Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325
March 7, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker Pro Tempore, Scotty Earl Killian. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Baird, Blossom (excused), Driscoll, DuBeau, Grover (unexcused), Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Murali, Orr, Rehal (excused), Swenson (excused), Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Minutes Approved

Public Comment:

Zang: College of Engineering, Chemical Engineering. Attempting to throw a revival of the blue and gold ball. Purpose is to throw a party for students to hang out. Increase social interaction, budget between 1200 and 2000. Proper budget around 2500/3000. Looking for a sponsor today and going to file the application for supplemental funds tomorrow. Began planning beginning of February, asking for your aid. April 15th, SUB Ballroom A, 8:00pm Sunday night.

Leckie: Motivation?
Zang: Wanted a safe opportunity to go ask someone out and have a fun time.

Brough: Ballroom reservation, assistance in volunteers, financial guidance. Looking for about 200 peoples. Need money upfront in order to have this supported.

Krone: Willing to sit and discuss this with you after the meeting. Orr: Student interest in this?

Zang: Large interest in IFC meeting. Talked with engineering college, support over student and faculty.


Harrison Hall Remodel Project

Peterson: Project Manager in Campus Planning Design and Construction. Hospitality and Culinary Arts program have been looking for Culinary cooking space. Slit up into two projects.

This project offers a possibility to increase classroom square footage through a renovation. Approval to use another 1mill toward this project. Total project budge 2mill for first phase. Up to three classrooms at 40 student capacities. Possibility of a multi-purpose classroom as well. Just started schematic design. Classroom spaces available for fall of 2019. Rather than sprucing up some classroom or retrofit some other spaces, we have existing building on campus available for this phase. Registrar administered classrooms in this renovation. Feb 14th went to classroom committee, went to UFPUB, both unanimously approved this request. Hope you do the same. After ASMSU buy in, eventually go to board of regents. Trying to make May Board of Regents meeting by May.

Zang: Originally 2 million?

Peterson: Total budget 2 million, asking for 1 mill of that. Original 1 mill for blanket approval of fuds and allocated to this project. Trying to get into the 20 square feet per student frame.

Baird: Coming from nonresident students, fee raise?
Peterson: Taking from existing student fee funds.
Leckie: Extra million for just current scope?
Peterson: Yes. Scope 2 is for the culinary items on the agenda. Murali: Shutting down doors to the residence hall?

Peterson: All of this scope is within dining hall space. Working with Auxiliary Services for circulation flow. With design trying to coordinate the ins and outs.

Leckie: What percent of total pool is one million?

Peterson: A Laura Humburger question.

Brough: What other things would have been taken out of this fund?

Peterson: A student building fee fund over 200,000$, Haven’t done anything over 200k in awhile. Under 200k.

Brough: Same fund for SUB chiller?
Peterson: I believe so.
Leckie: Do we have access to the food from the hospitality and management? Peterson: Possibly. Similar to a capstone project, full scope of the meal planning. Orr: Would they pair with MSU catering? Modeled after U of M?

Peterson: Small program, partnership with Gallatin College. Question of how program is run: deans of program.

Admin Reports:

Good: Elections meeting went really well. Met with Jeff Bondy with ResLife, similar program to remediation services. Train with RAs and they will pay for it. Name something more creative than remediation services.

Brough: Executive recommendations, happened last week. Recommendations will go to finance board and then to you. Thank you for asking really good questions. Include in budgeting mentality, relationships part.
Regardless of what we think is going on, the perception is our constituency is important. Be aware of this. What can we do in order to help change this? Maybe we start asking some of these questions and have these conversations out loud.

Killian: Finance board went and began going over admin budgets. Ted will be chairing Finance board meeting. Senator of the Month, Noah Leckie. Reiterate, bylaws state electronics will not be used for non-meeting related material.

Senate Reports:

Wheeler: Working on the I-am Projects. April 5th from 11-1pm on the mall. Thought stickers would be cool.

Krone: I-am is?

Wheeler: Geneva saw a need for people to express their thoughts and opinions on campus.

Baird: KGLT had vinyl sale, said we were on par to break 4k. 50th year.

Kuehn: College of EHHD will be giving 1000$ to Thrive. Sent out a bunch of sponsorship emails today.

Krone: Do you need any bodies of help for process? Kuehn: Currently no.
Lei: Colleges currently offering funding?
Kuehn: Not sure.

Unfinished Business:

ASMSU 2018-B-03 Senate Dress Code

Killian: Add Krone and Kuehn for sponsor and cosponsor.
Lei: Committee of the whole: One of the writers is the current speaker.

Enters the committee of the whole.

Orr: Add something in there about ASMSU official apparel in the dress code.

Marsh: Montana Boy, we wear jeans. I don’t think that this is necessary. Address people directly.

Lei: Agree with Marsh on jeans. Montana business casual includes jeans. Don’t think this is abad idea. People have had this as a repeat problem. Hold people accountable for this.

Jones: Replace all four lines to hold up business casual. Saying speaker, gives a lot of power to the business. Cannot be overturned if this is in the bylaws.

DuBeau: I think dark wash jeans are fine. I think Brads amendment good, but how to go about it, is the question.

Baird: Don’t like dress code. Provides sense of elitism, and unapproachability. Feel better if it was something just stating business casual.

Murali: Agree with Jones. Could be resolved with talking to a person, personally.

Krone: Like Brad’s amendment. Business Casual or Montana Business Casual. Does this influence anything you discussed Jamie?

Baird: Worried more of at the discretion of the speaker.
Killian: In favor of putting in Montana Business Casual.
Lei: In support of some sort of dress code. Whose discretion do we enforce this? Good: No authority.
Killian: If it states directly all Senators would be in Montana Business Casual. Krone: Point of Montana Business Casual, change the intent?

Kuehn: In favor off amendment taking out all specifics.
Good: If want to make how Scotty says move to different section, to duties.

Heinrich: Giving line items to give a general sense.

Driscoll: If someone makes an appeal, having to bring this to senate, might be a slippery slope. Instead of giving examples of what not to do for dress code, give examples of what to wear.

Abbot: One thing might be wanted to add is “bare minimum.

Agree with Abbot. If move to Section 2, talked about with incoming Senators.

Krone: Recognize Senator Blossom.

Kuehn: Like the judicial council idea. Judicial council will have to change to get it in the right section.

Jones: Came in in favor of, now not. The more specific you get, the more it falls apart. If we are going to go to Judicial council, beyond separation of branches, defeats the purpose of having a dress code. Senators have already attended meeting in inappropriate attire.

Wheeler: All for people presenting themselves in business casual. Don’t believe that we will be showing up to meetings with inappropriate attire. Think the more complicated we make it, the more it gets mixed up.

Lei: I think that the judicial council is supposed to check the Senate. Separation of Branches. Krone: Vote to kill bill and rewrite soon.
Blossom: Way of writing as judicial, attending the meeting?

Marsh: Dress code is kind of petty an if we want to be an inclusive body. I could care less what someone is wearing if they are working hard. If you have a problem with someone, we need to tell them to their face.

Leckie: Like to encourage to kill the bill.

Jones: Don’t think that this should be placed in the Senator duties. If someone is in violation ofbylaws, should go to judicial council.

Heinrich: Not meant to be elitist. Need to present ourselves as young adults that care about what we are doing. Dressing casually gives us a demeaning reputation. Hold accountable to a certain level of professionalism.

Killian: Wrote this in response to conversations. This is about what we and this institution represents.

Kuehn: Take my name off as a cosponsor. Not comfortable with the way that the bill is right now.

Driscoll: Spinning our wheels as this point. Move to leave the committee of the whole.

Leaves Committee of the Whole

Kuehn’s name removed from bill. No sponsorASMSU 2018-B-03 dies on the table
Reserve Request

Lei: Art Park, Parking lot with art installment. 6 TVs and sound equipment. Play things for the university, and student projects. Be up around sky bridge and pay stations. Gives student film makers the ability to show work.

Krone: Outside of adding art to parking garage. Why parking garage chosen? Why not the SUB?

Lei: Great idea to use the SUB but college of arts and architecture has already been working with the parking garage. Part of a continuing effort.

Krone: Only concern about student traffic through garage. Make more sense to have it in higher traffic areas.

Lei: People producing films, give more general exposure.

Orr: Fantastic idea. Even is an older generation or faculty and staff more opportunity to see student work.

Kuehn: Security?

Lei: Cameras installed. Statistically, having noise in a parking garage make sit statistically safer. Going to be a hard thing to steal, going to be part of the wall.

Kuehn: Speakers similar to hallway or constant? Lei: Constant.

Juel: Dean Roy Smith, parking garage utilized for people viewing the school. Really cool since student focused.

Blossom: Any plan to protect TVs from rocks?
Lei: Parking services picked out spots, should be out of the way. Insured as well.

Leckie: Value a high ROE, by sponsoring it, we have some say with what goes on it. Different advertisements for various events.

Jones: Who’s paying for insurance.
Lei: Believe it comes with the TVs. ASMSU advertisements, placard saying sponsorship. DuBeau: Move to previous question.

Vote: 15 -1 request passes

New Business:

No New Business

Senate Announcements:

Heinrich: Going to work on new bill for dress code after spring break.
Killian: Jazz Concert, also working on resolution for nonresident building fees. March 29
th, Bozeman Monologues. Tickets for students under 5$.
Krone: In honor of Karl Swenson,

Why aren’t Koalas Considered Bears? They don’t meet the koala-fications. *ba dum tsk

Juel: A0II Pancake Fundraiser, 7$. Over by Roberts.

Motion to adjourn by Senator Abbot at 7:33pm.