Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom Room 325 October 12th, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Eastes, Heinrich(unexcused), Juel, Jones, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler


Marsh: Add Marsh to the roll call for the past few weeks(seconded) Marsh added to the roll call

Public Comment:

Terri Bradley: Here to speak about title 9 roll back. Survivor of sexual assault and part of the LGBTQ community. Just because schools do not have reports, does not mean that rape does not occur. I feel, as a survivor, that this repeal will take away what little voice we do have. Please vote in favor of this resolution.

President of Student Against Sexual Assault: Speak in support of the title 9 resolution. This resolution does a good job of saying how we are going to hold ourselves to a higher standard when persecuting against sexual assault.



Eilers: Proud to say that we have been working with ASMSU for a number of years now. Here to talk about CAT, matching over 600 children with a mentor. MSU makes this program possible. 60% of our volunteers are MSU students. This program promotes positive change. THRIVE can expect to see significant funding cuts. Here to present the idea of ASMSU becoming a sponsor of this program. Our goal at thrive to not allow these services to diminish. Children that participate in this program are n=more likey to graduate high school, miss fewer than 10 days of school, have better relationships with peers. Piloted in 1989, serving the community ever since.

Admin Reports:

Clifton: Turf field kickoff yesterday, ME 45to be the architect. Working on the design aspect now. Rock climbing wall going on as well. Looking at bids. Finance board appointments, before

we knew there was a significant change in finance board, Scotty and I appointed 3 students. They became involved. Had 6 to choose from chose Miles, Courtney and Bed for finance board. Three of six others appointed to funding board.

Brough: *plays quiz game* Accreditors want to hear that we plan and asses and make changes as needed. Mission, plan, and assess. We are a very student-centered university. Please have your speeches ready. Be able to answer their questions. Three for certain opportunities, and most certainly some walk ins. In the space of our no accounting instructions, THRIVE says that she got our check the fasted she has ever gotten a check form MSU.

Johnson: Have a new Justice, his office hours are Wednesday 11-1pm or by appointment. Will review 2017-B-20 on the 24th at our next meeting.

Grover: Amendment you wanted us made to B-20?
Johnson: I do not have any recommendations on B-20 at this moment. Rehal: Move to recognize Senators Abbot and Jones.

McFeely: Kylar appointed me to committee, last semester they brought up how we should address how to take common hours exams for students with children. Trivia Night last night, engage students for three hours at a substance free event. Ms. Melancholy reception tonight. October 27th and 28th, will give more information when it comes time. Talking a lot about the spring concert, want to get this rolling soon.

Murray: Next week program director meetings start, what they have spent and hat their plans are. Kylar mentioned finance board; Scotty and I working with the appointments, Terry said this is probably the best finance board that they have ever had.

Killian: CSAC, going over mission and making sure that the entire university has a sustainability goal. Funding board met, meetings going great.

Grover: Sat on the other side for the room tonight. Tonight, I am trying something new.

Senate Reports:

Lei: Jones and I attended classroom committee yesterday. Had a presentation on a space crisis on campus. The amount of square feet needed for adequate learning, 75% of our classrooms do not meet this requirement. Cruzado recommendations: right side technology, expand teaching hours so department schedules classes on nonprime hours, evaluate rooms on campus for teaching places. Non-prime hour use hours, students that work scheduling these during these hours, family or children. Program going on, use students from each department to goa nd evaluate classroom spaces.

Swenson: Space Management Committee met last week, one storage rooms in Hannon dining room was approved to be a food research lab.

Kuehn: Sent out a draft of the sticker currently working on. Brought to ResLife team and are totally on board. Will continue to send out updates

Outreach and Service, one of faulty and one for staff, looking for nominations for their award Wheeler: Thank you for your support on major madness.

Unfinished Business:

Killian: Ask for unanimous consent to move finance board appointments to the first on new business(seconded)


Finance Board Appointments

Killian: Move to approve Finance Board appointments (seconded) Jones: 6 applications, need to be a ballot vote.
Johnson: Confirmations needs to be per a ballot vote.
Jones: Are any of the candidates here?

Clifton: No.

Blossom: Like to speak to Miles: know through honors college. Really passionate about this type of work and being engage with students.

Krone: Miles, Courtney, and Ben?

Johnson: They cannot be confirmed if there is not a majority.

Jones: To be clear, there are 6 applicants.

Johnson: Write down top three names, top three candidates that receive the most votes will be confirmed into finance board.

Ballot Vote: Confirms all three appointments

2017-R-15 Support of Proposed Student Building Fee Applications

Grover: Second Reading of 2017-R-15

Killian: Move to approve(seconded)

Swenson: Move to amend Line 11, spelling of Traphagen (seconded) Adopted

Easters: Move to amend Line 24, change to Dr. Smith(seconded) Adopted

Killian: Do this every year, modeled this after previous year. Eastes: Yield to Clifton

Clifton: Next Thursday, Royce wants to hold a dinner for Senate, hopefully done with Senate by 7pm.

Resolution Passes: 19-0

2017-R-16 Title IX Rollback

Grover: Second Reading of 2017-R-16 Rehal: Move to approve(seconded)

Jones: Few Amendments: page 2, second to last line: Strike “perpetrator” and add “accused”(seconded)

Leckie: Move to modify and strike the entire line. Sounds like they are assumed guilty already. Not consistent with our court system. (seconded)

Blossom: I think this is referring to the case where there is enough evidence to assume that the accused is guilty.

Lei: I think that this problem will be resolved if we change “perpetrator” to “accused.” Implyingthat if the accused is found to be a perpetrator, then they are a threat.

Abbot: Not the word in and of itself, but the connotation.
Grover: Current order of business is Brads amendment, unless someone wants to appeal. Driscoll: Move to previous question (seconded)

Lei: Motion to amend Page 2, last paragraph, “Even though it is most likely” to “Even though the preponderance of evidence would find that.”

Kuehn: Move to amend in the first line of the intent, form “Create” to “Sustain” (seconded) Amendment Passes

Jones: Second resolved, “Violence on campus in the community... statement” add “ASMSU requests” (seconded)

Krone: This change states that we would ask them to make one, rather than order them to do one. Resolution adopted, Roll Call Vote: 19-0

2017-B-20 Hiring By-Laws Discrepancy

Grover: Second reading of 2017-B-20 Hiring By-Laws Discrepancy Killian: Move to approve(seconded)
Krone: Move to previous question(seconded)

Motion adopted Bill Passes: 18-1

New Business:

No New Business

Senate Announcements:

10:30-11:30 SOTW marching band performing this Saturday

Kuehn: Rachel and I working on food pantry, Saturday October 31st in family and grad housing.

Juel: If interested in volunteering, food safety training.

Orr: Dance Marathon, on over 350 colleges and university across the US. Interested please let me know.

Jones: With the way the bill was just passed; if the person is injured in some fashion, we cannot fill the vacancy.

Motion to adjourn by Senator Swenson at 7:26pm.