Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325 November 16th, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Eastes, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Minutes Approved

Public Comment:

Chase Greenfield: Student Regent, oversee Montana University System. Advocate for you all. Please contact me at any time. I hope I can do this the most effective way possible in my short time left.

Braden Fitzgerald/Brenna Love: President and Vice President of U of M. Thank you for hosting. *Senator Introductions

Kim Obink: Director of extended University. History of the council, began in late 2009. Applied for the Carnegie Classification for Community engagement. Apply every 5 years. Second application beginning this year. About 15 seats on the council representing most of the university sectors. Primary initiative supporting seed grants. Hearing students talk about getting involved made for a more successful college experience. All of grants that have been awarded have included students in the programs. Thank you for considering this resolution.

Nick Johnson: Seed Grant Recipient, Leadership institute awarded on of these grants. Like to support and afford how important the outreach and engagement council is.

Bicycle pedestrian Coordinator: Met with downtown businesses and downtown, starting an RFI. Told by Bozeman downtown president that he will do whatever he can to get a bike share downtown.

Dani Hess: Employee of western transportation institute. Working on initiative to bring a moresustainable transportation institute for Bozeman. Improve streamline routes, bike share... support bike share initiative

Christen Black: Director of office of sustainability. Here to support bike initiative. Nice to see this bubble up organically.

Juel: Move to bring unfinished business 2017-R-20 before admin reports(seconded) Motion passes

Grover: Second Reading of 2017-R-20
Resolution to Protect the Financial Stability of Students of Higher Education

Killian: Move to approve(seconded)

Orr: Friendly Amendment“Jon”

Amendment passes
Jones: On line 30, “graduate students at MSU... taxes”

Juel: Only going to be accounting for graduate students as taxable income. I can check for undergraduates

Jones: Resolved in line 21, add “Senator” “Sen.” And remove “T”Roll Call Vote: 19-0 Resolution adopted

Juel: Move to pick up at admin reports(seconded) Blossom: Move to recognize Senator Eastes

Admin Reports:

Clifton: Monday through Wednesday at Regents, University Systems only facing 4.5 million cut instead of 44 million.

Lei: Of the 4.5 cut...?
Clifton: Students will not feel the anything. Deeper cuts made to some other agencies. Krone: Comment and thank for all of your hard work cut down.

Brough: Course of the last week been fairly proteinaceous. A difficult issue on a short time frame. Impressed with leadership that you showed and appreciate integrity. Just closed legal internship intern. If you happen to stay in Bozeman over break, we will be picking up some of our biggest work. Policy creating for the next decade or so. Game this weekend. In the public eye, make good choices.

McFeely: Echo what Marianne said about standing up and giving public comment. Undie Run looking for some volunteers, looking for 5 idealistically 10. 11:30am-12:15pm 406-471-5766 Strike out hunger starts at 10. Just got back from NACA. Got hypnotized. Some guy made a pancake of president Cruzado. Won two outstanding traditional event, and late-night event. Late night director being hired. Production director also being hired. Both current positions graduating. Looking for an elections director. Michael Holinger, director of Health and well- being. Doing a lot of great work, medical amnesty. Terry Bradly, diverse youth symposium to bring to MSU.

Blossom: Move to recognize Senator Abbot

Murray: Met with Terry and Michael, amazing. Very enthusiastic. Terry a critical part for program, no money to be taken out of the reserve. Starting budget meetings with all of the program directors. Reserve has been changed again, $613,000 again.

Killian: This week we had finance board, meeting and talking about 2017-R-12, will discuss UPD app in the future. Bidding process for who this app comes from.

Grover: Budget oversight committee met today. Roberts rules. Direct responses, getting prettyliberal. Friendly amendments aren’t really a thing.

Senate Reports:

Rehal: Leadership institute bringing Paul Farmer. Highly recommend going. 14 tickets for Senators. Contact Micah.

Heinrich: Please volunteer for Undie Run.

DuBeau: Because SAE is now no longer allowed for can the Griz. Moring of Cat/Griz need 10 volunteers to go around and collect food and money form 9-12.

ASMSU daycare working on rebranding, probably going to drop daycare and just have read preschool.

Killian: Sustainability Advisory council. Approved new application projects. Money Talks. Montana Energy.

Driscoll: Met with Bridget to talk about Procrastinator Theatre. Partnering with businesses and increase student and involvement.

Lei: How Bozeman film society advertises. Give free advertisements for businesses on campus and charge local business.

Driscoll: Instituting punch card.

Baird: Common Ground Applications extended. Blossom: Where are applications?
Terri: “”

Unfinished Business:

Grover: Second Reading of 2017-R-19
Resolution to Support the Establishment of On-Campus Bike Lanes

Eastes: Move to approve(seconded)

Eastes: Move to amend that the word “that” be placed after the resolved.
Drafted this sheet for more information for you, going to bring this to UFPUB, I am a

voting member of UFPUB
Orr: Public Comment advocating for the bike share?
Eastes: Miscommunication. Elise thought it was for the bike share. Rehal: Yield
In favor of moving forward with bike lanes as well.

Amendment Passes
Killian: In support for this. Going to UFPUB next in order tackle exactly ho to do this. Rehal: Assuming the results of student opinion. How was this conducted?
Online survey/ hard copies

Jones: Juel isn’t here, removed from sponsors list. Capitalize each letter after whereas, add acomma. Strike Matt Kyrus and Add David Kack, move president Cruzado to front of list (seconded)

Driscoll: Correct spelling of Marianne(seconded)

Jones: Add ASMSU logo, page number at bottom and resolution number(seconded)


Krone: Previous question(seconded)
Roll Call Vote: 19-0 Resolution Adopted

Grover: Second Reading of 2017-R-21
Support of Outreach and Engagement Council

Krone: Have we not supported council previously?

DuBeau: Very first meeting of the year, a council that students don’t really know about. A lot ofthe grants received come from Cruzado. Seed Grants available for people that need that opportunity. Give higher points to having student involvement. Just a formality that the council brought forth to me.

Just to recognize

Rehal: Move to approve(seconded)

Rehal: Line 15, “University” (seconded)Passes

DuBeau: Move to amend line 23, director of MSU leadership institute, “Carmen McSpadden”Logan, ASMSU exponent Editor-In-Chief(seconded)


Baird: Move to amendment line 20, change S in students to not bold. “Students apply... settings”(seconded)

Added Jones: Line 33

DuBeau: Quote from outreach and engagement councils mission statement.

Jones: Insert Semicolon after an, and after service, line 23/24 “Meaningful...lab,” strike “the aspect of” Move Cruzado and Logan before Clifton(seconded)

Driscoll: Just expressing support? Any plans for future?

DuBeau: Discussed using more social media and advertisement in exponent. Not necessarily ay more action on the legislative side.

Roll Call Vote: 19-0

Senate Announcements:

Killian: Lot of volunteering opportunities. Thank you for being here.
Jones: In 2014, a missing woman on vacation in Iceland, was part of her own search party. Swenson: Why do
you never see elephants hiding in trees? Because they’re so good at it.Abbot: Tabletop game club, event SUB Room 233 and 235 at 1pm.
Blossom: Reception at the exit gallery until 8.

Motion to adjourn by Senator Blossom at 7:09pm.