Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325
January 25, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Murali, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Postponed indefinitely until next meeting.

Public Comment:

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Krone: Move to reports until presentations are ready.

Admin Reports:

Johnson: Stepping down formally at the conclusion of this report. As of tonight, will do midnight appointments. Mac Gwinner and Casey Wolfe will go to the mediation services to help with student needs.

Clifton: President Cruzado could not make it tonight. Have to appoint the new chief Justice. Formally appointing Hannah Good, perfect one for the job. University hosting naming celebration, Thursday Feb 1st form 3-5pm. Commissioner of Higher Education continuation ofStandards and Policies, even with repeal of dear colleague’s letter, universities will stay thesame. Election policy important for equity issues.

McFeely: More outreach with non-PACE directors. Campaign spending limits, if you have any questions, please let me know. Reception at the exit gallery. Working on the budget with Steven.

Brough: If you work with any special operations, please invite them to run and vote, get involved. Want more people to know who we are and what we do. Did the seat count, and it is the same as last year.

Murray: Working with program directors on budget, Taylor is awesome, she has everything turned in already, ahead of the game. No retreat, would like us to do something with that one. A lot of disconnect with OSE and program directors, if you have any ideas, come to me.

Campbell: Reimaging Grant St. Some alternatives. Centennial Mall, historically a drive through street. (Analysis of data from capstone research) A lot of pedestrian traffic from new developments south of campus.

Stub Walls 7th and Grant, keep pedestrians from j-walking
Where the racquetball courts are,
MHFC Corridor
Going to build a pond when the snow melts/ Veterans Park Bike Facilities With space

Roundabouts Transportation Master plan renders intersection inefficient

Closure of Grant Closing to cars and create main pedestrian walkway
If people get serious about this, Traffic study, Bike initiatives, investigate fitness center area. Figure out alternatives for pedestrians intermitted.

Driscoll: Traffic flow studies on Kagy and College, plans to expand either?
Campbell: Future of Kagy, 4 lanes with a turning lane in the middle, being looked at. DuBeau: Concerned with 11
th, Something more than roundabouts need to be looked at.Campbell: Can’t get rid of 11th, not as much traffic on grant.
Kuehn: Would this affect parking by the fitness center?
Campbell: Shouldn’t affect the number of spots, just how to get to them.

Campbell: Met with Kandice and Ian last semester, Elise and Kristen (bike coordinator), have a proposal lined out. Hoping to put in temporary bike lanes on campus and to see how this goes. Would love some more ASMSU support.

Admin Reports:

Killian: Finance board meeting next week. Funding board this week.

Senate Reports:

Killian: Resolution sent out to Senate about the Emerson lawn space.

Heinrich: Spring concert, next Thursday at 5pm. If any questions for the PACE board, please come.

Baird: The Disk had an open house this week, swing by and check them out.

New Business:

Chief Justice Confirmation Hearing

Heinrich: Move to approve

Killian: Hannah has done a great job in her position over the past few years as a justice. Thinkshe’d do a great job.

*Swearing in of Hannah Good

College of Engineering Senator Appointment

Blossom: Move to give all candidates 1 minutes to speak, followed by 2 questions. Kronk: Move to amend 1 minute to 2.
Heinrich: Move to amend two questions to be 4 questions.
DuBeau: I think it should be 5-7.

Motion Passes
Jones: Move to add a one minute conclusion speech.
Kuehn: Decide the questions or?
Grover: Discussing Brads amendment.
Orr: Move to amend the motion to make the four questions predetermined.

Motion Passes
2-minute intro, 4 questions, 1 minute conclusion Jones: Move to have the candidates leave the room.

Killian: What are your plans for future involvement with ASMSU? Heinrich: Cant publically announce if they will be running.
n: Do you plan on using this as a springboard into next year’s Senate?

Motion Dies
Kuehn: Do you plan on having future involvement with ASMSU?

Motion Dies
Kuehn: Question gives flexibility

Jones: Don’t want to sabotage a possible future senators campaign.

Lei: Can they talk about being involved with ASMSU, without announcing that they are running?

Good: Answering the question for them.
DuBeau: Why are you interested in this candidacy?

DuBeau: Understanding why they want to get involved can be a determining factor. One of the questions in the application is why are you interested in working for the OSE.

Amendment Dies

Juel: Amend the question to be how many semesters do you foresee your involvement in ASMSU?

Previous Question

First Question: What are your plans for future involvement with ASMSU? Krone: Delegate creation of remaining question to Speaker

Motion Dies
Jones: How do you feel you are prepared to represent the students of the college of Engineering?

Motion Passes
Swenson: What are your goals for this semester if elected?

Motion Passes
Rehal: How do your values align with the mission statement of ASMSU? Abbot: Values should not play a role.
Orr: Mission s
tatement isn’t formally posted online.
Heinrich: I don’t even know the mission statement by heart.

Diversity helps make us stronger, and all of us bring our own element to the mission statement. But as much as I love you Rehal, I have to vote no.

Lei: How many of us knew the mission statement before being elected? Grover: I still don’t know it.
Abbot: I didn’t know the mission statement before.
Heinrich: Previous question

Motion Dies

Abbot: How will you use your past experiences as a Senator?

Kuehn: Redundant, on the application.

Blossom: Why do you want to be involved as ASMSU as a Senator?

Kuehn: Why are you the ideal candidate for the position?

Heinrich: Writing about yourself on an application is a lot harder than talking about yourself I person.

  1. What are your plans for future involvement with ASMSU?

  2. How do you feel you are prepared to represent the students of the college of Engineering?

  3. What are your goals for this semester if elected?

  4. Why do you want to be involved as ASMSU as a Senator?

Jones: Move to have the candidates come in from the last number of their phone number.

Tom Loving

Want to represent the student body. Wealth of leadership within my life. Boy Scouts, troop to state level. Tuition hike, like to make sure anything like this ever happens again. Going through resolution and bills, like to get involved with student outreach.

Question 1: Involved in anyway.
Question 2: Reached out to a lot of my peers, want to know what is going on here.

Question 3: Improve student outreach, parking and transportation on campus. Parking spots and bike lanes.

Question 4: Very involved in student government. Very familiar with reaching out to fellow students. Beneficial change in any way I can.

Very honored to join you. I can help change student outreach.

Caroline Requa

Sophomore in Bio-Resource Engineering, being a part of ResLife, HQ. Office of student engagement. Only a semester term, would be very Living Learning community, quads has a high volume of engineering students. Love the opportunity to learn from all of you.

  1. I have thought a lot about running this spring semester, thought that I would like to be a senator for ASMSU in the future.

  2. I feel that I am prepared, seems the ins and outs of engineering department, struggling to find research opportunities within the. Finishing out my schooling in engineering, will get the time back.

  3. Love to make research and lab opportunities more front and center for students.

  4. Being I’m very funny. Approachable and Personable. Ability to involve a lot of engineers

    around campus.

Thank you so much for having us here. Appreciate how much thought was put into these questions. I want to learn from all of you.

Amber Albarez

Senior in Mechanical Engineering. Worked last year for the WDW in Florida. Gracious to be able to have this opportunity. Worked with imaginers got to see the budgeting seasons. Have been here, now. Have learned parliamentary procedure from my sorority. Orientation Leader here at MSU. Excited about possibly having that experience.

  1. A lot of people know what ASMSU is, but not familiar with what we do. Trying to revamp an element of social media event, i.e. Video podcast. Things that we are working on currently.

  2. Feel like there isn’t a lot of female representation for the college of engineering. Be a woman, representing the college.

  3. Similar to what I said before, smaller things. Police officers can walk you to your car late at night.

  4. A lot of leadership experience. Bring a unique perspective. A ton of drive for everything I do. On student council for high school. Think I would do well here.

Thank you for your time. Grateful for this opportunity.

Ambika Murali

Been involved with Close-up. Students from across the country create proposals. Involved in the college of engineers as IEEE, focusing on advocating Work with office of international programs. Represent minorities in decision.

1. I want to focus on diversity in the college on engineering, native Americans, international students, and women. Advanced Engineering class tutoring.

  1. Very social, good at researching, really experienced with international student, political experience

  2. Reach out to students and know what they would like, promote diversity and inclusion, advocate for electrical and computer engineers

  3. Very social, experienced for different students, I talk a lot

Engineering is a very compartmentalized, currently no electrical or computer engineers in the Senate. Can change that if appointed. I hope to become a senator in the future.

Justin Johnson

I have just stepped dorm form a specific post. As chief justice, I tried to be as unbiased as possible. Now I want to have a voice. My qualifications are extensive. Involved for three yearsnow. I’ve seen budgeting. Been around to know what the pitfalls are. During February, collegeof engineering birthday bash, be present as events as such.

  1. To stay involved. A present voice able to receive students.

  2. Having been involved with a few different aspects of campus, I know the issues within

    the college of engineering. Use all of our current infrastructure of engineering students. I

    know what the issues are and want to engage students in the future.

  3. Engaging in the birthday bash celebration, students need to be a part of, during our

    feature month. Renting bicycles something I would like to revisit. Continuing the help care. Seat opening up when it did, it important now to start conversations that can help student life down the road.

  4. Extensive knowledge of our governing documents, especially going into budgeting season. Bring it in on experience Worked within ASMSU, be that engineering senator that will serve Montana State.

Thank you again for letting me speak. Who can service students for the remainder for this semester. I hope you can place the trust in me to do so.

Abbot; Move to take a 10-minute break(second) Orr: Move to amend 10 minutes to 5.

Grover: Seven-minute recess

Reconvene at 7:38pm

Killian: Open discussion, each senator can vote for two candidates and then going into a simple majority. Up to another discussion afterwards. Two separate names on the ballot.

Motion Passes

Krone: I had a to three. Tom, Amber and Justin. Content and answers were top three.

Driscoll: Top was Ambika. I liked everything she stood for. She’s a great example of a femaleminority. She’s completely correct with the compartmentalized degrees. She provides a really good body of ideas.

Leckie: echo Krone.

Baird: Going into Senate budgeting season, hope we keep in mind who would work best in our budgeting season.

Kuehn: Impressed with Ambika and her legislative experience. A lot of come in without any experience. In long term, she would be great. Amber, experience with outside budgeting.

Juel: Enjoyed Ambika and Amber, both different background experience and the differences they have to offer. Amber Brough forth something that we can do directly, immediately impacted by ASMSU.

Rehal: Ambika and Justin. She has been hanging out in the office, passionate about this position. Justin is a candidate with experience with ASMSU. Smaller learning curve.

Lei: Seconded what Kuehn and Juel said. Very student focused and representing the actual students. Perfect fits for ASMSU.

Killian: Amber and Ambika, very optimistic about what they can do. Last spring, I got the climbing wall together in one semester. Want to be further involved in ASMSU.

Krone: Curious to hear opinions of VP, Business Manager and Director.

McFeely: Want what’s best or the organization long term.Kronk: I like all of them.
Brough: I don’t ever tell you how to vote.

Abbot: Have amazing candidates. Ambika, articulate and has great idea. Justin is my second, can hit the ground running.

Jones: Ambika made a great point about engineering being very compartmentalized. Fortraditional engineering courses, probably had 5 courses that weren’t civil engineers. Speaking from my position, I think it is really difficult for an engineer to go out and find a EE, she will

have direct contact with a very small group of students, International and Minority points. Can we reach out to someone not being reached out to already.

DuBeau: Top two, Justin and Ambika. Want to empower her because she has the potential. Can’t overlook Justin’s experience. Thinking about the now. We have other projects we need to workon. A lot of people are looking to the COE because of the name change and the new building.

Orr: Amber and Ambika, would be really great.

Baird: We don’t go into budget alone, I think a lack of extensive experience is not a hugeproblem.

Rehal: I don’t think it will be a big problem.

Heinrich: Important to remember we get to choose who get the spot. Hoping all candidates run in the next semester.

Jones: That said, I think that we need to know we choose someone to represent the students not the senate. Important to have budgeting experience. Keep in mind that someone who has been through budgeting, very helpful to have them and to point out things that have been going on that have been overlooked. With three months left, our last major job is budgeting.

First Round of Voting:

Loving: 1, Johnson: 11, Amber: 10, Caroline: 4, Ambika:12


Driscoll: Having to nominating people on the behalf of the COE, Ambika has the ability to reach people that we might not. Has direct access to students. A springboard for next semester/ next year.

Marsh: Justin has had the experience. In my experience, the most experienced person might notbe the best for the job. I’d like to see Ambika in here with a new fresh sight.

Kuehn: Advocate for Ambika. Best representation for college of engineering. Rehal, first international students to be a senator. A lot of opportunity to reach students that we are lacing in reaching.

Rehal: Justin had an advantage because he knows all of us. Ambika presented herself very well.

Driscoll: Minorities within engineering, females within engineering very important within the college.

Second Round of Voting:

Johnson: 8, Ambika: 11

*Commence the swearing in of Ambika Murali

2018-R-01 to the agenda for new business.
Grover: First reading of 2018-R-01 Protection of the Emerson Lawn

Unfinished Business:

Grover: Second Reading of ASMSU 2018-B-01 Article Four Update Orr: Move to approve

Swenson: Voting membership of finance board, completely students. Odd to have two employees serve as voting members vote on how to spend student fees.

Killian: Know history for budgeting, value their opinion, but echo Karl.
Krone: Member of PACE board
Awesome idea, better connection from students to us. Having this opinion in a vote beneficial. Swenson: Ex-
officio means by virtue of office or position. Shouldn’t affect voting statues.Clifton: Thanks for confirming Hannah. Did you talk to Jen about this?
Swenson: I have not.
Krone: Would you recommend postponing this until that conversation?
Clifton: Yes. Professionalism ties. Don’t want to sweep the rug out from underneath them.Blossom: Move to postpone consideration on this bill indefinitely until next week.

Bill Postponed

Grover: Second reading of ASMSU 2018- B-02 Campaign Finance Reform Killian: Move to remove lines 8-13,16.
Heinrich: I’d we remove that, we should limit the general campaign cap.

Blossom: Most of spending limits are a lot lower than ours. Getting rid of match funding is fine.

Lei: Also in favor of lowering limits. I think that as a land grant and the intent of this. Even if we set the limit at 150, I think we should still include the match funding.

Killian: I think we should lower the cap. We should look at more ways to benefit more students during election budgeting season, (i.e. ice cream socials) to get their name out there.

Jones: Move to extend limits of debate and remove all limitations.

Juel: Appreciate the idea of adding some sort of financial contribution. There are a ton of students that want to be as involved as we are but do not have the means.

Grover: If you choose to keep matching funds, add lump sum and split it.

Abbot: Give them the opportunities to campaign for themselves

Kuehn: Echo Killian. Very easy to a candidate to abuse these funds. Budgeting for activities that provide for equal opportunities is a much more effective way to support those who would like to run.

Lei: I think this takes away from creativity. Problem foreseen, colleges are different sizes. Constituency sizes much larger for Engineering than Arts and Architecture.

Jones: Agree with Alex. With matching funds, there is a possibility of using this inappropriately,can’t spend on alcohol. Make sure you are aware of this. It would go straight to Cruzado.Support these lines 8-13,16. Support their removal.

Swenson: Last possible situation. Plan for the foreseeable outliers. Support taking out matching funding. That parts needs more work.

Leckie: Does U of M do matching? Clifton: Yes. All regressive.

Killian: Considering this would be reimbursing people. Shouldn’t charge people to run for aposition.

Krone: We can make it itemized.

Blossom: As its written right now, it would be reimbursements. What if we have 11 people running for executive. First come first serve? Trying to leave as much to the elections policies and procedures manual as possible.

Lei: Clifton: Nitty gritty details, detailed in the elections manual. Retroactive key funding. Kronk: Each item need to be itemized to be reimbursed.

Clifton: If you are serious about positions, you’ll be on top of it.
Heinrich: Entirely possible to spend any money on a campaign.
Kuehn: If on a reimbursement level, throughout the campaign or at the end.
Clifton: Probably at the end of every week or 48hours after you purchase to turn in a receipt. Kuehn: Some sort of a way to apply for an advance.
Blossom: If in extenuating circumstances, can go to judicial council.
Anderson: Previous question

Motion Dies
Kuehn: If a student is in a vary dire situation during the funding.

Clifton: Clearly informed to the candidates once the apps open to prepare. 2/3-week window to get things set up.

Blossom: I think we can provide some level of match funding.

Lei: Oppose amendment. Want to lower caps.

Jones: I don’t see how you can be giving out the money on a rolling timeline/ a pot.

Blossom: If 10 candidates, a pot. If more, first come firsts serve. Divide by number of candidates.

Clifton: 48 hours just an idea. Manual will reflect policy and procedure set in tonight. Lei: Move to lower caps, exec to 250$, and senate spending to 30$.

Krone: I think that to be able to go out and spend some funding. Fundraising skills part of being a president.

Swenson: Proposed amendment a very drastic change. No caps to amendment. Like to see a more gradual change. Work candidates do during campaign increases voter turnout.

Lei: Solely about name recognition. Fundraising, more of a political thing.
If you don’t have the time to fundraise how do you have the time to be president. Killian: Love the proposed amendment.

Leckie: Echo what Krone says. Time is money.

Heinrich: This is the first time that we are seeing this. Other campuses are doing this but theyaren’t MSU. Starting at this spot is a good compromise.

Jones: When you drop the cap, these with higher name recognition, have an advantage. Not comfortable for that shift so quickly.

Abbot: Yield to Clifton

Clifton: Ideologically, I agree with Alex. Procedurally, I agree with Karl. Spent about 2400$. Recognize there are other ways and avenues to campaign. Going from no limits to this cut, a huge tick to the students. Ideologically, it’s great, but it’s something that Micah and I had to gothrough to keep up.

Lei: Al this does is limit the competition between the wealthier and less wealthy student.

DuBeau: Campaigning can turn into name recognition for people who don’t care. I don’t think this should be about money either. I didn’t spend a lot of money. I’m here because I care.

Jones: When did you begin planning your campaign? Clifton/McFeely: December

Jones: If we introduce these limits on campaign spending, what are we going to tell people if they have already spent over the limit? Grandfather it out? Reasonable balance would lower butpost an effective date. Don’t want people to be out money over the limit because of a law they didn’t know they existed. Students might have to restructure their entire campaign to re-plan everything.

Killian: Does purchasing thing before the election count as campaigning? Trying to make things more fair on the monetary thing.

Blossom: Going from no limits to 250$ this close to the election is a bit drastic. Go from 1000 to 500 and 200 to 100.

Clifton: 100% agree with the situation that Brad is defining. To my knowledge, no one has spent over 1000$. One thing this could affect, voter turnout. 60% of the time people asked, what isASMSU? I would like to see Scotty’s plan and this bill merge.

Abbot: 43 days until people start campaigning. Needs to be a lot more discussion outside of this room.

Killian: U of M had a higher voter turnout with lower campaigning budget. Abbot: Culture at U of M is a lot differently. A lot more tight-knit that MSU.

Orr: Motion to move to committee of the whole. Motion Dies

Jones: Generally, agree anecdotally that U of M is more politically active than MSU.

Leckie: Do you know if U of M brought it down?

Clifton: From the Senator

Lei: U of M’s culture is different, and ours is different so it can’t change. Why don’t we work onthat?

Heinrich: Move to previous question on previous question. Motion Passes

Amendment Dies

Marsh: We are ASMSU, we do not need to base what we are doing on another school. John Walker, 15 credit hours, 40 hours a-week, partied really hard, don’t need to have financiallimitations on these students. I got in trouble for saying John Walker was running. We are in Bozeman Montana.

Jones: Walker was a lot of fun. Krone 300$ on Senate campaign. Fair to say that people are planning on spending more than this. People are not planning on this limitation.

Move to add enactment clause, “effective date of all legislation here within be April 19th 2018”

Lei: Clifton: With an enactment clause, need to address it now instead of pushing our problems. Lei: How many of you extensively knew the campaign rules before your orientation. A lot of people go into ASMSU works is very biased.

Krone: Absorb those caps?
Clifton: Apps open February 14
Jones: Most senators probably don’t know campaigning rules.
Clifton: Micah and I haven’t spent over 1000$ before elections starts.
Krone: People that may have laid out spending plan and weren’t ready for this bomb.Clifton: Welcome to politics.

Blossom: Plenty of time, if people are invested, they will know this.

Jones: An enactment clause is not something that we don’t enact on. It goes into the bylaws theday we sign it. Goes into the bylaws the date provided.

Amendment Dies

Swenson: I don’t feel comfortable being a cosponsor anymore.

Krone: Add name as cosponsor.

Jones: To protect the integrity of MSU, consider abstaining for people that plan on running due to bias. Biggest campaign reform in a while. Will be a big thing.

Krone: Will we have a quorum?
Jones: Total of the yes/no vote.
Krone: Total voting members.
Heinrich: Clifton: Do the job you have now. Don’t worry about what happens down the road.Klifton: Do what you think is right.

Jones: Line 15, strike the comma Amendment passes

Grover: Third Reading of 2018-B-02 Campaign Finance Reform 14-5, Bill Passes

Senate Announcements:

Lei: Death of a Salesman

Heinrich: Bobcat birthday bash, PACE board had auditions

Juel: Bounty of the Bridger’s back open.

Blossom: Clifton: Alpine skiing team qualified for the Olympics. Sending around this card, writesomething inspirational, like “Kick some North Korean Ass”

Orr: Volunteer sign up for THRIVE.

Swenson: Tells Long Joke

Kuehn: In regard to Stevens report, there is a lot of money left to the senate retreat. Totally advocating for a party bus. Donating our time and the money to a good cause. I think some of the discussion today,

Baird: Drag Show Feb 24th.

Jones: North Korea and South Korea began practicing together for the Olympics, First time in 27 years.

Move to adjourn by Senator Blossom at 9:44pm.