Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 325

February 2, 2017


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson


Roll Call: Benson, Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton, Creed, DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger, Hurst, Jensen, Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian, Kuehn, O’Leary, Roback, Swenson, Walker, Jones


Approval of the Minutes:

Roback: Motion to approve the minutes (seconded)

Minutes Approved


Public Comment:

No public Comment



Scheduled presenter not currently present.


Admin Reports:

Leach: Timeline on student fees, range from various per credit fees, presentation on Feb 23rd, Senate will vote on senate week of March, only fees coming from the university. Stipend review committee, have four different tiers for, three senators, VP and business manager ass non-voting member. Trademark policy at the university, tabled at university council, allow for use of logo and name on alcoholic beverages, beer and wine for 125th anniversary, school doesn’t want to do a temporary change but something more permanent, how do students feel on this issue, if someone would like to work with me in drafting a resolution please contact me.

Hollinger: Did you want someone in favor of it?

Leach: Could go either way.

Brough: Have one of us send a thank you letter to President Cruisado. Presidents commission on the status of University women. Please nominate people. Or nominate each other. Day of student recognition. Some people approached me on making spaces available for presentation, on the ban of Muslim students. February is the hype month for elections. If you are on a deans council, please be communicating on things that you will be able to do for promotions. Start getting enthusiastic about elections. Thinking about running again or a senior. Lots of fun events. Lot of budgeting. Please don’t save homework for the last minutes, you will be fried after meeting.

Cronk: Budget presentations finalized. Please take really good notes. Come with questions ready. Also going to have a finance board meeting. Request from Ron Peck. In regards to the stipend review, Jake, Kade and Dakota. Have recommendations, the week after try to hash out a time to get things finalized.

Hetherington: Had a judicial meeting right before this, article 5 of the bylaws, section 712-B 4-A 4-3-A, should change senate president to senate speaker. MSU legal council had a meeting, Will be expecting a resolution.

Jones: Sir Ken Robinson next Wednesday is the event. Carmen will have them in the  office. Meetings going to start getting longer, 5 presentations a night, going to try and keep time tight, bills and resolutions. Winter retreat tomorrow. Enough beds for 15 people, bring sleeping bags and pillows. If you have any games or anything.

Campbell: Why are you laughing at me Kade? Lacking a central idea, senators working on resolutions, some repeats or resolutions that differ. Creating a Google drive, hopefully this will help the effort from al senators. Just sent an email out about this. Need to approve the open at large clubs position.

Campbell: I move to add Zen presentation after senate reports. Move to add clubs board funding portion to the agenda. (Seconded)

Motion passes


Senate Reports:

Killian: Drafting a resolution against a house bill, rescinded and edited. No longer a thing. Cars passing bikes, bill will provide a 3ft or 5ft, depending on speed. Next week first reading of WIC resolution. CSAC meeting today. Plastic ban progress. EJ Hook, what buildings have water bottle fillers. Ride sharing moving forward.

O’Leary: Met with instruction on advisory of technology committee. Was asked if I knew of anything that students wanted to invest in on campus, technology wise ? If you know of anything that students would like us to invest in, let me know.

Falls Down: Make diversity statement, and got permission from Rusty to hand it out. Will shoot out an email. Student memorial committee, event next Wednesday 12-3, walk around memorial with free hot chocolate and cider, provide feedback.

Campbell: Super awesome concert.

Kaminetzky: Working on a bill for PACE, in the intermediary stages. If you have any interest please talk to me. Support protestors at Standing Rock, Markie, Kade, and I working on this.

Falls Down: American Indian council met and finalized Powwow information. Secured best drum group for a great price.

Zen: Public relations director, and Jeff Miller. NACA conference attended .Three categories: educational, showcasing and networking. Opportunity this year, leading one of the sessions, able to put Montana stat en the map. Had people critique us as well as give us great feedback. Also got to attend a lot of different presentations.

Miller: Educational sessions, hear from different student groups from all over the west about programs that they thought was successful. Booking agent scams. Get an inside view on what to look for. Showcase session took up the majority of the day. Rock band rap artist and comedians. People from all over contributing. comedian form last week came from NACA. Decided that he was someone we would like to bring to campus. Had close to 300 people attend the event.

Zen: We are funded with student fee, being able to provide these free shows, really means a lot. Somme schools their campus entertainment might bring in shows, but would be 40 or 50 dollars. Last aspect talked about networking. What are other schools doing? Connecting with schools all over. Will be meeting win U of W.

Appointment of Club Sports Funding Board:

Campbell: Candidate step out into the hallway and vote via ballot vote.

Connalyn Whyte elected unanimously.


Unfinished Business:

Jones: Second Reading of 2017-B-01

            Update to Senate Rules

Falls Down: Move to approve(second)

Jones: Bylaws require primary sponsor to be present, Bertolino will be striken from the list.

Campbell: Motion to strike Bertolino, move Grover to main sponsor and add my name to the list.

Creed: On page two lines one through three, why are abstentions counted negatively?

Roll Call Vote:

17-0 Resolution Passes


Jones: Second Reading 2017-B-02

Form the Budget Oversight Committee

Campbell: Move to approve (seconded)

Kaminetzky: Move to change 4-7 and 8-9(seconded)

Motion passes

Killian: Yield to Cronk, anything to say about this?

Cronk: Forcing people to look over them monthly, people now have to be more accountable..

Killian: Should this be part of the finance bord or our committee?

O’Leary: Line 22-23. Not sure on how to fix this. A little uncertain, should say why budget will be frozen.

Campbell: There will be a reason present when freezing a budget, just don’t want to specify, we can change

O’Leary: Motion to change the language from “any reason” to “a stated reason.”

Campbell: Yield to Hetherington

Hetherington: Something along the lines of “if funding is miss-used”

Killian: Maybe some other reason than just that.

Kaminetzky: While language could be a little powerful, requires 2/3 majority. While similar to finance board, I believe this is its own separate entity.

Walker: “For a state reason.” This wording is good enough. Believe we all have the capacity to give a good reason.

Creed: “Within reason”

O’Leary: Like to keep language as stated.

Kuehn: Move to amend the amendment, “Any reason that violates the best interest of Montana State University and its students”

Walker: Believe we should keep it as previously stated. Original amendment.

Hurst:  Believe entire section of resolution in our realm of power.

Killian: Agree with Walker and O’Leary. Let’s say spirit spends too much money, but that is what students want.

Roback: Might be worth considering, “any stated reason” for more ambiguity. At the end of the day we build their budgets anyway. Move to previous question (seconded)

            Move to previous question

            “Any reason that violates…”

            Amendment fail

Hollinger: What is the efficacy of including the work stated?

O’Leary: We could come together as a senate and then we vote on it and then we could be done with it.

Campbell: When we freeze a budget there is writing about it.

Roback: Move to amend the amendment to say “any stated reason”

Hurst; Our reason should fall in line with MSU

Hollinger: We don’t really have a way to survey all students unless we are having meeting to survey all students

Hurst: I don’t believe wording was saying what students want, but what is in the best interest of what students.

Kuehn: First line, of constitution. In support

Killian: With overarching message of constitution, we don’t need to include this.

Kuehn: Not everyone is going to go read the constitution. Good public relations line. Doesn’t sound as harsh.

O’Leary: Point of order. Voting on changing “a” to “any”

Roback: Previous Question

Moe to previous question

“a to any”

Motion passes, wording changed

Roback: Move to previous question (seconded)

            Motion Passes

            Primary amendment ‘2/3 vote for any stated reason”

Falls Down: Is the format part of the bill, is that set in when it is voted on?

Jones: Wording will not change but bylaws will.

Walker: Think we can make this decision. Another checks and balance that needs to be done.

Roll Call Vote: 14-3


Campbell: Confirmation to make three budget oversight committee seats

Falls Down: Nominate Kaminetzky

Bertolino: Nominate Creed


Hetherington: Garret has not signed this, cannot appoint people until them.

DeRudder: Motion to remove from the table (seconded)

Motion passes




New Business:

Jones: First Reading of 2017-B-03

            Election Updates

Walker: Move to contact Brad for paper things.(seconded)

            Motion passes

Hetherington: When are you going to pass something on the paper?

Falls Down: Did a lot of speaking about controversial issue task force. After speaking with Senator Walker, would be just to hold forums for students faculty and staff to come bring concerns. Dialogue to move forward. Possibly between democrats and republicans. Move to let controversial issues task for to find itself and that Senators Walker and Falls Down be on it. (seconded)

Motion passes


Senate Announcements:

Campbell: You guys are dead to me.

Johnson: Tells joke. Carpooling doodle poll, everyone sorted?

Bertolino: Sir Ken coming next Wednesday!

O’Leary: Procrastinator Moana showing 9pm. Improv show this Sunday at 7. Hope Evil and Death, Monday at 8.

DeRudder: Most Likely to Succeed, 5pm.

Falls Down: Honors series, two students going to tell their stories, 4-5pm nest Friday.

Killian: After looking for sweatshirt sweaters, people see these. Advertising.

Hollinger: Human trafficking presentation, a discussion and then Q&A. A lot of  student groups going to be there March 1st, 7pm.

Bertolino: Sorry for late appearance, I am a chemistry TA and my students have tests on Thursday.

Killian: Physics test next Thursday, apologize for lateness.


Motion to adjourn by Senator Falls Down at 7:33pm