Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate Alumni Lounge
February 22, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:04pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones (unexcused), Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Murali, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Minutes Approved
Public Comment:
Orr: Move to cap public comment at 2 minutes (per person)

Mayor of Bozeman: Here today speaking with ASMSU senate. Very proud of university, hope that you will reach out to me if you have any questions. Very interested in how you run yourmeetings and in tonight’s discussion.

Stump: Thank Senators for touring new dining hall. Return in a few with report on new dining hall. Within the design phase. Gun storage facility, Auxiliary services support for that. Very interested in this. How we do it now, will be very similar to the way we do it in the future, just at a more localized facility.

Parrish: Chief of Police, blue light app moving forward. Hopefully it will spread around community. Address group concern about giving over weapons to police officers. We understand the second amendment and Montana Law.

Kyle: College of Agriculture. No problem with move to centralized location. Unconstitutional to handing over guns to officers. They are members of the government. Aunt in California School district: teachers having gun in possession for student safety. Need to offer gun trainingprograms, cleaning services and safety courses. People that don’t understand guns, taking acourse like this would make everyone a lot safer. Bozeman being in Montana can lead to safer communities. We defend our president with guns... but we have signs in our schools that say gun free zone. If going to move forward with this, they need to do the full package. Also votingon something that isn’t finalized. If we are going to build a new dorm, we need to build theinfrastructure. Where are they going to park? Yellowstone is 4 stories; new dorm is 6. How are we going to accommodate students?

Chaster: College of Ag, think that this vote should be held on to another date. I understand policy has been removed. This makes the resolution pointless. Need to hold off until everyone can come

to a conclusion. Colorado State 30k students, 100 guns stored. MSU 15/6k students, 500 guns stored. Massive decrease in the guns stored on campus if

Nielman: Against gun storage from the case of a marginalized group. Current time, mistrust our US government. Speak forward on those who lean left, but do not trust the police. Disagree that the same people that show abuse force sometimes will also have ahold of my firearms. Stand up for the right for these minority groups to defend themselves.


Outdoor Recreation Program

Atwater: Working on crafting our mission statement. Leadership community and Self Awareness as our core values. Got to hire an assistant director. Added a GTA, another in the fall. 12 new student hires, expanding program. Cruzado learned how to use an avalanche beacon yesterday, our campus first on a campus in the US. Gong to oversee the climbing wall. Increased our educational courses. Living up to the mountainous portion of Mountains and Minds. Add ACT courses in Backpacking and Fly-fishing. Part of the 4x4s. Contributed to the 125th celebration. 13000 items rented. 200+ students in ORP Course. 72K spent in student wages (including GTA salary). Have a lot of work study groups. 24 student staff. 85k in professional salaries. Hope to move 8k into reserve accounts. Currently have 2k, want to add more to savings account. Expense rose 6%. (390k total).

FY 2019

FOOT Steps Pilot this fall 6 different trips

Formalized Leadership Development Curriculum Continued Increase in Educational Courses Strategic Planning for the Future
Increase the Quality and Diversity of Offering

Kuehn: Would these firearm courses be something you could see incorporating in the future? Atwater: If we were the best fit, would be willing. Where would funding come from? Student: Any opportunity for drift boats?
Atwater: Biggest Issues is Storage. A little less forgiving for a novice.

Juel: Only 4 credits of activity could go towards credits to graduate. Could wilderness first aid count for more credits in a different department?

Atwater: Yes, Love to see more.
Mayor: City Parks and Rec partnership to expand these programs?

Atwater: Bicycle tour of boulders I Bozeman. Permit wise weren’t stepping on toes. Love to seemore collaboration.

Medical Amnesty, Strategic Planning, 6 Mill Levy

Clifton: Working on Medical Amnesty Policy all term, passing around policy. Cruzado in full support. Dean of Students already does this because people are asking for help. This provides students with added protection. Taking this around to varying interest groups, then goes to University Council.

MSU Strategic Plan creating this whole year. Put up draft statement for mission statement and values.
6-Mill Levy up again for a revote. All of this money goes into higher education. Trickle down cuts if it fails. Would cause 18% increase. Legislative year next year as well. Keep peers informed. Volunteer this fall, approve reserve request, help with coordination of campaign.

Lei: If Mill Levi fails, legislator less(?) Looking at trends, if state doesn’t support, the legislative probably won’t either.

Micah: Mill Levy affects both in and out of state students as well.

Rec Sports and Fitness

Erikson: Core Values: Passion, Dedication, Integrity, Teamwork
RSF Programming Units very long, New additions This year Roskie/Lambert Field Complex and Management. Moving to 6 GTA, not increasing funds, being more efficient with budget. Reorganization supports this. Ice Rink? Maybe a thing. Want to hear opinions. Would be down by outdoor rec if continues. Youth Camp, losing money like most new businesses. Would like to offer scholarship program for children.

Expenses: Student Payroll 459, Instructors and staff 131, Full time staff 507 Current Reserve Balance 135k

Leckie: Where are the security cameras?
Erikson: Been up, don’t work.
Juel: Through outdoor rec that Bridger offers pass?
Gain 2$ per pass. Just a service for MSU community.
Leckie: Auxiliary normally does these types of things, why is outdoor rec in charge now?

Erikson: Outdoor rec now has representations. Different motivation. Student fee, therefore student representation. Club sports really excited about this

ASMSU Arts and Exhibits

Hayes: 4th year student, transfer from southern Illinois. Show at the national level as a professional level. Provide professional environment for students. Have Exit Gallery, ITC, Student Art Markets, Host professional artists, partner with other departments. Really important to bring in artists in the field. MSU Art Market, coming up on 28/29th, hire student musicians to perform during this time. Revenue $2220, expecting 38% increase overall. Labor $15633. Directors stipend, worked out 8.73$, same number of hours worked, moved salary to new tier $10/hour. Increasing pay can lead to increased diversity in students. Exhibitions budget 3530. MAGDA 805. Art Market 1120$.

Juel: MAGDA membership fee?
Hayes: Every year. Yearly membership for director position.
Leckie: For education speakers?
Hayes: 2/3.
Leckie: How many students show up?
Hayes: 50 people at lecture. Demos are really popular.
Leckie: Runout of food for art market? Exit gallery?
Hayes: Very small leftover.
Leckie: Does MAGDA offer scholarships?
Hayes: One of only student members. Willing to talk t them about this.
Hayes: Can learn about taxes and Art hanging, copyright law...Leckie: Can the patching budget? Anything more economical?
Hayes: Some galleries do use track hanging. Very limiting.

Admin Reports:

McFeely: Voice Center Meeting, MSU police on spring concert. PACE met last night. The Buried Life on Monday, 7pm. Lizzy did not have this event line itemed, she went out and made it happen. Masterclass on Tuesday at 9am.

Good: Presentation about legal services tomorrow. Review Katie’s application. Working with a tight timeline.

Brough: Thank you to those who volunteered for 125. Goal of 60 applications for this year.

Murray: Forecasted activity revenue, less than last year. Due to decreased activity fee.

Killian: Finance board did not meet this week. Funding board met.

Grover: Went to Exponent budgeting board, considering budgeting completely in student fee section.

Senate Reports:

Blossom: Helped Margaret out with reaching out to students. Was an awesome event. Heinrich: Come to the masterclass, go to the presentation!

Killian: Covered bike storage. In parking structure, space bigger than expected. Please put a student on this.

Baird: Lavender Celebration, please talk to me about that if you have any questions. Jones: Move for a 6-minute recess.

Unfinished Business:

Grover: Second Reading of ASMSU 2018- R-02 Gun Storage

Heinrich: Motion to add amendments sent out I the email.

Jones: Move to change term weapon to “firearm” Can’t amend pending amendment

Kuehn: Will bows be allowed to be stored at these locations? Kuehn: Yes.

Wheeler: An RA. Conducted a survey of my residence hall, 80% in favor. Currently 6 of 9 residence halls. Stored in random cabinets, not specialized. Inconvenienced by going off campus, already leaving to going hunting. Can now store handguns.

Krone: Pro-gun rights. I don’t see this as a move right or left politically. See these as puttingguns in a storage place more acquit.

Baird: Run into a lot of LGBTQ students, freshman, some struggling with self-harm. Supporting resolution.

Kuehn: *Personal Anecdote.

Heinrich: All got letter from CPS, you have the statistics, pushing for this as long as board or regents.

Swenson: In my eyes, I don’t see how move of location will affect the suicide rate. A lot ofmoney to fix a system that could be fixed in a more cost-effective way.

Lei: With divide between attempted suicides and acted, 95% for firearms, 50/60% less likely. Very large divide between

Kuehn: Statistics on suicide and action between 5 minutes and closer to 20 minutes (closer to 50%). Quicker to get to residence halls versus police station.

Lei: Remind the senate that students don’t have the option to have handguns in the residence halls.

Heinrich: Facility open to both on and off campus students.

Kuehn: Keep hearing the argument about how responsible gun owners are, then hearing how people are string them in their car. Juxtaposing.

Blossom: If anyone opposed to verbiage, please state so. If discussing issues, people have pretty much already decided.

Krone: Don’t think that it is alright to assume that storing a gun in a car is irresponsible.

Murali: Right now, students debating are freshman students, future students are not going to know about this debate. Just follow rules in place.

Jones: Normally more worried about humidity. Temperature is not something that affects your gun. This portion of the storage is not really applicable in my opinion. If students only choice was to store them at the police statement, may choose not to and increase the number of weapons in vehicles. Police often unavailable later, RAs only haven’t given out weapon once due tofalling asleep.

Wheeler: Rounds until 2am, so most likely not in the met mental state at 4am to hand out a weapon.

We still have laws. People still break them.
Lei: Last in the country to have one of these facilities.

Krone: Hours for checking out guns.
Audience: Would have to call dispatch on office hours.
Wheeler: Usually dispatch has nothing better to do than pull people over that run stop signs. Senators represent student population. Keep in mind who will be affected by this.
Murali: Why can’t we have both for the next year and see how it goes?

Wheeler: Spoken with many residence and can pretty well represent them. Many upset but due to lack of knowledge about the issue. Spoke to a resident that is not comfortable bringing in a firearm into a building with recent events.

Swenson: U of M centralized storage, allows guns in locked vehicles. Compromise, allow gun storage but also allow guns in locked vehicles.

Killian: Never feel comfortable bringing my guns to campus. Don’t feel comfortable storing at residence halls. Really hope we do build this facility.

DuBeau: Lived entire life in Montana, Familiar with gun culture. This discussion is a step in the right direction for conversation. Need to work on education in regard to this topic. There are lot of improvements that can be made.

Leckie: My constituents don’t have an issue with this facility. Don’t mind moving locations,handing creation of policy to the police. People read this and think that because we are moving this, therefore we are giving them the power.
Students will have the opportunity/ open forum...

Heinrich: Reason there is not a policy is because they want to make it with students. This is a proactive move rather than a reactive move.

Driscoll: Move to previous question. Dies

Jones: Not the centralized storage in opposition of. The fact that this is the only option. All peer institutions have another option.

Swenson: Allowing gun in locked vehicles provides more choices for students. Proposed amendment

Lei: Do not support this, solely based on constituents and suicidal thoughts. First step to get rid of the means.

Heinrich: Believes it changes the intent.

Amendment dies

Kuehn: If you aren’t a gun owner, we don’t have a say in this issue. Every day we vote on thingsthat don’t agree us. Ability to get to desk for RAs comparable to that of the police officer. NRA gun safety rules, don’t store guns places.

Heinrich: Move to add “Amendment”Passes

Blossom: Car storage, should have this conversation. AS of right now, students already have one option.

Krone: Previous Question Resolution Passes: 15-4

Campus Medical Amnesty Policy

Grover: Second Reading of 2018-R-05 Campus Medical Amnesty Policy Heinrich: Move to approve and add name as a cosponsor.
Jones: Move to add “State”
Krone: Does this involve and include Greek life?

Kuehn: Involved in individuals. Potential repercussions for breaking rules outside of this.Strike ‘Legal or’ and Add Dr. Dr. Dr.

Amendment Passes

New Business:

New Justice Nomination
Killian: Move to have a 2-minute introduction followed by questions


Nominee: Mechanical Engineering student and minoring in German. Want to be involved and interested in dealing with bylaws and our constitution.

Jones: What is your process to deal with someone that might conflict with your personal opinion?

Carmody: An analytical person, easily set aside. Leckie: Time commitment?
Good: Not an absolute burden.
Leckie: How would you manage this? Carmody: Prioritizing and planning.

Blossom: We debated on teams in high school and with EWB. Great job handling everything.

Juel: Sat in a masterclass with her and the way she approached questions, no preconception or bias.

Kuehn: If want an ego check, open her resume. Jones: I don’t have any qualms.
Murali: I actually really like her. She’s great.
Juel: Move to vote by affirmation.

Ballot Vote: Unanimous

Senate Announcements:

Baird: Buy tickets and go. Donating the proceeds to American Indian Council.
Krone: Really proud of everyone
Swenson: What kind f concerts only cost 40 cents. 50 cent concerts featuring Nickelback. Orr: Compassion Project donation of 200$
Heinrich: March 24
th Mental Health First aid for students.

Motion to adjourn by Senator Krone 9:28pm.