Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Room 235

January 17, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swanson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Lyon, Mulvaney, Schmitz


Approval of Minutes

Motioned, Approved


Public Comment

President Cruzado, wants to say 2018 was incredible, we celebrated the 125 anniversary. Liked that it lasted a year vs a day as it showcased our colleges and showed us how far we have come and how far we can go. Also celebrated that we have had the highest retention rates and graduation rates in our history and in the state of Montana. Capital Projects: Thoughts on Rendezvous and that it is inspirational. Opened the Norm Asbjornson Hall at the end of last semester. Wanted a building not only for engineering but for everyone. This will allow for students to engage from various colleges and to tear down those walls that separate us. Since 2010 she has been trying to raise money for the Native American Hall and we have finally got the funding to finish it. Will start the structure after the powwow where the ground will receive blessing. Of 130 schools there are only 2 that are classified as high in research and we are one of those two! In November there was a Saturday we went to Missoula where the most interesting football game took place and the Bobcats walked out victorious.


Current health and wellness director in OSE. Is here to admit that one of her services hasn’t been excelling. Her crash pad is having some challenges as she cannot dedicate the amount of time to it. It is a big project and much bigger for a full-time student to manage. Feels that a full-time staff /employee would be beneficial for this program. Much progress has been made with the one student employee and two volunteers. We strive to lead our own programing as an office and currently we are unable to do this.


Co-founders of crash pad, the crash pad was conceived a way to solve housing issues. Wanted to create a safe, transitional space. Writes to support Rachel Juel’s request to ask for a full-time employee to take over.


Mary Stein, faculty advisor for the Bounty of the Bridger’s. Rachel will talk more about this later in regards to support them. Students saw the need for food insecurity 3 years ago and then created a plan to address a solution for food insecurity. In the fall of 2017 they got enough support and funding to open as a pop-up operation once a week. Now the food pantry has a permanent home. Also have had the opportunity to partner with the Gallatin Country Food Bank. Asks that we really consider Rachels proposal.


Candace Mastel, wanted to thank us and wanted to talk about the shuttle. Is in a transportation group and have been talking about a shuttle for year. They really hope to see its success as it moves us into the future. They are here to support us with signage, marketing and more.


Carl Anderson, recently have been hired on as MontPIRG campus organizer. Have two lobbyists up in Helena and are continuously updating us about issues that are coming down the pipe line. One of his goals is to decide what kind of niche they will have in the Bozeman community, to best meet needs and to best serve MSU and Bozeman.


Chase, RHA, just had their first meeting. Discussed their strategic plan and want to set something up that they can work on over the next 4 years. They are working on new, lighter logo. Got a new NCC appointed. They have also talked about getting hall council involved in a polar plunge for cancer. They’re meetings are at 7 on Wednesday, Johnson basement.



Dr. Matt Caires, Candace Mastel, Karl Swenson: Student Memorial Update

Here tonight to present the latest designs. The current design kept the curved feature and they extended the seating out to offer more in the greenspace. The idea is that it is an open space so that one can see down to the memorial and opened it up for students. Have trees that allow a nice amount of light through to create a nice place for students. Wants to open the space to bring people in, is a very neutral space for many purposes.


Ambika, likes having a voice and thinks the design is really nice.

Killian, is the south entrance wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we don’t build anything that isn’t accessible. One path is accessible and the other is stairs.


Pelkie, how the drainage?

Currently those details haven’t been fully worked out but will be worked into the design and is unsure but there should be some down at the bottom. All will be worked out later.


Dr. Matt, loves the idea that this is a great out door space and will create an attractive space for our student.


The next steps: Have created imaging to gain support. Similar to the Spirt Plaza. Now the ball is back in our court for us to get support and funding. Could do all in one phase or could break it down into phases. The only issue with that is that every time you move phases you have to repay a startup cost and each year prices go up. Hard to say how much it will cost.


Dalvit, have you thought of getting students involved?

Yes but the issue is that students schedules don’t always line up and their schedules are typically planned out in advance. Like it but doesn’t count on it.


Dr. Matt, if someone is interested in co-chair, he will help raise half the money if one can raise the other half.


Rachel Juel; Bounty of the Bridges

Will give some background of the pantry, some data, and the proposition for a temporary position. This year we have become a certified food bank which opens up options for getting food. One location is in the basement of OHA and there is one in family graduate housing as a popup. Since the opening in Oct 2017 we have rescued 36,829.5 lbs of food and have distributed 17,006.87 lbs of food. Have had about 1,125 client interactions and have had over $40,000 in In-Kind donations received. This is great as it takes a large amount of people from the County foodbank. To date they have been in operation for 1.5 years and have the new program the Crashpad. Both are supported, just need more help in operations. If they could coordinate both under one program coordinator it could create something amazing. They are requesting aid for a Temp Aid Service Program Coordinator to be half funded by ASMSU and half by other funds. This is the dream as it doesn’t only keep the programs going but helps to build and further develop them. One option is a half time position would keep it going but full time will make it grow. Asking for about $23,000. The reason for being here is that there was a government letter sent out about college students food insecurity. Also here as ASMSU is always at the forefront. Wants us to know that ASMSU are not the only entity that supports them. If this doesn’t go through they only have one more year of vistas and then it will be left to volunteers. Their grand opening is next week January 24 at 4pm-6pm at their permanent location.


Killian, best case we get a full time and a vista?

No, as it would cost us greatly and will take time to catch someone up to speed.

Killian, will this money be for an employee and supplies?

No, it is just for the employee, we are resourceful and have found ways to progress.


Elias, what was the disparity between picked up and distributed?

What is left goes back to the County foodbank as they have a great partnership.


Johnson, so we are supporting half at $23,000?

Yes, this will support half and I’ll find the other half to make a full-time position.


This staff position would not be a member of the club and would like to keep the club as well as become a permanent part of MSU, possibly a department.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Jan 31 having 2nd legislative training at 5:30 in sub 168? for those who are interested in coming up for Feb 12th legislature. Was in Helena last week, next Tues at 5pm there’s a reception for those interested, will allow students to talk to legislatures. Our lobbyist got to talk to legislature, wanted him to reach out to find more that would be interested.  Shuttle update, has gotten several complainants. There was staff turnover which caused some shift mix-ups. Sent out one resolution which he is hoping to get in first reading. Sent out updated election policies.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

Small Things:

Rat Room, has a key pad now. Will also be rekeying the productions closet as there are concerns about things leaving. Taylor talked about the lobbyist and legislature thing. Is a good idea to know the land mines and pit falls. Talked about electronic portfolios let her know as she will be doing it. Sub advisory board that has been revised. Have a board that says how will the sub space be used and that is mostly up to us and we really need to be in charge of this space. This committee will be easy and only meet twice. Got $12,000 for late night programing, 7p,-1am, will be a non-alcoholic events that will be fun for students. It is currently a pilot project. Airport shuttle went reasonably well. Is in high demand and we took it on as the last shuttle canceled. Program is complex and is a pilot project. For the first time ever doing a first time debut for incoming and transfer students. Romney space and what the plan is for clubs and groups in there. There is a plan and have a lot of talking points, won’t be perfect but close. The turf field ribbon cutting is coming up in April 12. All this happened in two years and was all done by us. Goes to show that we can make things happen. Retreat is Saturday.

Big Things:

Currently are hiring a new program manager. Asking them to run the brand-new engagement software. We do not have to put any money into this. The software will do club organization and management. Will help student find things, will keep track of events, surveys, etc. Will have badging and curriculum certificates. Finally, the software will include budgeting, elections, and student government space. This took many years, but we got it! It will be up by the fall. Is a way to collect student feedback. Is a single sign on using net id and the school will manage the security and the usability as it is web platform native. We can also brand it ourselves and will be as easy as Facebook. Can even use to take attendance. If you want to be involved let her know. The baby conference room will not be an office again. All those pilot projects don’t have a home and they are OSE but don’t have a good fit. Best examples as to where to put them and in CSU-Denver they have an Off-campus life office. Should create a Campus life office for all those types of projects. They have had this office for 20years and have given us the recipe on how to do it. Majority is interested in the maybes. Two daycares on campus and we have been approached by a major donor so might see some changes and wants an okay to pursue the maybe.


Vice President - Lizzy Thompson

On Tuesday we have Janel and Mark coming to speak about their world tour ski trip. Feels we will have a huge line. Jan 30th have the summit in sub B at 7:30. PACE will be coming in to give updates soon.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Budget Training. Program directors come up with their stuff and numbers, you have the responsibility to meet with your directors to go over things. Rolls: Listen well, ask questions, talk to program director!, talk to constituents, strong professionalism, and attend senate. Gave rough schedule that is available in office and can get you a copy if you want. Must talk before the first of February! First 3 weeks of February are going to be long meetings. Budget is due by April 18th! Went over how to read the budget excel sheet. Needs to have a 2/3 vote to change or override. Reserve fund needs to be between 25-75%. Budgets can be reopened after closed but not after its finalized. Went over Roberts Rule for the budgeting. There will be long meetings so be patient. Will send out his training slides.


Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

New meeting time 6pm on Tuesdays, just opened up two more justice applications then send them to the ASMSU site. Hope we approve the EPPM tonight.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Anna and Garth had to resign, nursing and at large, open for another 9 days. Have some finance board vacancies, will be reappointing one senator tonight and another member had to step down and that opening is on the website. Next Friday is MSU Friday and they need some help with tabling, 11:30-12:30, talk to Heidi. The retreat is this weekend and all the details are in the email from Heidi. Remember to be prompt in answering emails in regard to ASMSU and try to respond within 48 hours or less. Get new office hours in by tomorrow by end of the day and if you need to change committees.


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Needs to make current meeting times as those can’t be changed for finance board open position applicants.


Senate Reports

Branch, apologizes for having to step down and is due to a class. Would like to mirror Murali’s call to action.


Killian, Cell Biology and Neuroscience department, was approached by research boss and were looking to get rid of his department and to change to a teaching school for med students. There was an idea in place as the department has not been meeting its standards for grad students. Moratorium, which will allow them to grow and improve the department. This idea is terrifying and could cause a lot of emotions. We just need to come up with a plan on how to make their resources work and need to do something to increase grad students in their department. Just need to move forward.


Halstad, met with Richard and needed to pass along info, student capital day is coming up Feb 12 and there is a mandatory training and she will post the info on the Senate Facebook page.


Dalvit, working on the American Indian Hall and are getting through the design phase. If you are interested let her know. There was a Norm competition. Wants to get a team together for the polar plunge supporting cancer patients. Feb 1 her band is dropping an album.


Unfinished Business



New Business


Finance Board

Nominations: Senator Halstad

Motion, Seconded


Ballot Vote: 14-0



2019 Election Policies and Procedures Manuel (EPPM)


Killian, wants to thank the committee and good job for all their hard work.


Pelkie, is it final as there is a red line for a link? Taylor, it is just you approving me to add in a link later.


 Roll Call: 15-0 Approved



2019 – B -1 AMSU Fund Use in Campaigns


2019-B-2 Club Sports Funding Board



2019-R-1 24 Hour Response Legislative Committee

Sponsors:  Halstad, Branch, Abbot, Johnson, Kothe, Reinhard

Motioned, Seconded


Senate Announcements

Andy, if you are 21 and ski the snow bar is at Big Sky.


Killian, is making signs tomorrow night for the women’s march at his place. Trying to bring a camp for those with cancer or been impacted with cancer. Starting Jan 28 there will be an online vote if there should be one.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Murali.