Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Conference Room 325

March 30, 2017


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson


Roll Call: Benson (excused), Bertolino (excused), Campbell, Clifton, Creed, DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger, Hurst, Jenson, Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian, Kuehn, O’Leary, Roback, Swenson, Walker, Jones



Approval of the Minutes:


Johnson: I move to approve the minutes (seconded) Minutes approved


Public Comment:


No Public Comment





No Presentations



Admin Reports:


Leach: Michael Hollinger has been awarded Newman’s Civic. Two other awards, senator of the month is Conner o’ Leary; employee of the month, is Legal intern Emily Best. Sat down with Rob Watson with the public library on the topic of building a new high school.

Decision on bonds for school will go out in May has an Info session on student facility. Please attend if you can.

Brough: Congratulations on the rally. Senator Steve James will not be joining us. April fool’s joke by the janitors. Please turn inn funny awards for the student banquet to me. Program director jobs currently open. Go to the website. This is the time of the year where everything gets really busy and stressful. Please collect any materials that will help the


person coming you’re your seat if you are a senior or not running for reelection so the their learning curve can be rather quick. Think about what it is you wish you knew when you first became a senator.

Zoltek: At a conference last week on Hunger on university campuses. Working to address this issue. I’m graduating, so I will not be able to carry this torch, so if anyone is interested on carrying this torch, please let me know. I think Walker and Derek’s event went way better than expected. The “I am” project, thank you for approving that supplemental request. Concert that we have been planning all semester is under way, tickets are currently on sale. Had a WetLab meeting DUI event with MSU police, take place on the 27th. Going to have 10 students be a test group and others be observers. This partnership is because there is a gap between people and the police. This is a good way to bridge this gap. Banquet is on April 26th. Wednesday at 7pm.

Cronk: Have people apply for my position s well. I will not be reapplying. Finally time to get into the budgeting .The excel spreadsheets that I shared, we had a little issue with the finance board. To start off with,

Legal revenue- decided to budget for 2000 instead of 4000. Admin budget – NACA cost airfare 450 but budgeted for 500.

KGLT – fund drive revenue has gone from 140K to 169K, goal this year 190K but budget for 169K.

PACE- Blue and Gold Ball, finance board decided not to cut this event back into the spring Artists- Difference between C level and B level artists.

SPA – What does the fall debate entail? A reactive event. Whatever political event is happening.


Streamline Bus - Operations Cost – Seen at the bottom of the fund overview tab. 30,000 we help pay toward streamline services, but they also have a student fee for this. A little bit out of our hands this year, but maybe to change in the future.

Cronk: FY18 Budget - $1,038,696 Program expenses- $897,473 President Discretionary $10,387 VP Discretionary $3,000 Streamline operations $30,000 Supplemental $25,000


Reserve $70,610


Budgeting Timeline: If we have people come in that are part of the budget, ie. Charlie being here today, I say we open their budget first so that we can be respectful of their time. Budgets thus far, we have had the budget requests, executive recommendations, finance board recommendations, senate approve s the budget.

Johnson: Judicial council had two meetings. Paul and Roberts suspended from primaries due to non-compliance with posters. NO further action taken. Vote was 1 yes, 1 abs, 1 no.

Jones: New Business. Someone will need to move to open the budget and then whichever portion interested in. Any changes require a two thirds vote. My advice is not to approve anything but move to close. When all budgets have been approved, there will be a motion to approve the entire budget. Due to lack of experience, I recommend to not finalizing anything. Any of you who not you are not returning, please gather your information to pass onto the next senator to fill your seat.

Campbell: Budgeting can be long or short, it is really up to us. Will and I have done the best we can to help this run as smoothly as possible. Budget should be relatively polished by not. Please don’t nickel and dime the budget. Keep your eyes on the prize. We don’t need to ask a bunch of minute questions in senate. Today, unless it’s legal, we will not have a program director to ask. We can always ask the program directors outside of Senate.

Remember we can revisit these budgets as long as we don’t approve them. Wills recommended schedule is feasible. PACE for next week and Exhibits SCA, for the time after. The most updated budget came to us Monday evening.

Cronk: Might want to discuss a VP discretionary because it might require a bill.



Senate Reports:

Walker: College of Ag Spring Dance April 21st. Going to have a DJ with a bar and appetizers.

O’Leary: Working with someone for the ask us desk to try and put life and death phone numbers on the back of cat cards, ie. UPD, Voice Center.

Killian: Bozeman March for Science, April 10th. Saying that we support science based policies, non-politically affiliated. Sustainibilibash, 11-2pm. Want to staff a Senate booth 22nd and 21st.

DeRudder: School of Film, putting on a production, Student tickets 12$. Kaminetzky: Looked over requests, CFAC, given them smaller budgets.



Unfinished Business:


Jones: Second Reading of 2017-R-10 Campbell: Move to approve (seconded)

Campbell: Move to remove director of college of business and replaced with Walt Banzinger. Killian: What is approximately in terms of dollar amount? Should we define.

Campbell: Given an approximate amount. Jones: 1,015,000

DeRudder: Move to have the resolution say 2017-R-10 Hollinger: Coming out of this year or next year?

Campbell: It is coming out of a pool. Added to and taken out of when needed. O’Leary: Who identified these labs that need updated?

Campbell: I believe clarified in last week’s presentations.


O’Leary: Could we identify these labs in the resolution? Its pretty vague Campbell: I do not have these classroom numbers

Walker: I move that we change MSU president and MSU VP to ASMSU(seconded) Approved

Kuehn: Line 16, Associated Students of Montana State University 17-0-1

Motion Passes



New Business:


Campbell: Move to open FY2017 budget(seconded) Opened

Campbell: Move to open legal services budget(seconded)




Campbell: Move to close legal- withdrawn


Walker: I know there is the special events stuff budget increase. What for? Any specific ideas?


Charlie: A lot of preventative law measures. We feel a lot of the same things over and over again. Landlord tenant stuff. Started to do more outreach and events. Things take time. Like to keep this two way street open with students to lessen repeat issues.

O’Leary: Wondering if someone from finance board talk about taking away


Killian: Keeping at 10, to keep more universal for students. Wanted to make sure that this service is open to all students.

Charlie: Wanted to expand preventative law initiatives but didn’t want to ask for a lot of additional money.

Hollinger: DO you think 105$ is enough allocated for Law Day? Charlie: Been a pretty consistent amount over the years

Walker: I kind of like the tiered system. I believe if someone is in trouble they would use this program. I really liked the ideas and believe that this could truly help legal serves.

Campbell: Move to close legal (seconded) Legal Services Budget now closed


Campbell: Move to open admin(seconded) Motion passes

Killian: Making sure that Heidi’s job is continued. She does an awesome job. Haslach: What inspired the cut of the ASMSU holiday party/?


Cronk: With the ASMSU retreat budget increased, do something a bit more involved. Rafting trip perhaps.

O’Leary: Last year some senators took some money out of the supplemental in order to buy jackets. In this category of

Grover: Have been receiving the chronicle in our office. Is this budgeted for?


Brough: If you would like a print copy, would have to put it in the budget. Creed: I believe it would be a good thing to put back into the line item

Campbell: I don’t believe that this should be done at this meeting. Go and do some research, what is

Walker: Every other organization I am in, we throw our own money at a clothing item. Shows that we are invested.

Falls Down: Sponsorship and scholarships. Powwow moved back up, thank you finance board.


Killian: I believe that it should be added. 18$ per person, 431$ out of 1,000,000. Maybe a person does not have the excess money.

Campbell: I believe that the coats come with you after your time as a senator. Discussion should be made outside of Senate. Move to close the budget (seconded)

Motion Passes


Killian: Move to open Preschool budget (seconded) Preschool open

Hurst: Point of Personal Privilege


Hollinger: Decrease in budget for food. Decrease in quality or quantity?


Brough: Looked at the waste and holiday food spending. Recalculated budget. NO children will go hungry or decreased quality in food.

DeRudder: Curious about line 86.


Campbell: A better understanding of the inventory of toys. A better understanding of how many they have versus how many they need.

Campbell: Move to close preschool (seconded) Preschool budget is now closed

Campbell: Move to open KGLT


Campbell: Did not change it as much. Ellen kills it. If Donald Trump gets his way KGLT will be in a tight spot in two years. They do a great job in spending their money

Falls Down: Why the decrease of dues?


Campbell: We asked someone what they were for and no one got back to us, so recalculated


Campbell: move to close KGLT budget (seconded) Closed

Campbell: Should discuss VP discretionary funds.


Johnson: It makes sense to me that if we want VP to get things done, either add a discretionary or change the bylaws to reflect president and VP

Walker: Should make more of a unified account. Would make more sense to change the bylaws. Campbell: Move to strike VP discretionary

Killian: We should not strike VP discretionary until a bill is on the table


Hurst: Where in our by-laws does it say that any spending from this account need to be approved by the president? Should be clarified to be used by the executive team officially.

Campbell: Could at least state in the bylaws, that it is to be used by the vice president and the president.

Kaminetzky: VP Zoltek isn’t here to defend her position. Walker: Move to postpone indefinitely (seconded) Motion Passes

Campbell: Move to open elections (seconded) Motion fails

Falls Down: Move to open the Arts and Exhibits budget (seconded) Opened

Campbell: Changed literally nothing


DeRudder: Vote yes. Melissa is really good at putting together their budget.


Campbell: Senate 2 years ago tried to get rid of arts and exhibits. Move to close this budget (seconded)

Budget closed



Falls Down: Move to open Procrastinator (seconded) Opened


Killian: Sundance film festival taken out of budget. Director said that it is not necessary. O’Leary: Event to put on at the Procrastinator. Secret.

Motion passes, procrastinator closed


Walker: I move that we open student political action. (seconded) Opened

Campbell: I’m trying to remember what we cut. Requested 631, cut to 501. Swenson: Excel error Cronk: fixed

Hollinger: Did they get rid of the lobbyist?


Campbell: On non-legislative years, we do not budget for a lobbyist. Kaminetzky: Move to closed SPA(seconded)



Killian: Move to close the budget


Cronk: Should I encourage all directors to come?


Campbell: We can get through PACE and late night next week. Motion passes, FY2018 Budget closed


Senate Announcements:


Campbell: Sunday, last band concert of the year.Will feature all of the pieces we have played.

Features elk calls and bird sounds. 3pm and it is free.

Killian: Another concert, Jazz band concert, April 12th. Walker: General elections soon, encourage students to vote.

DeRudder: Cheever tiny gallery, personal vision contest. Still going to be up tomorrow. April 3rdthorugh 7th. MSu Bozeman graduate art studios on Lincoln.

Falls Down: Garret Levi and I talked to state legislators.



Falls Down at 7:50pm