Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB 235
October 26
th, 2017

Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Interim Senate Secretary, Mackenzie Johnson.

Roll Call

Present: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, Eastes, Grover, Heinrich, Killian, Krone, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Orr, Rehal, Wheeler.
Absent: DuBeau, Juel, Jones, Swenson.

Approval of the Minutes

Killian: Move to approve (seconded) Minutes approved.

Public Comment

Connor Hoffman – Honors Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Implore to stand behind the tuition increase and the land grant mission. The move to rely more on private funding of the university is threatening our growth and future funding. Increases in tuition have real tangible impacts to benefits of their education. Increases in out of state student tuition may jeopardize funding. Ask student body to ask governor Bullock to raise state revenue. Find revenue, not cuts.

Connlan Whyte – Student Political Action Director

Quotes state senate reading of lowest funding for higher education out of all 50 states. Discusses conversations’ surrounding a 6-million-dollar loss at the state level and how it would be a tragedy. Asks student government to support tonight’s resolution. Go Sharks.

Admin Reports

President Clifton – Formal recognition of Grover’s 22nd birthday today. Formalized hiring of two new director positions, Director of Health and Wellbeing and Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Met with architect firm for turf field to discuss design with many stakeholder students and organizations. Quarterly board meeting with Museum of the Rockies today regarding new building. Next Wednesday is MSU Symposium hosting student government and faculty members from across the state.

Chief Justice Johnson – New judicial council ruling about senate bill 21 and 22. Article 14 strikes down both bills because the constitution does not have executive authority in budgetary process. Senate has oversight on budgetary issues and can have presidential appointment on at large funding and finance board members. Justice Dylan Haggart resigned and will become effective October 31st for personal matters. Office hours Tuesday for any questions or well wishes. Nov. 1, we will begin advertising that closes the 14th for new nomination of position on December 2nd.

Vice President McFeely – Progress on spring concert. April 27th in Brick Breeden Fieldhouse. Rocky Horror picture show Friday and Saturday. Planning retreat.

Business Manager Murray – Late night program director is considering new uniforms, may come forth with a supplemental request soon.

Speaker Pro-Tempore Killian – Funding board met for rolling funds this week. We have used 26% thus far. 22% of club matching funding has been spent.

Unfinished Business

Second Reading of 2017-R-17

Blossom – Move to consider in committee of the whole (motion passes)
Grover – Grammatical changes (motion passes)
Leckie, Baird, Anderson – general clarification and questions
Lei – It is not unprecedented for legislature to increase budget based on historic data
Blossom – The high projections if this goes through is a 49% increase in tuition which will decrease attendance at MSU

Orr – Is tax on alcohol and tobacco still a consideration?
Connlan Whyte – tobacco tax passed, gas did not, luxury car tax decreased increases to only 11% last year.

Killian – This is our first step to let them know we mean business. The state is trying to not fund schools and we need to fight that.
Lei – If we don’t have a special legislative session we will not have a say or protection.
Blossom – We represent 16,703 students and this will impact all of them in a very real way. Abbot – Discusses letter about fighting for your education because professors, staff, and faculty will not. We should do everything we can to achieve special session.

Blossom – General amendments
Rehal – This will affect more than 3,000 students who cannot afford the increase Keuhn – Friendly amendment to Blossoms amendment (motion passes)

Heinrich – Motion to return to regular form (motion passes)
Lei – motion to accept recommendations made by committee of the whole (motion passes) Lei – Motion to adopt (resolution passes)

Senate Announcements

Heinrich – Sign up for Can the Griz
Rehal – Leadership institute registration, do it.
Krone - Warming center did a fundraiser for the homeless, Alpha Sigma Phi raised the most.
Lei – One act auditions at Blackbox theater coming soon
Eastes – T-shirt design competition for KGLT going on
Marsh – 3/5 jobs are related to agriculture and next week is Ag Week!
Killian – Candidate forum for county commissioners. Discusses ideas for further improvements to MSU found on UM campus.
Rehal – Good cookies, thanks Senator Orr. Move to adjourn (approved)

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Senator Rehal at 7:00 pm.