classroom committee had been formed about 7 years ago, we have gone from funding several thousand dollars per year, to over 9 million dollars in updates

Rehal: How long does it take to renovate a small classroom? CPDC: Typically can get done in about a summer.

Space Management Policy:

How: Office was created in order to Going to bring you up to speed on new space management policy. More importantly what we are pushing towards is to move conference space for instructional use. The old policy does not clearly allow for this. We are stewards on all campus space. Current policy, passed in 2014, allowed for flexibility. Trying to level the playing field for people applying for space. If we want to have conference room, what allows for a dynamic space. New policy is about 9 pages long of searchable material. Balancing scale of what allows students to excess. University specifically outlines that the university owns the space. Professors are stewards of the space, not the owners. New policy priorities. how spaces are used. Not going o use offices for storage when three professors are crammed in one room. Space policy works1 submit space request, accepted or appealed, the SPM can make a recommendation, then it goes to the president. Notable changes include conference spaces. Trying to open up these spacesfor you to use. If a space isn’t being utilized, a classroom with 50 seats, with 15 students. Vacant pool space document. Research SMC committee, ADA identified offices, building audits, misuse of space, SPM coordinates campus moves. I can send Senate policy the new document, all 9 pages to review. The more action and input I receive, the better. Aug 30-Oct 13, review policy, October 20th, I would like to receive internal comments and formal comments afterwards.

Brough: Can you tell us a little bit about WIC process this summer?

How: WIC submitted a form, requesting space with their qualifications. Showed 2-3 different spaces and they can pick one. The taken on to the next step with presentation about spaces and then onto approval. Usually takes about 1-2 months.

Brough: Brought to Senate last year but we were sure that we couldn’t find any space. These guys do a amazing job.

Juel: Storage was the lowest on the priority totem. Would a food bank on campus be the lowest on the totem pole?

How: No. We would identify a food pantry as a service. Would be brought forward. A little different with categorized “research” because they need the storage, close by.

How: Moving around some things in the SUB?
Brough: Want to move all interaction with registration and financial aid to one building. Killian: Recognize Senator Mark and Abbot.

Program Directors:

Clifton: A lot of information that goes into the two bills that you are going to vote on. 40% of total budget we are required to keep in the reserve fund.

Steven: The cash balance is what programs dont spend. Total funds, excluding any compensative action. Brings bill down to 25%, would still be more than enough These pst two weeks when we brought this up to other schools. Idaho State Missoula and Stanford do not even have a percentage that needs to go back into the reserve fund. Idaho State can only have no less than 30,000 in their fund. Missoula cant go below 100,000. Stanford has no required minimum balance. One thing that Stanford brought up, any student around campus can request a reserve fund.

McFeely: Looking at other peer universities, no other universities have the standards that we do. Lowering this would give us access to this money in order to use more.

Jones: Did you find how long it takes it liquidate T-fund? Brough: 18 months

Jones: If we need 400,000 in the next 6 months, we don’t have it?

Clifton: No, with the liquid accounts, we have more than that.

Rehal: Have you ever thought about how we are going to spend the 15%?

Clifton: Arent going to spend it all at once. In future years, this would give future students access to this money.

McFeely: Everything moving forward would be going through you.
Jones: What other land grant are you looking at?
Clifton: Kansas State 15%, they are also a land grant institution.
Kuehn: Not spending enough money on students, what would we use this money toward ? Clifton: I think we need to lower the cap in order to allow future students access to this money.
Audience: I know you didn’t look back on the data, did you look into the history?

Clifton: Terry Lease who has been here for 13 years, hasn’t seen anything to make the dent in it.Abbot: The state senate is going to do some budget cuts? Have you looked into this account? Clifton: This account is all student fees, so this does not affect those accounts.

McFeely: Land grant institutions in the US, looked mainly at the North West, because most applicable. Looking at the University of Wyoming, has a diversity program positions, including other universities. All of these other universities already have these positions. New director title ASMSU Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Clifton: Work just like any other director, they will have senate liaisons. Key thing to keep in mind with these positions is to look at how much campus coordination has a ready gone into creating these positions.

McFeely: New title Director of Health and Well-being, responsibilities have also been updated.
Clifton: Been a lot of work going into these positions, both over the spring semester and over the summer.

McFeely: People in the office are excited to see this position come into fruition. Program is student centered and student focused. Duplication of services, will these positions duplicate and/or overlap. Talked with Ariel Donahue, she was not concerned. They need the help, we have the bodies. She was cutting outs shapes of paper, because they didn’t have anyone else to do it. With this position, it gives her the opportunity to work on bigger issues.

Clifton: Inclusivity training that the diversity center has. We believe that these positions are a good use of student fees. I’ve researched so many land grant positions and I have not found one that doesn’t haveeither one or both of these positions.

McFeely: It still matters. These positions would help 16,480 students; both of these positions serve all of these student bodies. Ive heard before that ASMSU is unappreciable. These would provide more of an in.

Jones: Every group you said that you talked to? The people that might be against this, it is their money too.

Clifton: Would be able to remove directors in the spring if you see feet.
Shouldn’t be tier 1. For a pilot program, we are going to make them tier 2.

Juel: Should hire program directors, hired in the last month of spring semester, but would not attend orientation until after?

McFeely: Change that would be put into effect. Working with Justin on this. Orientation the same semester.

Brough: Could you go over what the diversity position would entail?

McFeely: What are we doing to promote diversity inclusion, in house? Would be accessible to all groups of students.

Krone: What is the new position of diversity going to do that the office of diversity not going to be able to do?

McFeely: They don’t have enough bodies doing multicultural programming. In-house activities. How their efforts are currently being. Crating more multicultural programming. Currently a baby that needs to go.

Clifton: Diversity office needs more support. Need an advocate for all they can do. Fulfilling a much needed cap.

Lei: Would ASMSU have the authority to add another position?

Rehal: These positions would be student positions?

Clifton: Yes. We are the only land grant university in the mid west that doesn’t already have this opinion.

Kuehn: Associate help?

Clifton: Not for this first year. Would be a team effort in future years

Kuehn: Approximately how much would be spent on both positions?

McFeely: $8400 total

Kuehn: Plan for stipends come out if the reserve changes? If the bill does not pass total where will it come from ?

Jones: Where does this money come from in the future?
Clifton: Something that this group would have to figure out in the future.

Killian: This last year we added 40,000 to campus entertainment budget. There is money in the budget. We had extra money last year so we deduced to spend it on these events, so we decided to spend it on these. Could be spent on these position in the future.

DuBeau: I don’t believe that the approachability of ASMSU would change with these positions. Clifton: This position would increase outreach on student issues.

Brough: A lot of the reason that we are unapproachable because it is a “you come to us” A position likethis could be a “we come to you” If people knew what we could do,.

Whyte: Not too worries about student health position but Do you think the diversity inclusion director, is a student the best means of implementation.

Killian: We send a rep to ever intercity school in Chicago every year.

Lei: Not just ethnic diversity. It could be LGBTQ, women. Last year was supposed to be a year of diversity.

McFeely: I think the fact that we are not the most ethically racially diversity, is even more of a reason for us to have this position.

Kuehn: Do you foresee this in the future raising the price? McFeely: No. Will not change the cost of education.

Audience: Transfer student from Oregon State University. I’ve seen at OSU where they just add more positions?

Clifton: That is for future student officials to decide.

Krone: Why student position instead of a paid professional is because of accessibility and approachability.

Rehal: Easier to connect with other students on a diversity level.

Admin Report:

Clifton: Board of Regents approved us to continue the design of the new resident hall. Approved our 2018 budget. Program director liaisons and times, need two more for the classroom committee. Met with ASMSU president advisory council, excited to get that up and running. Make yourself known to the individuals in your college. Sent reserve fund request to finance board.

Brough: Just sent an email to you with the suicide and protective health. Kognitointeractive training. A nice interactive way to respond to your friends. On your Senate by the Week. 1100 student goal for training. In response to accessible and availability, we are going to be doing some new outreach, opted into this. Bimonthly email with what is going on in this room. Like to includebrag stats, if we don’t tell our stories, they don’t get out. The daycare just got a 25,000$endowment. Things like this, people only know this if you tell them. Lighting of the M, lug big rolls of LED light and light it all up on the day of the pep rally. Sept 29th.

McFeely: Betsy form the women’s center Wednesdays Sub 368, Sack lunch seminars. Just finished all of their MSU Debut events, hot springs last Thursday. We have new ideas for ways to improve it this year. Mia is working on the late night director position. Homecoming coming up. There will not be a bonfire this year and put it towards relief effort. Reaching out to alumni for relief funding.

Murray: Meeting with program directors and had a good sense that they are going to be hard working and fiscally responsible.

Johnson: Judicial council ruling, relates to three bills. 2017-B-15, no issues. 2017-B-16 had one issue but you should have gotten an email about it, 2017-B-17 no issues. We are still looking for that senator to be a liaison with our remediation program.

Grover: For 2017-B-16, advised to move to amend and strike lines.

Killian: Forwarded email about adding a cap to the reserve. Do the Kognito” training it helped me savetwo.

Senate Reports:

Blossom: Move for a 5 minute recess (seconded)

Will reconvene at 7:47pm

Baird: Sat 16th Out of the Darkness, Suicide Recognition Walk, you can register online.

Unfinished Business:


Killian: Move to approve (seconded)
Discussion: Move to strike lines 4-9 on page3 (seconded)

Lines stricken
Killian: Move to 22/22 p3, “due to voluntary or involuntary... circumstances” (seconded)Leckie: Who will that place the burden on if that would happen?
Killian: Hiring would not change.

Amendment Passes

Very big change to ASMSU, I think it is important for us as student to recognize the need for these positions.

Jones: When did you contact ISU?

Clifton: We contacted WSU and OSU

Jones: ISU in spring removed their director in the spring. Went and replaced it with a standing committee of senators that would not be paid. Not all land grant universities in the northwest have this position. U of W has a united multicultural council.

Lei: If we are looking at outliers, we do not know the circumstances. This is a trial run. We have not even created this position to see how it works within our university.

Abbot: I did do research in this before I came and found similar research to Brad. Rehal: Diversity advisor council, fulfill duties similar to new director position.

Blossom: I think it is important to look at what other things universities are doing but all of the data ad opinions of our faculty point to us needing.

Driscoll: Look at this more as an opportunity to pioneer with these positions.

Krone: Everything on paper sounds well, but it being a paid positions, if this doesn’t work, in a year fromnow, how are we going to strike this down. How would we strike it down? I would appreciate a sunset clause. Would have to rerun a bill now?

Leckie: Had a similar question, when thinking about starting a project, what are the merits for determining whether or not this person did a good/ poor job?

Clifton: Senate liaisons, executive feedback, Micah’s program

McFeely: Program evaluation sheet, group and individual evaluation forms. If we are doing programs thataren’t effective, it would be a waste of our time.

Jones: Anything other than self reporting?
McFeely: Attendance, how many students are our programs reaching. Bozeman hot springs metric. Clifton: Cross feedback on all fronts. 360 effects.
Jones: Line 26, page 3, move to strike “in construction with the OSE director”(second)
Killian: That is for classified program directors. Only for daycare, legal services...

Amendment dies

Kuehn: Resolution put forth in 2015, diversity initiative does not have a liaison attached to it. Clifton: That is not a standing committee, website is not updated

Lei: Committee is set up as temporary, dissolved after completion of diversity statement. The resolutiondidn’t have any formal power as to what the committee should do, did not do anything other that we would consider tangible.

Swenson: Still believe that there is too much redundancy already all campus. Professionals running these other services. With budget cuts and tuitions hypes, I believe that we will feel the effects

Baird: As a student I believe that I have done as much as possible to students with needs that fall under this umbrella, but it is not enough. QSA needed to have meeting after meeting with senator after senator to even put forth a resolution towards issues.

DuBeau: It is hypocritical that we hold the well being of our students in high regard and not put these positions in play.

Killian: QSA and other clubs on campus as representations, proof on campus that students believe we need this representation.

Krone: Bouncing off of Swenson, is this the best manner to approach?

Spending ever 8000 on these directors’ position but this is a trial run. We have money that we are not using. In my opinion, the most responsible way for us to spend money is to spend it on our students.

Lei: I have not needed to use any of these services before, however, people that I have talked to that do need them, and they do not believe that there is overlap.

Eastes: Not a lot of students that utilize these services, student to student outreach.

Kuehn: 10,000$ goes toward the diversity task f, they can be more involved.rce. Motion to postpone indefinitely to next weeks meeting September 21st (seconded).

Killian: I do believe that we can vote on this and have this discussion later.

Heinrich: With a task force, that would mean, we senators would have to divide our time even further. Having a separate person

Krone: I agree with the idea to postpone until next week

Blossom: Assuming we do have 10,000 for a task force. How would this

Abbot: I think that there is a need for both, if we have a task force and directors; we can get so much more done.

Kuehn: If we can determine that that 10,000 can go towards the director position, and allow for a more reasonable approval.

Heinrich: Yield to Clifton
Clifton: We do not have 10k floating around

Move to previous question

Rehal: When we talk about diversity, we think of people outside of this county. It is kind of intimidating approaching the office

Swenson: Yield to Jones.
Jones: What is your ideal budget for this program?
Whyte: About $6500.
Clifton: Because it would be a first year, it would not reach this max.

18-2, passes


Killian: Move to approve (seconded)
Killian: Move to amend “the reserve fund shall...” “shouldn’t shall not...”(seconded)Lei: Do we have any information on whether other schools have a ceiling.
Murray: If they go past 200,000, they give the rest to a scholarship fund.
DuBeau: Any other benefits to having a ceiling?
Killian: I think it would be good to hold us as a body accountable.

Jones: On the second after the amendment, I believe the second part is redundant of the first. I believe the second part might just convolute the bylaws. Move to remove the second part(seconded)

Blossom: Provides a mechanism for how that ceiling is maintained. Motion Passes

Leckie: Currently over 75%?
Clifton: Right now it is at 55%.
Heinrich: Was 75% a tactical number?
Killian Dean said that it would be a good idea.

Motion passes
Jones: Move to strike the entirety of line 5(seconded)

Reserve fund has always been as ASMSU backup fund. Only been used once. I know I was told that that was the reason that ASMSU did not go bankrupt. I cant predict what could happen but the last thing we want is for there not to be money if something happens.

Lei: Lowering the minimum. There will still be money there.
Killian: Can still be used for just expenditures during the year if kept.

Motion Passes 20-0 Bill passes

New Business:

Grover: First reading of 2017-R-03

Jones: Move to reconsider 2017-B-16 In order to add a sunset clause to add a mandatory reconsider at the end of the spring semester(seconded)

Jones: They put these in place in order to let the programs know that they are under review and give the senate more power.

Krone: Only offers to serve as a sense of higher stability.

Heinrich: I think, because it is a pilot program, it will be under review regardless. Not necessary at the moment.

Blossom: When would the sunset clause be enacted?
“The programs will dissolve at 11:59 pm... April 28th- add section 6.8, sunset clauses.

Blossom: Brought up in time, will that bill wasn’t brought up in time, there would be rushing with hiring and

Killian: Can you add a new section to already defined 6.2-6.6?

Johnson: Yes

Killian: I am worried that this clause could jeopardize the integrity of this bill.

Abbot: Do you not hire them in the spring, only to be dissolved?

Krone: A probationary period? Then extended contract.

Blossom: When does budgeting occur, post deadline?

Jones: Review would come up with budgeting. IF the funding is cut but the positions are still in the bylaws, they still have to be hired.

Swenson: Wanted to continue program?

Jones: Write a bill to strike sunset clause

Heinrich: Either way, there will have to be a bill. Or we could not write a bill at all. This is redundant.

Abbot: Makes me nervous to not have a definite end. Sunset clause, allows us to air on the side of caution.

Jones: Sunset clause adds another level of expectations to the programs. Krone: Previous Question( seconded)

Motion Fails
Blossom: Move to amend amendment we have to
“the Senate shall vote... final meeting”

Jones: Bill would still be required to remove following the vote.

Blossom: Not worried about creating an inconsistency in the bylaws.

Heinrich: If the new directors are so focused on pleasing us, how are they able to please the students.

Krone: Pleasing us by pleasing the students

Lei: Shouldn’t we add a sunset clause to all director positions them?

Kuehn: We refund different programs during the year, we are planning to use the student needs assessment to use as a metric. Willing to send out program and position reviews.

Abbot: Yield to Whyte.

Whyte: Tier 2 this year, but Tier 1 next year. There are many different routes to make sure directors are doing their job.

Leckie: Putt me at ease if we have something set in stone, where we can eliviate this uncertainty.Eastes: Wouldn’t it be rash to throw in a clause at the end, instead of trusting our bylaws.

Amends Jones’ amendmentAmendment Passes

Main Question
Killian: Strike this amendment down and then come back in he spring and reevaluate Kuehn: Could be hired and then the position dissolved.
Killian: Yes

Motion to add Sunset clause fails

Senate Announcements:

Eastes: KGLT benefit on Sunday on pizza camping. Two seatings: Sunday Sept 11, 11am and 1pm.

DuBeau: Have a signup sheet for BBQ help and homecoming help. Double senate discretionary when participate in 5 events.

Driscoll: Monday SASS sponsored by Bridger Brewing. Lei: Next Thursday rent rants, 6-8pm. Free beer.

Rehal: Doing a fundraiser selling stickers, money donated people that have been affected by fires in Montana.

Jones: Point of Order.
Second Vote on 17-2-1

B-16 passes

Blossom: Next Saturday, can reserve a table and pool discretionary fund, changing a lot of things in EWB this year.

Motion to adjourn by Senator Abbot at 9:34pm.