Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Ballroom Room 325

November 2nd, 2017


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson


Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Eastes, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler


Approval of the Minutes:


Marsh: Add Marsh to the Roll Call(seconded)


Minutes Approved



Public Comment:


Whyte: Dean of Students started his meeting with Alex by reading mission statement. Funding board shot down thrives request because we shouldn’t be spending money outside of MSU. Statement states “within the interest of the academic community” Within this ecosystem we thrive, I understand we can’t support every charity that comes to MSU. CAP covers almost all education majors. If we are coming to tell the Chronicle that we are going to accept all who apply…Makes me sad that a 7-0 vote says no. Today I am the education student, speaking on THRIVEs behalf. Here because of mentor programs that brought me here. This would be .5% of the reserve to mentor these at-risk students. The intertwinement of CAP, THRIVE, and MSU should be looked at a little closer. More interconnected that you might think. I urge you all to take a second look at the 2500 that THRIVE requested.




Shaffer: Here to talk about changes on Title 9 since Trumps election. Two changes of note, not going to talk about recent ones/as of late. In February of this year, we saw resending of Dear Colleagues letter regarding transgender students. Gender identity/ gender expression are covered gender discrimination under title 9. Has been rescinded, but also saying LGBT students should not have the right to pursue… Don’t know if there will be any new guidance to fill in the gaps. Has opened up a door for schools. Seconded guidance been rescinded, on sexual assault response, when this letter hit, millennial generation focused on sexual assault, violence and stalking. 2014 Q and A based on schools calling and inquiring. Gave a lot more specific guidance. Means that these documents are no longer incompliance. What they put in place for 11 and 14 letters, put in place a new letter. Deregulating of some of the items that came out of letters. Preponderance of evidence or standards of clearing. For us it stays consistent. Giving people a comprehensive complaint form, final stages both parties have access to. A few places in our policy that we might tweak. However we are still compliant with this new letter, as we were the last. Want to make sure Montana’s voice is heard. We are not simply the Missoula story. Would recommend, no longer have a federal document saying what I must do. Please pay attention of state and local bills, because there is no longer a federal bill covering these issues. Want people to understand that nothing is changing under MSU policies, same support for students.



Admin Reports:


Clifton: Check out the email that Micah sent out. Can the Griz starting up, need more volunteers. Have Cruzado symposium, bring all campuses and talk about issues. Got to talk about orientation. They talked about the lack of respect from their higher ups. Talked about legal services and Wetlab. Email to all faculty and staff about strategic plan. If you have students that ant information or that would like to be a part of this please send them to us, will have an informational session. Next week will have some cool projects to bring forward.


Johnson: Have officially posted vacant justice position as of yesterday, closes November 15th. Ruling issued for majority, opinion will not be revaluated. If have questions please come to judicial meetings and or office hours.


Krone: Move to recognize senator Abbot.


Murray: Reserve 522, still in a really good position. No program has spent the supplemental yet.

Administration 330, spent 184


KGLT: 24, has a lot of revenue, why so low

Legal: 46 Revenue 2

Arts and Exhibits: 17, Revenue 1.6

Late Night: 19.8, Revenue 15(reimbursement)

PACE: 195, Revenue: 15 (very good homecoming)

Pro: 61 Revenue: 14

Sitting super well, programs on point


Killian: Finance board vote on request, 7-0, THRIVE requested 2000, did not want to seem like MSU will fund just any charity that comes to them. Carpooling app and ridesharing app. Can have coupons available.


Grover: Emailed out budget resolution.



Senate Reports:


Krone: November 15thtrivia night. Strike out hunger November 16th, November 17thundie run. PACE going to NACA next week. November 28thcomedy show in the SUB.


Juel: Move to suspend the rules to move new business before senate reports.


Blossom: Why?


Juel: Katie and I have to leave and want to vote on new business.


Move into Funding Board Reserve Request:


Kilian: Move to amend to Finance Board(seconded)


Orr: CAP program at THRIVE provides education majors with lots of hands on experience, get students into schools as student. I believe that this is an incredibly worthy cause.


Kuehn: I know it is our duty to go over every scenario and address those that we deem worthy. Every aspect of this program supports MSU.


Juel: How much of their budget does this make up?


Blossom: I disagree with the CAP decision.


Juel: CAP is another subsection of CAP, very good with delegating funding.


Juel: Girls for a change, held on MSU campus. Sounds like an amazing program, a little confused on how Bozeman school district, do they not see it as necessary? Confused.


Orr: Statewide in Montana, government funds alternative counseling. Statewide schools started pulling out of. Bozeman not applying for alternative counseling because they want to have more in school counselors. CAP falls under alternative counseling. All of Bozeman schools, CAP mentor coordinators get paid in addition to materials brought in to support CAP.


Jones: .1% of CAPs budget.


Orr: That is all for THRIVE that accounts for various programs, not just the entire CAP budget.


Lei: Thing I’m confused about is, why does this seem like such a big problem.


Jones: There was a concern?


Lei: Falsely claimed budget. Funding a small program.


Killian: Three senators and three students on finance board, they were seeing we are taking student money and giving it to a good cause


Lei: Wondering how Finance board was unaware of how this applied to EHHD students.


Leckie: Based on my understanding of thrive, students will still be able to volunteer, couldn’t see a 2000 cut would affect this so drastically. We can give in other ways, other than just money Opening up other doors for other programs to come to MSU for money.


Rehal: I know THIVE is a great organization, but we don’t want ASMSU to be biased. We need to set an example, what kind of example are we setting to other organizations?


Baird: This program has direct effects on both our campus and community. Seems like we are very justified in funding this.


Eastes: How much of CAP are MSU students?


Orr: 60%


Marsh: Does THRIVE have any sort of fundraising committee?


Orr: Yes


Marsh: Are other routes if they need the money.


Krone: Curious to hear thoughts of the executive board


Clifton: TRIVE is a great organization in the community, great organization. Already shown our support for them, Girls for a Change. Need a larger university committee so that all requests can come in through the same body. Next year this will be the case.


Jones: Point of information, 40% MSU volunteers


Orr: Brittany clarified this as 60%.


Lei: Different argument in saying that this will not let us give money to other organizations. We already give THRIVE money, I don’t see how there is a concern.


Orr: To the best of my knowledge, THRIVE has been the only charity that has come to us thus far. If another organization comes to us, we approach them with an open mind and how they benefit ASMSU students.


Abbot: Would this stop the EHHD students form volunteering?


Orr: Limit ability to volunteer in CAP program. Looking to community to compensation for absence of government funding. Not going to stop operation.


Abbot: Girls for a change?


Orr: Separate Program


Abbot: Just the money or an emotional support


Orr: Awesome program that benefits my constituents


Rehal: I don’t want our emotions to get in the way of our decision-making process.


Heinrich: Move to close discussion and vote(seconded)

            Motion fails


Heinrich: I believe that we have said all we needed to say.


Blossom: We say no to other organizations by saying no to other organizations. Giving this money now in no way limits us from saying no to other programs in the future.


Eastes: When we analyze people’s budgets, funding board. Wondering if finance board has budgets come to them.


Jones: Never seen receipts come back.


Juel: What is the probability that a lot of other organizations are going to come to them. Last opportunity to know that we are going to help them before they have to put through the mass committee


Jones: Programs going for office to office to office asking for more money, this new group will provide for more information across the board. My thought from finance board, a lot of programs have cut funding, Girls for a change normally comes out of presidents discretionary, this time senate picked it up. CAP has never had a request before.


Killian: Starting to sound like it does, 2016 THRIVE annual report, ASMSU, College of Letters and Science, and EHHD students. Should ASMSU double down on the college is not doubling down on.


Anderson: If people are going to come to us, I don’t see why we can just shoot these requests down?


DuBeau: Isn’t the whole point of being philanthropic? Just because ASMSU is supporting more than the one EHHD college. It is unfair that we are basing this decision on just this.


Baird: I would say that this is not just an emotional decision. When and how EHHD budgets? Is the opportunity for them to give already gone?


Kuehn: When we meet with the deans they are open to negotiating. Deans know more than anyone about CAP program.


Baird: Scope of CAP


Kuehn: 629 people as of last year


Previous question


Roll Call Vote:




No on the reserve request



Senate Reports:


Lei: Dean of Students came to talk to us earlier about suspension. Working with mat to work towards a student forum.


DuBeau: Can the Griz starts on the 4th. Really appreciate everyone’s support. Especially need help this upcoming Sunday and Tuesday. Will post Can the Griz sign-up sheet on fb page.


Marsh: Outdoor rec, an attraction it is to students at MSU. Give them a thumbs’ up


Rehal: Leadership institute did two workshops this week.


Blossom: Major shout out to Ted for sending personal email. Overwhelming student support on petition.


Baird: Risk Awareness office, Monday November 6th, if completed modular one, can sign up. Anyone in the community can come and speak on identify in the environment.



New Business:


Driscoll: Move to add emailed resolution to new business


Grover: First reading of 2017-R-XX



Senate Announcements:


Blossom: EWB Kenya summit, invite to event with Kenyan partners at the story


Killian: Outdoor rec, kayak roll session.


Rehal: ASMSU retreat


Swenson: Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food but no atmosphere.


Lei: Move to strike that from the minutes(seconded)


Motion FAILS


Motion to adjourn by Senator Rehal at 7:20pm.