Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325
March 22, 2018

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones(unexcused), Juel, Krone, Killian, Kuehn(excused), Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Murali, Orr(unexcused), Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.


Minutes Approved

Public Comment:

Bradley; Diversity Symposium Schedule being sent around. Annual American Indian Council PowWow, free, love for you to attend. This year selling traditional food through the food truck on campus.

Austin: Finance board approved the supplemental request for the lavender celebration put on by the diversity and inclusions student commons. Wonderful experience, being able to present cordsat last year’s ceremony. Endorse this request tonight.

KGLT presentation to agenda after New Dining Hall Presentation and the Club Funding Request after the Nursing Student Appointment


New Dining Hall

Kosevich: New Dining Hall named Rendezvous, picture slideshow. New coffee station that will have a coffee station access to the outside. Fresh pastries and coffee (111) available for thosewho don’t have access to the dining hall. Has both outside seating upstairs and downstairs. Onlyreusable mugs at that coffee station. Can buy a mug or bring your own mug (direct people to Sola or brewed awakening) being as sustainable as possible. Looking for your support and backing as a body. No other college/ university is doing this.

Clifton: Think this is amazing, full support. Idea: College of Arts and Architecture is partnering with Storm Castle utilizing student creations in house. Student could create ceramic mugs that people could purchase.

Kosevich: Don’t want to try and “scam” people into buying our mugs. If student driven, better chance for success.

Juel: Refill sizes?
Killian: Return Spot for these mugs?

Going towards more sustainable future. Got rid of trays and disposable dishware and cutlery. This would be the next step. Once this is open, due to being new, this is the way that it is always going to be. If someone is really opposed to

Leckie: How will it be evaluated going thorough? Way points going forward? Not thought about with major goals. Maybe looking at sales.
Leckie: Rental almost? Will you be selling energy drinks?
Baird: Awesome initiative and thank you for the cookies.


King-Rodgers: Volunteers needed for the Fun Drive (April 1st through 14th). KGLT celebrating our 50th year. Train volunteers to become DJs and apprentice, 9 weeks. During the school year, half of 85 DJs are students, and during the summer we get subs. Nonpolitical and educational and share community with Helena (New-18% of fun drive), Livingston, Mammoth Hot springs. Ended last year at 197.5K, sign of loyalty to the station to pay pledges to the station. Spend 330K, bring in 308K, asking for 22K. 79% of operations budget is salaries. 69K is for other expenditures. Growth comes from grant (brining on new talent, equipment). Friends of KGLT, promised to give at least 7k per year, will be used as raises for three of the employees. Risk congress has been presented with reducing money allocated to public radio and television budget. Everyone leaning toward sustainable living (once a month donation, ongoing). Going to have to make more money, for growth. Trying to hoard new signals and other things for this continued growth. Went through an auditing procedure recently (posted on the website).

Abbot: No budget for work study?

King-Rodgers: If can use a work study that makes sense, will take advantage of. Business ormusic technology background, need to be very, very careful with selection. Can’t be sure thatthis s always going to work.

Leckie: Do drives replace advertising in general?

King-Rodgers: We create the advertising. Enterprise, pioneer, IR in Big Timber, promote on our own station. Ask DJs that have been affected by KGLT and bring the back. Underwriting sponsor programs. Limit to informing due to the no call-to-action rule.

Legal Services

Cromwell: First time we have had the entire team together. Shannon- prosecutor in Glendive 7 years, Bozeman for 3 years. Layla, both associate attorney. Allison and Wyatt, legal interns.
On Campus legal services, 30-minute legal advice and services appointments. Majority of cases solved within this time frame. MIPs the most common this year, student groups and tax issues also a new one. We do limited-scope representation.

Successes and “War Stories” Interlude
Charges dropped for Sigma Chi, not appropriate to cite students for other people’saction. Ramification to charges were grossly exacerbated.
Landlord/ Tenant issues, recently closed a case with landlord tenant and credit score crash
Student Groups that exist as nonprofits, addressing student organization concerns. Little nonprofits how to acknowledge as tax-exempt.

Allison helped planned law school mixer, WetLab and now, Law Day. Wetlab video son to be available.

Special Projects: DUI Wetlab, collaboration between law enforcement, and legal services. Presented to international students, given information about insurance, driver’s license aspreemptive measures. MIP survey and how that is affecting their drinking habits. MontPerg with landlord tenant issues coming into fruition.

Here as an organization to try and help keep these thigs from happening. New Software in order for those to make appointments and pay fees. Seen over 300 student clients already, double that of last year. On track to see over 400 clients this year. Half of those were able to be resolved during that time. Proposal is a 2x increase for the line item, paralleled with the growth we have seen. Add tiered fees for limited services (make up some of this margin and cost increases). Possibility of a payment plan or a waiver for full representation.

Blossom: Average full scope cases?

Cromwell: 10

Murray: What do you attribute all of that growth to?

Cromwell: Law change (qualification for public defender, theft and public nuisance), MIP policy (in the past that were just warnings).

Heinrich: If just a follow up email or phone call would there be a charge?Cromwell: I wouldn’t want to.
Layla: Students will be more invested in an experience that they have paid for.

Cromwell: There is a difference. If they are not paying for legal services people will take this for granted.

ASMSU Admin Budget

Brough: Administrative work. Some of the mandatory things that we cant change. Themes: Salaries and stipends updated to respond to work and cost of living.

Professional development and training.
Sponsorship lines and partnership, put voice behind.
2018-2019 huge political year, board of regents, local elections, mill levy (highly contestant).

Staff Payroll: $241,766(2% decrease from last year), (try to pay staff 80cents of the national average). Allocate money and then is approved by HR. Increases covered due to services shared like accounting decrease in spending. Going from MSUs current 0.60 on the dollar to MSUs goal (0.8).

Killian: Why aren’t we going to MSUs goal?

Brough: Can’t give a raise of over 12% without going it o the board of regents. Not advantages.Better to do in 2 steps.
Summer project pay (25% decrease, still have a buffer)
Training: $3000 each for 2 conferences

Office Supplies: Plant tree for student memorial in Gallatin Valley forest
Capital: Replacing computers and upgrading, Formstack, IT operating systems
ASMSU Retreat: Venue, Food and Supplies
Student Government Training: Executive, Senate and PD Training
Sponsorships: PowWow, International Food Bazarre, Veteran Appreciation, Day of Student

Recognition, OSE Student Organizational Leadership Conference Executive Travel: due to highly political year
Holiday Party and Food/Beverages and End of Year Banquet
Student Need Assessment: Office of Planning and analysis

Student Payroll: Stipend portion (haven’t been adjusted in the past 10 years, Bozeman is now adifferent place). Stipend committee meets every other year, can change this so that the analysis will occur every year rather than every other).
Potential for business manager associate. Proposal for executive associate
chief of staff-esque.

Overhead: Merchant fees and dues, Postage...

Murray: Finance board has looked at admin budget, lowered all to base salary with exception to business manager.

Leckie: Winter Party last year?
Brough: President discretionary and I believe a senator.

Admin Reports:

Clifton: Presentation on medical amnesty to RHA, approved unanimously. Planning groundbreaking ceremony for the turf field. April 12th tentative.

McFeely: Diversity Symposium next week. Tuesday Star Wars trivia night starts at 6pm. Wednesday starts the art market, 28 entries. Working on transitional protocol.

Good: First elections next week in the SUB at 6pm. Mac helped resolve a dispute with Caires. Mac scheduled for programming, training scheduled for August.

Brough: As finance board draws to a close, going to begin schedule table chats.

Murray: Finance board:
Approved, KGLT, Legal Services, Preschool

Almost approved: Admin, A&E, Elections, SPA
Haven’t Looked At: Latenight, Pro, PACE, Health and Wellbeing, Diversity, SenateDiscretionary.
Activity Fee: University forecasted an increase in student fees, board
of regents didn’tapprove the increase, about 40k less than what we budgeted for.

Option 1: Budget the budget For programs, so far:

Budgeted: Only used 53% of what budgeted for. Revenue:66% of what budgeted for.

Option 2: Use money from reserve to cover debts.

Killian: Currently going over mass funding. April 15th and April 18th. RSVP for Cruzado dinner. Marketing came and presented budget. Needs to be a bill making SEGA its own program.

Grover: Budget oversight committee next week. Next 4 meetings going to be long ones.

Senate Announcements:

Baird: Lavender Celebration. Stoked that the funding was approved. Might see in email, 600$ was cut from the food. Jen is going to pay the difference to help cut down spending. Links found to sign ups and nominate people for leadership at msu/diversity.

Lei: Stress potato rant and presidential accusation Clifton: Denial

Wheeler: April 5th, 11am-1pm I am project

New Business:

Blossom: Move for a 5-minute recess Reconvene at 8:26pm

Nursing Senator Appointment

Heinrich: Move for brief introduction, 4 predetermined question, and minute long closing statement.

Swenson: 1. What do you plan to accomplish with the rest of the semester with ASMSU? Heinrich: 2. Do you have any experience in financing or budgeting?

Blossom: Don’t know if that is the most relevant question. Would rather use question todetermine something else.

Lei: Question more about ASMSUs budgeting process. Need them to be ready coming in. 2. Are you familiar with ASMSUs budgeting process and what can you bring to it?

Rehal: 3. How do you handle stress or conflict?
Krone: Second?
Leckie: Like this question
Abbot: 3. What strategies do you use to resolve conflict? Leckie: in the budgeting process?

3. What strategies would you use to resolve conflict in the budgeting process? 4. How will you represent your constituents?


1.What do you plan to accomplish with the rest of the semester with ASMSU?
2. Are you familiar with ASMSUs budgeting process and what can you bring to it?

3. What strategies would you use to resolve conflict in the budgeting process?

4. How will you represent your constituents?

Applicant 1:

Julia Wellham

Goal as a senator is to increase student engagement within college, often times students now what they want but are not aware of the resources available.

  1. Finances one of main goals, connecting with students and raise awareness of

  2. Not familiar with specifics, in charge of handling, adaptable to this scenario

  3. Every circumstance is difference: based on relationships with people, find root issue and

    address this

  4. Strong leadership traits, being able to connect well with people, along with current

    relationships will allow be to put forth my best.

Personal definition Lend a voice to people, inspire and empower, push my constituent’s ideas

Applicant 2:

Anna Jurovich
Worked at the front desk, knows the ins and outs of ASMSU

  1. Get a better understanding of what senate does. Help out the programs we put on.

  2. Attend a finance board meeting, seen the breakdown. Familiar with brackets and


  3. Trying to understand where each person is coming from, try to have others see each

    other’s side

  4. Represent my constituents, being involved, attending senate, attend nursing board

    association meetings.

Love everything OSE puts on. The more students get involved, the better they do.


Killian: Both candidate very qualified. Anna’s experience in the office will be very helpful.

Blossom: Two months ago, a much harder decision. Now Anna’s experience helpful.

Rehal: Just because the person knows the ins and out, doesn’t mean that they are the bestcandidate.

Ballot Vote:
Wellham: 3 Jurovich: 13

Club Funding Appointment:

Grover: Ask for unanimous consent to consider two applications for board appointments. Ian Bechtel, present

Baird: Move to give all present candidates to state why they are interested in this position followed by one predetermined question.

1. What are your specific plans for the club finance board position at large? Bechtel: Studying coaching and sports science.

1. Work within staff right now. Have finger on the pulse of club sports and intermural. See how tier system works and oversights I would like to address.

Blossom: Grad student, as a body we represent graduate and nontraditional students. Great to increase demographic representation.

Killian: More interested in changing things, can’t make biased choices on funding. Have to gobased off of applications.

Driscoll: Do you think that he knows about that? Killian: Might just be a miscommunication. Heinrich: Move to approve

2018 Supplemental Request 05, Lavender Celebration

Roll Call Vote: 17-0

2018 Supplemental Request 07, I am Project

Roll Call Vote: 17-0

Juel: Move to add Harrison Hall renovation to new business
Grover: First reading of 2018-R-XX Harrison Hall Remodel Project Fund Request Juel: Move to bypass second reading.

Save us time next meeting. Can’t go ahead on this project until we approve.

Not a 2/3 majority
Move to suspend the rules to allow Senator Jurovich to serve as both a Senator and a desk clerk.

Senate Announcements:

Baird: Lavender celebration open to allies as well. Organized the Tampon drive, going to start on Monday. Accepting donations. Been really careful with language for tampon drive. There arepeople who aren’t women that need access to menstrual products. Using wrong pronouns recently and I would like to ask people to please be respectful.

Juel: Bounty of the Bridgers, fresh garden supplies. Have a plot this summer for gardening. Killian: MSU Jazz Band performing at the Emerson. I will sadly miss the last Senate meeting.

Driscoll: This Thursday Bozeman Monologue, 7pm at the Emerson. All of proceeds go directly to the survivor fund. Come support Terry.

Swenson: Did you know the first French fries were not actually cooked in France? They were cooked in Greece.

Senator Driscoll motion to adjourn at 9:14pm.