Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325
January 18, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Minutes Approved

Public Comment:

Bradley: Diversity Symposium original budget 5500$, now have 7150$ and waiting to her back from one more sponsor. Arts and Architecture, EHHD, Engineering and Letters/Science have already donated.

Daveys: New director of elections

Stewheit: At-Large student on the finance board, voting on motion for legal services budget tonight. Increased their request by 4k. Want to make sure that students will be able to be supported next fiscal year.


Brough: Budget and Election Season. Visualize your constituents, assume they are happy about the work you just did as a senator. Draw a picture of what they would look like.

*Budgeting Analogy

*Budgeting with mutual consent concept
8 steps to institutional change – Harvard Business Review
th Birthday of Montana State University – Legacy of Leadership ASMSU

Killian: Move to move McFeely’s admin reports to the front in order for her to be able to go to an event.

Admin Reports:

McFeely: Going to auditions for 125th birthday. Margaret is our new elections director. Taylor is our new late-night director. She is awesome, if you haven’t met her yet. Our arts and exhibits director stepped down, Jessica is now in the interim. Hiring for the positon in about two weeks. Trivia night next Wednesday at 6pm. Roaring 20s theme. Star Wars trivia combined with the

procrastinator. Decided to do a valentine’s skate, PACE board. It will be on Valentine’s day night. Health and Well-being director is expanding our late-night substance program, bi monthly.

Clifton: Be intentional and informed when you are budgeting. Ask a lot of questions. Justice Appointment tonight. Reviewing legal services budgeting and supplemental request. They have, this year, doubled the number of students that they have had an impact on. Three committee openings: space management, classroom committee (3), outreach. Have an opening on UFPUB, I will sit on the position. WetLab applications due tomorrow. Today first reading on bill regarding elections, in full support of this.

Johnson: Operations Manager, been put to a shared services position, now a lot of discrepancies in our bylaws. There is a recommended copy of what lines to strike. Position payed out of fee money. Gwinner, ready and rearing to go. Justice availability a little diminished when compared to last semester.

Brough: Have a new shared services accounting person. Her name is Hannah. Shared services will cost us 70% of what the previous person cost us. Office now a meeting room. Legal Services get first dibs, then bookings. Now take CatCards as payment at front desk. Now have a plaque on the wall. New Leal intern Wyatt Brown. April 10th, Cruzado’s student leader dinner. Weekend of Presidents day, 125th anniversary celebration. Like to go on a mini-tour and see our outposts/ steam tunnels. February 27th, Conference on how ASMSU affects Bozeman as a community. Involvement Fair, 8:30-3pm, need volunteers January 24th.

Murray: FY2019
Programs making rough drafts to bring to you. Feb 8,15,22 program director presentations. March 2 Finance Board
March 22 Comes to Senate

Your responsibility to talk to your program directors and come to relay that information. Comes to senate, need 2/3 vote to overrule decision. Once it is closed, can be reopened but requires majority. 25% is the reserve balance of the total operating cost. At 49%.

Killian: Funding Board Appointment. Wednesdays at 6:10pm. Actively giving money towards the student programs. Legal services request, total 2900, 1900 out of reserve.

Grover: Budget oversight committee next Thursday at 11. Ian transferred to Kansas State. Appointment, applications out now.

Senate Reports:

Blossom: Needs to be passed next week for the timing of the elections of this year.

Lei: Paige and I met with Bridget about Procrastinator. Next week starts Thursday, Blade Runner, original and remake. Beginning stamp card this semester.

Killian: Beacon Park is up and running at outdoor rec.

Swenson: More lab space for Physics 3 in Barnard Hall. Health advancement gained more space. Parking Passes, Winter Permits available, now on website SB110$, F 23$.

Rehal: Leadership Institute, Paul Farmer, January 23rd, showing documentary, 6:30pm in the Pro. Baird: KGLT Semester vinyl sale.

New Business:

Justice Nominee Appointment – Mac Gwinner

Killian: Two-minute introduction, followed by questions, followed by senate deliberation.

Gwinner: History student and Museum Minor, Bozeman Native, been around the world, soccer coach at Bozeman high school, blacksmith. Excited to help facilitate change. Have not been as involved with the MSU campus as much as I would have liked. Further progress.

Killian: Speak on experience with Peer Mediation

Gwinner: Trained as peer mediator when I was young. Yearly/Monthly refreshers. Good way of solving issues. Where a lot of my conflict resolution experience comes from.

Krone: Briefly explain relationship with references.

Gwinner: Hunter Terry, head coach of BHS soccer. First coach now colleague. Anya Pearson, supervisor, work with her at Museum of the Rockies. Bob Hyatela, friends’ dads during childhood, dean of Gallatin College.

Katie: How familiar are you with ASMSU bylaws and constitution.

Gwinner: Not as familiar as I would like. Read through them.

Lei: Can you apply falconry and blacksmith to your position?

Gwinner: Certain level of persistence, patience, and dedication.

Killian: How will you bring diversity to the judicial council.

Gwinner: Through my major, History underrepresented. Plan on going to grad school, hopes to stay on council

What do you see as the role of judicial council?

Help to clarify things and keep them running smoothly.
DuBeau: How did Brian Stevenson’s presentation influence you to run for Judicial Council?

Gwinner: Passionate about revisionist history. Inspired me to move towards being in a position that would forward change.

Jones: “Loyal to a fault.” How would you deal with a friend coming to the judicial council?

Gwinner: Senior year cut from soccer program. Chose to come back because I knew it was a good program that would help people.

Rehal: Under what circumstance do you think its reasonable to be biased?

Gwinner: I believe it is an inevitability sometimes, but I will do my best to not have my biases influence me. Biased laws set by state of Montana

Kuehn: Case of Supreme Court, do you think it is concerning that it is divided on certain decisions?

If nobody disagrees, there will be no change.

Grover: What’s your favorite bird?

Gwinner: Red Tailed Hawk.

Rehal: How do you plan on dealing with stressful situations.

Gwinner: Used to work in an old folk’s home, views come out in a more direct manner. Dealt with a lot of people very set in their ways. Coming at it with a view of patience.

Anderson: What goals do you have set for yourself?

Gwinner: Obtain a master’s degree from MSU. Keep the council running smoothly. Help with change.

Driscoll: What do you think is unique that you can bring to Judicial Council?

Gwinner: Good level of critical analysis. Siphon through unclear texts and interpret in a clear manner.

Killian: Sat in on his interview. Thought he did a great job. Lei: Looking for someone who can think on their feet

Orr: Falconry y’all.
Driscoll: Answered questions very clearly and concisely.
Juel: Talked about his commitment to the position in the long run. Wants to make a difference. DuBeau: I think he’s a (g)winner.

Mac Gwinner: 19-0 confirmed

Commence the swearing in of Mac Gwinner.

Funding Board Appointment:

Driscoll: I volunteer.
Vote of affirmation.

Finance Board Reserve Request:

Lei: Move to approve.

Charlie: Mac did an incredible job. Going to try and convince him to go to law school. Did double the impact, had double the students come in this year. Tried to look at previous years to plan but was an unseen increase. Last year had 129 appointments. 229 appointments this year. I apologize for not foreseeing this, 12 emergency client appointments today. Position right now where at the end of this month we will run out of funding.

Driscoll: Which facet does it go to the most?

Charlie: Still in the top three. MIP/DUI, Landlord/Tenant, Family Law. Had some name changes come in. One area of increases is immigration status.

Baird: Do you expect rates of appointments to continue to increase?

Charlie: Already this month we have had every slot filled. Keeping to 8 appointments a day. Very appropriate to bring $10 for the appointment. Appropriate to increase costs?

Roll Call Vote: 19-0, Passes

ASMSU 2018-B-01 Article Four Update

Grover: First Reading

ASMSU 2018-B-02 Campaign Finance Reform

Grover: First Reading

Senate Announcements:

Killian: Saturday at 11:45pm, Women’s March. Mackenzie Stone, senior recital.

Juel: Next Thursday Basketball game. International night.

Killian: Over/Under for Senate Meeting Times. Over/Under time competition.

Jones: Next Tuesday 12:15pm, Ballroom D, annual meeting for shareholders of the bookstores. Students and staff are shareholders.

Orr: Mountaineering impact science, provost lecture series Tuesday at 7pm. Swenson: Cat/ Griz Basketball this weekend.

Baird: QSA drag show, February 24th at 7pm. All the proceeds go to charity. Come see me preform.

Krone: Currently leading Senate for Over and Under. Move to adjourn. MOTION DIES

Driscoll: Bozeman Monologues, March 29th, write about really cool things, submission deadline coming up.

Rehal: Delivered all tickets to Paul Farmer. Motion to adjourn. MOTION DIES

Motion to adjourn by Senator Killian at 7:44pm.