Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Conference Room 235 October 6, 2016

Minutes called to order at 6:03pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.
Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson
Roll Call: Benson, Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton, Creed (unexcused), DeRudder, Falls Down,Grover, Haslach, Hurst, Jensen, Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian, O’Leary, Roback, Swenson,Walker , Windham, Jones, Leach, Zoltek, Cronk

Approval of Minutes:

Campbell: Approval of minutes (seconded) Motion passes, minutes approved


President Cruzado: Calendar has been a bit crazy this year with Convocation and football games. Conversation with Michael Babcock, if you want to observe a great example of Parliamentary action, you need to go see ASMSU. Questions, why are we the largest university in the entire states? We are committed to students. If we are not dedicated to students and helping them graduated on time, then I feel as if I am not doing my job. Proud of this year, we inaugurated Yellowstone Hall. Over last years, but 8 million dollars into renovations this campus. Opened additional 400 beds in Yellowstone hall. How are we going to manage 400 students in 1 day? We reached out to students in Industrial engineering and the honors college to reconstruct move in day. First today where Bozeman chronicle gave us a glowing headline, smooth move in day. We needed 400 volunteers. Calculated by these students. Ended up recruiting 428 volunteers. Incredible example o integration. Come here to do research and be engaged. Important message, heard from students that they wanted to have more interactive conversations about diversity. Devoting this year to reaching out to every student interested on how to nurture diversity. November 1st. First diversity symposium. Idea to have first diversity plan. Last, but not least, partnered with the exponent, can have a column. Today, will see in the Exponent the importance of voting. Hope that you appreciate the ability to vote. One of art faculty members brought an international exhibit. Take a look at how people from Kenya and Nigeria, view the right to vote. Lets make sure we show the county commissioners that we vote. November 8th. Montana State University has a lot ofstudents because of its TV adds, we don’t pay a single dollar to outside of MSU for these

adds. Come from the talent of film and photography students. Only university that has a satellite. Documentary filmed by one of our alumni. Sneak peek of new TV add.

Tracy: Still in editing process. Final piece will appear in advertising cycle of every football game.


Tracy: Just in case you are wondering, those are real students. Custom piece of authentic music.

Public Comment:

First Speaker (reference sign-up sheet): My name is Bright Eyes. Undergraduate here at Montana State University. Here to talk about the resolution. Personal opinion, put forth resolution as we support the tribe itself. Not only, many schools across the nation are with this tribe. I have been down to the camps myself. Saw many people of many colors and religions. Many different universities. When I was there reminded me very much of the Montana State University campus.

Garret: Senior at MSU in the Engineering program. Shed some light on what is happening. In my opinion, protest in anything but peaceful. All protesters are trespassing in some form. Lots of accounts of vandalism. Last count almost $10000 worth of vandalism. Beginning to employ private security and the national guard have been called inn. Some friends down at site, cannot get to. Reason cannot pollute water systems. Several hundred feet below the river, cannot pollute groundwater system. Technology so advanced can detect leakage of 50 ml.

DeRudder: Have the tribes been contacted?

Garret: As far as I know, begging to sit down with tribe officials.

First Speaker: Aware that there were 300 unreported oil spills through North Dakota alone?

Garret: Every oil spills is reported and recorded. When it goes under the river it is almost impossible for leakage because of several hundred.

Bartkoske: Here to say hello and welcome Michael and here to wish the Senate well. If anyone interested in state of Hannon dining hall. Something I am interested in.

Mac Sullivan: Senior in history and religious studies. Dakota access pipeline resolution should represent student body as a whole. Need to represent students, not about the pipeline itself. Pipeline is a symptom not cause. Need to continue to support students, important opportunity to create a piece of legislature to support. We cannot end it tonight with a

vote. Need to work to create a system that will encourage Bozeman people to come in and discuss issues like this. DO what is best for us, as students and MSU.

David: Northern Cheyenne. During Labor Day weekend. Went down there. Why isn’t itdocumented? We need to support students here. Students that go here that are from there.

Administrative Report:

Leach: Three students from mountaineering want to see climbing wall expansion. Current climbing wall. If any of you are interested or passionate about that issue, I can get you in contact with these students. Joint meeting with city commission 10-13-2016. Going to be awesome. Hope we are prepared for week. Read articles sent for basic knowledge. City wants to hear about issues downtown from senators. Get in touch with program directors. Want to have you involved. Mark calendars for November 1st. As president said, creating first ever diversity plan. Mandy, 95 students at the last service Saturday. Great thing for us to do as leaders. If any interested in planning a senate service Saturday.

Windham: Time symposium?

Leach: TBA

Zoltek: Had 2000 people come to the event. 800 students got in free. The rest payed $5. Everyone is talking about it. National coming out day October 11th. Event on the mall for LGBTQ events. We have a booth from 10-11. Get in touch if available. Cocktail party, must be 21 to go. Great way to find out if law school is for you. October 12th. JamesDavis, come show support. If you don’t know your program director, email me. October1oth, building spirit on voting. Help making register to vote. Getting a snapchat filter. Get your faces out there. October 25th, pizza with the [resident. Task force next week for planning. Searching for student political action director. Engage students in local politics. Standing rock resolution. My duty to support students who choose to exercise first amendment. Push economic aspect aside and focus on students.

Marianne: Different constituents to represent. Keep head up within the debate to come. Kudos to taking u pa topic that I different and challenging. Thank you for doing that. Booked this room for career fair tomorrow. Club conference on October 15th. Check out workshops.

Cronk: Started getting into program director monthly meetings. Saved some money with ballots. Getting sponsored by financial aid for a 500 scholarship for voters. Tomorrow point of sales systems finalized. Being able to take cards. Daycare director retiring after 37 years. Some budget implications. Not associated with ASMSU directly. Getting training ready for next year.

Hetherington: Still accepting Judicial applications. Last day October 18th. Advertised for 10 class days.

Jones: Educate yourselves on the local news. Have good conversation with city commission next week. Stressful week for everyone. Going into midterms. Thank you for working together an being calm. Everyone of us have a different opinion, but we are here to be the voice of the students. Here for the same reason. We are representing student bodies as a whole. Everyone saying the best thing that they think are what the students want. Doing our best to represent what we think students want.

Campbell: KGLT pints for a cause this Monday 5-8pm. Streamline looking at expanding services. Bring towards regents,Tuesday at 12. Email to discuss potential, senate guidelines. Wednesday 8-9am. Get the ball rolling at start discussion, if can get done this week. UFPUB, new dean of college of arts and architecture, use new parking lot to showcase art by students and faculty and staff. Was paper a good ay of doing it? Will propose some set of rules and solidify with some discussion.

Walker: Because long debate, move to move funding request, move to alter agenda and moving to funding request.(seconded)

Motion passes, Supplemental funding request to go before.

Hearst: Went to good neighbors committee, felt like there was a lack of reputation here. First asked about civil citations, they claim is not them at all. Walk this way initiative, they are modeling after larger campus. Want to use it as a way to create relationship to create better neighbors. A lot of wht they have to say interesting.

Benson: Student health advisory meeting this week. Want to build a new student health building. Should be about 50% bigger to support size of MSU. About 10 million for renovations.

Roback: Had first meeting with recreational sports and fitness. Upper gym renovation complete. Phase 1. Multi-purpose area with mirrors. Sound system inn gyms. Upstairs restroom renovated into lockers and locker rooms to support LGBTQ students and those with extending circumstances.

Walker: College of AG preparing for celebration. Having large AG leaders being recognized by the students and university. Hannah, thank you for volunteering for safe committee. Please join and sign up. Get a hold of me.

Bertolino: Met with Leadership Institute. All events in December, students outdoors learning about leadership/ Carmen director, nominated for award. Workshops for student organizations.

Windham: Music swap, bring out tons of records. Cool event, getting more concrete dates.

Unfinished Business:

Funding request by public relations director:

Campbell: Give Zen the opportunity to speak.

Zen: Thank you for letting me talk regarding the supplemental request to get Jake to K NACAs. 1572.15, cover airfare to Ontario, California and lodging and meal supplements. National conference held. Things noticed last year, growing quickly and growing very fast. Getting to talk to. Education sessions and networking opportunities and presenting. Marketing professional in higher ED giving presentations. Great aspect networking, Washington state university. In a rural are in Washington. Get a great turnout. Mimic their campus activities board. Did a lot of videos at a low budget. Will have 3000 students there. Jake did help do all of MSU debut editing. of 93 man hours on MSU debut. Went to finance board and approved ticket and registration. Come up with perdium and lodging. Currently have 6 people going. Last portion 250$ for perdium.

What year in school is Jake?

Sophomore. Like to focus a lot on student engagement. How can we create this curriculum. Wanting to apply next year for publications director.

Killian: Why wasn’t it factor it into this years budget?
Didn’t have as many people going. Fit more people on a smaller budget.Campbell: Any other ways of getting money for lodging and perdium?
Zen: Could go to college of business. Makes more sense to go through student funds. Campbell: Move to approve (seconded)
Falls Down: How much left in supplemental requests account?
Cronk: 14,079$
Windham: Going to nationals last year was super successful.
Campbell: If we decide to approve as is, will funds be sufficient?
Zen: No.

Campbell: Request is fairly large. 11% of budget. Think that NACA has brought a lot of things to ASMSU, however, already have 6 people going to NACA. DO not see it as worthwhile spending to send person #7. Fair to fund airfare and registration. Small benefit to Jake going. For some reason. In mission statement, sound fiscal management. Spend student fees wisely.

Cronk: 11.2% of student fees. Want to help, but we don’t see as. How can this expenditure hider us in the future.

Campbell: Recommend approve funding request as is. Jake and Zen would be responsible for the rest.

Roback: what we did approve was 4% of student fees. Walker: Total cost of approving?
Cronk: 655$
Walker: Support airfare and registration

Kaminetzky: Give me an idea of things that could be sent with the amount?

Cronk: A lot of different events come up. A lot of different separate activities. Setting us up so further in the year, we still have funding for other opportunities.

Kaminetzky: Yield to Zen.

Zen: Going there for business. This is our job. Doesn’t make sense or me to ask my colleague to pay out of pocket. Almost a production company last year. Now we are stepping back and looking at bigger picture. On the clock if we are all on perdium, what does that mean? We are a team, what does this mean. We work together.

Kaminetzky: If Jake is going to take on PR director. Good way to facilitate connection Grover: Move to previous question(seconded)
Roll Call vote:

Benson, Campbell, Grover, Hurst, Jensen, Johnson, Killian, O’Leary, Roback, Swenson, WalkerNo:
Bertolino, Clifton, DeRudder, Falls Down, Haslach, Hollinger, Windham
11-7 approved


Jones: *second reading*

Falls Down : Motion to approve(seconded)

Falls Down: Talked with many about last week, hot and delicate topic. Very passionate about resolution. Very committed to resolution . Many students here . Support many students here that are part of protest. Members in each college that support . Many other issues that have not been addressed and therefore I Move to amend resolution, After line 7 (seconded)

Campbell: Very much agree that it is a step forward. Continue dialogue. Respectfully disagree with it being in this resolution. Owe it to our constituents that we have this be a bill of its own.

Bertolino: Can send it out to all of us?

Falls Down: Yes, will do.

Bertolino: While it is quite a big topic. Need to make a lot more before considering amendment.

Jensen: Selection of task force to keep unbiased?

Falls Down: If as created, personally be there at meetings.

Windham: Discussing the amendment still?

Grover: Like the idea of this amendment. Believe that this should be separate bill entirely.

Motion passes: Amendment will be inserted

Returning to resolution:

Repeat amendment just passed.

Killian: Move to add to last resolve, to send to Governor Bullock. Know that large constituency supports this. (seconded)

Roback: Question, guy that came up with trespassing comment.

First Public Comment: Government 1851 fort Laramy treaty. Technically weren’t trespassing.Does not compare to dog attacks. Phone call form my mother, dog attacks and pepper spray and mace. Only a few protestors that did vandalize. DO not believe justifies dog attacks. 30 protestors injured, including a little girl. Here to show opinion. Compare to civil rights movements of the 60s. Martin Luther and Malcolm X had different styles.

Falls Down: Army Corps of Engineers used imminent domain for pipeline. Army Corps of Engineers say that they can stay there as long as they want to.

Jensen: Questioning, is it in good interest to support such cause if violence if coming up.

Falls Down: Brother mother and grandmother went to camps. Talked to brother, 2 camp. Violent protestors on the camp not being talked about. Violent camp, I do not support.

Jensen: Is there a chance that there will be people transferring camps?

DeRudder: Point out ASMSU supports peaceful protestors. Discussing peaceful protestors. As soon as anything turns violent, we no longer support.

Bertolino: We really want students to publically advocate.

*sent out in email*

Hollinger: Might be a conversation now or later. TO what extent does ASMSU discuss topics as such?

Walker: ASMSU stance on how and whether we should support pipeline vents. Seen a lot of articles with a lot of good supporting at capitol. Equipment of farmers, coming with environmental issues and burial grounds. Pipeline already 64 percent finished,. Was on private land. We are MSU land grant institution. The reason why this pipeline is created. Pipeline is way more safe than truck or ship. This is north Dakota we are Montana. A kick inn the face. What we really want to talk about is underline. Diversity has become a buzzword. Here to work for our students. Come in with different experience. How it is amendment been proposed. Don’t want to leave this room without making a resolution on this. If anything, lets support all of our students. If this passes we took. Protestors want to talk access party.

Windham: All agree that we all have very strong opinions on issue. Support diversity and communication. Wanted to table indefinitely. With this, we put out a stance, Whether we say yes or no. This I going to be a big deal. Still want to table indefinitely. Like sentiment being John and Katie. Rewrite different resolution. Come back to this even next week.Quite a touchy issue for everyone. Don’t think it is the student governments place to make a statement

Windham: Motion to table indefinitely (seconded)

Campbell: Non- cohesive movies written by large boards. Resolution turning into 20 senators attempting to rewrite. 3 things attempting to jam into resolution. Represent students, now creating a task force, don’t know anything about who will be on it. Support of tabling this. Write a resolution similar to what Bertolino is proposing as an amendment. Very uncomfortable with rewriting it in its current state.

Falls Down: Discussing tabling motion. Against it. Not just me. Need ASMSU to recognize students protesting. Originally hesitant. They so impassioned and invested in this topic and want to see change. Want them to know that MSU supports their families. I think we

as ASMSU, did not want the pipeline to come into it and know that pipeline had MSU alumni. Everything I have heard about burial grounds and talking to tribes have been from them. Not about pipeline, about the people that are there. Need to have discussion and dialogue about other issues. Think that MSU needs to recognize protestors. Intent to recognize protestors, and that the mean well. So much injustice against the Sioux, a better idea about how to support? Please bring it up.

Roback: Amendments looks like a new bill. Task force be a great way for people to get their opinions apart. Table the original referendum. Looking at protest as people rather than pipeline. We can say this is about the people a much as we want, when goes pubic, will be turned into about the pipeline.

Walker: Thank you chair.

Hurst: Yield to Zoltek

Zoltek: Irresponsible to table indefinitely. Absolutely appropriate for student to take a stance. Whether or not you agree on it . Can be two separate bill. 1 resolution as is and 2nd what Katie was suggesting.

Hurst: Thank you.

Jensen: Geneva said what I wanted to say. Table for now. Work out technicalities and brought back.

DeRudder: Do not think we should come to this conclusion tonight. Table for a set period of time. This is about the issue at hand We tonight we must establish idea, because so many have different interpretations of this bill. Supporting peoples capability to protest, believing should be coming to a conclusion on goals for what

Johnson: Interested in tabling for a week, keep specificity of protestors. As a predominantlywhite institution, to support those that don’t have a voice. Our duty to tell other people tolisten to them.

Grover: Agree to table for a week.

Killian: Table indefinitely, very irresponsible. Show support for peaceful protesting. Know for a fact that people would not like a pipeline for

Hollinger: Are we ok with being the body for this drive?
Bertolino: Point of information. NO motion on table for one week. Motion to previous question. Roll Call Vote:

Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton, Grover, Hurst, Roback, Swenson, Walker, Windham
Benson, DeRudder, Falls Down, Haslach, Hollinger, Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian, O’Leary9-9, Senate Speaker Votes - Yes
Resolution indefinitely postpones.
Jones: Another bill can be brought up. Cannot be exact same, but similar.

New Business:

No new business

Senate Announcements:

Campbell: Tough meeting really divided. Keeping in mind. Leave this at the door. Respect everyone and appreciate everyone. Move forwards constructively.

Bertolino: Along with Geneva, if anyone is interested in food bank truck.

Falls Down: Exit gallery indigenous people exhibit. Wednesday 5-8pm. Sorry for getting so emotional

Walker: Want to bring this back. Know where you were going. When sent to media, believe it will be turned in a different light. Willing to sit down and discuss

Kaminetzky: Email change from n to m.
O Leary: Panel tomorrow, computer scientists.

Motion to adjourn by Senator Falls Down at 8:25pm.