ASMSU Senate Minutes 10/20/2016

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:00 by Senate Speaker Pro Tempore, Matthew Campbell

  2. Approval Minutes

    1. Windham moved to approve minutes- None opposed

    2. Approved 13-0

  3. Public Comment

    a. None

IV. Presentations

  1. Jones-Moved to extend presentation time

    1. Second-Falls Down

    2. Motion approved 13-0

  2. Dr. Eric Lopez University Diversity and Inclusion Programs

    1. Upper division and graduate program- expanded to freshman and sophomore programs

    2. Diversity and Inclusion Plan

      1. Diversity Summit on Nov. 1st

      2. Wanted focus groups but, due to scheduling, could not

      3. Strategic plan-MSU already has many in place

a. Looking at it from an organic/ grassroots stance and wants to build up from there

iii. His Task
1. Advisory group advised to get information from the stakeholder

a. Will meet with other work groups, such as a sub-athletic

group to gain feedback

  1. Diversity Plan Activity

    1. Diversity from a larger perspective

    2. Gives first task-Two minutes to do define Diversity and

      what it is at MSU

    3. Next task-Five minute top Item to focus on for a Diversity


  2. Want to get a website up- Those who aren’t able to attend the

    Summit, there will be online coverage as well as information about


  3. Windham questions-

    1. Must one be invited to go? i. No

    2. Can one come from outside of the university?

i. Welcome to come, yes 5. Falls Down questions-

a. Only focus groups?
i. Yes for right now, hoping for more in the Spring.

6. O’Leary questions- a. Free food?

i. Look into that 7. Hurst questions-

a. Student representative and how that works?
i. Will have tables assigned with different

representation throughout. So, once you say on your

RSVP they will sit you were necessary. 8. Zoltek questions

a. Entire time dedication for the four hours?
i. No, because they understand that students are busy

and have class.

V. Admin Reports (Zoltek)

  1. Interviews for Student Lobbyist

  2. Probably going to hire a Student Political Director

  3. Daycare Advisory Meeting

    1. November 17th, 4pm

    2. Director is retiring-on search for new person

    3. Looking to re-budget

1. Outreach opportunity: Tea with the kids, see where the money

d. Met with people from the Presidents Commission to discuss policy

i. Title IX issue because people who have families and other extraneous circumstances cannot miss a common hour exam

e. Next week-

  1. Major Madness

    1. Monday 6:30-7:30 pm
    2. Talk to students about majors and classes 3. Needs volunteers- have to be there at 6:15

  2. Pizza with the President 1. Tuesday 11:30-1

    2. Alumni Lounge

  3. Sub Pub

1. Wednesday 5-8pm
iv. Co-Sponsoring Event at MOR

1. Friday f. Projects

i. Monday 4pm Meeting

  1. Leadership Institute and OSE November 6th 11:30-1:30 in the ballroom

  2. College Democrats and College Republicans

ii. Friday

  1. Meeting to discuss about holding a similar event as she did in the last few weeks

  2. Capstone class

g. Cronk’s Update

  1. Sent a formal letter to send to invest money to receive a return on money that is not being used at this time

  2. Program Directors

VI. Speaker Jones

  1. Classroom Committee

    1. 3 seats, 1 filled

    2. Powerful committee to delegate what classrooms are used and where

  2. Name tags coming soon

  3. 6 meetings left- put legislation through that you want before Winter break.

VII. Campbell

  1. Funding boards-nothing to reports

  2. Senate Rules met again this Wednesday

    1. Paper-Print out whatever Senate materials they would like to

    2. Temporarily Suspending the rules:

      1. Computers out during only new and old business
      2. Senate rules discussing how to enforce rules on computers and cell


    3. Book store

      1. Non-profit where all profits are made to give back through discounts

      2. OSE and Bookstore collaboration

VIII. Senate Reports

a. Windham
i. Mental Health Committee

  1. Trying to see where campus is at with mental health

  2. Counseling and Psychological services- wait time used to be 1 to 2

    weeks, now it is 3 days

a. All thanks to the new interim director

3. There is a team in place for a student in crisis
a. Looking to promote all of these services and better the

student MSU page ii. Diversity Summit

1. College of EHHD is having a specific Diversity Summit b. Falls Down

i. Memorial Committee

1. Meeting next week and will have reports then ii. Thanksmus Dinner

1. November 17th-potluck dinner, students not required to bring anything

iii. Pow-Wow
1. April 14
th and 15th, 2017

c. Hollinger
i. Leadership Institute

  1. Courageous Leadership Program

  2. Wants to hopefully move to a place of more visibility and larger to

    assist students

d. Hurst
i. Jessica Johnson from the Good Neighbor Committee asked about Local

Government Liaison?

  1. Not in the budget as of now

  2. Zoltek-Student Political Action Director would take that role

e. Johnson

  1. Romney Gym renovations and making this a legislative priority

  2. 9am-12pm Renewable Energy Legislation

f. Walker

  1. Safe Committee, next meeting next Wednesday, wants to see how students see substance and substance abuse throughout this campus

  2. November 11th Celebrate Ag

  3. Economics Conference

  4. Ag Olympics

1. Each club is allowed two teams g. DeRudder

i. Indigenous Peoples Reception
1. 343 visitors in the first few days in the Gallery

ii. Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Procrastinator 1. Oct 28th and 29th at 9pm

h. Bertolino
i. Gratitude from the Leadership Institute

i. Kaminetzky

  1. Committee met to discuss graduation rate

  2. Funding for teachers is increasing across the board

  1. New Business

    1. Walker moves motion to talk about paperless

    2. Kaminetzky seconds

    3. 13-2 Passed

  2. Senator Reports

a. Kaminetzky- EWU challenging our school spirit i. Picture in front of Spirit

  1. Johnson-next Wednesday the 26th 3-6pm: Clothing drive

    1. Can of food or $1

    2. Encourages Pizza with President

  2. Falls Down-Nov 16th in SUB Ballroom ASK US garage sale

  3. Moved to Zoltek

    i. BYOC

ii. Outreach meeting

  1. Windham-Mental Health Meeting: Asked us to put posters out

  2. Walker-Invite more people on OSE Facebook page

  3. Hollinger-Pizza with the President is this upcoming Tuesday

  1. Senate Announcements

  2. Motion to Adjourn-Falls Down

    1. Johnson seconds

    2. 15-0 Approve