Montana State University
Associated Students of MSU Senate
SUB Conference Room 325
March 2, 2017
Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.
Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson
Roll Call:
Approval of the Minutes:
Kaminetzky: Motion to approve (seconded)
Minutes approved for last week’s meeting
Public Comment:
Rojal: Student associate for the MSU Leadership institute. Two upcoming events, 7:30pm Monday March 27th. Gender Equality and You, conference, goal to build communities that are sensitive to all genders Saturday March 25th. If interested, please fill ot the fliers and return to Amber.
Mercer: Senor philosophy major. Been involved in Jazz band for 5 years. Lack of funds in college of music, not given enough funds for. Consider a brief comparison of the college of music and that of the athletic program. &3 per year for athletic fee, include some diversity in the fee. Upon registration, let students decide whether their money goes to athletics of the college of music. If this is nota proposal that works, please get inn touch with me regarding.
Campbell: There has been a discussion about the school of music and a student fee. What did Lee say about an option?
Mercer: I feel like I should have the choice on where this money goes.
Campbell: Probably going to be dangerous for this body to pursue this direction. Not as easy as it sounds. If not to athletics, why not give this money to some other programs. What Senate has talked about in support of the College of Arts and Architecture, is adding an additional student fee. Difficult for this to happen at this point given the things that are happening in legislature at this time.
Sustainability Director: Next week march 9th, open house to discuss transportation master plan, done in partnership with the city of Bozeman, 5-7pm. Please stop in if you can. Sub 233.
Sports and Recreation:
Steve Erickson: Outdoor recreation coordinator has left us, but we have hired a new person. Outdoor recreation has been on this campus for a very long time. Products and Services, coordinating outings in multiple disciplines. 13,000 patrons transactions for goods and services for FY16. Budget priorities, investment in additional position-assistant director, continue to build capitol reserve. Additional vehicles, ACT classes Cavaness Outdoor program scholarship and additional storage.
Brough: When does Tye get here?
Erickson: May 1st.
Recreation Sports and Fitness:
Erickson: Haley and Joe sit on this board as liaisons. RSF Programming units Group fitness personal fitness services. ACT classes, instructional programs. Our mission ASMSU Recreational Sports and Fitness, min goal is to engage students. Last few years, taken on ACT, club sports, outdoor programs, summer camp. Will be asking for a dollar. 23.32/s/sem. students employed about 150. Instructors and trainers 50+, 3-4k people come through the gate per day fall/spring. A lot of cleaning with so many people coming through the gates. Remodeled and had the addition,
FYE 2017
Student payroll 315k, Instructors and trainers 138k, Full time staff 487k, Equipment and other purchases 383k,
Revenue: Intramural Fee 602k, Program revenue 255k, Locker and Membership 453k, Indirect student fees 52k, ACT overhead 40k,
More coming in, than going out. Cameras in the facility, students get things stolen and there is not enough evidence to bring people forward. Not a monitored system, but for police priority. Anything else goes into the reserve.
Student Political Action:
Noah Marion: Goal to engage MSU students on current and relevant political issues. Will not have a legislative session next year, taken out of labor cost, want to keep the director position in order to keep students engaged in politics: Total Local Government Engagement, Fall Debate- students seeing relevant civil debate, Good Neighbor Committee Bags – not planning on continuing, Student trip to Helena- will not be in session next year but good for students to see historical aspects, What Now?
Events- political engagement events, whoever is planning these events at the time has the ability to determine what is discussion in the presentation.
Cronk: Going to give you a pretty broad overview, combined budgets
O’Leary: How are you planning on keeping the what now events unbiased?
Marion: Have a speaker s\from each side of the political spectrum.
O’Leary: Speakers are going to be professors or students?
Marion: A variety of speakers, more diverse viewpoints from the community.
Hollinger: Venue?
Marion: Issue dependent. Working with the design team to come up with an icon. Create an element of branding
Zen: Combining budgets this year. Diving into the MSU debut video. First operation of the flierz is the contact info and the second is the PACE report for the Fall 2016-Spring2017.
PACE Revenue:
MSU Debut:
Large concerts, not trying to profit off the students but there will be tomes where we are making money but going to give that right back to the students,
First Events:
Catapalooza: freshman excited but scared, what is the first event that I will be attending really excited to interview students and get data from them. What is the return on investment, want to make sure we are reaching the student s and maximizing potential. I expect student to be used fully over 4 years, great way for students to find clubs, and even jobs, want this to be a fun.
Legend of the Bobcat: Some of these events are very broad, carnival games, 9,369$
Subtacular, Freshman Class M photo, the only time you will be in a group with your whole class, this event is really cool , t-shirts will be distributed to every student that goes to the M photo, 16,900, Ask Us desk and first day of school photos, giving out coffee and donuts to the students wishing luck.\
Convocation Pre-Party: Way for students to get excited before convocation. How can we get students to get close to this?
Kick-off Tailgate: Total at 3000
Hot springs trip: Bozeman Hot Springs, providing free shuttles and free tickets for first 800 students, 3640$ total
Campbell: Do we have to pay for the t-shirts this year?
Zen: Chelsea took the lead on this. Answer is partially. Really hard to put it into a specific line item.
Chelsea: last year in the budget, applied for a one time only funding, doesn’t come available every year, requested state funding 50, 000$ this year.
Brough: Important thing is with current state funding we don’t want to have programs that we really love but don’t have the funding for this event
Chelsea: PACE board and campus, MSU debut has made this large student turnout possible
Allison: Homecoming week is full of events, begin with decorating contest, barbeque, bonfire and them the parade, engage alumni students and faculty, budget request total: 5000$,
SUB PUB: Budget request total: 4944$, been a great event with consistent turnout, four events total, 800 total in prizes, need CMS security because PLONK! Is there,
Comedian events budgeting totals $10,102
Met Pete Lea at NACA, that guy would kill it at MSU, turned out that he had friends in Bozeman,
Cat Kick Off Party: budget request totaling: $2650, their version of an indoor tailgate, came up with a plan to engage more students,
Outreach Event: budgeting total: $2300, hold an ice cream social, give out t-shirts,
Undie Run: 200$ for the permits and markers
Blue and Gold Ball: budgeting request totaling: $4770, selling ticket a the event for philanthropy, all of the revenue donated to a local charity
Hypnotist: budgeting request totaling: 4750$, hypnotist is already in the area, give u a discount if within a certain distance from MSU-B
Zen: Spring Concert: budget request totaling $92,920.
O’Leary: Wondering about the wristbands?
Zen: Want to keep this as fluid as possible. Students do not like to see the ticket scanners. Will have a will call for a wristband. Hoping to have a sponsorship.
O’Leary: For the artist, you are bumping it up by 23,000? What artist are we getting for 60,000?
Zen: Need to keep in mind what our constituents want. DO base it a lot on the artist but marketing it as a spring festival.
Hollinger: How much would it cost to bring in an artist like the Chainsmokers?
Zen: A lot. The cost would just be too high.
Hollinger: Does the money that we make from this year go to next year.
Cronk: If this really is a successful concert, could be rolled into a pace reserve.
10$ for students, 20 for the general public.
Annual Events; budget requests 6500$,
125th Anniversary: Budget request totaling 6000$
Engagement Ambassadors: total 2200$, all hold office hours weekly
Campbell: I move to add 5 minutes to the presentation (seconded)
Motion passes
Zen: Marketing 30500$
Overhead: 2045$
Admin Reports:
Cronk: PACE budget, top right corner where funds have been allocated in the past, budgets work so much together but there is so much overlap, big things coming up are exec recommendations, finance board meeting on Monday. Two weeks after spring break budgets coming back to you.
Leach: Staff member had a family friend that graduated from Bozeman high and couldn’t afford to live on campus. Student asked what can I do to get to know people on campus, couldn’t give an answer. This is where MSU debut comes in. if you are ever doing any lobbying, don’t use OSE names, you are an ASMSU senator, a lot of the deal making is
done within the last week. One of resolution for first reading, brief overview of project, came up with the idea of indoor synthetic turf field, initial cost estimate 20 million dollars, throughout next years there were initial design plans, this last year working with design field, coming up with reasonable, here is what we have come up with, facility designed to have complete artificial turf, lights and to be plowed all year, idea to have public restrooms, very multi-service , to fund this, we are proposing a 13$ , 3$ increase to registered student fee, 25000 additional for club sports, requires approval from this body, I think it’s time we move this forward for student recognition. Multipurpose outdoor field. Having this field plowed year round will have more space open for people to swing dance freeing up space.
O’Leary: Have you asked the alumni foundation about this?
Leach: Currently no donors for this large of a project.
Kaminetzky: Environmental impact of the construction?
Leach: Now going to have to water the turf. Going to keep the facilities much cleaner. Get in touch with your constituents and see how they feel.
Brough: Fill out forms to re-run for want if you are not graduating. Spend your 100$ on something that is important to you and your constituents. Yellow cards fighting tuition increase, if we don’t fight it, they will think we don’t care. Kade shut down the rumor of tuition waver for native American students being revoked. Budgets are long and elaborate and going to have to cut something. Be happy to set up meeting times for outside discussions.
Zoltek: Awareness events, got some good media coverage. Getting the word out and that is what is most important, let friends know that their tuition could be increasing Going to be going to the board of regents next week. What happens if that budget cut passes. Saturday there is nonpartisan training in the alumni lounge. Food Pantry on campus, working with a small team of people on campus. Going to be gone next year, opening program director applications. Do not have to be a Montana resident to be student regent. Get in touch with your legislators. Working on this projects to turn t-shirt swap into I AM project. Next week there will be a supplemental request for this project. ASUM spent 23 hours working on their budgets.
Johnson: 2017-R-09 Passed unanimously, 2017-Jc-001 had to do a student had to do with university credit minimum, vote did go 3-0 ruling in favor of student, election disputes
will be instituting an online institution, 8 applications open for 2 judicial seats, deadline March 9th.
Jones: ASMSU used to meet Saturday at 8am and continue until its done. Looks like 100,000 deficit compared to last year. Elections for those of you, a lot of activity.
Campbell: *tells joke* Out of town next week, please pick up sponsorship.
Campbell: Move or a five minute recess for the sake of our Secretary and reconvene at 8:13pm
Senate Reports:
Walker: If you guys have the name of any person that you think is borderline wanting to run for senate, send Manley an email with their info.
Unfinished Business:
Jones: Second reading of 2017-B-08 ASMSU
Hollinger: Motion to approve
Kaminetzky: I think that we should have representatives from these four colleges. I think this bill is ready yet to put on the floor. I move to postpone this bill until March 23rd. I’m going to take a shot at this to make it better. (seconded)
DeRudder: would it be more appropriate to table indefinitely?
Walker: yes because of the drastic changes
Hollinger: Usually things that are tabled indefinitely are not brought back.
Bill will be postponed indefinitely until arch 23rd.
Jones: 2017-B-09 Distribution of Meeting Materials
Campbell: Move to approve
O’Leary: Line 6, I feel like, a senator should be able to receive a physical copy. I move to amend, or other interested party, who would like to receive meeting material electronically, may request a physical copy from the senate speaker
Bertolino: Support Conner’s statement
Amendment passes
Roll Call Vote: 18-0
New Business:
Jones: First reading of 2017-R-06 Incoming Student Fees
Campbell: First reading of 2017-B-10 Article 4 Updates
Jones: First reading of 2017-R-07 Expression of ASMSU Support for the Recreation Facilities Project
Campbell: First reading of 2017- B-11 Budget oversight committee
Jones: First Reading of 2017-B-12 ASMSU Preschool
Walker: I move to have the first reading of 2017R-08
Motion Passes
Walker: First reading 2017-R-08 Legislative Action
Senate Announcements:
Killian: Conner and I moving forward with the plastic water bottle ban. Sustainability minor. Transport master plan before our meeting next week. Like to include more student art on campus. Silent disco. Old disgusting couches to put on the mall.
Kaminetzky: Service Saturday, going to be lit.
DeRudder: Marianne sent out an email asking about student health, please respond to doodle poll
Walker: Political awareness day, right now, we have the budget cut, do not know what the board of regents is going to do, want to make this known.
Hurst: Next Wednesday, off campus living class next Wednesday at 5:30pm, increase attendance
Hollinger: Event went really well, panelists really impressed, panelist that works really closely with the FBI, in the future would want to do a seminar.
Johnson: Thanks to Killian, Kaminetzky and Swenson.
Motion to adjourn by Senate Speaker Pro-Tempore Campbell at 9pm