Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325 November 30th, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Eastes, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones(excused), Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie(excused), Lei, Marsh, Orr, Rehal, Swenson(excused), Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Minutes Approved

Public Comment:

Thompson: OSE Campus Entertainment director, submitting a reallocation request to the finance board about reallocation of the blue and gold portion of the budget to bring a speaker to campus. Ben Nemtin of the Buried Life.

Bradly: Student Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Huge push for diversity symposium, promote understanding and celebrating identity. Creating a space to celebrate research and knowledge In the Bozeman community. Partnered with SASS to promote symposium during the day. Met with 2 deans, 7 clubs and 6 offices, more to come. Had first two follow up meetingswith EHHD and Women’s center.


Summer 4x4 Program (Bobcat 4x4)

Mokwa: How many of you have heard about this? New summer model for offering summer classes. Consists of 4 week long sessions, 4 days a week, three sessions. Begins a week after commencement. Hillmans scholar program, onboarding new freshman. Website developed. Approach to offer as many 100 and 200 level courses as possible with the goal to give students as much flexibility as possible. Three credit courses at three times during the day, and so on. Intensive courses. Focused on one subject matter at a time. Gives faculty the possibility of focusing on how they are teaching the class and study their students learning outcome. Will not be lecture based, be a lot of activity based learning. Field exercises, so many possibilities. Residence halls will be available. 4x4, one day with no classes. Wednesday or Friday?

Not going to allow students to register for more than 6 credits. Friday would give you a three-day weekend, but this can be detrimental.

Driscoll: Preference for Friday. With Wednesday off, it would not provide for the ability to leave town for the weekend, if desired.

Marsh: Difficult as a student to have a schedule with Wednesday off.

DuBeau: Took Bio-Chem last summer. Would be nice to have a break in the middle of the week to study, still leaving two days for a weekend.

Rehal: Prefer Friday.

Heinrich: Four days of hard information would be a lot. Having a break during the week would be more beneficial.

Abbot: Coming from a teaching standpoint, students are more likely to stay in town and study versus cramming Sunday evening.

Killian: If I did a three-credit course, I would have to take the later course. Having a late class on Friday would be very difficult.

Johnson: Resources to students? MLC? Office hours?

Mokwa: Still in the works. Would like to hear more opinions from constituents. Residence halls, a good idea? Appeal for the short-term lease? Would this draw student’s attention?

Johnson: Very beneficial to students, especially if they are able to stay in their dorms tin the intermitted period of time between sessions.

Mokwa: Which session do you believe is more popular? My intuition would be the first.

Krone: The first sessions would still allow for a summer job.

Rehal: Inconvenient with travel purposes.

Mokwa: Would the third session be more attractive if there was less time between the end of the session and the beginning of the fall semester.

Rehal: Equally as attractive to session one.

Kuehn: Worry for out of state students. Would there be financial aid for students over the summer?

Mokwa: Yes, opportunities for financial aid. Johnson: How are online courses affected by this?

Mokwa: Online courses will be the same as they are. Spread out over two more weeks. Give students as many options as possible.

Driscoll: What are the steps being looked into in order to make sure that there isn’t an absorbentamount of work.
Mokwa: Looking at a better way of teaching. Will not have TA teaching this course. Will have experienced instructors.

Juel: Have you considered having SAs in the classroom in order to get more information out to students.

Mokwa: Yes. Having grad students help with tutoring. Transcripted just like a 15-week course.
Quite a lot of schools that do this. Some do this year-round.

Driscoll: Any concern that if a student took a course during the summer, it will affect a student differently or give them an advantage?

Mokwa: Will do follow and longitudinal studies.

Gun storage on Campus

Matt Caires: University got into storing weapons a long time ago. An unfortunate incident in Langford Hall, two students murdered. Looking to storage policy, storing rifles on behalf of students. Most schools would have the UPD store the legal fire arms. Prominent storage method for students is car storage due to non-gun policy in residence halls. We don’t centralize store ourweapons here. We are the last school within the country that does not have the UPD store the firearms. In 2014, we had a student that ended his life; had stored gun in his car.

Frank Parrish Jr.: 35 years in law enforcement. *slide show* Want to organize in a manner where we take care of your property. Want to give a place to clean weapons as well. All be conditioned to where humidity does not affect the weaponry. Looking a different configuration. Able to add safety flag feature.

Killian: What is paying for the storage facility?

Parish: The universities’ responsibility.

Johnson: Current policy does not allow you to store ammunition with gun stored?

Parish: Nothing against storing ammunition in cars. Do we have to get racks for gun cases?

Brough: Under what conditions would you be denied access to your gun.
Parish: Have no authority to keep your gun from you other than what a police officer could do. Juel: Obligation of Student for a timeline?

Caires: Technical issues? Pretty robust in our educational effort. Orr: Hiring more staff?

Parish: Going to use patrol officers. Can be a delay. Going to work out those details. Kuehn: Cost for storage?
Parish: Don’t want there to be.
Kuehn: People in the community as well?

Parish: Students living off campus.

Parish: With the capacity that we are looking at, hopefully can accommodate all. 7/800 rifles. Plus, handguns.

Holinger: Is depression a state a student would be denied for?

Parish: Going to need some type of disclosure statement that people will have to sign. A measure in place.

Caires: There is a balance. Going to put our best foot forward. MSU not changing our policy at all. Do make exception for storage. Centralizing storage. Trying to modernize storage.

Proposed Library Operating Hours

Alitsch: One of the most heavily used buildings on campus. Varies by hour of the day. After 3pm tends to drop off. Very few people in the building 12-2am. One person on staff from 8pm to 2am.

Orr: Would hours still be extended for finals and dead week? Johnson: Yes, if students would like this.
Killian: How do you collect this data?
Johnson: Gates to walk through.

Krone: Group projects a lot easier to do later in the evening when everyone is able to get together.

Rehal: Having this data form 7 days a week, will drop the numbers.
Johnson: Average numbers based on hours open, cannot adjust for the custodian staff.

Clifton: Is this coming about through cost effectiveness? Alitsch: We do not have enough staff.
Clifton: From interest of staff perspective?
Alitsch: Budget perspective.

Clifton: Thoughts on Library open 24/7?
Alitsch: Numbers do not make it worthwhile.
Eastes: Any scenarios where you eliminated data from Saturday?

Johnson: Doesn’t make sense to be open on Saturday cost effectively. Higher selection ofcommunity members coming during this time. Given enough staff, I would love to keep library open 24/7. If we could have more staff dedicated to higher traffic time, not taking them away from this.

Juel: I have a lot of constituents that study in the gym because it is the only place open. Taking these hours off, effects STEM students.

Johnson: Could advocate for resources.

Alitsch: Have not grown in staff resources in the past 5 years. Next step is to take this to Dean’scouncil and we will return.

Health and Wellbeing Program Update

Holinger: Health is a very holistic idea. Many areas that are impacted in student life. Want students to feel like MSU is invested in their health. University Health Partners, University Screening for Depression, Warm Hand Offs, and OHA Group coaching all going well. Space for Health Partners, CPS/Med Services Staffing, Mental Staff, Like Skill Developments and Culture Around Alcohol are where our concerns lie currently. Figure out concerns and adapt. Hoping before winter break we will have a draft of the Medical Amnesty Analysis. Hope is with this program, want to have safeguards for students. Want to finalize Amnesty policy, Administer Student Survey on Heath perceptions, Pilot program focusing on health, Propose a budget for 2018/2019. Structure and Implementation of a Healthful awareness campaign, compile gathered information.

Admin Reports:

Clifton: Design of turf field finalized, south east corner. Ground break in April. RFP and RFQ going out. Medical Amnesty Coming forth.

Orr: Seems that that has always been the policy.

Clifton: Policy and practice being done, not formal. Seven-year strategic plan meeting, today at5m. Thank you to all who participated even though the majority of us won’t be here in sevenyears. The only person that will be here in seven years is Brad. Let’s see if he reads this.

Clifton: WetLab, January 29th. Given a chance to apply. Alex was in it last year. He looked like Bill Murray form Cast Away. Lighting of Montana Hall is next Wednesday at 5:30pm. ASMSU holiday party, right before next meeting. Extending the library hours to 2am, was an ASMSUpush. Lizzy’s fund transfer, give her some funds. Gun storage on campus, awesome thing for theuniversity.

Brough: Exponent PUB meeting. Ideas thoughts or ideas with the exponent, brainstorming soon. Open job position for accountant, looking at a shared services model. Legal interns’ interviews. Expect to see a supplemental request, over exceeding in a positive manner. Daycare, new dishwasher, improving services. One of the most cohesive and thoughtful senate I’ve ever seen. Red flag in Jan/Feb “What does blank even do anyway?” Please approach this question with humility. Approach budgeting with expectations that I don’t have all of the information to makethese decisions.

Johnson: In midst of interviews, in 5 out of 7. Under presidential discretionary funds.

Clifton: I like option 2. A lot of projects that happen and carry on. Turf field and climbing wallwere Garret’s baby child. Now the adoptive father that everybody hates.

Murray: Working on Program director evaluations with Micah. Two Senate meetings left in the Semesters.

Killian: Finance board meeting next week. UPD app coming next semester. Peace Corps app due tomorrow.

Grover: Judiciary committee met this week. Exponent budget being passed around. Doing alright for the semester (in decent shape). Some talk of going to fee based.

Senate Reports:

Juel: Recreational sports and advisory board met. Tye Atwater coming to MSU. Increasing school spirit visually, offering window space. Have several GTA for fitness centered. Made changes to bylaws and mission statement. No skins policy now.

DuBeau: Student Health advisory committee met, reaccredited. Main problem is the building needs to be updated. Getting a cost estimate, money come from bonds or fundraising.

Orr: Meeting at the ASMSU Preschool, teachers getting negative comments. How to effectively rebrand. Please bring ideas to me.

New Business:

Driscoll: Move to recognize Blossom(seconded)
Grover: First reading of 2017-R-22; Statement Against Ballot Initiative I-183

Senate Announcement:

Krone: Alpha Sigma Phi, collecting school supplies until December 6th. Please spread the word. Lei: One Acts start next week.
Orr: Still have 58 minutes to go to Noodles and Co.
DuBeau: Destress Fest starts next week. Wednesday night at 8pm, primal scream.

Krone: Yield to Rehal. Rehal: Yield to Eastes.

Motion to adjourn by Senator Anderson at 8:04pm.