Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Room 235

November 1, 2018


Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

All Attending


Approval of Minutes

Motioned, Seconded


Public Comment

Tracey Elli, VP of Communications, notice about proposed naming to the board of regents on nov 15/16. Renaming of western lands and peoples. A widow is donating a million dollars and renaming after husband. There is a 14 day period for comment and passed out a paper with more details about the proposal.


Polli Clemens, Present of the Queers and Straights, discussing the conceal and carry on campus. LBGTQ are more at risk for harm and suicide. Doesn’t want firearms in residence halls and feels concealed carry should not be allowed on campus. AGAINST.


Alex, Computer engineer, is not a concealed carry holder. Feels it should be allowed on campus as it is our right. Concealed carry is a 24/7 commitment and should be taken seriously and is a high responsibility. There are high requirements to get one. He feels we should allow it as it can be on the positive side of a negative situation such as a shooter/robber. A concealed carry can allow those to protect others and can be the difference between life and death. Criminals will do as they please because they dont follow laws and allowing a concealed carry might deter them. As a law abiding citizen we should be allowed to conceal carry on campus and that there should be restrictions, including in residence halls. FOR.


Unknown, Agriculture Education Major, here to speak about the concealed carry. In montana there are an average of 6 guns in a household. Feels we should allow concealed carry on campus. At McDonalds there was a shooter and a concealed carry citizen shot the shooter down. Colorado, UC Boulder, allows concealed carry on campus, only those with a permit can carry on campus with some exceptions, including events. They do not permit weapons on campus and have storage with campus police. Wants concealed carry to be passed as it would allow people to protect themselves and provides the idea of safety. FOR.


Richard Wagner, people are under mass mental stress and are highest statically to be one of the most stressed in the state. AGAINST.


Andy Waldom, letter and science, montana is the top 3 in the states for suicide and is due to easy access to guns. Is highly against guns on campus. AGAINST.


Unknown, Engineering student, is a concealed carry citizen, he takes this responsibility seriously and is trained in active shooter situations. Can't carry if there is liquor license or has a sign. People who have a concealed carry are trained and understand the rules. There are instances where having a weapon (concealed carry) can save the majority of lives and due to our campuses size there is no way to judge the response time of help when it would be instant with a concealed carry. It could  make the difference between 1 life or 100 lives. FOR.


Indy, Arts, is worried about the minorities. Feels it will put more lives in danger and is against concealed carry. AGAINST.


Hannah Kit, letters and science, is worried about racial biased and concealed carry is more likely to be carried by white people. Wants us to check our white privilege and racial biased. Last fall she attempted suicide and is worried about people who might have suicidal thoughts and that guns on campus will make it easier for those struggling students. Feels we should solve conflict with words instead of possible weapons. AGAINST.


Nicholas, Letter and Science and Engineering, doesn’t support concealed carry on campus. If you feel the need to want a firearm then there are other bigger issues that need to be addressed. Owns two firearms himself and doesn’t want them on campus. It can put people at more risk regardless or training. In criminology, deterrence doesn’t typically work as most criminals will still proceed regardless. Handguns are the most used in crimes and makes guns more accessible. What is the purpose of having a campus police if students are here to protect. Wants to encourage senators to go out and talk to their students. AGAINST.


Draxton Brown, Health, Student Athlete. Is a registered conceal carry. Most of his points were already made and since this decision involves and effects everyone, he just asks that senators go out and talk to the students. Also suggests talking to professors as they chose to be here and might have a better insight. FOR.


Terri Bradley, Elementary Education, wants to focus on the resolution. Most effective methods of protection were running and hiding or attacking without a weapon. Most victims are less likely to report if weapons are involved. AGAINST.


Reading on behalf of a student, Jamie, letters and science. Spent most of their time spent talking to veterans, when asked on their opinion they responded that no one on campus will have enough experience or training. AGAINST.


Jamie’s view, loves their community and the school. Feels unsafe on campus as is and does not feel that addition of weapons is a comforting idea. Remembers the school shooting and knew someone that died in it, all because someone who had a gun. Does not feel we should risk our students mental health and their educations. AGAINST.


Unknown, engineering and RA, would like the opportunity to protect herself as we can’t control people. Would like to educate people about guns and to allow others the opportunity to protect themselves. Could have spray or knife but those are close range. Could increase hours for training to carry on campus, is against guns being allowed in resident halls. FOR.


Steven Miller, Engineering, strong supporter of concealed carry and most school or mass shootings are taken place at weapon or gun free zones. Holds that the should be trained, attend a shooting course, and have a permit. FOR.



Jamie Baird; Diversity and Inclusion Update

Here to serve all students and elevate the voice of diverse students. Passed out papers that include the mission and vision statements. Serves in a variety of councils, been helping these associations, and is coming up with better ways to celebrate these students. If you haven't added your pronouns feel free to contact Jamie with those. Will be hosting the Diversity Symposium in the spring, March 29,2019 sub ballroom. Safe Zone, November 29 at 4:30pm module one, is a way to educate/train students about the LBGTQ community.  LBGTQ history month was october and created a video series. Is here as a resource.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Holding a discussion table on the mall to address the issue, and suggest doing it next wednesday/thursday. Can advertise by put a flyer in the display case. Election date is next Tuesday(11/6). Needs people to help in the parking lot. 12-7 are doing dorm knocking. Mass is now hiring for their lobbyist. The strategic plan is up for next reading on wednesday.




Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

Tomorrow is the walk the vote, talks about the ballot issues, 11-1 sub 233. Next week, 7-8th Big Sky Youth and Empowerment want to come see why college is fun.  Looking for people to walk around and make college exciting. Lyla and Austin are taking the charge. The law school mixer is next wednesday and is business casual. 8th is a big day due to public comment. Veterans day, Nov 12th is off and wants to do something, 8th or 9th to say thanks.


Vice President - Lizzy Thompson

Potluck is tomorrow and can the griz is going on soon. Trivia is next week and we should have a senate team. Thanks to senates for reaching out to constituents as it is very important. Is willing to help with reaching out.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Stipend review is going to meet soon and is planning for training next year. Every year the safety and fire report is posted.


Chief Justice - Mac Gwinner

Special committee is meeting Sunday at 10am. 


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

For his resolution next week, will step down and Murali will chair until the vote is made.  Will tighten room due to public comment and lack of space. Please reach out and have table talks. Will move discussion to after public comment so they can hear the vote. Branch suggests moving presentations to first on the agenda.


Senate Speaker Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

There is a social media workshop, Nov 5 hosted by the Leadership Instutution. Funding board approved and denied some request.


Senate Reports

Schmitz, a new program started last year called footsteps, the goal is to increase student involvements.

Halstad, met with the consensual policy committee, needs to be updated. Setting up meetings for students to attend and are reaching out to a variety of offices and students to get higher student attendance. They are going to try to provide pizza as an assentive.



Unfinished Business


2018-B-13 Supreme Court Membership

Murali Moved, Seconded

Roll Call Vote: 19-0 Approved



Branch, in favor of the change to the bill. Especially with the high turnover rates. One misgiving, is Blossom to appoint as many justices in his term. Wants a mechanism put into place so he can put in one and next year one can be added. Chief Justice: Is stated in bylaw/constitution that the president must add justices with the intent to add diversity. If only one is added then there is only 6 and no way to break a tie, need the odd number.

Mulvaney, mainly echos senator Branch and it doesn’t bring any concerns to him about Blossom appointing justices.

Johnson, we still have the power to confirm the justices.

Abbot, could we make a sun rise clause. Could be a solution if there is a high concern.


2018-B-14 Article 2/Article 3 Bill

Schmitz Motioned, Seconded

Roll Call Vote: 19-0 Approved


New Business


2018-R-21 Supporting Concealed Carry on the MSU Campus


Senate Announcements

Horton, Service Saturday, had two this year and both went well.


Murali, don’t forget about the potluck.


Johnson, will put the link on the facebook page.


Halstad, science olympiad, need volunteers, will send out the link.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Murali.