Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 325

November 3, 2016


Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Benson, Bertolino(excused), Clifton, Creed, DeRudder(excused), Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger, Hurst, Jensen, Kaminetzky, Killian, O’Leary, Roback, Swenson, Walker, Windham, Jones, Leach, Zoltek, Cronk


Approval of  Minutes:

Campbell: Approval of minutes (seconded)

Minutes Approved


Public Comment:

Emma Body, College of Agriculture, supporting SNOW renewable energy supporting

Jesse College of Letters and Science, support resolution

Mathew Yeager, College of Letters and Science, support resolution

Will Dumm, College of Letters and Science, support resolution

Michaela Murphy, College of Business, support resolution

Colin College of Engineering, support resolution

Christen Office of Sustainability, supports resolution



Campbell: Move to extend time of presentation to 20 minutes (seconded)

 Asserson: Last spring unanimously approved resolution involving space needed in counseling and psych services. Share a little bit of data. Located in Swingle hall. 9 permanent licensed members in facility. Unique, only counseling center in state of Montana that I accredited. Only accredited doctoral internship in psychology. Leaders in mental health in Montana. Counseling center, comprehensive counseling. Provide direct clinical services, Consultations and collaboration, prevention and outreach, and training and education. Cognito for students, encourage other people to be trained in suicide prevention. A few changes made. Increase in demand, changes in internal processes. Satellite offices in south hedges. Have drop in hours for Reslife staff in order to be more available for students. Extended hours Tuesday through Thursday. Adoption of mental health protocol. Process been approved. A random Tuesday synopsis, clinical data 72 appointments on one day. 10 requiring intervention for suicidality, 1 required hospitalization.

Windham: Passive and Active?

Asserson: Active because intervening in one way.

Asserson: 1 had a recent suicide attempt. Fall 2016 data. Up 8% in staff increase. Continuing to grow with demand. 142 crisis appointments. 241 intervention because suicidality. Balancing ongoing treatment with appointments. Average wait time on wait list is 3 days. Really good progress. Every semester evaluation data. 100% students say important for counseling  on campus. 99% of students would recommend service for others. Overall functioning, 30% functionally effectively. Once in therapy 82%. Impacting in a positive way. Outcome data, national data in regards to college mental health. Data from last year, raw scores. Dramatic decrease. First depression, top concern. Why have counseling on campus vs. community? 64% withdraw from college due to mental illness. Confidentiality, be able to seek out  mental health with confidentiality. Symptoms negatively affect academics. Recognizing how much mental illness effects students ability to function in the classroom. 97% of CPS stayed in school in the 2015-2016 year. Flyers

Campbell: How do crisis services differ from the Voice Center?

Asserson: Voice center deals with people sexual assault. Even though our services may deal with issues of the sort, we deal with other issues as well.

Guest: Any internship opportunities with students that are a junior?

Asserson: Cannot have current students involved because of confidentiality.

Killian: What do you see for the future?

Asserson: Hopeful for ongoing services. Better comprehensive and integrated. Have no stigma against going to a counseling center.


Admin Reports:

Leach: Last 2weeks involved for the judicial council. Connor and Liv introducing candidates. I have a nomination being brought to senate in the next two weeks.

Zoltek: Power of your vote forum Monday 11-1pm. Need 2 volunteers to run the event. Polling location on campus next week. Tell people where to go and vote. Wednesday NACA conference. In the middle of drafting research questions, if you have any input, let me know. Next week Garret will hand out calendars.

Cronk: Monthly meetings with program directors posed back a week or two. Late night over budget 5000 next year. Get reimbursed for drivers with paperwork. Only reimbursed for 15000 this year. Shouldn’t be much over. Will keep posted. Admin, Maria did not have benefit included. Revenue helped offset. Transition of presidency affected spending. Should be alright this year. Daycare, over because of payroll expensive. Teacher had sick leave because of cancer, and sub. Higher special needs, needed more staff. Mary retiring after 37 years.  Keep in mind 10+ programs kept on budget.

Hetherington: Have had 6 applicants, 4 were interviewed, 1 one was selected to bring to senate in the near future.

Jones: Classroom committee 2ndWed of every month, need one more spot. Name tags are finally in. Voting next week, parking lot volunteering, free food. 4 meetings left this semester. 2 before, 2 after thanksgiving. Matt Jake and Ted for resolution. Want to get this one before Winter break. Spring voting on fee increases. Fees ill affect every one of us, so pay attention.

Campbell: Legislative parties, meeting tomorrow at 8am. *tells jokes*


Senate Report:

Falls Down: Student memorial committee. Met at Bridger, using free software to send out survey. Limit questions so people actually take survey. Want to offer incentives. Possibly through bookstore. Maybe doing an event at student memorial for input. Warm up Monday? Having a field trip to the memorial?

Johnson: Trying to make Spirit a weekly thing. Very fun.

Campus sustainability and advisory committee meeting. Compile videos with bike.

Killian: 10 year plan for food in Montana 225 attendees, max set for 200 but more. Carpool sessions happening. Chairlift, app from local students. Offer bike safety course or having police talk more. Be the Match bone marrow donation.

Windham: Reminder about Cognito. 20-25 minutes. If all of Senate does it by next Wednesday, 100%. Will bring donuts to senate.

Walker: Next week celebrate Ag. Friday at 8, economics of AG and economics in Montana. Weekend after, FFA students come to Bozeman and leadership events. If anyone would like to judge the event. Had another SAFE coalition meeting. Look at substance abuse issues. Did a timeline about what happens with drugs and alcohol throughout school. Bozeman high experiencing heroin problems.

Clifton: Met with director of outdoor REC center. Leaving in February. Will be a new director for replacement. Debate on Monday night. Really relevant to students. Spread the word.

Kaminetzky: Scavenger hunt for can he Griz game going on, ends next Thursday.

Roback: Debate on Monday, printed out a bunch of Mock ballots to turn in and count for standing at school.

Grover: Yield to Hetherington

Hetherington: Kaminetzky put in a lot of effort for scavenger hunt. Encourage other people to participate.

Killian: Met with representative for the climbing gym. Estimate would be 300,000. 4.50 increase with the turf field when it is actually 380,000. More strategic plans.

Walker: Next Saturday, celebrate Ag breakfast.


Unfinished Business:

2016-R-15 read by Speaker Jones

Johnson: Move to approve (seconded)


Johnson: Strong mandate from students to pass this. Written by students in collaboration with senators. Our duty to pass resolution for the students. Found house bill from 2011 and initiative that did not make it to ballot, but provide training for coal workers.

Move to amend resolution, so that line one, like Montana Hose Bill 2011- 0295 and Initiative 180(seconded)

Grover: Did those bill pass?

Johnson: House bill passed, Initiative did not make it to ballot.

Amendment passes.

Johnson: Something that our students really care about.

O’Leary: Like to propose amendment between citations. Get rid of second period. (seconded)

Amendment passes

Killian: Motion to add Director of Sustainability. Name added after Tracy. (seconded)

Amendment passes

Roback: Move to change administration to administrative. (seconded)

Amendment passes

Roll Call Vote: Resolution passes unanimously, passes 18-0


New Business:

Campbell: Move to suspend printing for next week’s meeting (seconded)

Motion passes


Senate Announcements:

Campbell: Next Friday Veterans Day, MSU bands concert, wind symphony and 1o’clock jazz band. Supporting veterans. 7:30pm, $5, but let me know for a comp ticket.

Falls Down: Element Film Festival, 7-9pm at the Emerson, $5

Windham: College of Education Health and Human development, forum regarding diversity in college. Overall great experience. College working hard to implement

O’Leary: Improv club this Sunday in Procrastinator.

Johnson: Outreach, cocktail party open house? push meeting back to 6:30? Opinions?

Killian: Next weekend, hour on Saturday or Sunday, picking up trash, adopt a highway for ASMSU?

Motion to adjourn by Senator Falls Down at 7:11pm.