Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate Alumni Lounge
February 15, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Abbot, Anderson(unexcused), Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones (unexcused), Krone(unexcused), Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Murali, Orr(unexcused), Rehal(unexcused), Swenson, Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Minutes approved
Heinrich: Move to postpone Gun Storage resolution definitely until next week(seconded)
Public Comment:

Robert: College of Business, Current gun storage old, but wouldn’t it be more economical toupgrade the current facilities. Ammo already not allowed on campus. Bill banning empty unloaded firearms from campus. Doesn’t allow students to carry log without a match because ofthe fear of fires. Banning guns or moving them to a place deemed safer, will do nothing. If someone is feeling mentally ill, the solution is to get them help.

Kyle: Freshman in Agriculture department. With the movement against the gun storage withinthe police department. Do believe there could be a better storage problem. Shouldn’t be worried about spending the money on a facility as such. Hassle on Ra’s – they are on call. That is part of your job. Does it become a nuisance during hunting season? Yes. But that is your job. Offer guntraining classes. Gun safety classes. Shouldn’t have to worry about a normal person owning a gun. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I think that campuses should allow open carry. Is it really worth spending the money to store the guns somewhere else? Only putting another authority oncall. Ra’s are much more affordable option that is working.

Whyte: Cardholding NRA member. Grandpa has arms dealing license. Very normalized culture. Senate – “lived in dorms as freshman.” Understand what it is like. As a responsible gun owner, Ivery much like having clean, temperature controlled environment. Resolution needs to be looked at as an alternative. Look at fourth amendment in additional to the second. No room to expand in the dorms. A temperature controlled environment should be decided on.

Kyle: If this is going to progress forward. A formal statement before the vote should be a formal statement issued to the residence of Bozeman.

Killian: I believe the University issued a Statement previously.

US Military Police Officer: Not every RA has had experience with firearms. Moving to the police station would be a good move. People that are trained to handle firearms. The police are not allowed to confiscate your weapon. Police Station used as a storage facility. Useful to have my pistol on campus. Moving them to a storage facility that we deem more accurate.

Assistant to the Dean of Students: Policy revisions, retroactive withdrawal changes. A student that has something that impacts their lives can provide documentations. Have has things that have happened ten years ago. Want to eliminate three-year restriction on this policy. Students can leave abruptly for a variety of reasons.

Killian: Why for medical and other emergencies added?


University Retroactive Withdrawal Policy, Academic Misconduct and Student Academic Grievances Procedures

MacDonald, Assistant to the Dean of Students: More web exclusive to what it actually is. Working on revising academic misconduct policy. Submittal of record by professor, warning letter but then can graduate from there. Administrative agreement, suspension for a

semester, academic misconduct course.
Policy changes: Any finding, can appeal to the dean or designee. Faculty or professor

would be eliminated in order to shorten timeline.
Academic Grievances: Department, Dean or designee, provost Updated language to explain process more precisely.

Leckie: Why does it take that long for professor to process?

Assistant to the Dean of Students: All different steps add up to 40 days, removed from department level.

Substance Abuse Free Environmental Statement

Create a coalition, SAFE, be a sounding board for university and town issues. Needed to come up with a values statement. MSU dos not have a statement on this topic. Would be used in the future to guide

Dean of Students: Missing a public statement of our views about alcohol and abuse of substances. Took about 6 months to write. Views on alcohol were quite broad. Deans council presentation was last week, wanted some clarity of vernacular. Added some tough points. Happy take questions.

Beer to raise money for university department: Is this alright with MSU? Want a statement that says whether or not it is.

Dean of Students: Supporting abstinence for illegal substances. When we find the money, we want to support more late-night activities for students who don’t want to participate in drinking.

Feel like we need to add something in should be something in reference to “college is where students make mistakes, learn and grow”

Dean of Students: Not going to be a one-strike-your-out method. Baird: How would the third bullet point manifest?
Dean of Students: If people need help, we are going to help them. Killian: MIP will change your life.

Dean of Students: We have a group discussing these topics, make sure you’ll be a part of it.

Dean of Students: Trust police with firearms more than I trust 19-year-old desk clerks. I believe that there is some misperception about people having guns in the residence halls. We need to do a better job about informing students about weapons policy.

Abbot: Where is this money coming from and why is it being used for this?

Dean: Have not asked to use ASMSU to use student fees for this. Decide it is important to fund through. Last quote 300,000$.

Kuehn: Concerns about guns being stolen from vehicles.

Dean: Guns are valuable. Saw snapchats of students playing with handguns in the Roskie parking lot.

Kuehn: With Montana’s extremely high rate of suicide by gun, is this reflected on campus?

Dean: Suicide is the number 2 death of students. Montana State are double the average of suicide. Lost 4 students in the last two years. Most prevalent.

Clifton: Budget coming directly from auxiliary.

Marsh: If we were to move storage form residence halls, is there an idea to use storage for something?

Dean: I’m sure Jeff has a million ideas. State of the Art gun cleaning facilities will be a part of this project. Could be argued that this is less convenient.

Procrastinator Theatre Budget

Bridget: Trying to be more than a theatre but more of a community. Have a Cinelink device, been broken since fall semester. Finally fixed! Rocky Horror, raised about 500$. Normally only donated cans of food, donated money in addition this year. 2000$ above in revenue compared to last year. Promotions currently. Throwback Thursday films. Stamp Cards. Star Wars trivia night in addition to laying new Star Wars movie.

Currently $43K for current films. Throwback films $3500. Total 46,370$
Labor cost: 8.50/hr for 3 new hires. 2 returning at 8.75/hr. 1 associate director at $10/hr.
Rocky Horror: $600 for participation bags. $900 now. Paying the MC in the future, $100. Labor costs, $350. Prizes $150 in order to not have to rely on sponsorships.
Add $150 for furniture to foster studios environment. Special Programs/ Events change have budget for Director determined event.

Killian: Can work with you for a supplemental request.
Leckie: Are the ticket prices for Rocky Horror different?
Bridget: Do we want to donate revenue to food drive or keep it to fill in budget? Leckie: Will you still seek sponsorships?
Bridget: Used to do Pro expo.

ASMSU Elections Budget

Margaret: Goals to optimize student voter turnout and outreach of candidates. Wants to dissolve Exponent Ads and add Elections Outreach Events and Advertisement.
$2100 is too much money to be targeting one specific group. Increasing director’s autonomy willreach more students. Elections outreach event: food, supplies and promotion similar to bbq. All other line items remaining the same. Workers comp, slight increase due to change in percentages.

Leckie: Did you have some specific events in mind for bbq?

Margaret: Trying to host an event on the mall next Wednesday. In phase of getting people to run. Having a big event that creates an atmosphere to see what ASMSU is all about.

ASMSU Diversity and Inclusion Budget

Terry: Support Students, encourage leadership, increase impact of diversity and inclusion Large committee involvement. Collaboration, been setting up listening sessions. Raised

$6500 within two months for symposium. Going to approach to see if it will be continuing

funding. Expenses: $13,200. Past two years, diversity and inclusions student commons collaboration. EHHD pilot program for inclusive higher education for students with learning disabilities. Currently have a lot of support but no funding. Set the tone and show support with this line item. Campus Climate Survey in 2014, wish to do another survey and focus groups in the fall.

Looking towards future and next director and how they can be successful. Killian: Recommending that the stipend be moved to tier one?
Terry: No, tier two.

ASMSU Health and Well Being

Holinger: A lot of promotion that goes into this position. Learn to grow and thrive within a frenzy of a workplace. Health is comprehensive and holistic. Beginning by going around gaining perception of health around campus currently. Create learning and engagement opportunities, advocate to continue work. Labor cost $5,240. Marketing and Advertising $513.Wellness Fair $1080. Emerging health Technologies $400.

Killian: Adding line item for food?
Hollinger: Can add if senate thinks important? Abbot: All day or afternoon?
Hollinger: Probably 3⁄4 hours. 6 hours total. Killian: Bring your own bike?
Hollinger: Yes.
Leckie: Dune Buggy?
Hollinger: Leach driving around in dune buggy.

Move to take a 5-minute recess.

Admin Reports:

Clifton: Governor’s resolution, questions and concerns. Table please. Already done? Oh, ok cool. With new facilities students can actually store handguns on campus. Turf field turf field 6 times worse than turf field. An addition 115,000$. Resolution is to allow additional authority to

fund additional costs from geo report. Just giving the a-ok to pull from pool. Without, what students wanted is cut in half.

Blossom: What are constraints of money?

Clifton: Maintenance of current student fee buildings, outside the scope of the original agreement. Very specific.

Klifton: Student fee?

Clifton: Fee on student a while ago. Not on MSU. If doesn’t pass, no building, but yes, a field.Save money by taking it through now. Terry was able to extend deadline to get Senate approval. Requesting up to 700,000$. Updated medical amnesty. Presenting new policy next week. UPDblue light, everyone’s on board. Went down to brazil because ceramics students built a wood firekiln that was the biggest in the country.

5 names of heads of classified or affiliated programs. No one wins the money from the week.

McFeely: Program director updates, continue to get to know them.

Good: Went over elections stuff. Selected two representatives for interview for council. Finalized EPPM is now online.

Murray: Any questions?

Juel: Send out their PowerPoints?

Brough: May have noticed I’m very busy, we are now at the time of year where people haveideas about the things they want to change. Build a metaphorical stage and put it together on campus. May have heard 10 opinions, please listen to the 11th. Don’t fall into the stereotypes.Topical and timely material. Don’t want people to feel like we are ignoring people. Can get 280 in the SUB back. Active listening, more office space.

Killian: Funding board met, PACE doing great. Going over reserve request. Second what Kylar said. Should pass that tonight.

Senate Reports:

Juel: Advertisements in the gym. Student food pantry, just broke 10k pounds of rescued food from the community. Coming out to student food pantry, taking a loaf of bread, please help reduce waste.

Kuehn: Name inclusive students, peer mentor for students. Full college experience, gave out 8of food security scholarships. Office of health advancement posters, with ResLife to get approved. Brought up feminine hygiene products.

Baird: Drive March 26-27.
Blossom: Working on campaign called reinvest. Consider alumni foundation to invest

in more green companies.
Heinrich: 125
th this weekend. Get hyped.

Unfinished Business:

Grover: Second Reading of 2018-R-03 Resolution for Support of Covered Bike Parking

Blossom: Yield, Brandon: Chemical Engineering Major, want to organize student support for the improved covered bike parking on campus. Help encourage more biking, reduce congestion.

Blossom: Add my name as a sponsor. Move to amend to updated version of this resolution. Killian: Update resolution. Space in the garage is kind of contentious.
Driscoll: Amendment Proposed

14-0 Resolution Adopted

New Business:

Baird: Propose to move Turf field to New Business.
Blossom: Not taking anything to of our budget or student fees. I support this. Blossom: Move to suspend first reading.

Lei: Move to suspend the rules and move to second reading. Grover: Second Reading of 2017-R-04, Turf Field Funds Allocation Baird: Move to amend VP to Vice President
and “Services”Swenson: Correct Year

DuBeau: Strike the hyphen after ASMSU to conform with the rest of the formatting

Kuehn: Support for Turf Field, building could be great extra student housing when the res halls are full.

14-0 Resolution adopted
Kuehn: Move to add medical amnesty resolution to new business Grover: First Reading of 2018-R-065, Campus Medical Amnesty Policy

Senate Announcements:

Heinrich: Working on Cities for Seedaw. Support on UN resolution that the US didn’t sign.DuBeau: Pi Beta Phi event support, thank you.

Marsh: Lincoln statue lives in Belgrade. MSU alumni has a lot of sculptures around MSU. Hes really cool.

Driscoll: Looking forward to getting numbers back from survivor event. Killian: Ice skating, awesome.
Baird: Drag show is the 24
Juel: Made a FAQ for Senate.

Swenson: *tells bad joke* Thanks Brad....

Motion to adjourn by Senator Swenson at 8:42pm.