Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Conference Room 235 February 23, 2017


Minutes called to order at 6:02 pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones. Minutes recorded by Mackenzie Johnson

Approval of the Minutes:


Kaminetzky: Motion to approve the minutes (seconded) Minutes Approved


O’Leary: Approve minutes from two weeks ago Minutes Approved


Public Comment:


Tom Lavoy, Student: thank you for representing the students


Meredith McDonald, Healthy Gallatin Office: discuss the purpose of Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Hoping to open up an MSU clinic to help women more easily access health advice.



Miguel Fragua, First Secretary of the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC:

We are in the best moment between Cuba and the United States in many years. American people want better relations with Cuba and the feeling goes both ways. We need to be ready for the new future together and that starts today. There is no good reason to not have relations. We are not enemies. Go to Cuba and see a society that is proud of many things. But what do students know about Cuba? I encourage you all to visit and learn about the culture. Thank you for this opportunity.

O’Leary: What can we do as students to help improve US/Cuban relationships?

Fragua: Find real connections. To improve relations we need congress. To congress, Cuba is not a priority but we can make it a priority. Also, try to visit Cuba.


Terry Leist, VP Finance and Administration:

The board or regents will approve fee proposals including tuition between may 25th and 26th, 2017. Student input is critical so we hope to vote at your March 9th meeting regarding these fees. Fees to discuss tonight are 2.26% increase in ASMSU Team Sports Field increase, ¾ of the course and program fees will increase less than 2% or not at all, room and board will increase 4.6%, parking permits will increase $10 for standard. This has Finance and Administration's support but we want to hear what you think. IT fee is going to increase $2 or


4.69% for FY18 then $2.25 or 5.04% for FY19. Increase will generate approximately $135,000 per year with the $4.25 increase. Proposed $10.50 (4.92%) increase in health and dental fees. These dental fees start at 7 credits. Room and board will increase $125 over two years to help residence halls stay open over thanksgiving and spring break and inflationary costs. Course fees are increasing from an amount of 270 to 306. FY18 is down to 8 new course fees from FY17 which was 21. We hope for the senate to come back with a vote on March 9th what your feelings on these numbers are.


Sam Askin, Director of the Procrastinator Theater:

Reviews mission statement and goals. Projected to make $14,000 in ticket revenue. Discuss increases and decreases in different expenses, program cuts and additions, Expenses increase from $58,837 to $60,543. The procrastinator made $3,000 in two weeks off of ticket sales.


John Manley, Director of Elections:

Review mission statement and goals. Update on the status of elections. Shooting for 20% voter turnout. Revenue will be approximately $200 from senate and exec applications. Adding an Election Day line item and subtracting paying IPad runners.


Mia Beltrand, Director of Latenight Streamline:

Review mission statement and goals. Expenses increased from 12,633 to 18,183 because of misinformation about reimbursements. Discuss incentives and fluctuations in costs. Wrote a training manual to help educate attendants.


Melissa Dawn, Arts & Exhibits:

Review mission and vision statement as well as goals. Call for entry just went out. 10 shows per year at the exit gallery. Review of shows that came to visit. Review of Student art market sales. Exit gallery revenues through application fees, 20% from anything sold in the gallery, commission, and art market registration. Discuss expenses increases and decreases.


Marianne Brough, Director of OSE:

Review of mission and vision statement. Increase from 311,111 to 331,225 in expenses which includes Heidi’s temporary position turning full time. Discuss new line items and fluctuations in costs.


Administrative Reports:

President Leach: Thanks to Chief Justice Hetherington for his service. Nominate Justin Johnson as the next Chief Justice.


Vice President Zoltek: Election apps are open, encourage people to vote! Signing for spring concert tomorrow.


Business Manager Cronk: Meeting with stipend review committee after senate.


Director Marianne Brough: I appreciate everyone’s work. Thank you for working with your liaisons, defend what they do not want cut. Documents are online for your constituency. Banquet is 26th of April. Cruzados house is the 19th. Daycare is down to 2.5 teachers, no director, and no office help. We need to help them get through the next couple weeks. They want people who will eat free lunch with kids.


Derek Hetherington: Still accepting judicial applications. Vote for chief justice Justin Johnson. I have pizza coming.


Senate Speaker Bradley Jones: One more day of presentations. Senator of the month for February is Jake Kaminetzky.


Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Campbell: Joke of the day. Recruit senator help to get applicants for senate. Another student seat opening up on the bookstore board. Paper bill is done, add it to new business tonight.


Senate Reports


Swenson: Joke about parking. Garage permits are still available. Discussion on shoulder permit. Walker: Discussion on tuition event. Advocacy event with 2nd graders.

Kaminetzky: NIOH meeting last night.

Hollinger: President Cruzado dropped the alcohol policy change Kuehn: Gender equality conference on March 25th.


Unfinished Business:


Second reading of 2017-R-04 WIC Clinic

Killian: move to approve (seconded)

Falls Down: Where is the proposed location?

Darcy: Family and Graduate housing offices Hollinger: Do you need funding?

Darcy: Not from ASMSU

Hurst: Will majors be taken into account with help?

Darcy: Yes

Campbell: Friendly amendments (seconded) Amendments accepted

DeRudder: Friendly amendments (seconded) Amendments accepted

O’Leary: Strike lines 22 & 23 Amendment accepted

Roll Call Vote 20-0 Resolution Passes


Second reading of 2017-R-05 Gallagator Trail Connection

Hurst: Amendment to line 25


Amendment accepted Campbell: Friendly amendments

Amendments accepted

O’Leary: Questions on the route, loitering, etc. Kuehn: Questions for the sponsors

Walker: More general questions

Roll Call Vote 17-0 Resolution passes


Second Reading of ASMSU 2017-B-05

Falls Down: Move to approve (seconded)

Campbell: General amendments and concerns on voting power. Move to reword various lines for clarification and move other lines around. (Seconded)

Amendments pass

Falls Down: Strike lines 9 and 10 (seconded)

Campbell: Discuss opposing arguments for advisory duties Falls Down: Discuss cons to having an advisor as a member O’Leary: All of the power is still with the students

Bertolino: Too many finders in the pot

Zoltek: This should be addressed in a different way than just taking it out in the amendment Campbell: What do you see the difference as between Chelsey on Pace and Many on Funding? Zoltek: We have lost a lot of autonomy over student decisions with the merge into Office of Activities and Engagement.

Falls Down: This isn’t about Chelsey herself, it is about the position. It hints at ASMSU being absorbed by something bigger.

Amendment passes

Kaminetzky: Move to add 2-4 section and have it read VP should chair pace board. Falls Down: Questions to Chief Justice about Bylaws

Amendment passes Bill passes 18-0


Second reading of ASMSU 2017-B-06

Campbell: Move to strike lines 29-31 Amendment passes

Previous amendment rescinded Campbell: Strike different lines

Amendment passes

Falls Down: Moves to table indefinitely 16-1 Bill postponed indefinitely


Second reading of ASMSU 2017-B-07

Kuehn: Move to approve Campbell: general amendments

Motion passes

DeRudder: Consider lifetime (until graduation appointment)


19-0 bill passes


New Business


Campbell: Move to add 2017-B-09 to end of new business (seconded) Amendment passes

Killian: Move to add Confirmation of new Chief Justice Johnson and do it via ballot Amendment passes


Vote 18-1 Justin Johnson confirmed as new chief justice First Reading of ASMSU 2017-B-08

First Reading of ASMSU 2017-B-09


Senate Announcements


Bertolino: If you have a bill dealing with bylaws bring it to judiciary council

Hollinger: Hart initiative on March 1st at 6:30 in the sub to discuss sex trafficking in Bozeman, MT.

Killian: Art market coming soon

DeRudder: You’re all invited to come be extras in a movie on Saturday Swenson: Cat/Griz basketball on Saturday

Kaminetzky: Interfaith service Saturday March 4th. Symphony orchestra on Saturday. Creed: Parking garage reserved is 6am-8pm.

Falls Down: Move to adjourn (seconded)

Meeting adjourned at 9:53 pm