Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Alumni Lounge

January 26, 2017


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Mathew Campbell.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson


Roll Call: : Benson(absent), Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton, Creed(absent), DeRudder(absent), Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger, Hurst, Jensen, Johnson, Kaminetzky(absent), Killian, Kuehn, O’Leary, Roback, Swenson, Walker, Jones(absent)


Approval of the Minutes:

O’Leary:  Suspending of the approval of the minutes because they were not sent out beor ethis meeting.

            Minutes Suspended


Public Comment:

Hayes: Feel like there is a disconnection between those representing me and myself. Been attending this university. MSU trademark to be used on alcohol against it. First completed alcohol edu, warning of dangers and health risks of this substance. All of the repercussions that come from this. Stigma going around college hat there are no alcoholics, 22 years old and already struggle with this substance abuse. If you go through with this policy change, I believe you will be sending the wrong message to students and the public. I hope in the future the ASMSU senate will do more to vocalize issues that are going around.

McDonald: Work for WIC, proposing a WIC satellite clinic on campus in order for moms and dads to be able to have access to or surfaces. I hope you support this.

McGoy: MSU is talking about putting their logo on alcohol. Others might be compelled to drink, because go cats. I am here to try to appeal you sense of pride. All view MSU as an institution you would attach your name too. I hope that you won’t vote for the easy dollar. Could bring in revenue But what is the true cost? Is it worth putting the pride of ever alumni and student on the line? Students coming from all around, seeing our logo on alcohol. An implicit agreement that alcohol is ok and everything that goes with it

Nassey: Here to address the university policy. Share some of letter sent to the president. Question the rationale of putting MSU logo on alcohol. I am in recovery. Chairman of Gallatin County DUI task force. Seen the consequences of drinking. Believe we need to think long and hard about the decision being made. We need to protect the image of the university by advertising appropriate uses of alcohol. I am aware that the majority of students are not here to party. Not sure that the message, drink responsibly, will resonate with college students.

Anderson: Architecture student. Talking about more than just a local brewery taking on our logo, talking about the bigger picture.

Johnson: When I learned about this policy change, I am in opposition.

Budesky: Not in our house task force, here to talk about it. Work together to end violence. Have a big town hall style meeting next Wednesday at 6pmm. Let me know if you have any questions. PSA airing at halftime of MSU basketball game.



Dean of Students: Here to talk about Drug Illegal Use, made so many changes to the  conduct code, that we didn’t want. Take a look at the conduct code.

Assistant Dean of Students for Student Conduct: Oversee conduct offices, work with Reslife staff and fraternity boys. Work with issues that elevate to a certain levels in residence halls and those outside. Been doing this for about two years. Pretty well established an connected. Pretty aware of what is going on in our community. Expanding our drug illegal use policy. Sparked by tragedy. Loss of one of our students, just over a year ago. A research drug, not a traditional drug overdose. Former students were distributing this drug to students. Forced us to really examine our policies. Our policy didn’t capture all of this. Passed out proposed expansion. All of our policies meant to be preventative. Want to be able to hold student accountable and research chemicals.

Dean of Student: Have not taken this step to university council, but did with our SAFE council. Though we would take this to student senate and see what you thought.

Hollinger: What would this new policy do?

Dean of Students: Allow us to hold students accountable. Usually start working with students once they get to their third offence.

Killian: City state or federal law, like with medical marijuana?

Dean of Students: Federal trumps state.



Director of Health Expansion: Here to talk about the trademark policy change.

Anderson: Work for the Insight program. Working with freshman that get in trouble in the dorms. Somme senator were quite sure what policy is going to be changed to. If we took alcohol out of the policy. I trust the current president, but I don’t know how long she is going to be here. But I don’t know what will happen in the future. Removing alcohol from the policy, we are saying that alcohol is appropriate for the university. Only 3 universities that use their logo on a beer, Louisiana and Portland State. Called their representatives and have not received called back. Brewing programs, and the university trademark is still not allowed on the beers. One of the students said before, when it comes to placement and programs and recognition, I believe our policies need to reflect that.

Director: That is would be a onetime use. Sunset clause would be used if so, would it continue if? Have been told that money is not part of this. Red flag that money is going to play a bigger part in this than we realize.

Anderson: Reason why not to: alcohol abuse is the #1 substance abuse on campus. We have substance abuse and misuse. A lot of this has to do with Montana culture. Fraternity and Sorority life, 141% increase over a ten year period that sought help for substance abuse-nationally, When students come here, students do alcohol edu, with this we can gauge the attitude that students come here with. I don’t want to make any moves for this to rise. We all know about the ASMSU president resign due to the DUI.

Department to Transportation, Vision Zero, #1 preventable cause of death is impaired driving. Currently in a partnership with them for Alcohol Edu. Have an investor in providing recovery housing. If our campus supports a substance that creates this issue, fairly contradictory.

Work at the center of recovery, am a recovery student myself. Not able to use the logo for this facility, but the university can put it on a beer. Kinda stings. 46% of student population, under 21. Marketing to all of them but only half can use it legally. Talked to senate earlier about Camel commercials, if you get them early, you get them forever. Proves that if we market this beer, it is promoting underage use. I don’t believe university has the right to promote alcohol. Will not always be used responsibly. Nobody has been upset with this policy until money had been brought in.

Everything we need to do in this country, surgeon general report for this year 2017, typical perception of colleges that the right to drink is a rite of passage. The perception to those outside, is that this image is alright. This isn’t about whether or not having alcohol at the celebration, but how the university aligned with alcohol.

Bertolino: Where does you data come from?

Director of Health Expansion: Department of Transportation. Johns Hopkins.

Bertolino: Have you done anything about the European Models?


Hollinger: Department of Transportation for state or federally?

Department of Transportation for MSU

Kuehn: DO you know what percentage of DUIs are from college students

About 800 DUIs inn Gallatin county, 5% were students. This is not a target at students. Represents community and that image. Speaks to the reputation.


Legal Services:

Charlie Cromwell: Also have Layla and Emily, and Hannah. Hope that we can be at your orientation to explain what we do. We have on campus office hours, have more of a presence on campus. Have upgraded our undergrad student interns. Available in the summer for emergency appointment, On campus legal services office hours, student clients sign representation agreements, this guarantees confidentiality agreement, for 10 dollars thirty minute legal advice an counseling period, limited scope and full representation 40-50% of students to see again, issues that involve campus or involve a student that we have already seen. Students that we come up and see, if need to negotiate with a landlord.. we arm them with paperwork and background info and then you do the work, traditional representation is a lot more expensive, Top three areas dealing with: family law, landlord-tenant, consumer protection,

Also have Clinical Attorney Program (Layla) ASMSY clinical services attorney, 3rd year law student, people graduating program being able to represent when they graduate, increasing scope that we can provide to students, my work is free, attorneys are more on the pricy side, since I have been here just under a month, some people walk into office stating that they are a single parent getting a masters degree and have not been receiving child support, with travel ban, students worried about current stay in country due to a speeding ticket that didn’t know

Emily: Convinced the Cromwell’s to allow me to stay one more semester, keep track of legal notes and scanning documents for record, do a lot of marketing for events and outreach, a lot of behind the  scenes projects, Going to be working on law week, design logo in the making, Website in the beginning stages.

Cromwell: Our data is informative with wht we have done to date, Our proposal is that we maintain our current budget, potentially increased revenue in order to support a full year of clinical program. This year we will be ok, but might have difficulty staying under budget for a full year. Students Pay $10, ASMSU $30, for 30 min services, Students pay $10, ASMSU $85 average per student, for follow on legal services. Some have additional charges for different services. Proposing 25 dollar flat fee, and for additional representation for 50. Trying to figure out our budgets and the funds that we generate for it to go back into our system. A good idea to break down where activities fee is going. We would love it if you mention student legal services.

Killian: Clinical attorney is just for the semester?

Cromwell: Pretty new, used to be that you couldn’t leave Missoula. Now available, full time credit load to clinic, one semester at a time.


MSU Office of Sustainability:

Kristen: Sustainability director, sustainability fee, where the majority of our funding is. Year 2017, our mission is to develop, coordinate and promote campus sustainability. Practices include recycling, bicycle master plan, composting- pre-consumer, working with some students on EcoLaunch, Carpools to Coldsmoke, Governer’s Food and Agricultural Summit, Sustainability Tracking and Reporting System(STAR), impacts of client change on our  snow sports, Earth week activities.

Have data from July 1, 2016 to December 2016. Today we are tracking at a 19.5 diversion rate. Average about 4 million pounds of trash per year. Goal is 25 percent diversion rate by 2020. We are on track and very proud of that. Put in a proposal, pilot for composting, behind the stadium in the nursing area. One student dedicated to that. Recycling highlights, extra supplemental request to purchase recycling bins around the mall. Another grant allows us to switch some existing trash can on the mall. A bit of an issue with contamination. We think this will make a big difference. Finishing master plan, have plans for covered bike parking. Wan to make easy for student s to get to and from campus. Process has been instrumental. Smart building initiative, over 800,000. STARS is my life right now, combing through data of campus to get starter data. University food services so that we could start tracking local and Montana made food. 20% of food purchased on campus is local. 3.50 fee per-semester per-student. 108,000- Labor: 1 full time staff recycling coordinator, 1 part time communication associate, student labor, Operation: 55000 for recycling wholesaler, 12000 for cardboard and office paper. Want to move recycling for facilities, composting with the city of Bozeman, updating. MSUs climate action plan- asking permission to come back- some really interesting trends to show you, Develop some sustainability grants. We have a campus sustainability advisory council. Asking for 2000 in order to get a stream restoration project.

Grover: When was KT Millers presentation?

Kristen: In the Procrastinator. Free next Wednesday.


Admin Reports:

Leach: Thanks for those who went to Helena, appropriation committee, 23% tuition increase next year 27% next year, giving you a list of legislators to get in contact with. Budget oversight committee, veto, far too vague. Senate being able to freeze a budget for any reason, not a fan. Provost search committee, sign up for front desk early registration. Trademark policy, version saw earlier was a decision would resign with Presidential Council and ASMSU president. MSU logo was on a bottle of wine 100 years.

Brough: Tuesday form 12-1, need help keeping count. Give out awards April 26th on Wednesday. Start at 7. Election promotion, video and social media, if not running be involved in the promotional videos, start doing some chats, when having things like alcohol and drugs questions- a little more informal. Bulk of the work cannot be done here for new business. Need an at large senator to talk about smoking on campus.

Zoltek: Talked about  how devastating this cut is for Montana students, State going to need to make up for costs in this tuition increase. Garret and I can draft a statement to send to legislators. Tell all of your friends that this is really happening. Talking to your legislators about what this means. Teaching women and men about advocating wages, there are cases where women try to negotiate wages and get fired. The student issue when they can’t attend common hour exam, because of the cost of daycare. The people advocating it could not be here, because they have to take care of their kids. Director of Public Relations, Director of Production and Director of Film have been approved for raises. Election applications due March 6th. If not running tell people about what this means. Campaigning. Going to teach people how to talk to legislator.

Cronk: Stipend preview committee, going to have budget posted online, should be up with the next two weeks, late night, admin and  procrastinator next week, you will be voting on them in April. PACE board bill being resented tonight. PACE, being presented as one budget, would you like to see one presentation for one versus four different presentations. Does not go against bylaws.

Hetherington: Like to echo Garret. Had our judicial meeting earlier today. Went over how proceeding in the future, reviewed the bills but did not take a stand on any. Inn an effort to reduce redundancy. Voice opinion on legal services in support.

Campbell: Doodlepoll, streamline services next Wednesday at 1pm,

Zoltek: I let the previous and current late night director know




Senate Reports:

Killian: Talked to Marcy about programming and the policy for the future. Taking busses to trampoline gym and activities at the pool, JAWS movie night. Could do frats, sororities, Reslife, give the students something fun to do that does not involve substances. Possibly come to finance board about stream restoration over by the ABB. SNOW meeting today, next Thursday lobby day in Helena.

Clifton: Met with IT council , talked about new systems programs and products, a name change at the end of the semester, IT Center-> not really a center,

Johnson: EHHD center met with the dean, wed March 1st, EHHD forum open to anyone, health and wellness of students a new proposed course.

O’Leary: Met with leadership institute. One joining and one leaving. Gender equality conference Sat March 25th 9-3pm. Invite a bunch of panelists. Let me know if you have any more questions.


Unfinished Business:

O’Leary: Move to have alcohol policy to the first item o the list, followed by the funding request as the second item.


Campbell: Appointment of an interim chair

Haslach: Roback

Roback: I accept

Ballot vote for interim chair, Roback confirmed


Roback: Second reading of 2017-R-02

Campbell: Motion to approve (seconded)

Falls Down: Please strike my name from this resolution

Campbell: Remove my sponsorship

Bertolino: I will sponsor.

Kuehn: I will sponsor.

Hollinger: I had a point of clarification on lone 15, is this data consistent with the presentation that we had. Are there any negative effects.

Walker: Villanova 2014, 51 violations, MSU over 100, showcases negative affect

Killian: Take out entire whereas line 15/16 because no proof, not sited anywhere.

            Motion passes, line 15/16 removed

Johnson: After hearing impassioned pleas of 6 students, I cannot support this resolution.

Killian: I have yet to hear a statement in support of resolution, branding implies endorsement. I want to hear argument in support.

Walker: Already part of the production cost in alcohol. With the barley farms. This ceremony is not just for students, will represent alumni, 7% of people that this ceremony is for is under 21. Data from owners of breweries that are MSU graduates. This is opening the conversation. Had it on a wine bottle for the 100 year. When ASMSU president was arrested for a DUI, did we have students leave? Sounds kinda weird. I don’t think it will be sold as a Coors light. I bought this from the MSU bookstore( flask, pint glass, shot glass and Moscow mule mug) Met with dean and  asked what this was all about. It is ok for us to have alcohol at an event. SUBPUB, there is alcohol at that, safe drinking. I have enough faith in our university and those who run it. Let this be an event how casting all of the positive aspects. It will be at the event regardless.

Hollinger: Going to talk about not being in favor of this. 5% of DUI in Montana are students. May not sound like a lot, but it affects them directly. Only takes one person to change the world. Only takes one drunk driver to kill a person. 1% of 7 billion. What is happing in Syria is affecting 2 million people. 5% is a big number when you think of what it entails. Just because something is the way it is, doesn’t mean that it is the way it should be. A lot of students around campus have not even heard about it. Need a better system of getting news out to students. MSU doesn’t want to put their logo on the Hearts initiative or the program that helps those struggling with substance abuse.

Johnson: True that alcohol is a part of our campus. Our relationship with alcohol is complex. When I heard students saying that they would be ashamed to have our logo. Alcohol that is at events on campus is heavily regulated.

O’Leary: Wondering what Marcy thoughts are on revenue made to be put back in to alcohol education.

Marcy: Exactly what we are trying to fight, but to take money from this initiative to further educate is very hypocritical. We do the best with what we have, but we would hope that it.

Windham: Express my support for Marcy, this resolution does not make alcohol illegal on campus, it is that we do not want out prestigious universities name on a can that can lead to death, rape, or alcoholism.

O’Leary: Licensing our logo is a very important thing. Integrity of our school. Licensing. No one is arguing that DUIs or alcohol is a good thing.

Bertolino: Surgeon generals report 74% of young adult that experience alcoholism begin drinking before the age of 17. MSU is proud of our  heritage, yes we understand that Montana has a problem with alcoholism. Research that has been done overseas, with lower drinking age, found that 75% of young children could remember a movie based n branding, but 7% remembered alcohol. By supporting this resolution, we are not changing the policy ourselves. We are saying that we promote our logo on a craft beer or wine.

Killian: In response to Montana produces a lot of barley, a lot go into making beer. Yes Montana might be making barley, but these institution do not support the product. We don’t know how long Cruzado might be here. If we really want to have a bobcat brew but go to. The point is the Alumni do not support this, according to the alumni foundation.

Kuehn: Football team sponsored by rocking r bar. Alcohol parts sold by the bookstore, parents see this when they come for parents weekend. Montana 0-20 lowest category of drunk driving deaths, 21-34 highest category, “Not the students who create the problem”

Campbell: I don’t feel like I have done the do-diligence that I should have. I didn’t try to actively engage my constituents. As we are right now, the reason I removed my sponsorship, trying to se wht benefits for my constituents. I don’t see anything beneficial for the students. A lot of programs can be very stressful and I don’t want to see this.

Clifton: Alumni foundation doesn’t support this, Montana economy relies on brewing beer an supports it, other schools are doing it, we can too. I don’t understand the message behind, the peer pressure aspects.

Walker: What is trying to happen. Move to amend, “If and for 125th centennial celebration” (seconded) If everyone is so concerned about opening this door. A lot of people saying that alcohol is bad. It is legal. If this is based on reputation, let’s have this just be for one event.

Hollinger: We can’t restructure the agreement and about what happens for administrative council.

Maggie: We don’t have a European structure here, so it is like comparing alcohol to oranges. It I not a sunset clause, it is blanket. Centennial version of the wine was before this trademark was made. Why not do a celebratory loaf of bread? Difference between cooperate sponsorship of an athletic team. Sunset clause will not be in it.

Walker: If we have this sunset clause in here, if and only if we.

Leach: Going to take what you guys tell me, I will support this. If you guys say that the only way you will support this is if there is a sunset clause, that is what I will bring and vote for.

Hurst: Move to previous question.(seconded)

Marcy: 17 against, 2 for only with a sunset clause votes for the Alumni foundation. The argument behind selling the containers, not the actual product. AS far as using the bobcat head, because of NCAA regulations they cannot use the bobcat head. Can use other MSU related things. There is a lot of research and science out there. It is not about being able to drink of not drink, there will always be evidence on both sides.

Keuhn: Are bars in town allowed to use the advertisements in their windows?

Marcy: If they have a cooperate sponsorship.

Keuhn: I like the idea of the sunset clause.

Campbell: Previous question

By at vote of 5 to 8 motion does not pass.

Johnson: We have had students sitting here for 3 hours, the ones that we are here to represent.

Hollinger: Now that we have added the sunset bill, what doe s that mean?

Bertolino: Just for the 125th anniversary.

Walker: MSU has alcohol at its events. Someone can have a commemorative bottle. Some people that still have that wine bottle. Is it a disservice to me that a beer will have my universities name on it? No. This is a onetime event. I don’t appreciate those who laugh at my comments because I don’t laugh at yours. My student will be proud of the traditions and our heritage.

Bertolino: We are all talking about our constituents, yes there are some that have problems with it. When you talk about the heritage part. We aren’t throwing a kegger. You have the opportunity to have a commemorative bottle. As for right now, we have wasted enough time. It is a sunset clause, commemorative token for a one time celebration.

Hurst: Motion to previous question

            Motion passes

            10- 4 -1

O’Leary: Five minute recess?

            Motion passes, Will reconvene at 9:01pm


Funding Request:

Bertolino: Funding request

Roback: Went through finance board and we passed it, we have all been super impressed with pace boards events this year. Seen huge attendance. Even though this is a substantial requests we think it would be worth it. Yield to Ron

Peck: I am in charge of the money, I will spend what I have to spend. It may happen but that is not my intention.

Johnson: Could you tell us more about what this event is going to be like?

Zen: We have had some big names here including Watsky, had people driving from all over. I’m from Seattle growing up seeing some really great shows. This year we are really cranking this up. Noosa is interested. A lot of people and companies that would like to do things. Throwing in the concert, did a lot of research and surveying.

Keuhn: Will there be a lot of students working with you guys?

Peck: No.

Cronk: This is their job. This is wht their looking at. There needs to be in reserve a little over 30000. This year there isn’t that much going on without remodels, there is a possibility to make a lot of revenue.

Roback: I think we should pass this. Going to be a cool concert.

Hollinger: Having an event like this on our campus would be

Roll Call: Funding request

15-0 passes


Campbell: Seconded Reading 2017-B-04

O’Leary: Move to approve

Bertolino: Katie to Katherine

Bill has been passed, 15-0


Roback: Second Reading of 2017-R-01

Falls Down: Motion to approve(seconded)

Campbell: This is not house bill 10, it was place mark, House bill 417. Literally just add gender and sexual orientation where there before was only race. Like to amend the X to Montana House Bill 417. Add line 1 add(ASMSU) in parenthesis, remove : and add entitled, and add a Dr. and add  comma before Murdock. Adding a quotation mark.(seconded)

Falls Down: Kelly McCarthy is a great guy. Like Mat said, if you disagree with this, I would like people to speak up if this is not what you support.

Jenson: Fully support this, move to strike, and add “of discrimination”

Motion passes

O’Leary: Adding the QSA president to the list of people this should be sent to (seconded)

            Amendment passes

Falls Down: In the hearing on Capitol Hill in Helena, Dylan asked on whether or not we wanted to support this issue

Bertolino: Motion to vote by ballot (seconded)

Campbell; I think this is an inappropriate for this issue

O’Leary: Having a ballot vote will possibly keep safe the opinions.

Bertolino: I have had many different type of students ask me to abstain.

Motion passes, vote for a resolution will be a ballot vote

Hollinger: Section 3 line 14, do church’s apply?

O’Leary: Line 11, except when distinction is based on reasonable bounds

Brough: Title 2, public accommodations, a church is exempted

Ballot Vote: 13-1-1


Campbell: Second Reading of 2017-R-03

Walker: Motion to approve (seconded)

Hurst: Motion too add he amendments “ see the attached digital documents”

O’Leary: Any changes made to11-13?

Hurst: No

Fall Down: I feel like the first resolved statement is worded kinda weird.

Bertolino: Geneva last name is Zoltek, line 9 page 1 “; and “.

Amendment passes

Bertolino: “That ASMSU supports the following changes to the Montana State University common hour exam policy”

O’Leary; For personal hardships, would that have to be announced to the instructor.

Bertolino Probably something that needs to be expressed to the professor. Need a doctor’s note, up to the discretion of the student, of personal hardships or children reasons need to be specified.

O’Leary: Line 5 to say, official representative of MSU, could we broaden that t all students

Hurst: I would be comfortable with striking “official” I think that that clause is specifically for those giving their time to MSU.

O’Leary: I feel like a lot of the things that follow, would apply to everybody and not just official representatives. Just have it read “Students who have regularly scheduled meetings or

Walker: Trout’s Unlimited cannot be used as an excuse, but if you are a member of the Rugby team and have an important practice.

Campbell: “Students who have regularly scheduled meetings or practices”(seconded)

            Amendment fails

Walker: Add after “or” “students” in line 16.

            Amendment passes

Bertolino: We want it to say if you are affiliated with MSU in one way or another. What if we change it to “students who are acting” Focus needs to be on: regularly scheduled related meeting”

Keuhn: Yield to Zoltek: When this goes to faculty changes, they would probably drop that part. They are not going to adopt our exact language.

In the interest that falls under mental health.

Walker: We could change “University Sponsored”

Falls Down: I move to amend to say Dr. Babcock (seconded)

            Amendment passes

Resolution Passes 15-0

O’ Leary: I move to suspend the rules to instead of reading new business, we read it on our on individually (seconded)

            Suspension Passes


Senate Announcements:

O’Leary: Improv show at 7pm

Walker: I move talk to brad for paper (seconded)

            Motion passes

Killian: Where did that paper go?


Motion to adjourn at 10:06pm by Senator Falls Down.