Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 325

March 23, 2017


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson


Roll Call: Benson (excused), Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton, Creed, DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger (unexcused), Hurst, Jensen(excused), Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian(excused), Kuehn, O’Leary(excused), Roback, Swenson, Walker(excused).


Approval of the Minutes:


Kaminetzky: Move to approve (seconded)


            Minutes approved


Public Comment:


            No public




Banzlinger: With me is Randy Stevens, school architect. Overview is that over the past 6 years, the classroom committee has been working on modernizing the classrooms around  campus. Last summer Randy and a team and identified for 80 instructional classrooms Totaled about a million. Gaines hall, labs (6 labs) - new countertops and additional storage (ie. Lockable cabinets).


Bertolino: I would caution the addition of more cabinets, rooms already crammed.


B:  Linfield 120 – meat cutting lab, lighting. Lewis 107, improve stations and make it more functional.  Cobleigh 602 and 620, furniture upgrades and equipment. Lewis Hall 401, letters and science. Want to stretch the million as far as we can. Upgrade as many classrooms as possible. ASMSU needs to endorse this before it goes to the president. Do have an architect on team. Funding is following up because it is an important project.


Admin Reports:


Brough: Tomorrow, the regent is coming to MSU for a robust table chats. Student fees are facing a regents vote that is no favorable for us. He comes from the private sector. Want to be prepared with questions, Friday 1pm. Graduation cords, if you are graduating, we have some blue and gold cords that you can wear. Mass funding applications for clubs, we have 73,000 dollars, we run out fast. Head of clubs, send out apps. KGLT fun drive, needs volunteers. In national politics, president considering cutting CBS, KGLT is majorly funded through this organization. Got a whole year and a half before this might be a crisis. Daycare interviews begin at the  end of this month. Plan for daycare help and support continues. Banquet is April 26th. Going out of town tomorrow morning will be back next Thursday.




            Zoltek: At a conference in Ohio. If you are running for reelection, get your face out there. There will be free stickers at upcoming events.


            Cronk: Finance board continued to look at funding request. Thanks to the help of Matt I was able to share the most current version of the budget through excel. Finance board recommendations didn’t have any major changes. Next week I will have a short budgeting presentations. Supplemental request tonight, still have a lot left over.


            Campbell: Move to introduce this resolution tonight via email. Finance board, through all of the classified programs and PACE, should be done by Monday. I have been taking minutes for the past finance board meetings, so you will have access to those. Please take a look at these before Senate.




            Johnson: *video message*


            Jones: Four meeting left and an entire budget to go through. Please understand as liaisons why your programs are asking for the money they are doing. Used to have all of Senate meet on a Saturday and go through all of the budget, 10-15 hours total. Received a few questions about how budgeting works. Anyone can make a motion to open a category of the budget, ask questions, motion amendments (all to be passed as a two thirds majority), ask around before the meeting so it speeds up the meeting and make it less awkward. To close the budget is another majority vote. Happens for all 10 budgets. Come prepared. As for elections, this year is the most involved year so far. Any help to increase voter turnout would be great.


Senate Reports:


            Falls Down: Recognize senator DeRudder. Diversity statement on display so that student and faculty can come and read the diversity statement and give feedback. Powwow is going to be awesome.. Have quite a few students, need more students to volunteer. If any local businesses want to. Rapid response team had house bill 609, had lobbyist speak against it.


            Swenson: Parking and Transportation advisory committee, brought up parking shoulder and it was approved so it moves forward in the fee process. During the day, the shoulder tomes, before parking is free, adding another options. Additions to Graff street going to be made this summer. The eventual plan is to have Graff connect to south 11th. Summer maintenance on the parking lots, sealant and filling potholes, new residence hall on the horizon.


            Kaminetzky: Talking about diversity goals for 2019. Three decided on, assessment of learning, outcomes and students.



Unfinished Business:


Campbell: Move to add Resolution 9 after fee request(seconded)

            Motion passes


ASMSU 2017-B-07


            Bertolino: Move to refer to committee appointed by chair including Kaminetzky to discuss and report back on April 3rd.

            Motion passes



New Business:


Jones: Funding request by Zoltek for Spirit program


Campbell: Geneva is working on an “I am” campaign.


Falls Down: Give out t-shirts and sharpies for people to write whatever they want without being offensive.


Campbell: No concerns whatsoever from finance board.


            Roll Call Vote: 14-0, Request passes.


Jones: 2017-R-09 Affirmation of the Support for Student Building Fee Request – Instructional Lab Improvement, first reading


Creed: Move to appeal an absence decision (seconded)

            Motion passes, absence excused



Senate Announcements:


Creed: Using discretionary fund, bought pizzas and going to give out pizza to people who go to the game.



Motion to adjourn by Senate Speaker Pro Tempore at 6:54pm.