Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325 February 1, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot(excused), Anderson(unexcused), Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Murali, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Heidi: Grad student in education, Bozeman school board. Here to answer any questions you may have. Emerson lawn used to be using lawn as a school facility. Worked with the city for about 5 and a half years to turn it into a city part. City said they were not interested, declared it surplus, put out an RFP. Emerson developers want to put in something that similar to the brownstone. Ifwe weren’t going to give it to the Emerson we were not going to give this to a contractor at adiscounted price. Making a decision the voting of February 12th. Currently updating bids. Need to spend 21/2 to three million for new elementary schools. Looking south of the used book barnand between Baxter and Davis. Emerson a priority because it was worth the most. “Price of a large pizza.” Going to have to pass another Levi. Not counting the law and justice center. Have alot of families in Bozeman that can’t afford to go out for a large pizza. Getting a lot of phone calls telling us not to raise taxes if we don’t absolutely have to. Looking at putting together arubric. Not necessarily going to go to the highest bidder. Cost of an elementary school is about 30 million dollars.

Leckie: Emerson currently bidding 1 something million. Heidi: 1.5 and 1.8, two rows of brownstone apartments.

Blossom: If second offers not above 2 million or would you evaluate giving it to the Emerson for a discounted price?

Heidi: We may simply put it on the market without the RFP. That 2015 appraisal was a bit above 60$ a square foot. Emerson said all or nothing. Not willing to share with developers.

Does the Emerson center own the Lawn?
They own about 1⁄4 of the lawn. We are only talking about our 3⁄4 portion. Earlier you mentioned a board, any students on this long range?
Long range facilities plan does not have students. Meetings during the day.

Lei: Any developers looking at putting in any affordable housing.

Heidi: No. Due to the high cost of the property.

Rehal: How are the students and their parents feeling?

Mixed, some really want to see it kept, and some with lower income can’t afford the highertaxes.

Lei: Fail to see how more high-income housing will provide more affordable housing.

Heidi: Not going to be paying 20$ more in rent a month. Don’t want to take money out of localtaxpayers than we have to. Coming up with a lot of different models for affordable housing. Allow for a more reasonable housing. Building affordable housing on land that runs 60+ dollars a foot is not good for affordable housing.

Killian: When passed 125-million-dollar bond issue, 19$. How will this raise it 18$?

Heidi: elementary district within Bozeman, High School District stretches all the way to the Madison. 30-year bond would yes be cheaper, however we are close to our bonding cap. Having to build elementary schools a lot faster than the bonding capabilities.

Heidi: Challenge is Meadowlark is completely full, shifting over to another elementary school. Juel: Wondering if the Emerson will be able to sustain local events on 1⁄4 of the lawn?

Heidi: Parcel, they own was to the south, if developer bought it, they would switch. Within just a few blocks there are some city parks. Emerson rents to businesses. Not free events.

Leckie: Have the Emerson reached out to see if they can have reached out to the area?

Heidi: Even with the million-dollar offer, they said they don’t understand why they can’t keep using the land for free on the school districts back.

Last elementary school bond passed? Four years, Meadowlark.

Whyte: provide the grass roots view about the lawn. Currently teaching in Bozeman high. The school needs a lot of money. We got cut in higher ed. Public Ed got cut in a lot of places. Bringing textbooks home is not an option. I teach 5 classes a day. At least three kids don’t have any technology at home. Since the tech budget was cut, we don’t have the facilities for theseprojects. Teachers are sharing classrooms. In a year and a half, Bozeman will be at capacity. Heidi has a lot of people coming up to her and saying that they can’t afford to support this

expansion with taxes alone. Have places like Bogart Park, set up for venues just like this. I don’tlike to see green space go. But the public-school system does not have any other option. When the lawn is trashed, Public Ed has to pay for its clean up. I would recommend to not pass the bill.

Admin Reports:

Clifton: Comment on Emerson, respect the cause and issues. I don’t think we have any skin inthe game. Phenomenal partners in the last 6 months. Committee liaisons, need some. Imperative to have a student on the space management council. When it comes to budgeting season, please do your

Heinrich: Trivia Nights, Pete Lee, Homecoming, MSU Debut (Convocation Pre-party, Legend of the Bobcat).

Heinrich 100$ out of presidential discretionary. Lei gets 50$ out of presidential discretionary. Killian 100$ out of presidential discretionary.

Clifton: Please do your research because you are deciding how much money each of these programs receive. EPPM, one of the few documents that the president gets to edit. Needs Senate approval.

Killian: Pg1, Article1, Subsection 5, too wordy.

Campaign meeting is two weeks before campaigning starts.

Blossom: Vote on it.

DuBeau: What is the chief justice looking for?

Good: Gives us a better way of enforcing the campaign spending laws. Can be looking for things that are out of the ordinary.

Grover: What to stop you a candidate from saying my budget is zero because I don’t know. I wouldn’t give that information to somebody.

Blossom: I think some people would.
Grover: I think most people would.
Blossom: As it might not work perfectly, it wouldn’t hurt to put it in there.Clifton: This line encourages them to do so.

Vote: Stays

Leckie: Article 2, Section 1, D3B
Discourage going out and getting donors. Change to not allow graphics or logos.

Clifton: Doesn’t allow privatization. Rocking R bar donated to Garrets campaign and didn’t askfor a logo. Want businesses to donate based on the values of the candidates.

Orr: Could you add language “donor’s individual names”

Lei: On this issue specifically, if any in-kind donation, must specify where it comes from. Not a problem to have the name of the business on this.

Clifton: Rather have no name no recognition.
Lei: Would rather have name on it.
DuBeau: I feel like this is appropriate for the print materials but not all item donations.

Clifton: Advertisements and promotions for donors that donate materials to a campaign cannot be used on any campaigning materials. Under subset clause? In small text, any donated materials must be stated in text. Cannot occupy more than 5% of the material.

Lei: I don’t think that this is necessary, but we are not running a national campaign. Besidestransparency, who else is going to care besides us.

Juel: Logistically it doesn’t make sense. A single document that represents all of campaigns anddonor and open access.

Clifton: Donors names must be reported to the judicial council for publication by ASMSU, within 48 hours of the general election.

Jones: Worried it could become a college of Dems and college of republicans’ thing.Lei: College of Democrat or Republicans are not quiet about who they support.

Clifton: Physical and Print materials count towards budget limits, in kind donations will count.Don’t want to restrict student voice.

Blossom: Ideally would like to see this taken out. Allowing money to influence our elections. Clifton: Allows fellow students to support candidates that they believe in. What would stop student organizations to be middle man for business.

Kuehn: Paying Katie to “donate” money to my campaign.DuBeau: More clearly define in-kind donation.

Clifton: I would like to see some sort of way to limit campaign and allow fellow students to voice their opinions.

Grover: Have a constitutional right to buy adds for an election, independent of the candidate.

Lei: Students and student organizations donating to campaigning has not been an issue. Do you want to limit campaign spending or not?

Grover: Independent or not coordinating with the campaign. Technically “super-packs” aren’tcatering to campaigns.

Lei: Comes back to campaign spending cap.
Jones: If puts limit in, I can go print off posters for their campaign to get them in trouble.

Good: Last year people were taking posters and putting them in places that violate campaignregulations. I don’t really know.

Heinrich: Redundant.

Baird: Publishing donors was only under Exec caps?

Clifton: No under general.

Clifton: What are the issues with how it reads now?

Kuehn: My issues is that it wasn’t going to count towards spending limits. Very easy tomanipulate.

Grover: If you just say independent and not coordinating.

Heinrich: By independent?

Grover: If I want to go hand out flyers on the mall, I can do that independently.

Lei: I think that should be a separate clause. Deserves its own.

Juel: What happens if average Joe does this without reading the manual, what happens?

Good: Enforcement is not always the easier thing. If hearsay and no physical evidence, no reason for us to issue a sanction. All council members have different opinions on this issue.

Clifton: Independent campaigning made by student s and or student organizations, does not count toward ASMSU financing limits.

Kuehn: Grant and 12th, official polling location.

Jones: Article 2, Section 1, D2
Is 48 hours enough time for judicial council to tally receipts.

Clifton: Heavy upfront for primary.

Jones: Article 2 Section 2 D3: Candidate cannot send out. Can’t tell deans what they can and can’t do. Section 2, 2F, F1/2, “at least 3.”

Clifton: Strike Line 2.
Killian: Fitne
ss center wanted to have a polling locations. “No less than three, no more than six.”

Clifton: Change one to say three as a minimum. No more than 6 established polling locations. If necessary, elections team will relocate it.

Jones: Article 2, Section 3. “where”
Clifton: Wouldn’t mid striking sentence on unofficial candidates.
Blossom: Penalties in regard to finance violations.
Clifton: Count as level 3 violation.
Good: Don’t think that any/every lost receipt is in mal-intent. Jones: 2-1, Second roman numeral.

Swenson: Material donations section. D3 “comma not necessary” Section 2, D, “campaign-relate”
Article 3, A, 1 “no e between g and m”

Clifton: Someone needs to add this to new business.
Kuehn: Motion to suspend address reports, and move supplemental request forward.

Finance Board Supplemental Request 02, Medical Amnesty and Health Programs

Orr: Urge you all to vote yes to this. Investing in students and our safety. Blossom: Rational for cutting request in half?

Jones: Original plan for 2800 were to use during the summer and fall. Fiscal year ends in July. See the medical amnesty stuff done really well. Fund one and see how it went. Come back for more if needed.

Blossom: If money left over, goes to reserve. 2 weeks to go through finance board Kuehn: Yield to Michael

Holinger: Hoping to do one at the end of this month or early march. Looking at trampoline. Event on meal prep and exercise, ways to relieve stress. Feel like there is a disconnect between students and faculty. After that, will be continuing on with medical amnesty.

Killian: Trampoline room or escape room or nutrition program.

Killian: Michael does a great job with everything he does. I feel like the nutrition event would be great. In favor of reinstating.

DuBeau: Favor reinstating. Feeling that Michael has the ability of utilizing the money. Blossom: Move to approve request.
$5900 initial request

Leckie: Two of the things we discussed, first of its kind. Really quality event for the student body and imminent evaluation. Great for student body. Out of 16,000 seemed a little disproportionate for the number of students that it caters to.

Killian: Agree with Noah, still support request. Spoke with office of health advancement, reinstate full about. Show that we can handle that, office of health advancement for the future.

Heinrich: If we are going to go into budgeting season, putting a lot of money affecting a smallnumber of students. I.e. day care doesn’t affect a lot of students but very necessary.

Blossom: Michael is aware that he is the first and that he is going to try his best to make all of these events happen.

Holinger: Either way I’m very thankful for this opportunity. Future programs hopefully inconjunction with the leadership institute. Probably looking at 2 with the full funding amount.

Amending to full amount: 2/3 majority, for full amount Blossom: Move to approve

18-0 Request Passes

Admin Reports (Continued):

McFeely: Kyle in interim role for productions. How can we pull applicants? New arts andexhibits director interviews coming up. Really excited about things coming up. Continuing’s oneon one with non-PACE directors. Met with Taylor Flynn, doing a great job. Ben Nempton for the buried life coming. Exciting different themed trivia nights.

Good: Thank you for passing the EPPM. Mediation services in the works. About 2k to send the both. Going to talk to an attorney for a break on this, maybe a personal session. Talking to Justin about some admin stuff.

Kronk: Have our first two budget meetings. Want you guys to ask about relative numbers. Banner, operating and accounting software. Last year there was an issue: fiscal year 18, whatthey requested, then exec, then finance, then senate. Don’t vote until the end. Bridget is in the procrastinator one, in the priority section.

Killian: Funding board, kicked butt this week. Any money left over will roll over mass funding.

Grover: Pull budget up on the computer, motion to open/close budget, won’t approve finalbudget meeting.

Senate Reports:

Lei: Move to 10-minute recess
Motion Fail
Baird: Move to take a 5-minute recess
Motion Passes, 8:26pm reconvene.
Heinrich: Any questions about the spring concert, I took notes. Leckie: Can you email out those notes?

Unfinished Business:

Grover: Second Reading of ASMSU 2018-B-01, Article Four Updates Rehal: Move to approve

Swenson: Have you heard back from Terry? No. Jen says ultimately it is our opinion. She normally tries to vote with the opinion of the students.

Blossom: Fundamentally support what this bill is trying to do. Don’t feel comfortable movingforward on this without consulting faculty.

Jones: Table indefinitely. Could postpone another week and hope that Terry responds. Could passed and request it not get signed until we hear from terry. Third option quickest option if we want this to go through. In favor of postponing another week.

Heinrich: Move to postpone definitely until next week.
Grover: Second reading of ASMSU 2018-R-01 Protection of Emerson Lawn.

Heinrich: Fortunate enough to grow up in a community where public education is very funded. Hearing that they need this money desperately really changed my mind on this resolution. At the point where we re jeopardizing education.

Killian: Moved up to Wyoming after California recession. Have had this and for years and have not sold it previously. If don’t end up bonding this money, a one-time levy for less than 20$.

Swenson: Past generations haven’t sold this land to pay for schools but Bozeman has not seen the kind of growth that it has seen recently. Bonds are used to building buildings levis are forsustaining laws and current programs. IF they are getting close to their bonding cap, I don’t seeany other way for getting the money.

Orr: As students, I don’t think we need to have a say in this. Already exhausted a lot of options.

Rehal: Bozeman school financial report expenses over the last year has been raised by 3 million. As a school, support textbooks and supplies. Have to be smart with our money and how we are spending it. I think we are in no position to say our opinions to the school.

Blossom: Clifton: Anyone here grow up in Bozeman? Big fan of only making decisions on things we know things about. Bonded our turf field for over 10 years.

Blossom: Still in support of this resolution. Not getting the value they should for this property, based off of 2015 values. If the argument is that this money should be going to textbooks, money is going to buying more land.

Jones: Evaluation for lawn done this summer, FRP issued and in by November. Bozeman is not our expertise. Schoolboard has held onto the lawn for a long time. With us not having the expertise and they have had it for so long it must be a big deal to sell it now. Believe that we should trust their expertise. The schoolboards job is not to maintain a park for Bozeman. Missing the school boards mission. Kalispell is in a very similar situation. 400 student limits, with 600 students.

Blossom: Where did you get the appraisal for last summer?

Jones: Most of the articles written.

Killian: Bonds, loans form the state. Kylar, you’re killing me. We are students and these are directly. Extremely selfish for adults that have already reaped the benefits of this green space turn around and sell it.

Lei: This two million is to buy land to build a 30 million elementary school. Not like this lack of selling is going to make a big chunk. If sold to the Emerson, only one million less. Not opposed to the selling of the green space, if it goes to the Emerson.

Kuehn: Cut art in schools because they needed the space for new students during middle schools.I want this green space for students, but if students don’t have that classroom space to learn andgrow and enjoy that space. I cannot support this resolution tonight.

DuBeau: Whether we like it or not, the schoolboard will sell. I want to raise my babies here. Isupport this resolution because I don’t want them to sell it to the highest bidder. I want them tosell it to the Emerson.

Clifton: I love green space and getting a lei passed isn’t something you can just throw away. Ithink we need to value more what type of impact. MSU students direct impact on Bozeman school systems. I think we should leave this decision for them to decide. Member of City parks and rec advisory council, come and voice your opinions for green space.

Marsh: Hard for an agricultural family within this area. As much as I love to see green space, I think they are being shot in the foot. As much as it sucks, its sold to the highest bidder.

Orr: I think it is extremely selfish of us to put our enjoyment on the Bozeman School System. Lei: The school has to be built. Impossible for Bozeman to sustain itself without this school.

Driscoll: Cause and Effect for everything, always thinking about the end program. Bridger builders, selling price 649,000 for a one bedroom condo. Creating this precedent, supporting for the monetary practicality.

Kuehn: Speak on half my constituents, Yield to Whyte.

Whyte: Most of Bozeman high teachers live in Belgrade. Pretty hard to get a job here, applications going done. Education statistics, sweet spot 16-20. The new high school would provide many more opportunities for MSU students. Two million in the eyes of 30 milliondoesn’t sound like a lot, but its two million less that you have to raise.

Fair Adequate Public Education (FAPE)
Bozeman has an outdoor program that are the biggest in Montana. Outdoor education would increase. On a playground overcrowded, there would be twice as much space. Playground is a hazard, too many kids now bring that back into the classroom.

Clifton: Cost of housing, comment on whether or not, I guarantee you that housing prices are still going to rise in Bozeman.

Kuehn: Love to see the Norm Asbjornson Elementary School in Bozeman.

Rehal: All supply and demand. Bozeman’s biggest business is MSU. This is an investment so they can have the cash.

Heinrich: Previous Question
Motion Fails
Jones: What percentage of students stay in Bozeman?
Clifton: I don’t think it’s a lot.

Jones: As property taxes increase, that is a direct tax on the student. Anytime there is a levy, it odes effect housing. The bigger the levy, the more money the students pay. All of that costs thestudent’s money.

Juel: Worst case scenario, condos built and sold and then taxed, and this money goes to Bozeman school. Huge fan of green spaces, but.

Blossom: One thing that I haven’t thought of the Norm Asbjornson Elementary School. I’mstruggling with us as a body taking this stance and possibly influencing Bozeman.

Vote: 5-12-1

Resolution does not pass Juel: Move to add EPPM to agenda.

Blossom Move to approve

Senate Announcements:

Rehal: Conard Anchor Leadership institute doing another event. Tickets 15$ Killian: No animosity towards any of you.
Jones: CREW bringing an illusionist to campus.
Baird: Condom Fashion show in the 22

Driscoll: SASS, 1$ off any pint at Bridger.

Juel: International Food Bizarre, if you are interested in cooking let me know.
DuBeau: Wetlab was on Monday. Want to do a presentation on the experience. I learned a lot.

Move to adjourn by Senator Swenson at 9:32pm.