Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325
March 1, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Abbot, Anderson (unexcused), Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Murali, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Minutes Approved

Public Comment:

Whyte: Thank you for attending the meet with the mayor event.


MSU Alert System

Tuggle: MSU alert system is getting an upgrade. Current system is opt-in system. March 6th, will now become an opt out. Doing this for employees and students. Information coming from D2L. Text messages come, call your phone and read you a message and send you an email Integrated us into the county. New System will have opt-in features for parents and visitors, etc.

DuBeau: Notice some of alerts not super current, is there a way to make them more up to speed or is this delay protocol?

Tuggle: Timely warning and immediate notification are two different things. Leckie: Percent of students in program currently?

Tuggle: Roughly 10,000. I don’t know how many of these people are parents, students,employees, graduates.


Ross: Two transportation services: Streamline and Galavan (demand response system). Recently worked with graduate film students for operation and use of the streamline service. Used MSU classes to conduct rider surveys and business plans/ route planning projects. Projecting this summer for 3mill rides. Recently added half hour frequency to blue lines. Added three new stops to blueline, New stop on Jackrabbit, Sunday service to Walmart Target, Costco, Gallatin Valley mall and half hour service to Bridger on the weekend. Help meet sustainability goals and save

money. We can help get more people here without the worry of having to build more parking. With growing population, Streamline will need to grow as well. ASMSU three seats on advisory board, would love a member of senate to come as well.

Funding: 1,654,351$, Costs: 1,596,000$ Difference goes into reserve

Is ASMSU willing to add to increasing student fees for added services? Leckie: From 5.25 to 5.50?
Ross: To 25.50.
Blossom: What do you do to measure areas of high demand in the city? Ross: WTI did a study that looked at MSU addresses and major employers. Blossom: Looked into the routes to the airport?

Ross: Has been discussed. But logistics might be tricky. Have to be a separate route from greenline. Timing would be an issue: traffic, Jackrabbit not finished. Might be better to use the interstate or frontage, would be difficult to then pick up people.

Corey: Was the company the last time you did a survey?
Kack: Last survey was in 2012, look at high density housing and then places of interest.

Kuehn: Not a route that goes by the F lot? Campus circulator, is it possible to have one of routes adjusted that are already in area?

Probably going to mean taking time from somewhere else due to hour-loops. Leckie: How many busses does U of M have?

Kack: U of M has Mountain Lion service (community) ASU of M have park and ride and late night service.

Leckie: Students and Bozeman residence breakdown. Killian: 49% students, 15% faculty and staff DuBeau: recognize Marsh and Krone.

Preschool Budget

Hodgson: 80% students, 20% faculty and staff, students have priority. Have a lot of single parents, therefore low rates are important to us.

Assess all domains: Physical, Cognitive, Social/Emotional and Language.

Just partnered with Project Launch and partnered with Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant
Recently acquired a commercial dishwasher.

Program changes: Decrease number of transitions that children’s experience.
Had an open teacher position since December, and have a teacher dealing with major health issues. Send 13 children to kindergarten in the fall and 30 students on the waitlist

Working with families for payment plans and following school, scholarship, tight with budget, want to add janitorial service 2 times per week (under 500/month).

Needs: Need a new sign, bathroom renovation, creating possible new spaces in building. NAECY parent survey in process of creation.

Kuehn: Trouble of hiring a new teacher, competitive pay?
Hodgson: On the high end, or just above, benefits through university amazing as well Kuehn: Do most families struggle with payment?
Hodgson: Cost of childcare outrageous. Have a lot of families that stil struggle
Kuehn: Sliding scale discussed?
Hodgson: Student 28$, Staff/Faculty 36$.
Kuehn: Idea of internal scholarship for assistance?
Hodgson: Open to ideas.
Kuehn: Has there ever been an idea of students working for class credit rather than payment? Hodgson: Yes.
Leckie: What leeway is there for person behind on payment?

Hodgson: Used to be. Not the case anymore. I don’t want a child to miss out on quality services because they can’t afford it. NAECY, high quality licensed program.

Corey: Difference between preschool and daycare license?

Hodgson: Herrick Hall preschool program and our program very similar. Work currently to build connection with CDC.

ASMSU Marketing Team Budget

Zetterberg: Need bylaw change, doing budget first so that budget is not late.
Activities and Purpose: Help people create marketing strategies campaigns and production. Want to provide photo/video production. Currently under pace, so it might seem like not everyone can access our service. PR Associate would be changed to a Tier 2. Ben Nempton reached over 4000, MSU Debut had 8000 people watch the video, 7000 liking the page. Not a new budget: pulled from PACE with some changes. Increasing general advertising budget. Increased equipment budget just in case new hire does not have their own equipment already.

Leckie: Video of photo equipment? Buying new items?
Zetterberg: Not spending much this year. Lighting or foundational equipment. Leckie: Do you reimburse/compensation for having own equipment Zetterberg: Normally comes with experience.
Corey: How involved are PR involved with current class pages?
Zetterberg: Not much.
Is marketing what you want to go by rather than PR
Zetterberg: Yes, more engrossing term for our services.
Would equipment be more of a line item?
Zetterberg: For rentals for different events.
How much have you spent if the past?
Zetterberg: Don’t have numbers: Yield: 3500


Student Engagement and Political Ambassadors

Juel: Role of a SEGA very important. Met an engineering student and found a program for her to study.

Cassie: SEGAs are available al of the time, either drop in or appointment
Juel: Major diversity very even: international students, ASMSU, OSE representation Cassie: Have a peer leader serving mostly like an administrative leader.

Juel: Been around for 2 semesters, 30 hours a week for advising. 72 individual SEGA advising appointments, 18 classroom presentations, 68 events volunteered at. Currently don’t have abudget for marketing or outreach. Different story if we could inform students more effectively. Want to increase number of SEGA mentors. Thinking about offering internship credits. Would love a table at Catapalooza. Having a sense of presence earlier on would help students.

Cassie: Total Engagement Budget: $3188

Grover: What connection does ASMSU have to SEGA?

Juel: Role as SEGA is to increasing student engagement in ASMSU/OSE activities.

Grover: What oversight does OSE have for SEGA?

Cassie: Have Chelsie that acts as a point of connection with Isabelle, our lead. Determining if what we are doing is deemed effective.

Chelsie: Combined fees with similar, OSE 50% oversight, International affairs 50%.

Corey: Involvement with ResLife?

Juel: Have had involvement in the past, could be increased.

Chelsie: OIP matches this budget. Also go speak at freshmen seminars. Anytime any staff member requests a presentation, SEGAs can now do this.

Heinrich: How is this different from Sophomore Surge?
Chelsie: Sophomore surge is academic based. SEGA is more involvement based.

PACE Budget

Programming and Campus Events

Do over 50 campus events for students to increase engagement.
Catering prices has increased, therefore this line item prices have increased.

McFeely: I play a big role in PACE. Chair all of the meetings and serve as a warm body at every event. If loose PR director, we replace this as a programming director.

Chelsie: Moving everyone to equal playing field of Tier 1.

MSU Debut: Catapalooza, Bobcat Block Party, SUBtacular, Freshman M Photo, Ask Me Tent, Convocation Pre-party.

Allows us to partner with office all around campus. Asking for an increase in talent for Catapalooza. Trend of food prices increasing a trend. Increasing the number of buses. Increasing the amount of artists we bring, student DJs... Increasing the amount of security at the event.

Leckie: More talent. More versus better?

PACE: Yes, same as Bozeman hot springs pool party. Hold auditions for student performers.

Corey: For the M photo, asking small business for advertising.

PACE: Best part of those shirts is that there isn’t any advertising. Undeserving to give freshmanshirts with branding on it.

McFeely: For 30 days of Bozeman, bidding process very complicated for space/ fee. Jones: Who used to pay for the M photo?
Chelsie: Convocation would pay for it. (Provost Office)
Leckie: Ever thought of changing the M photo color?

Krone: Pricing per shirt?
Chelsie: 5$
Juel: Do you think that there could be a transition for a standard M photo shirt? McFeely: Ultimately, we decided fresh was fun.
Chelsie: More of a novelty.
Chelsie: Special photo with 125 in background this coming year.
Orr: Does admission give anything?
Chelsie: $5/student.

Cat Kick off Tailgate: not a great use of student fees when this is more community members attending this event.

Homecoming policy change: no longer able to accept donations. Increasing decoration contest, Leckie: Why policy change?
McFeely: University policy change. Food donations not accepted.
Leckie: Why should the whole hall get a pizza party if only a select few worked on it?

PACE: Indicative of the state of the residence hall. Corey: What do you do with extra money? McFeely: Come in under on particular line item. Corey: Large group, senate finance board funding? McFeely: Timely thing.

PACE: Trivia Nights (formally SUB PUB), no longer need alcohol or trivia budget. Not just increase in catering prizes but run out of food really quickly.

Leckie: Are prizes main draw?
PACE: Friendly competition is what is more fun about this event.
PACE: Cat Tipoff party, builds relationship with athletics.
Lei: No money?
McFeely: Fixing mistake.
PACE: Getting rid of Blue and Gold Ball. Funds reallocated to contracted entertainers.
Leckie: How many students show up to a contracted entertainer?
PACE: Ben Nempton: over 500, Pete Lee: over 300/ filled venue. Appeal to all types of students. Blossom: With 4/16$ before or after?
Chelsie: Before other funding.
PACE: No more spring outreach project.

PACE: No undie run.
Corey: What is one used for? Chelsie: Cones, prizes.

PACE: Put it 6 budgets this year, denied 6 times. Going to increase for a larger price range. Bring quality relevant artists to campus. Doubling CPS and UPD. Increase in hospitality item,we don’t really have a say in this. Technical budget changed, all hands-on change. Looking to move event into the Brick Breeden (with discount). Facilities fees will not be as substantial due to being in the Brick.

Leckie: Numbers for past turnouts?
Chelsie: More than 3000, more than 90% students.

PACE: With PACE being largest part, has its own marketing budget. Has much bigger needs. Add line item for spring concerts own marketing. A very large event.

Chelsie: Due to being in spring, revenue from spring concert rolls into the reserve. Corey: AD HOC Pop-Up Events?
Chelsie: Skating rink. RHA events. I am campaign.

Admin Reports:

Clifton: No report.
Killian: Finance board, diversity symposium request. Funding board going great. Donating some of discretionary to new holds on climbing wall.

McFeely: Yield to Chelsie. Thanks for help with 125th and Ben Nempton. Awesome drag show, thanks to Jamie.

Good: Went over some elections questions, discussed kinks in receipt system. Brough: Last week 4, 11 now. Hoping for 60 applications. No application this year.

Grover: Anderson is not here. Third unexcused absence. Removed from Senate, has the chance to appeal if he shows up

Senate Reports:

Krone: Monday 7pm, 12 VIP spots available, Chef Eduardo Garcia. New director of productions.

Baird: KGLT is having semester-ly vinyl sale. Please be there to support them. 50th year. Friday 3-9pm.

Heinrich: Meeting on Tuesday, not open to us. Now have a bucket list.
Juel: Bounty of the Bridger’s. Now have a permanent space and now have garden space.Rehal: Eduardo Garcia, March 5th dinner with president.
Clifton: Needed list of people needed by 4pm tonight. Can try to get ticket to speech too.

New Business:

2018 Supplemental Reserve Request 04; Diversity Symposium

Blossom: Stipulation?
Swenson: Approved up to 750$, possible donations coming in. If. Filling in the gap. Leckie: Our money getting spent last.

Request Passes
Grover: First Reading ASMSU 2018-B-03 Senate Dress Code

Senate Announcements:

DuBeau: Service Saturday/ Catie’s birthday
Baird: Raised about 6000$ at the drag show. Rainbow ball, drag performers in April. Jones: Seven weeks of class left.

Move to by Senator Swenson adjourn at 8:39pm.