Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Room 235

November 29, 2018


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Gilbertson


Approval of Minutes

Motioned, Approved


Public Comment

Jamie Baird, had safezone training. Went well and would like senate to have higher attendance. Thanks to the two senators that showed.


Richard, L&S, student lobby day Feb 12, has a training on Tuesday the 4th at 5:30 sub168, has 53 seats and a bus was donated to help with transport. Will also have food there. Week half ago, have a new lobbyist. Previous years, pseudo-commitee for bill tracking, that meets weekly and goes through legislation.


Joe Shumacher, works in student success with veteran services. Here is support of the military transcript. Have former veterans with various backgrounds, that are highly trained individual. This resolution will help the way we evaluate those transcripts. This would be a great way to give appreciation, to those that have severed. Wants MSU to set the standard of care for those that have served.


Madi Tandberg, Leadership Institute, thank current liaisons and for help funding them. This semester they have hosted a master class, leadership submit, played Alien, midterm election forum, and private trainings. Board room bobcats, pairs students with local nonprofits to assist. April 4th, speaker at the brick breeden about space. MSU change makers, provides funding for students to make the changes they want to see on campus and the first one is in March.







Dani Hess, Bozeman Commuter Project

Is intended to eliminate transportation issues and to best utilize what we currently have. MSU is a diverse split on how we commute. A big issue is parking in regards to campus and the city. About 60% of SB permit users live within 2 miles of campus. The cost of parking permits barely cover the cost of maintenance for parking and for new parking facilities. We have been recognized as a bike friendly campus. They host commuter challenges which are available on their website, It also allows you to search for carpools and other types of transportation option near you. Offer incentives to help encourage people to part take in the commuter challenges. Working on getting video promotion about alternate transportation methods.


John How, American Indian Hall

Across the street from Roberts hall. A building we helped fund with student fees. 1967 Dan Voyich became the voice of native students and helped created the Center for Native American Studies. 2005 the concept design came about and in 2006 the architecture came on board. The building got shelved due to funding. 2018, the donations came allowing to further. Mid 2021 is expected for completion. Is open to every student but will be the home away from home for the Native American Center. Project goals are nearing completion as well as their mission statement. They are pursuing a leed platinum building, version 4 and will be the first in Montana. This will allow them to pursue sustainability. They have designed the majority of the building’s exterior, facing Hannon Hall. Want a three sisters garden and a trail with native plants around the building. Hoping to break ground September/October so now is the time for ideas. They are aiming for an outside classroom for 25-30 students. Will have a lounge area that will also work for events, about 3 classrooms, the center, and an office for student success. Second floor, Native American studies program will be there. Basement is not defined but are not planning on having classrooms there. Ideas have been a movie lounge or planetarium. They have internships to get involved for design, engineering, and construction and will have an art contest for the building.



UofM has a large inclusion for island natives, not just local Native Americans. Have we looked at that?

A- Yes there is a shape of a turtle, idea to support them. Can’t build it to mean everything to everyone. They are looking into it.


Contact info?

Campus planning design and construction or is on there for main contact and can contact him, email with major and interest for intern.


Solar Panels or minimum carbon imprint?

Yes, they would love to get there, and platinum will get them fairly close


Are we reaching out to encourage family members to come here?

Yes outreach, through students and by going to tribes. Will be a 24 hour building, open it to families and community members. Is encouraged to be a community building.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Emailed out a resolution. Ambika is primary, Pelkie is secondary sponsor. Need to get the resolution established by next meeting. Not finalized currently but needs first reading. Campaign finance bill. He is not a bill as it is currently written. If we are limiting ourselves to that budget, then we are not doing what we came here to do. He proposed $500 ASMSU and $500 matching. Their biggest cost from their $950 campaign, could have been $700. Feels those that can afford $800 campaign compared to those that afford $400 campaign is unfair and wants fair competition. Wants to lower the budget to $500, $250 of it being matching. Either needs to go down or have matching power. To pass must override his veto. Takes ¾ vote to override.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

End of the year banquet at the Baxter Hotel, days available, April 16,w17m,22,t23,w24.

Legislative training is about an hour. If you have friends from eastern montana, so bring a friend, are needed. Taking new unwrapped toys, supporting the veterans. Please bring things if it moves your heart. Director of sustainability, Kristen, is back and ready to make the difference across campus. Legal service intern, applications are due Dec 3. List of winter projects, things that we want ready for spring semester as the work keeps going. This way we can prioritize. Write names on whiteboard and dates available if around in DEC to help answer question, as needed. Big white board in her office.  Need to be able to go down liaison budget, need to explain it, and how the difference will affect them. Off campus housing committee that is forming and the city and campus have expectations of each other that are not always properly expressed. Need to have more student directed approaches to issues in the community. Need students that can help the city and committee to come together. Need a committee member to help make a limit for how many emails can the campus send out and how to enforce it. Winter, Dec 6, Ugly sweaters, white elephant, can bring a plus one there is some flexibility there. Wrote all the committee things on her door, all discussed today are university wide matters.


Vice President - Lizzy thompson

PACE through an event 168 seat and 228 people came. Diversity and Inclusion held a safe zone training. All of PACE attended and two senators.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Next week nov financial and budgeting for the spring.


Chief Justice - Mac Gwinner

Few justice applications that they are going to start reviewing next week for the two seats.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Ugly sweaters are ok for the next meeting, after the party. Next semester is going to be busy.


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Funding request passed, lobbyist fund and submit fund. Will be voting on today. Reviewing policies and going over requests. The shirts, have a design, getting price quote and future funding request. Norm Hall Grand opening Nov 14th, 10am. Email to RSVP to the ribbon cutting, sent in email.


Senate Reports

Halstad, had the first student/faculty relations listening session, held today, lunch is provided. Is important to get student input. Need to hear about how we should change or how much needs to be changes. There are different levels and other committee members will be there, 12-1pm, 4-5pm sub 223.


Mulvaney, MSU was announced as a Bee campus USA affiliate. Working to move forward to reduce move out waste from res halls. Next semester wants to move forward with the plan and to streamline that process. If interested to work with him on that let him know.


Dalvit, wants to be apart. Talking to people about the NA Cultural center, and we should form a committee to get thought and ideas to him. Contact her.


Killian, Liaison for arts and exhibits, raised a decent amount of money. Resolution about enlarging MLC and a few other areas.


Johnson, planning council, strategic plan has been approved. Is now college based and colleges need to create their own strategic plan that aligns with the campuses strategic plan.


Unfinished Business


2018-R-23 Military Transcript

Motioned Seconded



Branch, apologies for the long-worded ness of the resolution. This is an important voice to put behind this. When he got out and it translated to 90 credit hours and the campus lowered it to 30 credit hours in 100 level classes. This resolution will acknowledge that there is a deficit in this. Wants to pass this Unanimously.


Abbot, was excited to hear about this as her father was in the navy and his credit didn’t count. To be able to recognize those credits and to say thank you is huge. It is very well written.


Killian, wants a unanimous vote and is voting yes. If voting no please state so it can go in the minutes.


Roll Call Vote: 19-0 Passed Unanimously



2018-B-15 Campaign Finance

Motioned, Seconded



Branch, wants to give back ground first. What the committee came up with was that people could get reimbursement from ASMSU for running for elections. If people cannot afford the cost to run and can go to the supreme court to request the money for elections beforehand. The cost is divided between running teams, so costs will never go up. Blossom breezed over this bill, this is the compromised amount between that don't want any spending and unlimited amount. It is not the ideal amount for either but is in the middle. This bills purpose it to make a more inclusive election process. Would highly recommend voting down price adjustment for this bill as adjusting it would need a complete adjustment for the entirety of the bill.


Dalvit, should sit down with Blossom to further discuss.


Pelkie, need based reimbursement or for anyone. Branch, for anyone that is officially running and has the receipts.


Killian, total amount that the teams can take from. If there are more than five it will go down, does this also include those in financial hardship. Branch, it would and are looking at numbers that would work before and during the election. Is a hole in the system, but could be adjusted on a cases by case basis. The limit gives some control of the amount.

Schmitz, is not a huge fan of this hobo ring idea. Didn’t want any of it. However, he does find this a lot more agreeable than a $500 limit or $50 for senate. We have poor turnout, just as is. Talked to campus leaders institute, and gets individuals interested into student government. Feels the higher we keep it, the better turnout we can have.


Reinhardt, if someone can't afford the $250, but only makes $75, how would that work? Branch, this is not a match but a direct reimbursement.


Halstad, would like to lower this amount. Is about the voices and marketing. Ran a Facebook event and got students to come to know her. Only costed her $25 in total and got over 400 students from her classes to vote. Also need to notice that we are using student fees to pay for reimbursement and that lowering it would support the student against student fees.


Kothe, on the opinions gathered was there a general student’s opinion or for those running in the spring. Branch, the leg work done was by a committee and there was not a large outreach. There was however, some communication about this. Kothe, should get more opinions.


Hall, would want only a limit a small amount or none to spending money on campaigns. Didn’t have money and feels a disadvantage. Glad that it's lowered but students are not going to see the difference between $1000-$800.


Turner, election director will reimburse them, and the finance board will have to approve funding as there is not funding there. What if it doesn’t pass. Branch, wants to see if it will even pass first and if it does will run to finance board then.


Reiman, why is this being brought up now? Blossom, 2-years ago didn’t have any limits and the president then had spent $3000 on his campaign, so they set limits and this is to further protect it.


Lyon, wondered about matching and that it has that wording in there. Is voting yes.


Branch, wants to make 2 points. First, concern was spending ASMSU money on campaigns. Wants to on the max level at $600 dollar which comes to .36 cents a student. This bill as written gives everyone the ability to come and participate. Secondly, everybody has a done good to show that we want numbers higher and lower. Blossom is passionate, and he could veto this, but he has had his voice during this process. Let’s pass it and let him veto it and see where that process takes us, but this is the compromise between then wants.


Killian, wants the number to be lower. If Blossom were to veto it, we need to acknowledge his opinion as he's the representative with the most votes and student voices. This money that bust voter turnout and that there are better ways to get turnouts.


Elias, concern with lowering is voter turnout and could lower the amount and still increase voter turnout.


Dalvit, 1 walking into this after discussing for a very long time and needs to talk to those that haven’t been talking about it. Need to encourage better ways for voter turnout. Think about the people who spent a lot of time going into this instead of just the info given.


Reinhardt, sees it as a compromise and doesn’t like it. Used no money to get position and want us to be an inclusive and a lower limit can get more students involved and will get more diversity. Is drafting thoughts on ways to increase voter turnout, will send out documents. Likes the idea of having a debate to get awareness and to get students involved. Wants to talk to everyone to get a better turnout.


Lyon, moves to previous question. Seconded. Fails.


Schmitz, talked a lot about turnout and thinks it’s not the correct approach. We should want informed votes. We have said a lot to just vote and feels it is better to know why we are voting. Talking to those that are going to run in the future, some in CR’s and they expressed hope for a higher limit but found the limit as acceptable. Knowing that students want to lower it but where is the limit. Does not feel that if we keep lower that there will be no way to properly inform voters.


Hall, important is that we need informed voters and people need to know who and why. However, feels that a lower limit will encourage students to go face to face and talk to voters. Those people that talk to people to get the votes are likely to keep in touch with their students.


Murali, this bill has been in the works for about a month now. Where has all this talk been this last month? We could have already discussed all this. Is against lowering $800. In the works that students can go beforehand to get reimbursement.


Johnson, is opposed to lowering it to $500 but feels that we should increase the matching instead. Does agree that are various ways to increase voter turnout. Blossom, UofM is $150 and for other institutions is that $300 or lower. Will support but is not against increasing matching.


Pelkie, feels we should go and talk to people and to get their thoughts, wants to see the number go down and to increase the match.


Jurovich, is a good compromise with $800, thinks if we reduce it will restrict the audience we can reach as well as lower the quality. Is in favor and can get more people to vote.


Killian moves to make executive to $500 and reimbursement to $250. Seconded.

Talked about that it might be better to spend the money on food instead of reimbursing those to spend money on food.


Halstad, feels that if it is pushed down that she would approve of it. Still has matching and does have less student fees and could still have less. Will approve of it being at this limit.


Elias, if this gets vetoed then it will just go back to the $1000 if not overruled.


Lyon, wanted to see matching but not a fan of the compromise. Wants it to go through.


Johnson, agrees with Lyon. Blossom, has heard that last year was an early year but felt it was a-typical. Important to remember that it is only in the bylaws and not permanent, can always adjust later if it doesn’t work.


Branch, Will be voting no on amend. And if this bill passes at $500/$250 will still support the bill.


Mulvaney, is in support of lowering it and that if we put this quote at $500 most won’t spend the majority of money on yard signs. This is good as they are rather wasteful. ASMSU should create neutral yard signs. Sees benefit of lowering and in support.


Jonson, voting against amendment but for motion.


In favor of amendment 10, oppose 8, amendment passes.


Lyon, Moves to previous question, Seconded. Passes.


Roll Call Vote: 16-2. Passes


New Business

Funding Requests

2018-Request-14 ASMSU Lobbyist

Motioned, Seconded.


Raising amount as it wasn’t budgeted for this year. We were in the past below industry standard, this will bring us back to standard and make us more competitive.


Roll-Call Vote:18-1 Approved


2018-request-15 The Summit

Motioned, Seconded.

Hall, the summit is in support of those to come and to support people about mental health as well as bring awareness. As a university we put a lot of money into physical health and this submit is a great opportunity to promote healthy mental health.


Branch, this is a reserve request, and this is a great new project that we can support.


Roll-Call Vote: 18-0, Approved



2018-R-24 2019 Legislature Priorities

Sponsors Murali Main, Co-Pelkie/Killian/Dalvit/Reinhardt/Elias

Moved, Seconded.


Murali, next week is hoping to vote on it. We can add as many amendments as we want but we just want to get it rolling at the start of next semester. If next semester we wouldn’t be able to vote on it till the 2nd-3rd week.


All In Favor.

First Reading.


Senate Announcements

Mulvaney, opportunity to fundraise for Montana's first ever dance marathon. Can contact him more information. Is fundraising for Shodair in Helena and would like to see a ASMSU team. Going to be a fun event for 8 hours.


Lyon, a guy building a gazebo and is looking for a buyer. About $2500.


Killian, working with letters and science, desks and tables are falling apart in the second story of L. Johnson. Has some people coming in next week to discuss. Has a Christmas concert coming up.


Johnson, the gazebo is great, and the department is always looking for projects.


Lizzy, the blue and gold ball was funded last year for this year. This event was started a while ago but died out. Was meant to be a tradition. So PACE really needs guidance to create a successful event. Meeting next Monday, 11:30am ASMSU office.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Horton.