Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

Alumni Lounge

February 21, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swanson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused, McDonald, Murali


Approval of Minutes



Public Comment

Richard, SPA and L&S, bill hung up on HB sent out info via email. Human Rights is asking to advocate for this bill. The hearing is tomorrow morning. The bill containing the contain the tuition freeze has been passed. The info structure bill containing Romney has been passed and is on to the next step. Legislatures have a 6-day break, in that time are wanting to host an event and to get volunteers to reach out to the Bozeman area legislatures to chat about the current bills and how students feel about them. Appropriations movement there is a messaging feature where you can send a message to the legislature. Want us to write and to get in touch. Thanks for coming to capital day and hopes you filled out the survey.


Justin Johnson, L&S and Engineering, the department of German is sponsoring an exhibit. This exhibit celebrates and explores Germans inventions and creation. Will be held during the month of March, starting March 5. Inviting locals to come. Would like to invite us to attend a reception at 1:30pm on the 5th. There is a private tour with some representatives. Sending 4 reps and if you want to contribute please contact.


Bree, PACE, hosted Singo and it was very successful, had about 200 people show up. Next Friday is Harry Potter Trivia there will be prizes, costume contest and free food.


Spencer, Engineering, Campus shuttle system. Didn’t know much about it and really likes it after riding it. Its nice to avoid the cold. A friend of his using the F lot has been using it and it is nice as he doesn’t have to worry about time. Another friend with Bronchitis used it and that short ride helped her from making it worse.


Collin Hammock, L&S, shuttle: one of the main complaints he sees is that there is not enough parking. Thinks that student funds should be on student wellbeing. Thinks this bus is money well spent. With the university growing bigger thinks this is a project that fits with other colleges.

Koley Clements, GSA, L&S, wants us to support the HB bill. Thinks this as a great way to support our campus community and the students.



PACE Budget

Are the student programing and campus event board. Brings low cost events to students and to encourage students to engage and find their place. The primary goal is to build this community and belonging. Wants to give everyone a place so a lot of events allowing them to access affordably or to meet new friends. Pace hosts over 50 events a year, the program of events align with the strategic plan. ASMSU has been nationally recognized for two events. Two testimonials, Vance (Freshman) and Derek (Senior). Trying to move away from current set up. New set up will have a chair and 8 directors, plus it will save money. This will allow the directors to have more balance and to gain leadership skills. Catapalooza is one of the first things students see in the fall. Has lots of community involvement and gives a great first experience. Increase is due to music and wanting to have a live performance. Freshman M photo is a memorable moment where lots of students can meet. Want to add food for volunteers, band, cheer team and need funding for shirts. Cost ~ $19650 to run this event. It is increasing as before there were a lot of partners due to the 125thevent. The Bobcat Block Party is after the photo and it provides a safe event for their first weekend. Is also an opportunity to advertise for the rest of the year. As the attendance and catering prices increase so will the costs. There are also lots of upper classmen that attend as well as the freshman and takes a bunch of volunteers. Wanting to create an event for students that are more outdoorsy. The idea is to host a Rail Jam, which is a competition about jumps and tricks. The costs for these types of events do run high, asking $32000 and the details are in the budget. Still want to create a community and campus event. Will also try to bring in various sponsorships. There is a large interest from students for this event. Subtacular, is an introduction to the Sub and brings various information to students. Increase is due to catering costs. Welcome Tent and Pancakes is a place for students to ask questions and to get food. There are a few additions to budget due to catering and increasing numbers of incoming students. Also want to bring Dan the Pancake Man, makes unique pancakes. Convocation Pre-Party is a fun academic event. There are no increases in the budget for this event. Hot Springs Pool Party is a great event for new and returning students. It sets the tone for their high energy events and provides a safe environment. It also exposes students to what the Bozeman community has to offer and allows student performers the chance to go through the booking process. Increase is due to bussing students. Homecoming is a week-long event, like carnival and parade. Increase is due to floats, plaques vs crowns, as well as food increase, and decorating contest winners. Monthly Outreach Events are starting to make a change starting with Singo. Most of their increase is due to renting out the pool and bowling area as well as food increases. Contracted Entertainers are a big deal, and everyone loves seeing these entertainers on campus. The increase is specifically for the entertainers, security, and food. Requesting around $29000. This event does cater more to nontraditional students and their families as many other events don’t. Cat Tip-Off event creates hype for the beginning of the basketball season. Will have food, games, and prizes. Undie Run is a bi-annual event and is a fun tradition during Cat/Griz home games. Ad Hoc Events have around 4 requests for partnerships a month. Help to assist in areas like marketing and production equipment. Have their partnership events, philanthropy events, and pop-up events with an increase of about $6000. This is mainly due to more partnership and increase in students. Productions include new equipment (microphones/snake cords/stands), upgrades (mixers/speaker/lights), subscriptions (Spotify/DJ hardware) and general expenses (van maintenance/parking passes/generator/etc.). Did sale old equipment to put money toward the budget for new equipment as renting is costly. Spring MSU Debut is a kickoff for students starting in the spring as they miss the fall events. It’s a great way to get students involved, asking around ~$12000. It is a great way to get students involved, have over 14 events. These events include entertainers, rec center riot, throw and glow, and welcome tents. This year was funded out of their budget after moving things around and partnerships also got in-kind donations across campus as well. We have about 400 additional students coming in the spring, but it is also a great welcome back after break. Roller Rink creates opportunity for partnerships and as a new event would be about $6000. The company brings in everything even the skates. Dalvit – could be a send off to Romney if we get the money to renovate. Student Showcase is a way to showcase a student’s talents. The idea is more like a talent/game show event having amazing prizes and food. Open Mic Night is starting this year and will be following the diversity symposium in March. It is a low-cost event and is in the works. Co-Curricular events allow us to cater to a different group of students that don’t tend the regular events. Overall asking for $3000 to start off. “Ask Us” Event shirts, wanting to get Pace team shirts so students know who to ask, build an image, and to be a recognizable group. Cost is $500. Spring Event is the big annual event wrapping up the academic year. This gives students the opportunity to dress up, go out, and to celebrate the year. Is requesting what was determined last week. In the future could get a bigger space to host more students, this year didn’t have enough time to get a bigger space then the Rialto. Want to grow it but want to keep it intimate and to stay within budget. Pre-Contracted Entertainers: Master Classes is a new line item. Would like to keep a smaller scale, but with Ben Nemtin students were able to sign up and talk to him. The idea is for student leaders to meet them and to have a bigger one for students.



Schmitz, what is the total increase?

~$220k in total, is their dream big budget. Best way to judge is to look at the line item events. Two years ago, was about $100k. Could take out wages and divide by 50 will give a rough idea of cost per event. The main reason is clearly a catering cost issue.


Dalvit, know that there are more students coming in each year so will cost us more.


Mulvaney, what do you see as the weakness or disadvantages of the restructuring system?

How can you guarantee someone will be passionate about the events when its not in the job title. Regardless of titles, one still does everything to some extent.

Abbot, going to two meetings it is amazing what all goes on behind the scenes.

With how they have been operating lately is a good example as to what it would like next year with this restructure. This way everyone is a board member and can get the students that are interested to lead those events. There is also an equity issue due to titles and everyone puts in the same amount of work so is not as fair to the associates.


Dalvit, obviously if you’re coming to restructure and if your confident then we should let you do it. You know what is best for PACE.


SEGA Budget

SEGA is the hub for students to get engaged on campus and globally. Gives students resources about clubs, studying abroad, and all sorts of things. Have 2hrs/week for advising which equates to 20hr/week of advising. During the fall they had 96 individual SEGA advising appointments and 1988 total students reached. Part of the program SEGAs can earn 1 upper credit. Next week they are having a class with the elections director to hopefully get students more involved in elections. Their programs increase access to campus support services and engagement opportunities. Are partnered with OIP and OSE. Requesting $2000 mostly for SEGA appeal.



Killian, is the partnership with OSE through ASMSU?


K-then would like to ASMSU logo on marketing materials.


Taylor Blossom; Shuttle Bus

Brining various options. Option one is to get rid of the shuttle. Option two is a student fee vote, students would vote on in the spring. We are not obligated to collect this fee, just have the authority to. Option three is an extended pilot but would push the fee proposal until spring 2021. 3.1 is a short-extended pilot and could arrange to have an off year BOR approval.



Dalvit, what would alternate funding be?

If BOR said they would fund, then we wouldn’t have to worry.


Mulvaney, what is the last date to change fees?

June 30th.

M- senate is changing in April, could they remove.

Yes, but typically won’t.


Schmitz, how much is in reserve?



Killian, if someone where to vote no for option 2 would it be that they didn’t want the shuttle?

No, don’t view it against or for the shuttle. Its about the fee and finding what would be the best way to bring to the students.


Johnson, we could pull at any time so could we amend the $6?

Regents typically will go with what students vote for. Could work if we went down and put that on the student ballot.

Abbot, say we get other support and they help fund it down the line and we are still collecting the $6 but don’t need it?

If there are alternative options, then could lower it.


Gilbertson, isn’t just for shuttle is for transportation?

Yes, is a designated fee so it can only go toward transportation, but senate can decide how it is used.


Mulvaney if there are extras then what is the mode to spend it on? Could say go to buying bikes?



Branch, what are we getting for $6?

To fund one shuttle a year is $4.20 but there are many variables and that can easily change. This also gives us some flexibility to making other transportation options. There are also additional things we could do like getting a bigger bus and an app.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

The rally got moved to next Tuesday. The exec recs will be getting finished tomorrow.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

If you have never volunteered for ASMSU, need some tabling help for MSU Friday. Only need 30 minutes on Friday.


Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

That dinner is tonight at 8:30 so feel free to table! Please keep that in mind but don’t speed through. Kind of a joke but not really and they do know we can be late.




Business Manager - Andy Turner

Exec recs are tomorrow. When we start budget view, and everyone is on the shared doc it can get a little wild. Budget oversight, there was a request to move 3% from contracted entertainer event to spring concert account. This is already set aside just rerouting. The finance board at large members have been here for all the presentations.


Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

Will have two Justices tonight. One can not be here so will be calling in. Ivankovich is a sophomore and is very qualified and potential for long term. Waggoner is really qualified and can bring in a new perspective.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson



Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Will be starting finance budget board review next week.


Senate Reports

Killian, Campus of sustainability talked about the commuter bus and they are on board and excited about this. Went to the black student union meeting last night and having a student space on campus would be great for their group. Trust on norms and wants to put director duties on hiring positions. Every time we have more people asking us for money and then to volunteer and we are already here volunteering and RHA senators get paid $300 a semester.


Dalvit, recognizes excused senators.


Reinhardt, would like to add to new business for the new bill on if we are for or against.


Unfinished Business


2019-R-03 Establishment of Transportation Demand Management Fee

Motioned, Seconded.


Johnson, initial thought is that this is a good way to leave this option open. Would like to see a full pilot first but good to have just in case it increases.


Lyon, can be used for other things other than just the shuttle and would be useful either way throughout campus.


Dalvit, does anyone feel concerned about passing to just get it in before deadline?

Schmitz, likes Branches version better as it has more data and use in it. Especially with the presentation and the math in it.

Roeder, it appears it’s about $10.42 a ride with the current numbers.

S-feels we should give ourselves more time. We are budgeting about 30% over what is required to run.


Halstad, -President Blossom.

President Blossom, the numbers are not enough to justify long term, but we expect to have these low numbers in the beginning and won’t see the high usage till about April. If it is still this low in April, then need to relook at it.


Halstad, don’t see why we can’t pass both as they work well together. Is a good way to get things started and to make it a higher issue. Will be voting yes on this.


McDonald, what at the OSE desk, gets a lot of phone calls as to where the bus is and if we get this going it will be beneficial to the students.


Dalvit, with campus expansion and already have a huge parking issue, this is going to happen regardless and getting it started now it better. Passing both should help that.


Pelkie, line 15 to change to “and E or SB pass”.


Johnson, also agrees that these two resolutions are useful.


Abbot, know that some faculty and staff, not just students so feels Branch’s resolution is the way we should be going but giving students rides on these cold days is really helpful. The only thing is that I want to see is another bus going to the other F lot. Should get a continues trial with the second bus.

President Blossom, have interest in getting a seconded bus and might be willing to fully fund.


Branch, Doesn’t want it to be misconstrued that my resolution shouldn’t go toward this shuttle. Absolutely will not be opposed to voting in this $6 tonight. This program is increasingly vital and will be voting yes.


Abbot, started talking about it that it would go to the students for their vote, had 14 yes and 2 no when keeping tally.


Roll call Vote: 17-1, Approved




New Business



Kilian moves to have Isabelle go first.  Seconded, Approved.


Lyon, do we really need to discuss as they are both highly qualified. There are two here and two positions available.


Dalvit, should have them introduce themselves. Moves to have a 1minute introduction for both. Seconded.


Gwinner, why we are putting Waggoner up tonight and want to get everyone on board. She had an academic conference.


Schmitz, amends to add 3 fun facts about themselves in their introduction. Seconded.


Amend Discussion:

Murali, shouldn’t it be asked as a question?


Halstad, hates fun facts so voting no.


Johnson, agrees with Halstad. Ask your fun facts later.


Amendment Vote: fails.

Main vote: Passes


Murali, wants one question. How would you interpret our by-laws and constitution? Seconded.


Question Discussion:

Johnson, seems vague and very specific. If a freshman would feel on the spot and intimidated.

President Blossom, if people have issue with wording could just set a time for questioning.


Reinhardt, likes setting time for questions after the introduction.

Question Vote: Fails



Murali, should ask both the same questions to be fair.

Swenson, point of clarification since we are not picking one over the other it is not necessary.


Reinhardt, moves after the intro add a max of two minute Q&A. Seconded.

Vote Q&A: Passes


Associate Justice – Isabelle Ivankovich

Intro: Comes from college of business. Been given the opportunity to represent our students and would do so to her best. Loves to serve the students and feels she is qualified for this position. Is a diverse student in various groups and hope to allow students opinions to shape hers.


2Min Q&A:

Murali, who will you interpret the Bylaws and constitutions.

Is for us to review and interpret strictly. The constitution is a living body and should grow and change with them.


Schmitz- 3 fun facts

Ate a cockroach, can do the splits, and one time tried to train to beat the dab record.


Kilian, why did you apply?

Was involved in high school and took a break. Wanted to get involved and aligns with career goals.



Johnson, if you have doubts she is great. She is opinionated and thoughtful.


Branch, she seems more than qualified.


Ballot Vote: 17 yes, 1 illegal

Isabelle Ivankovich sworn in as Associate Justice.


Associate Justice – Jocelyn Waggoner

Intro: Is a sophomore and getting a dual degree. Became interested in law in high school and was on a debate team. Was also able to represent juveniles. Came to MSU to continue to learn about the law.


2Min Q&A:

Murali, how will you interpret the ASMSU by-laws and constitution?

Would interpret as words and how they applied to the situations at hand.


Schmitz, 3 fun facts

Today was in 3 different cities in 10 hrs., knows how to white-water kayak, and a weird love for learning supreme court justices’ dissent.


Ballot Vote: 17 yes, 1 illegal

Jocelyn Waggoner is new Associate Justice, Sworn in at a later time.


Funding Requests

2019-Request-02 Leon Johnson 2ndFloor Furniture

Motioned, Seconded.


Killian, a lot of reasonings are in the document but to sum it up wants to make this area most useful to students. Was postponed to get everyone on the same change. Reserves right to end discussion.


Abbot, as a student that uses it, it will be great. Has gotten splinters from the current benches not to mention broken chairs.


Pelkie, what did Randy Stephens say about it?

Killian, is good with it but will double check.


Dalvit, possible concerns about it coming though us as it sets a president that we should be funding furniture and feels it should be coming through the university.


Schmitz, echoes Dalvit.


Branch, wants to ask direct questions. Have heard about fire marshal coding and that the building manager is not 100% on board.

Killian, there are two managers, and both are in support. The room is nine ft and the hall must be 6ft and the chairs only come out two ft.

Branch, there is someone the school goes through to buy furnishing?

Killian, am unaware.

Branch, would be interested to see what the people that maintain these spaces after we put in non-compliant furniture would say. And Senator Dalvit has made a great point about them coming to us for basic infrastructure needs. However, this is now on the radar thanks to all Killian has put into it. Either way feels it will get done even if its not done by us. Doesn’t feel we should fund it now. Should put some serious though into this and not because of Killian, he has put a lot of work into this.


Killian, wants to hear more opinions but if your iffy maybe should table. Has talked to the university many times and no body has done anything about this. Feels it is up to us on what ASMSU should fund. We have funded infrastructure plans in the past.


Horton, would it be okay to table and to ask the appropriate party to go through the furniture contractor with the school.


Pelkie, sit on the university planning board and feels FPUB would have to approve this first. Also, we have had conservations about trying to get a university wide plan to get a formal layout for sitting areas. Concerns about durability and fire code.


Lyon, what he found on MSU website for purchasing requirements, is stated at the bottom. Looks as if you can go outside of the vendor if it is over $5000.


Reinhardt, is leaning toward voting yes. This is a huge need for our students. Wants the change and Killian is trying to promote that change through this. This is a heavily trafficked area and wants to provide a study area for the students.


Dalvit, will be voting no for now. Agrees that it needs to be changed but this isn’t the right way. We have to many unknowns currently to pass this. Since it has been brought here tonight and it is now on the radar. Feels the right people haven’t been talked to yet.


Killian, moves to table until the proper information is gathered. Is going to work with Pelkie to make sure he is going through the right vendors. Wants it to happen but the right way. Seconded.


Vote to Table: Passes



2019-R-05 Intercampus Shuttle Project Committee and Strategic Plan



Killian moves that the lobbyist goes to advocate for Bill HB 465 of Montana Legislature

Moved, Seconded.


Schmitz, do we need to write something.


Johnson, is yes or no question. Feels it is a worth while and our lobbyist is a little over worked. Also need to consider the costs.


Branch, anybody that attended the meeting, did you get a sense of this passing?

Johnson, says she felt she wouldn’t have much of an impact.

Branch, is inclined to agree with Geneva, and we need to decide if we should send her. Feels we should leave it alone.


Killian, as a person of probative feels it’s up to us to represent those who cant stand up for themselves.


Reinhardt, ASUM is also supporting this but don’t think we should decide based on what them or MAS is doing. If she has two minutes to spare that she should, and it would be naïve to think that our student aren’t impacted by this. WE are here to represent the students and we should make a stand for them. Thinks we need to support things that are completely in our line of fields and would our support.


Johnson, -President Blossom.

President Blossom, don’t make our decision based off others. Regardless if we don’t impact it is important because we have students this impacts and we need to show we are supporting them. Under MT law currently there is nothing that protects you from your gender identity in regard to evictions and landlord issues are in there.


Halstad, agrees with President Blossom and Reinhardt. Advocated for something like this in high school but this would affect more than just our student would affect the town of Bozeman. Even us just saying we support this shows we are here for our students.


Ballot Vote: 17-1 Passes


Senate Announcements

Johnson, regarding the resolution last week and didn’t put it in as she won’t be here next week and is making some edits. Give edits to her by tomorrow.


Dalvit, Arts and Ag is still waiting.


Killian, Jazz concert on Sunday. $5 student tickets, in Howard.


Mulvaney, over to $16000.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Murali.