Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 325

January 19, 2017


Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson


Roll Call: Benson, Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton, Creed, DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger, Hurst, Jensen, Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian, Kuehn, O’Leary, Roback, Swenson, Walker, Jones, Leach, Zoltek, Cronk


Approval of the Minutes:


Falls Down: Motion to approve the minutes (seconded)

Minutes Approved


Public Comment:


No Public Comment


Admin Reports:


Leach: Reviewing candidates for provost search. Legislative environment in Missoula. Cautious about Romney, but the legislative package is still unfolding. Reach out to legislators about funding the university system. We will have you send digital messages to senator that will be delivered by a house page. Hope you are all willing to help out with this due to all the budget cuts 25 million. Got a call from the lobbyist asked to testify to a bill, would raise 6 million dollars on tax, told Dylan not to testify at committee hearing. When we get a call from Dylan saying governor want him to testify, hoping Geneva and I can give him the authorization


O’Leary: Could there be an email sent to us immediately following this decision?


Leach: Yes


Bertolino: Voting with our response from this email?


Walker: Have the lobbyist not to take a stance. Better for the students.


Falls Down: More comfortable with the admin council making a decision.


Bertolino: As a Montana citizen, senate consists of people from all over. Senate decisions affect both students and Montana citizens alike.


Walker: I would be willing to throw together a resolution on how to approach the topic


Hurst: Have to think of something that we are comfortable with where we can make a decision in an hour.


Leach: Not going to be able to think off everything before it comes to senate. This was one of three bills, other two being taxes on cigarettes an gas.


Hollinger: Purpose being senate statement, having the people we are testifying for to be on our side? Why are they asking us to testify?


Leach: As students we believe this is an appropriate ways to raise revenue


Killian: Garret and Geneva were chosen by the students. Trust that they would make a decision that best suits t he students. Do wish that there were three people for a tie breaker.


Leach: What do you think about Geneva and I and one or two other senators.


Walker: Still freaks me out. Every other organization that im inn that has lobbyist in Helena, wont stray from the topics that they brought there.


Hurst: Garret and Geneva and Marianne told them not to testify because it was not relevant.


Kaminetzky: This is big stuff. Feel that we should move to the best of our abilities. In a perfect situation, we would have all of the time.


Bertolino: Council of Five, at least two senators that are from Montana. We are representing Montana state but these decisions affect those that live in the state of Montana.


Geneva: Even if you are not Montana but if you have Montana residency.


Hollinger: Would you get a phone call?


Leach: Dylan will send an email with information. If you decide to do this, be able to pick up your phone 24/7. Who would be interested in doing this?



Marianne: In the next email, invitation to leadership dinner, reply as an RSVP. If you don’t see me, I’m at the daycare from 8-10:30. Text me if you need me.


Zoltek: Think hard about if you want to be involved in the legislative process. Comedian coming next week at 7pm. Talk about Helena trip, Tuesday all day. Going next week. Meeting Dylan at the capitol and going over bills, prefer people to be Montana residents. Will get $16 in cash for lunch. Program directors now have office hours. First program director meeting next week. Program director pay raises in effect.


Cronk: Budgeting starting up this semester, over next three weeks finalizing budgets with program directors. Instead of having four separate budgets for on event, merging into one.


Hetherington: Had first judicial meeting with Manley, he also revised election policy and procedure. Looking to make changes in article 7 of the bylaws. Looking for someone to write and sponsor the  bill. Re-proportion how senate sets will be allocated per college.


Leach: With seat re-appropriated, might want to add a seat for the honors college.


Jones: Winter retreat February 3rd, rented large cabin in Yellowstone. Show up wherever. Going to set up carpooling. Let me know. Bacon on the mall, In February, get students involved with ASMSU. Budgeting season coming up, after presentation. Meet with liaison so that you can attest for them during budget seasons. Talk in office about moving elections. Going to stay the same. Senate Judiciary has developed a number of bills as we discuss our bylaws.


Campbell: Who is available on Mondays at 4pm? Funding board, Kade now has a conflict, offered to step down in order for another person to step up. Longest meeting was 25 minutes. Attended the bookstore shareholders meeting.


Hetherington: If they want people to show up, they should advertise. Changes on the bookstore over the summer revamped in the fall. KGLT doing annual vinyl sale. Tomorrow. Noon to early afternoon setting up. Finance board, haven’t sent anything out yet.


Senate Reports:


Falls Down: Diversity and inclusion, discussed what needs to be done moving forward. February second. Agreed mission statement for the university needs to change. Need more student feedback. Having another meeting Monday the 30th. Student memorial committee, handing out hot chocolate and cider, have students walk through the memorial ending with a feedback booth. Board so that people can build off of others.


Walker: Safe coalition, that is happening soon.


Kaminetzky: Personal Privilege


Killian: Arts and exhibits, fall 2100 visitors t the gallery. 20000 micrometers under the sea coming soon and another exhibit in the exit gallery.


DeRudder: MSU produced planetarium show, January 24th.








New Business:


EHHD Senator Appointments:


Campbell: All to the hall, in alphabetical by last name, ask them two questions, closing statement and them then vote. (seconded)


Motion passed


Walker: What do you want to do for your college?(seconded)


Jones: Senators or officers of ASMSU need an exemption, but this don’t let this affect your decision.


Campbell: What do you view to be the most important duties as an ASMSU senator? (seconded)


Clifton: Move that they go out other door so that they don’t discuss the question (seconded)


Bertolino: will you be keeping time on them? Move to add a time limit where candidates can speak for four minutes? (seconded)


O’Leary: Could we possibly bump that up a bit? 6 minutes? Move to extend the time limit(seconded)


Motion passes


Madison Kuehn: Freshman, grew up in Colorado, have various leadership, have a passion for legislator. Came up to MSSU Friday and loved the community. On the dance team last year. Work at the ASMSU daycare.


Walker: What do you want to do for your college? (seconded)


Like to continue Windham’s initiatives. Want to offer low cost workshops for resumes and students and give them leaderships skills.


Campbell: What do you view to be the most important duties as an ASMSU senator?(seconded)


Be the voice for the people. Wan to be a representative for students. As a freshman being able to reach a wider variety of students.


Brian Mulvaney: Love to have the opportunity to serve, general science broad field. Very interested in campus sustainability.


Walker: What do you want to do for your college?(seconded)


Would like to educate future generations on sustainability. Like to begin this process at the college level.


Campbell: What do you view to be the most important duties as an ASMSU senator? (seconded)


Represent the student’s voice, of the student body. Represent voice of clubs and liaisons. Work closely with them so you can be in tune with what they would like to bring to senate.


Feel strongly about banning the sale of banning single use water bottles. None in Montana, if we were able to do this we would be a leader in our region as well as the state. Would be an accomplishment.


Brian Murakami:Junior at MSU, from California. Student senator for 2011, 2012. ASMSU drove me through school. Listened to my constituents, if they want something, push for it to the best of my abilities. Outside of school, was alumni advisor. Involved with all aspects of Greek life.


Walker: What do you want to do for your college?(seconded)


Sat down and talked about diversity and being form the bay area, bring forth a side that is not seen in Montana.


Campbell: What do you view to be the most important duties as an ASMSU senator?(seconded)


Being there for your constituents. All elected by the students. We are there voice. Be impartial and take their view as a whole. Sometimes going against what I think.


Think I would be a great fit, have some experience. Less of a learning curve. Working will not affect my availability.


Katherine Orr:Secondary Education studies major. Severe lack of representation from freshman class. Tuition increase greatly affect my class the most.


Walker: What do you want to do for your college? (seconded)


A lot of freshman don’t know what ASMSU is or what we can do for them.


Campbell: What do you view to be the most important duties as an ASMSU senator?(seconded)


A representative of my college, biggest duty as a representative. Holding office hours and making sure I am making decisions that are best for them. Even though this is an appointment, know I will represent the EHHD college well.


Leadership experience would help me jump right in. Hope to be a great representative.


Molly Ward: Sophomore in education. Love the opportunity to hold a senate seat. Would like to leave MSU better than when I came here. Multiple committee positions. Proficient in parliamentary procedure and public speaking.


Walker: What do you want to do for your college? (seconded)


Making a better relationship between Gallatin county school system and students at MSU. Be able to place students in employment areas. Enrollment is dropping because students are not able to student tech inn Bozeman.


Campbell: What do you view to be the most important duties as an ASMSU senator?(seconded)


Really important that we are the voice for our college and our student body. We need to be the voice of our constituency


Through experience and extracurricular, I have the qualifications to be the voice of our student body.


Connlan Whyte: Social studies broad field class. Trying to think of my values and why I wanted to be here. Centered around kids. Came room poor background, had to work a lot. Didn’t want any kids to feel like that. Started as an engineer, now I’m here. Now I have a job, at the preschool and we have to deal with the moments. I had the privilege to watch some of you at the ugly sweater party. So glad that the  this organization here that takes into consideration and that it takes care of these instructors.


Walker: What do you want to do for your college? (seconded)


Want to help you all make decision and help guide students. Was pretty lost when making major change. Push for more clubs.


Campbell: What do you view to be the most important duties as an ASMSU senator?(seconded)


Leadership and also self sacrifice. Volunteer role, put forth that you are a professional and that you are a leader.


Jace Williams: Transfer student, working with the ASMSU preschool. Working with kids with disability. Still have some of the same struggles that they have. Getting more students involved with ASMSU preschool. Hands on learning and the benefits it can have for them.


Walker: What do you want to do for your college?(seconded)


Get more students involved with the preschool. Gives more hands on learning.


Campbell: What do you view to be the most important duties as an ASMSU senator?(seconded)



Someone who is willing to be more open minded and not focusing on themselves. Even though there are good areas, there are also some that need improvement. Provide a better environment for students to come to school.


Focus on helping students in n\general. Helping students with disabilities reach their goal.





Hollinger: Really like how Katie and Jace didn’t talk too much about themselves, but what they would  like to do.


Grover: Lot of empty rhetoric about leadership, Molly has tangible goals.


Falls Down: Worried that his past involvement with ASMSU would restrict them. He recognizes himself as a minority and talked a lot about improving diversity,


Jensen: Liked Maddie comment about coming to senate meetings. Talking to senator Windham and what she was doing.


Creed: Madison seemed like a great fit for the position. Connor works downstairs. First three candidates really impressed me.


Campbell: Would be happy working with any of them. Important to have a freshman. Put in the time to prepare for the position.


Killian: First three really stuck out for me. Maddie is up to date on what is happening. Really interested and has great ideas. Conner on campus works really hard with sustainably on campus. Brian is serious about this. Extended library hours. Pretty awesome.


Clifton: People who stood out to me where the freshman. Madison showed a lot of enthusiasm and passion. And Katy. Would bring a great perspective.


Walker: College oriented ideas, Madison and Molly, make it easier for transitions and into Bozeman school system and Madison was well spoken. Other guys more suited for at large rather than


Creed: Other day heard Madison talking about senate to a friend and how excited she was about it in passing.


Jensen: Maddie Molly and Katie, these three stuck out the most with me. Liked how Katie discussed personal interest versus interest of constituents.


Bertolino: GPA isn’t listed for Maddie. Is she qualified?


Jensen: Yes


Student: Work with Conner at MSU leadership institute, great fit for senate because I care about this university, and think he is the voice to do so. Overcomes obstacles with ease. Conner single handedly raised 16,000 for the organization. Brought Sir Ken Robinson t the university. Plastic water bottle ban. Went on crazy spree. HE would be able to contribute.


Roback: Super importance conference call I have to go to.


Grover: Yield to Michenzie


Michenzie Johnson:  presents on Pan-Hellenic policy that the Alpha Omega Pi senators (Haleigh Hurst and Clara Johnson) were unaware that EHHD applicant Katie Ohr was rushing the sorority.


Issue an exemption as the senate. Hold a vote saying that we are aware that they do.


Exemption for Connor O’Leary, working at the procrastinator and Madison Kuehn for the ASMSU daycare.


Campbell: Nominate Senator Kaminetzky for Funding Board


Ballot Vote: Kaminetzky now on Funding Board



Stipend Review Committee:


Jones: In charge of reviewing stipends for those that receive them.


Falls Down: Nominate myself and I accept


Killian: Nominate Senator Johnson


Johnson: Decline


Creed: Nominate myself


Kaminetzky: nominate myself


Roll Call Vote: Falls Down, Creed and Kaminetzky appointed



Controversial Issues Task Force:


Move to elect 3 senators, 2 students at large by senate once a month on progress on controversial issues and progress.


O’Leary: How are students at large chosen?


Walker: One senator that are in charge of this. Or two. Just a task force. Don’t think we need to report unless it’s a specific resolution. Someone that they can appoint students to.

Move to amend original motion, have two senators head the task force.


O’Leary: Task force would allow students to approach them and engage the task force. Having three senators and two students would be a better idea. More input.


Hollinger: Having a task force to deal with controversial issues. Something else that we already should do to begin with? Any of us could spear head this.


Grover: Still not really sure what the purpose of the committee is.


Walker: Still pretty ambiguous on what this task force is about.


Kaminetzky: While this task force is a good idea, the task force is a bit ill defined. Deliberate about this at another meeting.


Falls Down: Approached by 3 students came to me and wanted to create a scenario where these things could be addressed in a forum setting. Language in actual solution. Mac and I wanting the future with the help of the other cosponsors, to have a couple of open forums.


Walker: Willing to write a resolution as a formal document. Previous question.

Amendment does not pass


3 senators, 2 students at large:

Motion fails


Falls Down: Motion to postpone indefinitely (seconded)


Walker: Committee of the whole ~ Move senate appointments for legislative session for an open discussion.



Walker: Email brad for paper copies(seconded)

Motion passes



Senate Announcements:


Campbell: Composer coming to Montana. David will be working with wind symphony. Is this ok with Senate?


Bertolino: Ballot vote: Yes for excused, no for unexcused


Absence will be excused.


Killian: Women’s March. 8:30am leaving with carpool. Go Cats GO


Motion to adjourn by Senator Falls Down at 8:45pm