Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate Alumni Lounge
October 5th, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Eastes, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone(excused), Killian, Kuehn(excused), Leckie, Lei, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler(excused)

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Minutes Approved

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Accreditation Visit

Eitle: Interim Associate Provost, on a seven year cycle, continuing to evolve. How are we consistently carrying on our vision? What are we doing to make sure that we are improving in all of these areas? Accreditation- not all institutions accept credits from non-accredited colleges and universities. Accreditation is voluntary, we do this because we care. Want to build a relationship with parents and those investing resources into education. Want to make it so we are effective as an institution. Core themes, goals and strategic plans: MSU ideals. Core themes: learning discovery, engagement, integration, access, and stewardship. Attempting to make sure that students receive the services they need in order to be successful. Visit occurring October 16th to the 18th. Will be opportunities to talk to these visitors. October 17th at noon in SUB 233-35, student open forum. 8 individuals going around. Will talk to human resources, registrar, etc. One of the things that they are particularly interested in is policy. Making sure that we follow these policies with no exceptions. 7-year self-study, if you have a chance, take a look at the report. How can we improve life on campus? Would love to have one or more of you come and talk to us regarding improvements that you have been involved with.

Killian: WIC Clinic
Juel: Student Food Bank
Orr: Two New Director Positions: Diversity and Inclusion and Health and Well-Being

Killian: Who are these representatives?

Eitle: Regional accreditors, this is their job. Travel around and accredit different colleges and universities. Some are faculty, some work in finance.

Leckie: Is this a pass/ fail?

Eitle: Highly unusual to not be accredited. Meeting to see what the accreditors thought about their visit and their recommendations. Will formally get a letter afterwards, as written documentations.

Killian: Do you anticipate them asking about growth?

Eitle: Last time they were asking about our facilities, I believe this time it will be students. How have we planned? How have we assessed? How have we approved?

Bike Parking

Hook: Have been working on bike parking and have hit a bump. We have implemented a new policy on bike parking. When the need for bike parking became apparent, we have been in reactive mode attempting to catch up. In the past three years, we have added more bike racks and irrigation unit. I would like to continue awareness portion of the bike parking enforcement.

Leckie: Lack of Understanding, Communicating the reasoning why these signs are on the trees. Green signs are threatening. Miscommunication.

Hook: As we look towards the future, we want to add more spots outside of Jabs, added over 40 spots on Wilson over the past year. Bike racks in the front of Roberts are full by 8am. Over 100 spots open outside of the new dining hall. Over 150 spots at the new engineering building.

Leckie: What would be the fee to pay to get your bike back?

Hook: “Cutting your lock” is your fee. Going to tag bikes next year during initial “week of forgiveness.”

Will you be automatically registering bikes when you impound them? Hook: We are just enforcers. Will have to ask the campus police.

Admin Reports:

Clifton: Accreditations, really important for our university, please do your research. Alumni Board, relooking at scholarships. Appointment to justice, hope to see your confirmation. If confirmed, he will have some seniority in a few years, information to share to future generations and freshman representation.

Brough: Senator of the Month and Student Leader, wish to do it again? Starting up in October. Admin council votes on nominees. Indigenous Peoples Day, now known in Bozeman as such. October 9-13th celebration. Will be practicing some role play with the accreditors coming. Short some front desk staff over the new few days, please help out where you can. One flyer that didn’thave the ASMSU logo on it, because we did not have the normal graphic designer on it. Going to emphasize this, please consider your role as program liaisons as educators.

Johnson: Law night mixer was fantastic. Bylaw clarification, have not had proper bylaws available when writing legislation, current version now uploaded. Article 8-2B current violations have been resolved. Please come to remediation meeting if you would like to learn more about this service on campus. Nomination hearing tonight.

McFeely: Rocking the M was an incredible experience. Major madness on Monday. Miss Melancholy, mixed media. Next Wednesday Trivia night, please get some senate teams together. Rocky Horror Picture Show Oct 27/28. ASMSU Retreat Saturday November 4th at the Yellowstone river lodge.

Murray: Student Program Directors, amazing that 8 full time students can manage budgets.

Killian: Lighting the M, ended up being awesome. Funding board went smoothly. Campus Sustainability Advisory Council met today. See a resolution that I wrote this week for past resolutions. Patagonia warm wear wagon, trying to get them here this year.

Johnson: Finance and Funding board have seats need senate confirmations per bylaws. Clifton: Next week I will bring you resumes of students, please appoint and confirm.

Senate Reports:

Swenson: Student memorial committee met this week, campus with some overarching theses of how we would like to see the student memorial redone.

Baird: Ariel presented about Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons, unanimously voted to change the name. DISC

Rehal: Motion to have 10-minute recess(seconded) Reconvene at 7:30pm

Unfinished Business:

Eastes: Move to confirm Madison Thompson as Senate Secretary

Ballot Vote: Confirmed Driscoll: Yield to Johnson

Driscoll: Move to have nominee introduce himself followed by a brief question and answer period.

Haggart: Will be around, so I can gain seniority and teach future justices. Brining in a new perspective.

Juel: What steps have you taken to be involved on council?

Haggart: Currently serving as hall council president.

Orr: Extent of experience with bylaws?

Haggart: Read through, took notes today. Plan on understanding every governing law by the time I take office.

Jones: Move to limit the number of times a senator can speak during debate(seconded) Jones: In your opinion, what is the role of judicial council?
Haggart: To understand and enforce ASMSU’s governing document.
Jones: Which article directorship?

Haggart: Article 6?
Jones: Do you know what resolution is coming up in the judicial council? Haggart: Branding issue.
Orr: Have you looked at the bylaws of bylaws and constitution before today? Haggart: Yes, before my interview.
Lei: Prior experience with bylaws or constitution of other organization? Haggart: Exposure during Montana Boy State.
Orr: Any experience interpreting Montana Law?
Haggart: Yes. Served on a student advisory board, working with Montana law. Juel: What do you hop to see from the judicial council in the future?

Haggart: Have students get involved and provide meaning to their organizations. Leckie Why choose the judicial council?

Haggart: I was looking for any way I could. Went to first meeting trying to get the lay of the land, learned more about the position and thought that I could serve well.

Lei: Make a motion to ballot vote

Jones: Motion to discussion (seconded)

Marsh: Love a good nerd, hes 100% qualified.

Driscoll: Out of all the candidates, Dylan had the most candid answers. Has room to grow and become a leader.

Orr: I think he has a great resume but he has no experience with ASMSU bylaws to be affective as a voting member at the meeting next week.

Eastes: Think that he would be a great candidate. In regards to competency, he will learn the bylaws.

Abbot: From Missoula, what DECA had to do, very impressive. He can also shape the culture of MSU.

Lei: Experience called into question, how much experience did people have previously?

Johnson: Experience with ASMSU bylaws, has issues with bylaws and constitution, prior to appointment.

DuBeau: Did not get a chance to meet Dylan beforehand, I would have not have known that he was a freshman. I know that I hadn’t read the bylaws front to back before my election. I knowknowing them front to back comes with time.

Killian: Why did you pick Dylan over the other candidates: interview committee?

Clifton: Was not an easy decision. Passion and drive stood out. Wants to add to our mission. Having him being here for longer, he can help the future learning curve.

Killian: Would you have nominated him have he not been a freshman? Clifton: Yes

Orr: I feel like one of the most important things that we have done. Unfamiliar with what we have done and accomplished?

Jones: Talking a lot about making policy change. Sounds like he wants to be a Senator. Makes me hesitant. May be a lack of consistency in the future.

Abbot: We have only been here six weeks, and we barely know what we are doing. Brad, he is young, he is moldable.

Swenson: Share same concern that Jones does.

Driscoll: Potentially running for senate rather than judicial council, thought as a committee, hedidn’t really understand what the role was. But following this, he will excel in the position.

Killian: Young and moldable. If this person is malleable, sounds like he would be an amazing senator.

Ballot Vote: Haggart Confirmed, 9yes, 8no
Grover: Second reading of 2017-R-14
Heinrich: Move to approve(seconded)
Jones: Remove all discussion for 2019 and plurals, colon in line 16(seconded) Killian: Would like to include an actual dead day before finals week.

17-0 Resolution Passes

New Business:

Grover: First reading of 2017-R-15 Support of Proposed Student Building Fee AllocationsGrover: First reading of 2017-R-16 Title 9 Rollback
Grover: First reading of 2017-B-20 Hiring Bylaws Discrepancy

Senate Announcements:

Killian: Next Wednesday, brass ensemble,

Juel: On behalf of bounty of the Bridger’s’, attend a volunteer organization, 30-minute online food safety quiz.

Eastes: Tuesday morning at 9am Roberts Hall, free donuts.

DuBeau: Service Saturday. Pie a PiPhi. 3$ for 1 pie, 5$ for 2. “Pie me in the face, its for the children.”

Orr: Tuesday October 17th procrastinator film on social injustice

Marsh: Testy fest next week, all funds go to FFA.

Baird: Drag show this Saturday.

Killian: Volkswagen was fined last year, Montana is getting 14,000$, want to fill out an application to get some electric buses.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Senator Rehal at 8:31pm.