Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 325

March 9, 2017


Minutes called to order at 6:03pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson


Roll Call: Benson, Bertolino, Campbell(excused), Clifton, Creed(unexcused), DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger, Hurst, Jenson, Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian, Kuehn(unexcused), O’Leary, Roback, Swenson(excused), Walker, Jones


Approval of the Minutes:


Kaminetzky: Motion to approve (seconded)


            Minutes approved


Public Comment:


Farmer: College of Engineering, think the climbing gym might be one of the most underrated elements on campus. Met a great group of people.


Benov: College of Engineering and employee of climbing wall. Seen many attempts at expanding the climbing wall. Seen people turn away because there are so many students , cannot accommodate. Previous climbing wall employee passed away in a climbing accident, means a lot to the student body to see this succeed.


Student: Have heard of  Kevin’s legacy and he is an amazing guy. Came to this school to climb and when I saw the climbing wall, I was a little underwhelmed. Love our small climbing community but we need more room to grow. Could have four credit classes and gym classes. Need more versatility.


Emma: College of Ag. Wrote a letter to ASMSU last year, “read letter aloud.” Climbing gym provides a place for students to try climbing as well as to meet the community that goes on these adventures.


Dylan: Been climbing for a year and a half. Started climbing and do it almost every day now. I am one that turn away at peak hours because I’ve seen people almost get landed on.


Conner: Currently an employee at Spire. Makes more sense for MSU to expand the climbing wall. The fact that the campus climbing gym has not expanded already is disappointing. Becoming a safety hazard.


  • 25 people supporting climbing gym


Joey: Wanted to come and talk about the SRFP. What is the turf field complex replacing with what is completely satisfactory? Is this the appropriate time to be imposing this increase because of tuition increases? Has outreach been deemed satisfactory on this project? Curious if this body has sat down with financial aid. Is this the best possible use of that amount of money. Club sports funding, climbing wall expansion, and turf field. Are these all separate things or are they mutually exclusive?


Eli: College of Art, support the climbing wall. I work at the Rec center, recently MSU was ranked number 1 with getting students into the outdoors. Rent climbing shoes and send people to the gym. See a lot of people coming in and renting equipment. People might not feel comfortable enough to go out and try this activity due to really good climbers in a small space.


Joey: College of engineering, been using the climbing gym. Gets insanely crowded. We really need a new climbing gym. I’m sure you heard this before. Injuries because of mats not large enough for body.


O’Leary: Encourage anyone who is here in support of the turf field please step forward.


Student of college of engineering, Have had great success with what we have but could greatly benefit the spirit of the west marching band.



Admin Reports:


Leach: This project was initially brought up 5 or 6 years ago by a rugby player, brought to some architecture students, and has been kicked around since. Should give the student body a period of time to input idea on. I do think that this is the correct time. Be able to play year round. Sports and any other organizations that would want to use it. Looking at the fee increase, there isn’t enough funding for clubs on campus. There isn’t enough money there. Going to do outreach to Greek life, clubs, have had good feedback. Our goal is to provide every student on campus with enough info to make the decision by election day. Should put this on the ballot for the students to decide themselves. We are selling this as a packaged deal.


Zoltek: Contracts for spring concerts moving forward. Giving Hurst a shootout for drafting the common hours policy change.


Leach: Athletics recently met to put out a plan. Engagement Studentship and Branding. What do the next 5 to 10 years look like? Potential budget cuts, tuition increase still very real. Gave a very detailed budget. Our lobby team of lobbyist still hard at work. Think about writing opinion pieces in your local paper.


Brough: Next door transportation master plan, worth a stop by. Picking up as a big issue in the coming year. 5 meetings left. Going to get real busy. Coming to the end of your time as a senator potentially. Did you accomplish what you wanted to do done? In those 5 weeks we have to approve a giant budget. Please talk to you liaisons. If you don’t know why your organization wants that money, you are doing them a disservice.


Cronk: Sent a budget out earlier this week, want to start a box, that always have an updated version that you can access.


O’Leary: I would prefer Google Drive.


Cronk: General format of budget. Format is request, executive, financial board and then senate. Met this weekend and changed some of the formatting. Might have some tweaks in the budget, going to  move some things around. Overall, didn’t change to much from the budget with the requests. From 2017-2018, 92% increase. Moved it to 42%. Cut Blue and Gold Ball, took some form the M photo… Added a vice president discretionary. President gets 1% of operation funds. Instead of having something in the bylaws having a fluctuating amount each year. Finance board meet Monday after spring break and week after. Keep meeting with your liaisons to  know what they want. Idea of the allocation of the budget pie chart. Descriptions and color changes?


Walker: Talk about the things that we are budgeting.


Hurst: A little dropdown with a description when clicked on the allocation.


Walker: We should add our logo.


O’Leary: Could they sort the label by size?


Johnson: Judicial page is going to get a facelift. Have a live elections dispute form tied to the elections page. Going to add disputes and minutes. Applications for two justice positions closed earlier today. Had 11 applicants. 2017-b-10 passed. Receiving some complains and issues. Please tread carefully when it comes to campaign questions.


Jones: Five meetings left. Five senators that have 2 unexcused absences. Sent in a last email where everyone is at regarding attendance. Once finance board sends recommendations. Any change in a line item requires two thirds vote of all present in the Senate. Keep aware. As we go into the last 5 weeks, just remember I am going to look at the format for resolutions. It is my job to help with amendments not to do the final edit and submit it as if I were you.


Senate Reports:


DeRudder: Classroom committee had a cool meeting. Priorities, AJM 238, Leon John 216. Going to get some updates. Want to get some feedback from students regarding what classrooms need updates for seating or technology.


O’Leary: Leadership institute went on a wonderful retreat. Different paths that the leadership institute could go down. A challenge after each large lecture? Compiling a list of complaints about the technology center on campus.


Falls Down: I apologize for walking in late. Introducing a new resolution, hoping to pass it tonight. Did set a date for the public reveal, April 12th,where we will be . Highly encourage all of you to go to the powwow, allow student groups to put up a group for free this year. If you do setup a booth, please donate something to the giveaway.



Unfinished Business:


Jones:  Second Reading 2017-R-06, Resolution to Support the Increase of Incoming Student Fees


Falls Down: Motion to approve(seconded)


Walker: What was the fee originally.


Falls Down: 65 and 50.


Grover: Add the word “by” to line 7.(seconded)

            Motion passes


DeRudder: Confused about wording if the fee is not approved.


Falls Down: Cut programs and or visitor parking.


DeRudder: Move to rephrase line 24. Insert “by cutting” (seconded)


            Motion Passes


Walker: Is the transfer student fee one time as well?


Falls Down: Yes


Bertolino: Move to amend “by others”(seconded)

            Motion Passes


Unanimous 15-0



Jones: Second Reading of 2017-R-07, ASMSU support for the Student Recreation Facilities Project


Killian: Motion to approve (seconded)

Motion to amend Line 25 page 2, add “resolved ASMSU senate borrowing funds…”

Hollinger: If we add that line, what if the contractors go over?

Leach: Contractors will give us play by play, so that doesn’t happen.

                          Amendment Passes

Killian: Line 28, Second page. Line 27 first page, “and now, therefore, be it resolved” (seconded)

                          Amendment Passes

Falls Down: Move to add “that” after every resolved.(seconded)

                          Amendment passes

Grover: Page 2, line 15 (seconded)

                          Amendment Passes

O’Leary: We are voting to increase the student fee by 3$?

Killian: A fee increase of 3$ and another student fee of $16.

Bertolino: Will this be a fee that is optional?

Leach: Fee is mandatory for full time students

DeRudder: Motion to strike the comma in  line 12

Walker: Creed and Keuhn stricken from the sponsor list due to not being present.

Bertolino: Can you make sure sources are on the final document.

Vote: Resolution Unanimously approved 15-0


Walker: Second Reading of 2017-R-08 Legislative Action

Bertolino: Move to approve(seconded)

Kaminetzky: For every whereas statement, take out the period, add semicolon and, (seconded)

                          Motion passes

Bertolino: Flip all semicolons with commas and vice versa(seconded)

                          Amendment approved

DeRudder: Motion to put a dollar sign in front of monetary amount and strike dollars, instate and out of state, second whereas statement, spell out the letter “8”, do not need colon on last whereas

O’Leary: Move to amend “under the MUS…” (seconded)

                          Amendment passes

Walker: Move to add “Montana Code Adapted” (seconded)

                          Amendment approved

Falls Down: Move to add “Montana House Appropriations Chair”

                          Amendment Passes

DeRudder: Final whereas statement, a “ incentive”

Bertolino: Move to strike the word “a positive” and add “an incentive”

                          Amendment Passes

Bertolino: Move to insert a comma after sports (seconded)

Bertolino: Move to strike “along with… general fund”

                          Amendment Passes

Walker: Apologize for all of the grammatical errors. Attempting to get this to our lobbyist as fast as possible.

Falls Down: Add a that after a comma in the  resolved statements(seconded)

                          Amendment passes

Bertolino: I will not be voting on this measure. A very well written resolution but I have has students families.

Hollinger: I might also abstain due to not being a Montana resident.


Falls Down: Want to add 2017-R-09 to Unfinished Business and wave the first reading(seconded)

                          Agenda amended


Falls Down: Reading of 2017-R-09 Resolution to Support the Student Fee Increase

O’Leary: Where could we get the list from line 4?

Falls Down: I don’t have the email but Marianne does.

Falls Down: I move to amend March 9th to February 23rd, 2017(seconded)

                          Amendment approved

Falls Down: After Finance adding “…”

Bertolino: Is there a reason why you haves stats but no facts?

Falls Down: I can add them in.

Vote of 15-0, Resolution approved


Bertolino: Five minute recess.

Motion fails


Falls Down: I nominate Senator Bertolino(seconded)


Bertolino: Second Reading of 2017-B-10

Falls Down: Motion to approve (seconded)

Kaminetzky: Line 24 page 7, “lowercase S” (seconded)

                          Motion approved

DeRudder: Move to page 3 line 29 “;”, page 2 line 4, “,” page 4 line 15 “two”, all of the sentences that contain numbers, spell them out(seconded)

                          Amendment passes

O’Leary: Taking out lines 11/12 on page three. Why? Oh, wait. I’m being an idiot. Never mind. Question resolved.

Bertolino: Move to not strike that from it.(seconded)

                          Amendment passes

DeRudder: If Senate Speaker Pro-Tempore, it says  he serves as a non-voting member, do we have to specify tie breakers?

O’Leary: I feel a specified amount of time should not have to be brought forth with the resolution. Move to strike (seconded)

                          Motion passes

O’Leary: I feel like having a special committee brought forth through a resolution is great, but I feel like a task force is still an important thing t do. Make the motion to add on page 1, line 10 “#6. Task force…” Add section “4-16 ASMSU task forces”

                          No second

                          Motion fails L

Bertolino: the reason we don’t define this, because it is very informal. Task force do not have specific rules.

DeRudder: Page 1 line 13, add a “two” page 3 line 10, “make the ; a .” (seconded)

                          Amendment approved

Falls Down: Move to strike and from line 30 on page 3, “;” instead of a period(seconded)

                          Amendment passes

Killian: Page 6 line 26,”the graduate” (seconded)

                          Amendment approved

Bertolino: Move to amend page three “,who”… (seconded)

                          Amendment passes

Bertolino: Add RSAF, insert recreational sports and fitness(seconded)

                          Amendment passes

Bill Passes: 15-0


Jones: Second Reading of 2017-B-11

Bertolino: Motion to approve(seconded)

Jones: Grover and DeRudder take up sponsorship of this bill.

DeRudder: Line 10,12, and 15 strike period, “;and”(seconded)

                          Amendment passes

Bertolino: Page 1 line19 “;”, page 2 line 1 “Senate” (seconded)

                          Amendment passes

DeRudder: Page 1, line 23 strike “,” add “;”(seconded)

                          Amendment Passes



Jones: Second Reading of 2017-B-12

Walker: Move to approve (seconded)



Senate Announcements:

No announcements


Motion to adjourn by Senator Falls Down at 8:37pm.