Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Conference Room 335 February 8th, 2018

Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover.
Minutes recorded by Interim ASMSU Senate Secretary, Mackenzie Johnson.
Roll Call:
Abbott, Anderson, Baird, Blossom (tardy), Driscoll, Dubeau, Murali, Grover, Heinrich, Jones (Unexcused), Juel, Killian, Krone, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei (excused), Marsh, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.

Review of Previous minutes

Krone: Change Cronk to Murray Minutes approved

Public Comment

Nathan Hoffman, Vice President of the Interfraternity Council (IFC)
Planning Greek Week, asking for input. for senators who have future ideas.
Kuehn: Advises to promote medical amnesty law during the event.


Charlie Cromwell, ASMSU Legal Services
Introduce legal assistant, Dylan Haskell, and his background and experiences. Law Day coming this spring, April 27th. Update on supplemental funding - bringing in a new, third, attorney for fridays.

Taylor Flynn, Late Night Streamline Director
Introduction and overview of entire program and mission statement. Review of programs goals. Want to create additional bar cards, coasters, and additional attendant on saturday nights. Requesting $23,498 for FY2019, increased from $20,155 over FY2018 to meet advertising goals and general positional increases. Office hours T/Th 12-1:130 for any questions.
Leckie: How do you change routes?
Flynn: Propose idea, measure feasibility, time the rout.
Driscoll: Advertising in bars and bar bathroom?
Flynn: Will look into!
DuBeau: Partnering with breweries for their coasters?
Blossom: How about a run to the airport?
Flynn: Since its during the day that’s not my position, that is HRDC. $85,000 gets you a bus to run that route and it’s hard to time. The streamline late night may come by thebrick breeden fieldhouse during concerts.

Connlan Whyte, ASMSU Student Political Action Director

Introduction and overview of the entire program and mission statement. Review of the programs goals. Discusses local government events funding. Requesting $14,776 for FY2019 over $6,331 from FY2018 from last year due to it being a legislative year and funding a lobbyist. Ask that liaisons ask as a bill tracking squad for the lobbyist, although a senate committee would be better. Proposes a Fall Debate Luncheon, students trip to helena, and What Now events given an on year.

Killian: leftover money from events is going towards advertising about 6 million dollar levey? Whyte: Yes.

Admin Reports

Hannah Good, Chief Justice
Nine applications for judicial council seat. Interviews at the end of the week. Met with the Elections Director about campaign meetings and finance.

Marianne Brough, Director of Operations
Volunteer signup announcements. Send Laurynn stories about OSE news in your position and think about what content you want ASMSU to represent. Diversity challenge from Terry about adding pronouns to your website bio. The division has saved enough money that it will not see cuts. DSR scholarships due Feb. 21st so apply. I took a week away and felt comfortable with your professionalism of holding the fort down while I was gone, thank you.

Stephen Murray, Business Manager
Athletics is trying to fill the fieldhouse for the track and field event so please attend. Two program director presentations today and next week is four.

Scott Killian, Senate Speaker Pro-Tempore
Passed reserve request in full. Funding board met wednesday and have allocated 58% of the budget so far.

Ted Grover, Senate Speaker Judiciary committee met.

Senate Reports

Senator Juel
Come to Zack or I’s office hours to discuss including advertisements in the gym such asstickers on the walls and floor as a source of funding for athletics. Money would go first to the fitness center, then club sports, then youth camps. Think about what this means for other student funded buildings. 50/50 split of profits go to rec sports and fitness and buildings sponsoring department. Rock climbing wall remodeling postponed again due to rebidding. Mid July new estimated completion.

Senator Rehal
Leadership retreat next weekend, sign up.

Senator Killian
Meeting with SNow to revamp move in day to recycle things from moving and getting rid of plastic drink straws.

Senator Kuehn

Met with Health and Wellbeing to discuss the fair coming in april of wellness groups and

education. Holding a communication workshop soon, come.

Unfinished Business

ASMSU 2018-B-01
Krone and Leckie declare sponsorship of bill and moved to approve (seconded) Swenson: reads email from Terry Leist and friendly ammendments (approved) 17-0 vote passes

New Business

2018 Finance Board Reserve Request 02 - Feminine Hygiene
Krone: Important and a great idea
Murali: Should be in high traffic areas
Baird: Working on a tampon drive in high traffic buildings, support for the SUB location Orr: Fantastic idea, great start to opening doors

Leckie: Would putting these in college buildings be the responsibility of the deans? Baird: managers of buildings would be responsible
17-0 request passes

First Reading of 2018-R-02 Gun Storage
First Reading 2018-R-03 Covered Bike Parking

Senate Announcements

Heinrich: Pi Phi is selling roses to support the literacy fund so stop by and buy a rose. Orr: Sauce is great.
Leckie: Tax assistance in Jabs on various dates.
Kilian: Granny’s and kombucha after meeting at my place.

Swenson: Recites a great joke.
Driscoll: Tuesday at Sweet Peaks, SASS is sponsoring a fundraiser for every dollar of ice cream purchased going to the organization.

Motion to adjourn by Anderson approved at 7:30 pm.