Montana State University
Associated Students of MSU Senate
SUB Conference Room 325
February 9, 2017
Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.
Minutes recorded by Mackenzie Johnson
Roll Call: Benson, Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton, Creed, DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger, Hurst, Jensen, Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian, Kuehn, O’Leary, Roback, Swenson, Walker, Jones
Approval of the Minutes:
O’Leary: amendment to the minutes
Minutes Approved
Public Comment:

Cronk: The budgets we will be voting on later this year are KGLT, Daycare, OSE, LI, and Streamline.
Grace Anderson, Arts and Architecture and Health Advancement Employee: Speak against the trademark and licensing change. Voiced concern about wanting to hear more student opposition.
Laurynn Windham: Wants to still be a resource for senators
Leadership Institute
David Single, Associate Provost: Review of Sir Ken Robinson presentation yesterday. The key to making change on campus is to listen to what students have to say. Discuss ideas on surveying advisory boards to discuss next steps and reach out to non-traditional students.
Campbell: move to add five minutes to presentation
motion passes
Stephanie Lindsey, Director and Teacher in Leadership Institute: Discuss simple leadership courses available to students. New courses will be offered in the leadership fellows
certificate program in the 2017/2018 year.
Josh, Leadership Institute Associate: Review mission statement and value provided to students. Discuss mediums in which leadership training is provided.
Liz, Leadership Institute Associate: Review of handout that discusses goals, timeline, and overview of programming.
Josh: Discuss challenges and how the leadership institute has solved them.
Liz: Increase in attendance, number of programs, and what they are capable of offering. Review risk management policy updates, management strategies, and future opportunities.
Carmen: Income is based on student fees then matched by the provost office. We estimate student fees for the next year and then we review. We are trying to leverage every dollar that we have to bring in these large speakers. We prepare for both sides, whether a successful speaker or not. We seek sponsorships for things that don't make sense for student fees to pay for. We budget for ‘worst case scenario’ and discuss ratios that go into leveraging each line of our budget. We want senate to be an advocate for space, backing for something big that we do at the fieldhouse, continue to collaborate and support LI. I have been thankful to meet regularly with Marianne. If there are any questions we are happy to sit down with senate members.
David Kack, Director of Small Urban Livability Center: Review mission statement, goals, updates from the year. Senators invited to be on the advisory board. Review ridership numbers showing a peak in 2013. As the community grows, streamline will grow and meet more mobility needs. Streamline/Galavant is approximately a 2 million dollar budget. Total FY17 expenditures equal approximately 1.5 million. Profit goes towards expansion. Is ASMSU willing to advocate for increasing the student fee if more services are provided? Propose transportation fee increase to $23.50/semester would cover existing and increased services. Asmsu funding would be $633,000, 31% of budget.
Campbell: Are there interested senators who would like to meet to discuss this fee?
Club Funding
Mandy St. Aubyn, Assistant Director of OSE: 250 registered clubs on campus this semester with 11,000 students in clubs and 1,000 leaders. Every student pays $6.70/semester. Review of RSO funding board. $50,000 goes to club sports. $108,611 gets allocated to mass, rolling, matching, and reserve funding. Discuss FY18 budget for Club Sports. Review how funding for student organization is allocated with the largest portion of the budget being student travel (48%). 27 registered club sports with approximately 515 active members.
Continue student organization leadership conference, preview turf field/club sports funding, discuss piloted club incentives, conducting comprehensive needs assessment. Some challenges have been that we ran out of rolling funding in january when that normally runs out in late spring.
Zoltek: When will the needs assessment be sent out?
Mandy: in the next few weeks after our ambassadors test run the survey
Falls Down: How much matching funding is left?
Mandy: $3,400 which will go to approximately 6-7 more clubs.
Walker: What will happen if clubs can't get funding what can they do?
Mandy: There are a lot of fundraising opportunities on campus. Clubs know deadlines and approximations at the beginning of hte year.
Hollinger: do clubs know how competitive mass funding is?
mandy: yes it is required to go to an info session before applying. The caliber is higher for this type of funding.
KGLT Radio
Ellen King, Director of KGLT: Steady success. $321,821 requested from ASMSU. We bring in money through the fund drive and ended 3% higher than FY16. This year, 2016, 13,500 listeners per week which is #1 in bozeman for popularity, numbers, and loyalty. Underwriting is going up with two hired in the last few weeks. It is so great to be a part of ASMSU. Salary asking for FY18 is $321,800. These are basic things that we spend our budget on. We are also supported by foundations and private donors. We have been able to obtain great equipment through this sponsorship to expand our listening audience. We are ASMSUs hands reaching out into the city providing excellent public relations, transparency, and objectively advise and inform listeners. We hope to continue to collaborate with ASMSU. To raise more money we do more vinyl sales, more public outreach, more fundraising efforts in the community and on air. We ask for $24,329.41 from the senate.
O’Leary: What is round-up america?
Ellen: rounding your bill at retail locations up to the nearest dollar and donating that rounding amount. This will be done at Ale-Works.
Hollinger: What is the listener numbers relative to?
Ellen: Gallatin Valley
Campbell: It’s awesome up there, having a radio station that is dedicated to playing a variety of genres is fantastic.
Ellen: over $6,000 was made from the vinyl sale.
Marianne, Interim Daycare Director: Our daycare is best of all certifications in the state, all teachers have four year degrees or better, and we have all the qualifications to be called a pre-school versus a daycare. We provide a service for students that ASMSU least touches such as grad students, international students, non-traditional families. For parents that have children who also attend MSU, they would not be able to go to school if these students had to pay daycare in the community. We serve 70 families. Seeing more potential for grants and partnerships and a new generation of leadership and teachers. Asking for $42,000 less than FY17 request ($191,513). We can ask for less in food and hope to pull in more from daycare fees, approximately $24,000 in increased revenue. We had two people retire with more than 30 years of experience but we are bringing in new brains and potential. We need a few more student employees for helping hands.
Holinger: Why is there a decrease in budget for food?
Marianne: There is overspending on food. These changes are coming from better management of budgeting and spending
Kaminetzky: propose a five minute recess.
Walker: lets keep going
motion fails
Admin Reports:
Leach: (Absent)
Zoltek: would senate be interested in doing a renters rights resolution? tentative go-ahead for the wet lab. Lobbyist is doing great in Helena. A few bills came forward in favor of landlords instead of renters and our quick response team felt it should be discussed. Planning a trip to Helena next week. Garrett and I are currently co-authoring an executive statement on President Trump’s travel ban.
Brough: It is election season, please start preparing. Deadline to apply is March 7th. We have done great work this year. Students are using OSE to have their grievances heard and I hope we take action on these things. daycare director job has been posted today so be expecting that to be filled soon.
Cronk: we will continue to have these types of presentations for the next few weeks then we will get into the voting process. finance board meets monday and go over rons request for spring concert. stipend review is out. Walker inquired about where money is currently allocated through ASMSU so we are thinking of making a public pie chart for the website.
Hetherington: We are looking at what other schools do with their legal service programs. In two weeks I will be stepping down as chief justice to run for president with john walker. I will be making no policy changes until then to be fair and oversee the hiring of a new chief justice and who garrett appoints.
Jones: Budgeting season will mean long nights at senate meeting. Winter retreat was great! Get in touch with your liaisons before voting on budgets. Lauren Demmel is asking for application readers through Leadership Institute.
Campbell: cute joke
Senate Reports:
Falls Down: 66 responses to memorial survey, thank you for your help everyone. AIC meetings have been going well and frequent. Powwow is coming soon, auctioning off 100 buffalo hunt tickets. Diversity summit was successful.
Kaminetzky: Met with classroom space committee and working on a budget. Student memorial was a huge success. Sitting on preschool naming bill. Paper bill coming soon.
DeRudder: classroom committee was awesome, looked at rooms to remodel. exit gallery just finished up with show supporting counseling.
Laurynn Windham, student: Mental Health Taskforce met and went well. Counseling sessions in south hedges have been helpful. Looking to hire five more councilors. Means restriction committee meets to deal with suicide risk on campus. Looking to get on board with MUS to reduce numbers and increase prevention and assistance. Student health is merging with counseling and psychological services. Madison will continue to update you all on SHAC
Jensen: constituency issue. I'm getting on top of the statewide cigarette tax resolution. pushing for pre-law to become a major.
Grover: curriculum committee met and went well.
Walker: college of ag is starting an entrepreneurship challenge. College of Ag student tested in range management and got 2nd place as an undergrad on a graduate exam.
Hollinger: Met with veteran services to see what asmsu can do for them.
Killian: next week i'm meeting with health enhancement to look into Cats At Night. Looking into getting more student art on campus.
Kaminetzky: met with food resource council to plan the set up a food pantry on campus.
Kuehn: SHAC is merging with student health and we talked about pre-budgeting things. Legal services is working on potential clinics.
Jones: possibility that Miguel Fraga, secretary of cuba embassy in washington DC, may be coming to our meeting.
Campbell: why
Jones: circuit through Montana
Hetherington: we should advertise that
Marianne Brough: April 19th, wednesday, president cruzados house for student leadership dinner. 5:30 dress professional. Will make announcement for ASMSU banquet in a few days.
Unfinished Business:
2017-B-03 second reading
Falls Down: move to approve (seconded)
Falls Down: strike word positions on line 12 (seconded)
O’Leary: reasoning?
Falls Down: re-running backing
Campbell: revise amendment
Hurst: Do you want to take away positions so that senators could say that they were a senator during the election?
Campbell: discuss abuse
Jensen: what constitutes as abuse of power is difficult to define
Walker: strike abuse and the rules set forth by elections director define all.
Motion passes, position shall be stricken.
Campbell: move to amend to strike Bertolino from list of cosponsors
No need for vote, Removed.
Campbell: move to amend on line 27 page 3, strike honors college from senate districts exempt from voting. Add seats for honors college shall be allocated to students not pursuing a degree from any other college. (seconded)
Killian: Is this going in effect in the future when enrollment increases?
Campbell: ensure that honors college is getting representation.
Jensen: can you explain how that would differ from us choosing the seats?
O’Leary: add honors college specific position
Walker: not serving the full purpose matt wants.
Jones: two at large, one honors.
Kaminetzky: If you are in the honors college please raise your hand. Seven of us present are already in the senate so we have representation. How would allocating a seat change anything?
Zoltek: I respectfully disagree with that logic, this is coincidence.
Kaminetzky: I agree with Walker. Don't take a seat away from at large for a seat in honors. We should hold off.
Hollinger: add chair and not take away?
Jones: it would require amendment
Grover: I see no reason why these people need their own seat. The two honors college majors representation is taken care of by honors college members here. non voting seat?
O’Leary: I represent engineering students, not honors college. What if those students left?
Campbell: if there are no students then there is not a seat allocated.
Hurst: This is a new major, it may grow. They could take this seat from any of our colleges.
Hetherington: You would have to change the constitution in order to add a seat.
Campbell: We want a student whose primary goal is to represent the honors college. If this happens they will be active.
DeRudder: I share matt's opinion, think long term.
Kuehn: What would a representative that's non voting look like?
Campbell: We need to outline duties and how they are voted in.
Kuehn: is there potential to be a liaison instead of a seat?
Campbell: There would be a seat up for election this spring.
Killian: 2/16,000 does not equal one seat.
Campbell: each eligible district will be given at least one seat.
Haslach: With only two students it seems to make more sense to add in when there are more students.
Walker: These people are going to vote for their senator. You could be that seat that is taken away even though you represent over 1,000 students to represent two.
Grover: sum up what Walker said.
Kaminetzky: I'm good
Campbell: Walker, you brought up a good point. problems with being a double major and only voting for one college. This may be an oversight that we can't vote on tonight. This is a larger discussion than we can have right now.
Zoltek: What do you guys think it should be?
Campbell: move to table amendment indefinitely (seconded)
motion approved
Creed: grammar amendment
motion passes
Kaminetzky: question on endorsement
Roll call vote: 17-0 bill passes
New Business:
First Reading of 2017-R-01 Affirmation of Support for House Bill X
First Reading of 2017-R-02 Affirmation of Support for the Updated Licensing Policy
First Reading of 2017-R-03 Resolution to Support Changing the Common Hour Policy
First Reading of 2017-B-04 Programs
Falls Down: move to add O’Leary and Bertolino to controversial issues task force
motion passes
Senate Announcements:
Creed: I will be gone next weekend
Walker: cards and dice games at my house
O’Leary: Intl food bazaar coming Feb. 11. Battleship this week.
Killian: contemporary dance piece auditions this saturday at the emmerson
Motion to adjourn by Campbell at 9:00 pm.