Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 325

October 27, 2016


Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Benson, Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton (unexcused), Creed, DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger(excused), Hurst (excused), Jensen, Johnson, Kaminetsky, Killian, O’Leary, Roback(excused), Swenson, Walker(excused), Windham, Jones, Leach, Cronk


Campbell: Motion to approve the minutes (seconded)

Motion passes, minutes approved


Public Comment:

No Public Comment



No Presentations


Admin Reports:



From Geneva: Major madness great success. Interested in tour of Romney hall? 5:30 or 5:00? Before Senate. SAFE, still working on observations at football games. Need someone for the last home game the 12thof November. Overview of Remodel, last year approved 56500. Finances have been $941.31 under budget.


Cronk: Monday lead budgeting training with program directors soon. Working on budget tentative timeline.


Hetherington: Judicial applicant process- 6 applied. Narrowed down to 4.

Creed: Just one position for the judicial council?

Hetherington: Yes, Garret will appoint and then the senate will vote.


Jones: Classrooms committee still need someone. Sports funding as well.


Campbell: *tells jokes*



Senate Reports:


Grover: Met with curriculum committee, discussed eliminating 4 sub options to science and only making one.


Creed: Sorry for missing last couple of meetings. Dinner with a potential employer and injury


Romney Schematic Design group, met with. Talked about incorporating old elements with the new. Looked at what we want the specific classrooms to look like


Falls Down: Conference call with people coordinating diversity meeting and finalized speakers for events. Please RSVP. Student Memorial committee met and will give short report today. Meeting for second meeting very soon.


Killian: Last week had campus sustainability meeting, working on car sharing. Discussing whether we want to focus on transportation this year. This weekend’s Governors Sustainable food conference at the Emerson. Talking about possibilities of food in Gallatin County. Big push for MSU to be more sustainable


Falls Down: Met with dean of college. Getting students for a “town hall” meeting.


Swenson: Parking and Transportation advisory committee met. Parking spots for nursing mothers approved. Parking forum discussing parking garage of ask questions. This is a good Nov 14th9-11 am Nov 16th5-7:30pm. Parking garage on schedule. 400 more SB spaces.


DeRudder: Art market soon. Nov15/16th. Applications due Nov 4th. NO charge for a booth, office makes small commission from sales. Art walk tonight in Cheever 7:30pm



New Business:


2016-R-15 Renewable energy as a Legislative Priority

Campbell: First Reading


Campbell: Move to suspend the rules to have paper not printed (seconded)

Motion passes



Senate Announcements:


Kaminetzky: Looking to get photo scavenger hunt set up. Looking for input from senators.


O’Leary: This weekend Rocky Horror Picture show Friday and Saturday. Two cans of food or costume and can of food.


Bertolino: Young farmers walking the streets of Bozeman in order to collect cans of food.


DeRudder: Library on Saturday. Fischer Robinson there. 9-5pm Bozeman Public Library. Recently had college commit suicide, encourage people to look for signs. Take life very seriously.


Johnson: Resolution Fridays from 9-12, working on resolution. SNOW people excited. First meeting of sustainable energy.


Windham: Printing out Cognito promotion poster. How to identify students that might have suicidal ideation.


Motion to adjourn by Senate Pro-Tempore Campbell at 6:27pm.